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Key Factors in Major Capital Cost Changes Pato Bridge Milrnium Line Broaduay surrey Gotatord URT ‘surey-Langly t Publi released In Mayors Vision in 2014 $1020 t ‘Mayors’ Council in 2016, but nt publicly released ra) oa Coreen a) * Pept cos ‘Property costs ‘f Geotechrical assessment and cesuling cot of Operations & ‘ Property cos 4 Adena design efinemant PHASE TWO PROJECT UPDATE. COMMUNICATIONS PLAN March 2, 2017 ‘The Mayors’ Council and TransLink are updating the status of Phase Two of the 10- Year Mayors’ Vision for improving transportation in the Metro Vancouver region. This Update includes key projects like the Millennium Line Broadway Extension, South of the Fraser LRT, and Pattullo Bridge Replacement. COMMUNICATIONS OBJECTIVE Put a spotlight on the urgent need to advance these transit projects that will give Metro Vancouver commuters more transportation options. STRATEGIC APPROACH 1, Focus on need for funding commitments now: Wrap the cost estimate updates in the context of overall updates of the projects, and pivot to a call for the political parties to make firm funding commitments. 2. Taraet the Victoria Press Gallery: Offer a thorough in-person technical briefing to the Victoria Press Gallery in order to maximize provincial news coverage (with Vancouver media joining by conference call). Briefing would explain the case for all major projects; current construction / approval status; and all elements of the project costs and funding requirements, 3. Launch Mayors’ Campaign for more transportation funding: Use the opportunity to launch the Mayors’ campaign and drive voters to the campaign website. FACTS * The Lower Mainland is growing — British Columbia will see an additional one million people living here within 20 years — most of them in the Lower Mainland. Demand for transit and public transportation options will continue to grow, + In.2014, the Mayors’ Council adopted a 10-Year Vision for transportation which includes new projects that will provide Lower Mainland residents with better and more reliable options in some of the busiest transportation corridors in the region: © Pattullo Bridge Replacement replaces an aging bridge that is a key link between Surrey/Delta and New Westminster/Burnaby. Page 1of10 00002 © Millennium Line Broadway Extension will extend Skytrain to Arbutus in Vancouver, providing a new sustainable rapid transit option for hundreds of thousands of residents travelling through the Broadway corridor. © Surrey-Newton-Guildford LRT and Surrey-Langley LRT will provide new urban light rail options for growing neighbourhoods in the Surrey area and connect Langley to Surrey. Significant work is being done on Phase Two projects to prepare them for the final stages of the approval process — advanced technical and engineering work, and completion of discussions for funding options with the provincial and federal governments. Part of this preparatory process is updating cost estimates that were initially established in 2014, The latest work indicates that growing property costs around the Lower Mainland is driving up the cost of purchasing property for these projects. Original project cost estimates have also been affected by the significant drop in the value of the Canadian dollar since 2014 and changes to the scope of the projects. 129) 130) -51608K8) am Page 2 of 10 Current interim cost estimates (by Year Of Expenditure dollars) Mayors’ Vision | 2016 Interim Ditference (2014 | Key Factors 2014 Estimates | Estimates vs 2016) Patullo Brdge | $1,100 maton Property costs Replacement fare) option) e Design requirements: Roadway connections Property costs Geotechnical assessment Millennium Line | $2,280 milion Broadway Extension Fleet and tacity costs Cost of operations ‘and maintenance feciity tity relocation Property costs ‘Surrey-Newton- | $1,030 milion Guilaford LRT Property costs ‘Surrey-Langley | $1,600 miion oe Design refinement Total $5,910 million “Project costs in the original Vision document were presented in 2016S to faciltate comparison of costs ‘and benefits between different projects. Costs above are presented in year-of-expenditure dollars 10 reflect the impact of inflation due to implementation timing, and is required for government funding agreements + The Mayors and TransLink continue to work toward securing provincial and federal funding as well as confirming the sources of regional funding: ‘© The Federal government is expected to announce funding as part of the 2017 Federal Budget in mid-March. © The Province has committed to one-third funding of the original estimated cost of the projects. Page 3 of 10 © The remaining cost will be funded through regional sources to be identified through an Investment Plan process. ‘+ Final business cases will be completed and submitted to the Province in the fall 2017. If approved as part of an Investment Plan, anticipated construction and completion dates for the projects would be: Procurement ‘Construction ‘Completion Pattullo Bridge Fall 2017-2018 2019-2022 2023 Replacement Millennium Line Spring 2018- Spring | Summer 2019 - Broadway Extension | 2019, Summer 2024 oe ‘Surrey-Newton- Spring 2018 Spring | Summer 2019 - Fall Guildford LRT 2018 2023 ae ‘Surrey-Langley LRT | TBD Teo Teo 5130) ‘SPECIFIC TACTICS sam) Page 40f 10 oovest KEY MESSAGES (High-level messages) PageS of 10 o000s2 Key issues to address 5120) 13) ama Page 6 of 10 00033 129) etait) sam) Page 7 of 10 0000s 2128) 430) same Page 8 of 10 o000ss, Page9 of 10 o000se 2128) 13) sam) Page 10 0f 10 ob00s7 Item 2.2 Phase Two Projects Update Communications Plan March 9, 2017 Discussion oa + Committee discussed communications strategy, with options; identified additional pros and cons + Funding Strategy Committee directed staff to consider the pros and cons, and refine options for presentation to Mayors’ Council Strategic Approach EB “= om en) Si) ae Key Messages + We have an urgent need for transportation funding in the Lower Mainland: the Pattullo Bridge is 30 years past its design life; the Broadway corridor has more demand for transit than we can handle; and without a new rapid transit option in Surrey, traffic congestion and travel times will grow worse. + Updating estimated project costs are a part of the process and the latest update shows that the longer it takes to approve these projects, the more we see cost pressures grow. + Now that the federal government has made funding commitments for transportation in the Lower Mainland, it's time for the province to step up. ss) sn sam Strategic Approach + Release Phase Two project updates when cost estimates have been finalized (ie., when final business cases are completed later this year) + Continue to make the case for the projects and the provincial funding required to support them naa) Roll-out plan i sa a0 sa 133) sn om Strategic Approach + Release Phase Two project updates when cost estimates have been finalized (ie., when final business cases are completed) + Acknowledge the cost pressures + Continue to make the case for the projects and the funding required to support them 09 na) Se am Key Messages + Now that the federal government has made funding commitments for transportation in the Lower Mainland, it's time for the province to step up. + The reality is that these projects do face cost pressures from rising real estate prices, inflationary pressures on contractors and a Canadian dollar that is lower in value than when the estimates were first set. + That's why we are working with the province to update all elements of the project, including the cost estimates. rma) Sn) om Summary So «Gore Soar ne Completing the 10-Year Vision for Metro Vancouver Transit & Transportation «Urge pwn an cota ‘2. 28 Vion 20 0% even WlA* ana) se Oe eee = =, Of emmne= a momen Eta © trenttontenneoe a ‘ea toon Capital Funding for Phase Two - BC Liberals platform + maximum allocation to Phase Three sone Morente . a gi. © ESvcsen re, Y 010100 sa 2.0 ponte Tet © 2rrmsstentecte sro $10 een se) 4d. Communications Plan for Cost Release De eeu to ‘1. Final green light for the Pattullo Replacement Project: announce funding agreement with the Province, release the business case, release updated cost estimate and project timelines 2. Completion of investment plan for Rapid Transit Projects aneurin t Pattullo Trigger: Completion of business case and funding agreement with the Province. Timing: Week of October 30 ~ Week of November 6 Rapid Transit ‘Trigger: Timing: [Rapid Transit Trigger: | Timing: Communications Plan for Cost Release Supporting tactics and materials - Release cost estimates along with new artist renderings of the projects - Hold media briefings to provide in-depth information about the projects, business cases and updated costs - Final Pattullo announcement will include media technical briefing followed by a media event at the site of the bridge - Final rapid transit project announcement will be a major media event in conjunction with province and federal govts - Launch new micro-sites for the projects (website development already underway) - Social media content: video and written content for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels; shared with Mayors and the Province - Robust FAQs