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To work DX on 80 meters, you They are not buried , but are
need a lot of real estate for the securely fastened to the turf at
antenna farm, right? Not one-foot (30cm) intervals with
necessarily! If you can spare a "hairpins" of no. 15
chunk of yard 50 feet (15m) in (approximately 1.4 metric
diameter, this vertical may be gauge) galvanized wire. A year
just what you need. It has been of lawn mowing at our station
used on 80 CW and 75 ssb at has not disturbed the ground
W3TQM's station to plane.
consistently work Europe,
South America, Australia, and
New Zealand with only 200 To build this vertical, begin
watts input to the final. by driving a 6-foot (1.8m)
galvanized steel ground stake
Description half-way into the dirt. I used a
Fig. 1 is an isometric sketch two-inch (5cm) diameter "line
of the antenna system. The post" of the type sold by Sears
main pole, 28 feet (8.5m) tall , is Roebuck or Montgomery Ward
mounted on a ground stake for chain-link fenc ing.
with two insulators. The ground Next, assemble the 28-foot
stake is a 6-foot (1.8m) (8.5m) main pole. This can be
galvanized steel pipe driven done with telescoping
half-way into the ground. aluminum tubing, as I did, or
Four metal guy wires are with other material.• Fig. 2
electrically connected to the shows two suggested methods
top of the main pole. The wires of assembly . My antenna used
are 39 feet (11 .9m) long and the system of Fig. 2A, but if
terminate at 6·foot (1.Bm) telescoping tubing is not
vertical poles spaced at 90- available, the "lap joint"
degree intervals about the main method of Fig. 28 can be used.
pole , to form a capacitive "top Either aluminum or steel pipe
hat." With this arrangement, will work. But beware - if you
the current near the top of the use commonly available TV
vertical can be much higher masting, remove the paint or
than that of a base- or center- anodized coating to insure
loaded whip . In addition, the Q good electrical contact
of this antenna is lower than between sections.
that of a whip of the same The four top-hat wires are
height, giving it greater attached as shown in Fig. 3.
bandwidth . They are 39 feet (11 .9m) long. I
Sixteen radials, each 25 feet used 15-gauge (approximately
(7.6m) long, are spaced evenly
·1 obtained the aluminum fro m a mail·
on the ground, and radiate o rder firm, and you could do the same.
outward from the ground stake Write to Smithe Aluminum, Box 442,
at the base of the main pole. BY STANLEY SMITHSON Lau rel, Maryland 20810.

62 ~ May1977
1.4 metric gauge) aluminum
1- l/4 " OD
wire in the first model, but ~ 2: CM

found that 17-gauge galvanized

electric fence wire works just ::"'
I- 3 / B"O D

as well in the second model.

. .., 3 5CM
Fig. 2. Aluminum t ub ing I,
Both are available through the sect ions are joined to form "'"' :·;r

Sears Roebuck catalog. the cen ter po le. If non· ~ 1- 112''00

Mount the main pole on the telescoping tub in g is all

that is available, the sec· ~ .v..\
3 9CM

ground stake as shown in Fig. lions may be jo in ed as '~ '~ ~

·- - ·1

4. Insulate it with two pieces of shown in A. Te lescoping

~ -- - - - ~ 1
I - 518° 00
4 2 CM
2-inch (5cm) black polyethylene tubing sect ions are s lotted
· I : ,~
plastic pipe. These are 2 inches at ends and j oined w i th ~ ~ f ;•

hose clamps as shown in B.

(5cm) long and are slit along I • J / 4" 0 0

their length with a hacksaw to

form insulators s haped like the
If necessary, TV mast sec·
tions may be used. 0 LJ ~ 45C M

letter C. Wrap them around the hose clamps. Only thi s time, series of articles by W2DU a
base of the main pole. Exercise make sure that one wraps few years ago, and have not
care to overlap the cut ends of around the base of the main worried about swr since!
the insulator, or to adjust the pole and makes good electrical Who can argue with
gap so the hose clamp does contact. It is used to attach the success? While most books
not short against the main "hot" end of the feedline to the prompt you to tune antennas
pole . Allow 2 inches (5cm) of pole. The other clamp wraps for low SWR, and leave the
space between ground and the around the ground stake and impression that my vertical
bottom of the main pole. connects the 16 radials and couldn't possibly fly with thi s
In my in stallation , I used two shield braid of the feedline to means of feeding it, I ignored
hose clamps to wrap around the ground stake. their advice. I was too busy
each insulator. The slotted, Install four posts to hold the working DX to worry much
stainless-steel band of one was top hat. I used 6-foot (1.8m) about the matter. It seems that
pulled taut by the worm of the steel fence posts o f the sort most s ignals that could be
other, giving the effect of using sold for wire fencing. Tie the h eard could be worked, and
one large c lam p. If you cannot end s of the top hat wire s to QSOs with Gs, Is, Fs, OKs,
fi nd large clamps to do the job, nylon rope, usi ng about 3 feet VKs, etc. were racked up
you can copy my procedure. I (1 m) of rope as an insulator on w ithout trying hard.
used this trick only because eac h wire. Be sure to insul at e If yo u have t rou bl e with
the junk box co ughed up a bag the ends of these wires, as the matching , I have since found
o f smaller hose c lamps . rf voltage is high at these the simpl e network of Fig. 5
Clamps of the type needed point s. very usefu l on th e second
are available at most hardware Finall y, spread the 16 ground- model. It was first sug gested to
and auto parts stores . They are plane radials uni fo rml y around me by ex-W3MTI some quarter-
also available in the plumbing the ground stake. Attach one cent ury ago. The LC c ircuit is
department at Sears Roe bu ck end of each wire to th e gro und resonant on 80 or 75 meters.
and Montgomery Ward . stake hose c lamp. Fas ten the The coax cable is permanently
While you're perusing Fig. 4 , radi als to the ground with 8- connec ted between ground and
go ahead and install two more inch (20cm) hairpin s o f the midpoint o f th e coil .
galvanized steel wire, using Beg in by attachin g the
o ne hairpin per foot or two (30 vertical to the same coil tap as
to 60cm) of radial len gth . the coax, and tune the LC
circuit for minimum swr. Move
Tuning and operation th e antenna t ap up or down
I worried a bit about feed- one turn and re-t une the circuit
poi nt impedance, bandwidth,
swr, and match ing. But , before
measurements were completed,
I took the easy way out - the
"what, me worry?" approach of
Fig. 1. Is a view of the top-hat ve rtical Fig. 4. I attached the coax
antenna for 75 and 80 met ers . Center
pole is on ly 28 feet (8.5m) high, radials directly to the verti cal and
are 25 feet (7.6m) long , and top-hat wires radial s as if it were a standard
are 39 feet (1 1.9m) long. This antenna is quarter-wave antenna. It
very effective for DX ope rat ion , and worked! To be sure, the line Fig. 3. Method of attaching the top-hat
feed line match ing does not appear to be wires to the ti p section of the center
a problem. A simple tuning network may
swr was not 1:1, but I can't be
pole. A sing le hose clamp secures the
be used if desired. See text and Fig. 5 fo r convinced that I should do any- four wires which also serve as guy wires
detail s. thing about it! It seems I read a for the system.

May 1977 m 63
' '
I ! 3'

Fig. 4. Method of attaching the base of
the center pole to a six-foot ground
stake. Insulators are made from slotted
pieces of plastic pipe that fit over the
base o f the pole. Note that shield braid
of coax ial cable feedline and ends of
radial s all connect to the ground stake,
and that center conductor of cable at-
taches to center pole with hose clamp.
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bottle as a "rain hat" with the
Auto Patches bottom left open for air
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64 r:::;:::) May 1977