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2 (a) According to the teachings of the set Hadiths you have studied, outline the ways in which Muslims

should treat one another. [10] (b) What are the advantages of having different categories of Hadiths? [4]
2 (a) Outline how the following sources are used in establishing Islamic law:
(i) Hadith and Sunnah; and (ii) Qiyas. [10]
(b) How easy is it to use ijma in Islamic legal thinking today? [4]
2 (a) What are the different types of Hadiths? How is each Hadith classified into the different types? [10]
(b) Giving one example, explain how the Sunna is important in a Muslim’s life today. [4]

3 (a) Write a descriptive account of the important events that took place in the caliphates of any two of the
four Rightly Guided Caliphs. [10] (b) Briefly state why any one event you have written about in part (a)
was of special significance. [4]
3 (a) Give an account of Muslim belief in the following: (i) angels; and (ii) prophets. [10]
(b) Explain the importance of the Day of Judgment in Muslim belief. [4]
3 (a) Write about how the four Rightly Guided Caliphs are role models for leaders today. [10]
(b) How does ‘Umar’s conduct at the surrender of Jerusalem set an example for Muslims?[4]

4 (a) Give a detailed account of how Muslims prepare for prayer. [10]
(b) ‘A mosque is a focal point in the lives of Muslims.’ Discuss. [4]

4 (a) Write about the election of Abu Bakr as caliph and how he dealt with the false prophets
during his reign. [10] (b) Was Abu Bakr a good choice as caliph? Give reasons to support your answer. [4]
‘There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.’ Describe the
4 (a)
Muslim beliefs summarised by the declaration of faith (shahada). [10]
Explain how the declaration of faith (shahada) is acted upon through the remaining four pillars of
Islam. [4]

5 (a) What is the purpose of prayers in congregation? [10]

(b) Explain why Muslims believe that personal prayer (du’a) is important? [4]
5 (a) Describe the benefits of zakat for the Muslim community. [10]
(b) How might fasting and zakat bring Muslims closer to God? [4]

5 (a) Outline the features of the Ramadan fast, and identify which Muslims are exempt from
fasting during this month. [10]
(b) What advantages does the fast of Ramadan bring to the Muslim community? [4]