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Ms. Diane Nicoll 8th Grade History Unit 1: Lesson 4 

American Republicanism
Name: Vivienne Scott

Date: September 12th, 2017

Class: 8th Grade - U.S. History
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American Republicanism
Unit 1: Lesson 4

Describe the nation's blend of civic republicanism,
Goal  classical liberal principles, and English Parliamentary

- Civic Republicanism
- By the people, for the people
Benjamin Franklin  - Easy to lose
- Republic was a great idea
- Worried about the public keeping it

- Americans were angry, did not have same rights
- Forced away from british gov.
- After war, got rid of stability of government
- Developed republic
- Form of self-government
- Very different than democracy
- Direct democracy- Everyone has a voice,
everyone chooses
- Republic- Representatives

- Originated in classical Greece
- 500 to 300 B.C.E.
- Civic- Public
- Republic- Representative
- Every ​Citizen​ can vote
Civic Republicanism 
- Many people were not citizens
- Greece- Direct democracy
- Fuels American Idea
- Citizens have to be well informed
- Americans believe in CIVIC-ness

Classical Liberalism  - Ben Franklin & Thomas Jefferson
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Ms. Diane Nicoll 8th Grade History Unit 1: Lesson 4 

- Not everyone gets a vote
- Representative Democracy
- Elect someone to look after their interests
- Evolved in Rome
- Best government is one that protects your rights
- Worried that big government would smash out
and kick out the minorities
- Representatives should protect minorities
- Wanted to limit government powers
- Ben Franklin wanted to give everyone freedoms
- Speech
- Press
- Elections
- Associations
- Giving people these rights would make sure the
government would not get too big

- Wanted some traditions in America
- Two Chambers (Two houses)
- House of commons- Elected by citizens
- House of lords- not elected judges, nobles,
English  church officials
Parliamentary  - US government is like this not
Traditions  - Pick out parts that work for them
- Two houses now- Senators and House of
- Commons- House of representatives
- Lords- Senators

- 3 branches of government
- Legislative- Congress
- Exectutive- President, Vice President
- Judicial- Supreme Court
United States of 
- Powers of President used to be very tame
America: A New 
- Used 2 chambers
- Called it senate because of Rome & Greece
- Legislative branch makes laws
- Executive branch signs laws into power or veto
- Judicial Interperts Laws

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