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The main reason VCC was formed is because we want to make the process of making volunteering in third world countries a safe and comfortable as possible procedure. As our motto says we want to give the opportunity for others to leave a finger print in the life of another, this involves changing the life of another for the better. We want to make the process to be a safe, affordable and full of high quality. To our volunteers we offer responsible travel experiences, exceptional training and career development opportunities, and facilitate the ability to make a real difference. We are committed to provide exemplary services to our volunteers and to our local partners. We provide safe and comfortable accommodation to our volunteers who get to work in local centres. The volunteers will stay in home stays and the families who are selected are excited about the opportunity of having guests in their homes. Our first priority is safety and as such we place our volunteers in home stays where they are in a safe and comfortable family. Currently our local partners are in Africa and the programs are mainly from there. We are also accountable to the local organizations who we partner with. We offer them volunteers who

are highly responsible and eager to work with them to help achieve their goals and targets. We firmly believed that the locals are the experts and they are the ones who know how to solve their problems more efficiently. We provide our partners with volunteers who want to change the life of another and they help the partners. We place our volunteers in organizations which address the needs of the people in the society. The organizations have come up with effective programs which address the problems that affect the society. To help, we provide volunteers who are enthusiastic about helping and leaving a mark on the lives they help. This company was started by two bright individuals who saw a need for proving a service to volunteers and local comunites. We make the whole volunteer process hustle free, fun and engaging at the same time. The company was formed to service the need to remove stress from the volunteering process and let them focus on the work. The Company is registered in UK and the registration number is 246997 located in 132 HITHERMOOR ROAD , STAINES , TW196BB , UNITED KINGDOM

Mission statement
Leave a finger print on a life.


Why us?
Affordability We have made the price of VCC so low so that the volunteer can have a cheap vacation in the country he wants to operate in. The price is lower than other organizations because the volunteer will stay in a home stay and not in a hostel or a hotel thus reducing the cost by a whole lot. We also don’t use middle men since they would like a commission they normally raise the cost of the whole procedure. We directly link the volunteers straight to the organization where they are to work. Safety We are very careful about safety and it is given our highest priority. Safety is a issue that is on every one’s mind especially those who are volunteering for the first time. To enhance safety we make sure they stay in homes where there will be a family to take care of the volunteers. Also we ensure there are adequate communication between the volunteer and the in country member of staff. We to try to provide secure programs in the institutions and at the home

Quality The pillars of our organization are safety and quality. The programs are of high quality where the volunteer is taken to places where they are needed. The volunteers will go to different situations where there is a need and the impact of the work done changes the life of another. The programs are set by the organizations and we choose the right organizations that provide the best effect on the community. We want the volunteer to feel like they have given something to the community through their work and the work done is sustainable throughout the years to come. We choose programs that have an effect on the community. This way you can leave a finger print on a life. Cultural experience The volunteers are immersed immediately in to the culture from the first day. After arrival at the Airport there is a member of staff who is there waiting to take the volunteer to the home stay. There are different tribes and each one has a unique culture and unique traditions. In the home stay you will learn about the culture of the home. You will eat the local foods as they eat and you will learn the local language as well. This will be open the eyes of the volunteer as it will be a firsthand experience. Enjoyment

For example Kenya is a place where there are beautiful wild life, untamed landscape and exotic cultures. After the rigors of volunteering you are given the chance to visit the attractive sites. Also during the weekends we can organize safaris and tours to experience the full Kenyan experience. A country endowed with breathtaking landscapes, changing terrain and exotic coastline, Kenya is the original safari country and the wildlife is simply magnificent. The Maasai Mara game reserve is home to the biggest animal spectacle on earth, the annual wildebeest migration. The diversity of culture and people is beautiful and Kenyans are known to be very welcoming. The climate, although varying from place to place, is very pleasant. It’s always summer in Kenya. Make a difference The lives of the people you touch are forever changed. In line with our slogan “leaving a finger print on a life of another” we want this to be an event where you leave the comfort of your home and to go and impact the lives of others. There are people who are in dire need of help and are grateful to anyone who try to help. As the volunteer you will help people who are in the organizations. The effects on the lives of the people in the organizations are changed forever and they will be always remembering your contribution.


Support We offer 24/7 support to our volunteers from the time they pay for the registration. In the country that you are sent to, there will be a person who will be in charge of your stay during the volunteer session. They will be there to give you advice on how to behave, answer all your questions and be there just in case of any emergency. The staff member will be there throughout the stay of the volunteer to communicate and give any form of support that they may require. And he will be in regular contact with you, the volunteer. Networking Through the stay in the host country, the volunteer will get to know people from the host family to the people who they will work with in the programs. Other volunteers will be working there with you and this will include people from our organizations or others. As such you will able to form lifelong friendships with the other volunteers, the host family and the ones who you are working within the programs. VCC staff The staff compromises of former volunteers who know what volunteering is all about. They have been there and know what goes on. With our experience and through our understanding we know how to go about it. We know it is a

scary experience and yet exciting. Our in country staff are also well trained and feel comfortable. They are also excited about the idea of welcoming you into our country and the organization. Flexibility Every volunteer is different and everybody has different expectations from their volunteer placement. As such VCC has tried to come up with programs that are flexible in that the volunteer can choose how many hours per day they would like to work. If the volunteer wants to work really hard we can organize a full day’s work while if they want to work for a few hours they can. Also our programs run from one week to three months and you can choose for whichever length that you want. Also we have programs all over the country and one can choose which part of the country they wants to volunteer. Lastly the starts dates are all throughout the year and one can choose when they want to work. Career benefits Volunteering abroad adds to your resumé and to differentiate you from the rest. It shows your character, interests and motivation. Your hands-on experience in the fields of health, social services, or education is invaluable, and you can leverage your VCC experience as a

stepping stone to international development work. But there are countless additional ways to apply this experience to your professional development, such as communicating with people from different cultures, teambuilding, adapting to dynamic environments, critical thinking, and more.


Volunteer Capital Centre Programs If you have time through your summer holidays or you are planning to take a gap year. Why not come to third world countries and devote your time and energy to help and improve the life of the less fortunate people. There are many places where volunteers are needed. The centres are under staffed, them staff members are overrun by the work. Hence there is a need for volunteers. We need YOU. The programs available are for English speaking individuals who are 18 years and older. There are no educational requirements but some programs need some academic qualifications like working in a clinic. As a result of the need of volunteers and the abundance of places to work, we at VCC have come up with programs that will help you choose the work you want to be involved with. We have programs which are also flexible. Whereby you can choose where you want to work and also choose how long you want to work. Also you have the option of choosing whether you want to work for long hours or for a few hours. Also the program goes from a week to three months. You are expected to arrive on Sunday and start your volunteer program on Monday of every week of each month all throughout the year.

Also the volunteer can choose which part of Kenya where you can volunteer. Our programs run from Monday to Friday and they start as follows: Morning 8:00 am to 8:30 am Breakfast is made available by the host family. The breakfast usually varies but the most common is bread, butter and a cup of tea. 8:30 leave the house to go to the volunteer centre. You will either walk to the centre or will have to take public transport by using minibuses “matatu”. Once you arrive at the centres you will be given a duty roster to show you the activities of the day. After noon 1:00 some afternoons you are free to do whatever. Some volunteers may choose to stay with the kids but it is not mandatory. Also in the afternoon you can have free time to visit other places and mix with the locals. There are some organizations that would require the volunteer to work until 4 pm. The programs that we offer include the following:   Teaching HIV/AIDS

   

Caring for people with disabilities Orphanage Medical Placement Mental health placement

The brief description of the programs are as follows: Teaching Education has been cited as a vehicle to be used in Africa to fight poverty and promote gender equality. The Kenyan government offer free primary education to its citizens and the number Volunteers will teach public schools, orphanages and community schools. Since the schools are in demand for teachers and the students are willing to learn this gives you a chance to impact the life of a young child. The volunteer will be involved in teaching English, Math, Science social Studies and physical education. The volunteers will partner with local teachers and other volunteers to provide proper education to the children. This will make sure that each child will get the proper attention and will learn and understand better. Volunteers are needed especially for the special needs students who require extra time and more effort for them to learn. In the schools, the head teacher of the school will be the one in charge and would give the


volunteers direction. The volunteers might also be appointed a teacher who will also help in coming up with courses for the subject to be taught. If you have a teaching background your skills will be highly appreciated in our partner centres. The kids are fascinated by foreign volunteers will respond more to you as you teach them. This way they can have fun and learn at the same time. They appreciate and value the time and effort that each volunteer puts to the work. Also as the teacher you will get a chance to change the life of a child in a positive way. The school calendar is between January to April, May to July, and September to November. As those are the days the school is open and the other months they are having their school holidays. Medical placements Medical attention is not easy to access in certain areas like in Kibera (the largest slum in Kenya) the cost of health care for the unfortunate is highly prohibitive and going to see a doctor in Kibera for a diagnosis is very expensive. As such there are many clinics and volunteer organizations in such areas that offer medical help to the locals. In conjunction with the clinics and the health centres (dispensaries) the volunteer will work alongside them to

provide medical services to the individuals who are there. For medical placement the volunteer must show relevant qualification in the medical field. As such they will need to provide their credentials for placement in the clinics. As medical officer you can assist by providing your know how to the clinics, hospitals and dispensaries. You can assist by providing basic medical services HIV/ AIDS program There are various modes of transmission i.e. sexually transmission, blood transfusions etc. It is said that approximately 1.25 million adults are infected with the disease and about 100,000 children are also infected. The disease makes children become orphans as the parents die of AIDS and the grand parents are the one who become the parents. Also the disease cripple the growth of the nation as it takes away the work force that is available. As there is no cure to the disease the best way to tackle the problem is through awareness. This is done by educating the people on the dangers of unprotected sex. Awareness is done through Voluntary Counseling and Testing centres, hospitals and clinics also many local NGOs are having awareness campaigns to try and curb the spread of the disease.

As a volunteer you will be asked to help in the outreach programs to help educate the local and create awareness about the disease. Supporting the infected is very important which will be done through provision of food and medical supplies. Also you will be working with infected people and you will counseling them encourage them and help them with little things that their need. Our partner organization will be carrying out outreach programs in schools, community centres and public occasions.

Caring for people with disabilities They are one of vulnerable groups. Most of them are treated as second class citizens due to their disability. 80% of the disabled say they are experiencing segregation, isolation, and lack of support for their needs. More than one-third reported that their own families had committed abuse or violence on them, and more than 45 percent said their families did not allow them to participate in family activities on the same basis as other family members. As a volunteer you will be expected to help through capacity building. This can be done through helping them not to focus on what they can do rather on what they can’t do. The main aim of helping disabled people will be to help


them to help themselves. Empowering the disabled is important as they will be able to be independent from other people and can be self reliant. There is also a social aspect to the help given to the disabled. There is a wonderful effect felt caused by the special care and attention given to the disabled. Even our local partners in the organization get encouraged by the work done by the volunteers. The impact felt by the organization is tremendous; the disabled people’s lives are changed for good. The work done by the volunteers is great and it makes the disabled feel loved and appreciated. You will be working with children as well as adults Orphanages Children who are young are normally impressionable. Anything done to them while they are young will be with them for the rest of their lives. If you like kids and want to change their lives for the better then working in an orphanage is the best place. The kids are active and love the attention they get from the volunteers Many of the babies are orphaned because their parents had abandoned them, while other are because the parents died of HIV/ AIDS leaving them with no parents. Some kids are very young and they don’t understand why their lives are

like that. As such they need special care and attention so that they don’t feel abandoned. The homes usually have many kids and the people who work there are normally few and the work that is there is too much. The kids don’t get enough attention from the people who work there. Community Development We work with local organizations that provide a number of services to the local community. Our volunteers have the unique opportunity to become involved in a number of activities on a daily basis, including education, empowerment, construction, and vocational training. The organizations provide sex education to the girls and the local community which you can assist with. It also involves empowering women through activities that make them financial independent. This is done through marketing their products, skills development and giving them access to information.


VCC VOLUNTEER As a VCC volunteer we have code of conduct that dictates the moral of behavior during the volunteer period. The volunteer will be asked to observe the following:  Wear appropriately during the volunteer program and the home stay. For ladies long dresses and long pants are acceptable.  Treat the supervisors and the program projects with respect as they are the ones who are specialists in the field.  Have an open mind; don’t expect to live like you do at home.  Respect the family you are living with.  Try to understand the culture.  Be patient with their systems  Avoid excessive drug and alcohol abuse. Some countries have different penalties and rules regariding possession and use of drugs.  Try to understand the laws, customs and language.

VCC advice  Make sure you know your embassy’s number.  Find out the location of the embassy.  Budget appropriately and check for Currency fluctuations  We recommend you get comprehensive travel insurance.  Check with your doctor as soon as possible to find out which vaccinations that you might need.  Make sure you have the correct Visa  Keep in touch with your family and friends and keep in regular contact with them.  Book a flexible ticket which allows you to leave anytime  Keep away from situations that make you uncomfortable.  Keep an eye on your belongings.  Beware of pickpockets as they are many in especially high tourist areas.  Try to keep a low profile and try to blend in  Always keep your mobile phone and valuables like jewelry out of sight.  Carry your phone card, and loose change for making calls.  Always try to know where you are going.  Try always to be in groups especially at night, don’t walk alone

What you expect from VCC  Our representative meeting you at the airport, taking you to your accommodation and settling you in.  Help and support throughout your placement from our experienced in-country representatives.  All three meals from the host family  Accommodation from a local host family  To be a placed in a project that you get the most out of.  Orientation will be done on the first day of the week.  Immerse you in the culture and tradition of your host country.  Give you challenging and worthwhile voluntary.  Be of genuine benefit to the host projects.  Develop your confidence and independence.  Enable you to learn a language, or gain qualifications.  Allow you the freedom to experience the country for yourself.  Give you the support you need to keep you safe, healthy and happy


How to apply
We are excited that you are willing to join us and touch the life of another. This is how to get started: click on apply now The first step involves: Choose the program you wish to volunteer in as well as the dates you will be volunteering. Fill out our online application form and submit it. You will then receive an automated email confirming we have received your online booking (if you do not receive this Contact Us). The second step involves: In a period of 48 hours you will receive an email acknowledging program your and booking dates you and are confirming

more information about your chosen program as well as details on how to pay the € 200 registration fee required confirming your booking with VCC. The third step involves: The registration fee is deposited into our bank account and you will be allocated a member of staff to help you prepare with your travel. The member of staff will advice you from there on and will be to assist with every question. They are there to answer any questions you may have and to help you prepare for your volunteering experience. They will send you an Information booklet detailing everything you need to need to know about your impending volunteer placement relevant to your specific country and program and fulfill all remaining administration duties with you such as

Putting you in contact with VCC partner staff in your host country.

Volunteer Capital Centre (UK) Christopher Munyasya 132 Hithermoor Rd, Staines, TW196BB,

United Kingdom
chris@volunteercapitalcentre.org Volunteer Capital Centre (Ke) Zablon Mukuba Murambi +254726894478 51697 00200 Nairobi Kenya mukuba@volunteercapitalcentre.org

volunteering for. In this email you will receive


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