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James E. Allman, Th.D.

BE 542 A The Lord’s Supper

Office: Todd 206, 214-887-5315 Fall Semester, 2015 Thursdays, 1:00 to 3:40 pm




A biblical-theological study of themes related to the Lord’s Supper and an exposition

of manor New Testament passages dealing with the Lord’s Supper. The course will
review the contributions of the Levitical sacrifices, the Hallel Psalms, Isaiah’s Servant
Songs, and New Covenant passages as well as explore the contribution of cultural
issues to the understanding of the Lord’s Supper. 2 hours.


The student who completes this course successfully will be able to:
1. minister the Lord’s Supper more effectively in the local church.
2. demonstrate deeper awareness of the theological and pastoral role the Supper
plays in the life of the church and of the individual believer.


No textbooks will be used for this course. Reading will be assigned in the library as
an alternative.

Recommended Reading

Jeremias, Joachim. The Eucharistic Words of Jesus Trans. Norman Perrin.

Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1966.

Witherington, Ben, III. Making a Meal of It: Rethinking the Theology of the Lord’s
Supper. Waco, TX: Baylor University Press, 2007.


A. Reading Assignments

The student will read the class notes distributed by the instructor.

B. Written Assignments

Expository Study—Each student will select one of the Hallel psalms

(specifically, one may choose from the following: Psalms 113, 115, 116, 118)
to study. The exposition will be submitted in Turabian form. The goal of the
assignment, of course, is to deepen one’s understanding of the Lord’s Supper,
but the paper should be a credible exposition of the passage itself. We will
give, in class, a discussion and examples of what is expected in the papers.
Th.M. students who have had a course in Hebrew exegesis must use it in their
BE 542 A The Lord’s Supper
Fall Semester, 2015

study of the passage. MA students will use the processes taught in BE 101 and
subsequent courses.

Lord’s Supper — The student will write a paper addressing what might be
done differently in the times we have the Lord’s Supper. Instead of simply
taking a few minutes to get through it, how might a church creatively
practice the supper to allow people to grasp one or more of the truths that we
have been discussing? The paper should not be lengthy, and it need not be
supplemented by footnotes and bibliography.

C. Examinations

Two exams will be given in this course. The mid-term exam will be given on
October 12; the other during finals. The exams will be essay exams covering
the lectures for the course.


A. Letter/Numerical Grade Scale

A+ 99-100 B+ 91-93 C+ 83-85 D+ 75-77 F 0-69

A 96-98 B 88-90 C 80-82 D 72-74

A- 94-95 B- 86-87 C- 78-79 D- 70-71

B. Weighting of Course Requirements for Grading

The final grade will be figured on the following basis, the written assignment counting 50% of your
grade, and the exams counting 50%.

C. Class Participation
Attendance at each class session is expected. Your attendance is the bare minimum required for
receiving a grade in this course. No grade will be issued for your attendance, but you may lose credit
for non-attendance. The attendance policy of the seminary, published in the student handbook will be
followed in this course.

In a Bible class, we have a unique privilege, the promise of the Spirit’s blessing on His Word, and the
promise of the Savior’s presence in our midst. Therefore, to absent oneself from class withholds the
Spirit’s ministry to the class and from the class.

Each class period the instructor will pass around a role sheet for the students to sign. Generally it will
be circulated at the beginning of class. If you fail to sign it when it is circulated, please be certain to
sign it before the instructor leaves the classroom. Once he has left the classroom, the form of the
attendance sheet for that day will be considered official and unchangeable. Please do not sign the sheet
for another person. If you must miss more than fifteen minutes of a class, do not sign the sheet.

D. Late Assignments
No late assignments will be accepted.

BE 542 A The Lord’s Supper
Fall Semester, 2015

E. Absences
The attendance policy of the seminary, published in the student handbook will be followed in this
course. Each absence beyond the four given in the handbook will be penalized 4% on your final


Date Class Discussion Assignments and Exams
8/31 Course Introduction
Background to the Lord’s

9/7 Study of the Passages

Containing the Lord’s


9/21 The Details of the Supper





10/26 Old Testament

Contributions to the Supper

11/2 Final Exam

Written Assignments Due

BE 542 A The Lord’s Supper
Fall Semester, 2015


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BE 542 A The Lord’s Supper
Fall Semester, 2015

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