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Citation: Victoria and Albert Museum (2016). A history of the Kimono.

Retrieved from:

Summary: Provide a thorough summary of your source. Type the author’s main claim(s) and
identify the supporting evidence. Your summary should also include the author’s objective—to
inform, to persuade, evaluate, etc.

During the Edo Period, which is from 1615-1868, the kimono would be worn by higher

class. It was developed into a highly expressive means of personality display. As time went on,

the kimono changed into a more western style when it comes to the patterns on the garment and

more people started wearing it. Now the kimono is worn by most Japanese with the same

western patterns on the garments. However, they are now to be worn at a limited number of

formal occasions and there are guidelines on what type of garment is appropriate for what event.

They author’s main objective is to inform the audience on how the kimono evolved

overtime. Several pictures are included in the text to show the difference of the kimono in each

time period which helps visualize the difference. Dates of each individual time period is also

included which helps support the idea.

Evaluation: Determine both how convincing and how useful the source is for your research on
the issue. Your evaluation should explain how you have decided to use the author’s main claims
[in your paper].

This source is very useful because it provides the information needed to explain the

importance of the kimono and how it evolved overtime. Also, information of the materials used

to create the kimono are mentioned. I can use this information to discuss how and why the

patterns in the kimono evolved overtime. I can also discuss the importance of the kimono and the

value that it has to the Japanese people. This text provides a lot of information about the kimono

that will be very helpful to fully understand this type of clothing.

Reflection: Explain what you learned (specifically) about your topic after you completed your

By reading this text, I have been able to fully comprehend why the patterns in the kimono

have changed overtime. The kimono now have a western pattern to it because Japan has come to

define itself within the western world. This happened during the Meiji period which is from the

years 1868-1912. Before the kimono would only be worn by women in the higher class but now

it is worn by almost everyone as it is a mark of their past. It does however still contain high

cultural value and is why it is still expensive to purchase one. Overall, I learned the importance

of the kimono in each time period and who would wear them and for what purpose.