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Social Justice Club & Organization Constitution


1. The name of this organization shall be: Social Justice Club

2. The organization is a student club/organization at Nevada State College

Article II – Mission and Objectives

1. The mission of the organization is:

a. To provide familiarity and knowledge to all individuals who are dedicated to

one day becoming professionals in the Criminal Justice field. This club is

made up of goal-oriented individuals who would like to help minorities or just any

individuals who have to deal with injustices on a day to day basis. This club shall

do all within its power to help develop and strengthen the minds of all of its

members and promote the highest ethical and moral standards in the Criminal

Justice system.

2. The objectives of this organization are:

a. To provide valuable skills and tips to students majoring in Criminal Justice and/or

minoring in Social Justice

b. To bring individuals together who share similar interests and/or working in the

same field in the near future

c. To bring opportunities to the students of Nevada State College

d. Aside from volunteer opportunities, the Social Justice Club will be involved with the

Innocence Project that will be available for students to apply for internships
Article III – Membership

1. Before joining the Social Justice Club, students will have to meet a few basic requirements:
a. Be enrolled in at least 3 credits

b. Be able to attend 70% of the meetings for the semester

c. Have a good attitude and not shut anyone/everyone down based on their opinions

Article IV – Officers

1. Election of Officers for organization:

a. This organization’s officers are as follows: president, vice president, secretary,

treasurer, web-master, and class representatives.

b. Officers will be elected through a written ballot with all active members casting

a vote and in the end the person with the most votes will be granted that position.

2. Duties of Officers:

a. President will:
i. Oversee all meetings of the club/organization.
ii. Sign all official resolutions of the club/organization.
iii. Do what is necessary to make this club/organization as helpful and provide
great opportunities to students

b. Vice President will:

i. Preside over meetings in the absence of the President.
ii. Assist the President with the duties of his/her office.

c. The Secretary will:

i. Maintain a list with active members.
ii. Record and prepare minutes from each meeting.

d. The Treasurer will:

i. Be responsible for the financial business of the club/organization.
ii. Maintain accurate records of financial transactions of the club/organization.

e. The Web Master will:

i. Create social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) for the
club/organization and keep them updated on a daily basis with news, meetings,
times, events, etc.
1. Terms of Office

a. Officers shall hold their position through two semesters.

b. Officers may be re-elected through the normal voting process that is the written
ballot, all members casting their vote, and in the end who ever has the most votes
will be granted that position

2. Impeachment of Officers

a. Offices may be removed from office by a two-thirds (2/3) vote from active
members of the club/organization.

ARTICLE V – Faculty Advisor(s)

1. The club/organization will select an advisor or advisors from the faculty/staff of Nevada

State College. The club can change advisor(s) by a majority vote of the active members.

ARTICLE VI – Meetings

1. Regular meetings will be called by the President.

2. Special or emergency meetings may be called by an officer of the club. Members must be

given twenty four (24) hours notice of this meeting.


1. Quorum shall be had when five (5) members of the club are present or fifty percent plus

one (50%+1) of the active membership, whatever is less.

ARTICLE VII – Constitution & Bylaw Approval

1. This constitution and by-laws may be amended by a 2/3-majority vote of those voting with

a quorum being present.

2. Voting on amendments must be conducted after a minimum notice of 2 weeks.

ARTICLE IX – Financial Obligation

1. A majority of voting members of this organization may determine reasonable dues and

fees assessed to each member at the beginning of each semester, if needed.

ARTICLE X – Statement of Compliance with Campus & State Regulations

1. This organization shall comply with all campus policies and regulations and local, state,

and federal laws.