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Search Heavy Rifle Team - Retribution Houseguard Weapon Crew

The cannons used
by the heavy rifle
Models listed by Faction teams of the
Models listed by Expansion houseguard are
List of Spells deadly effective
List of Special Abilities pieces of Iosan
ordnance. The
heavy rifle crews
are adept at
picking apart
enemies from well
Cryx across the
battlefield, and
the heavy bolts
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Protectorate of Menoth the heavy bolts
Retribution of Scyrah fired by their
Convergence of Cyriss cannons can
Mercenaries penetrate thick
Four Star Syndicate armor with
Highborn Covenant
appalling ease.
Puppet Masters
Searforge Commission
Talion Charter
Basic Info
Not to be confused with the Houseguard Riflemen
As you might expect for a light artillery unit, the Rifle Team is slow and easy to kill, but has
impressive range on its weapon and will generally hit what it is targeting.

Circle Orboros
Weapons and Attacks
Legion of Everblight
Skorne Rifle - Low POW and a ROF of 1. However, this weapon is deadly against anything
Trollbloods on a medium base or larger.
Minions Armor Piercing - Gives pause to all light 'jacks and most heavy targets.
Blindwater Congregation Sword - Very low P+S. You really shouldn't be using this.
Thornfall Alliance

Special Abilities
Light Artillery - All pros and cons. Can't charge, can't aim.
Range Finder - Boosts the Team's RAT to a reasonable level where most juicy
targets with DEF 13 and lower will be easily hit.
Newbie Page
Faction Overview Available Attachments
General Strategies WA: Soulless Escort
Scenario Play

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Tournament Analysis
Army List Builders Thoughts on the Heavy Rifle Team
Army List Archive
Theme Forces Rifle Team in a nutshell
Glossary of Abbreviations This is a very atypical piece of light artillery. Unlike most artillery pieces, the Heavy Rifle
Team is not there to launch a bunch of AOEs into enemy units; take Stormfall Archers if
you desire AOE. The Rifle Team exists to crack open heavily armoured targets such as
Khador 'jacks, Skorne 'beasts, etc. The Retribution has trouble with heavily armored targets;
the rifle team provides one fairly cheap solution to this problem. Two of these combined
Rules for Editors
with two Ghost Snipers can reduce heavies to scrap in a few turns, for the low, low cost of 8
Pages which need work
points. The new Houseguard Thane can help with additional positioning movement or give
How can I help?
it the ability to ignore Stealth and Camouflage with Firing Solution.
How to Edit
Combos & Synergies
Other Ossyan
Mk I Archive Combined with his feat, Rifle Teams will do average of 17.5 damage on Armor
Terrain Archive Piercing-eligible target.
Shatter Storm allows you to strategically snipe and blast nasty solos or just
wreck havoc on lowly armored troops.
Her feat combined with Range Finder pretty much guarantees a hit on almost
Snipe allows a Rifle Team to outthreat any heavy 'jack/'beast in the game.
Telekinesis adds to the Rifle Team's threat range.
Force Hammer will knock down higher-DEF targets, as will the House Shyeel
Magister's Combo Smite.

Blinding Light helps the Rifle Team hit targets with higher DEF, can be very
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useful against bone jacks and many circle warbeasts.
The feat increases the Rifle Team's chance of hitting and also allows them to
shoot models with stealth.

The following models provide extra threat range in that they allow a Rifle Team to
move and keep shooting:
Madelyn Corbeau
House Shyeel Magister - Whipsnap
Garryth - Mirage
Rahn - Telekinesis
Vyros2 - Feat
Any myrmidon - Push

Drawbacks & Downsides

The Light Artillery rules are kinda really bad, in a rules system that favours
manoeuvrability and aggression.

Tricks & Tactics




Rules Clarifications

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Theme Forces this is a member of
Issyria1 - Dawnbringers
Ossyan1 - The Hour of War
Rahn1 - Charge of the Battle Mages
Rahn1 - Fires From On High
Thyron1 - Rush of Battle
Vyros1 - Dawn's Talon


################## Retribution Index

Warcasters Garryth - - Issyria - - Kaelyssa
- - Ossyan - - Rahn - - Ravyn -
- Thyron - - Vyros 1 - - Vyros
Warjacks - Light Aspis - - Chimera - - Gorgon -
(Light Myrmidion) - Griffon
Warjacks – Heavy Banshee - - Daemon - - Hydra
(Heavy Myrmidion) - - Manticore - - Phoenix - -
Discordia - - Hypnos - -
Warjacks - Colossals Helios - - Hyperion
(Colossal Myrmidion)
Units Dawnguard Destors - -
Dawnguard Invictors (UA) - -
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Dawnguard Sentinels (UA) - -
Battle Mages - - Houseguard
Halberdiers (UA) - -
Electromancers - - Heavy Rifle
Team - - Houseguard Riflemen
(UA) - - Mage Hunter
Infiltrators (UA) - - Mage
Hunter Strike Force (UA) (UA)
- - Stormfall Archers
Special Weapon Attachment:
Soulless Escort
Special Unit Attachment:
Solos Arcanist - - Dawnguard
Destor Thane - - Dawnguard
Scyir - - Ghost Sniper - -
Artificer - - Magister - -
Houseguard Thane - - Mage
Hunter Assassin - - Soulless
Eiryss1 - - Eiryss2 - - Skeryth
Issyen - - Narn - - Nayl
Warcaster Attachment: Sylys
Journeyman Warcaster: Elara
Battle Engines Arcantrik Force Generator


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Retribution Mercenary
Mercenary None at present
Mercenary Different types of
Warjacks Mercenary warjacks
can only be taken by
specific Mercenary
models ... which means
there's too many
permutations to list
here (in any sort of
meaningful way).

However, note that the

following Retribution
mercenary models can
warjacks/warbeasts (in
addition to the
Mercenary Warcasters
listed above):
Dahlia Hallyr &
Mercenary Nyss Hunters • Lady
Units Aiyana & Master Holt
Mercenary Lanyssa Ryssyll •
Solos Madelyn Corbeau •
Dahlia Hallyr &
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Note: To field a mercenary warcaster with Retribution (ha ha ha ha), you need to
be playing a game which allows 2 (or more) warcasters.

Or see the Retribution Theme Forces


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