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1. This assignment contains only ONE question that is set in English.

2. Answer in English only.

3. Learners are to submit assignment only in MsWord format unless specified otherwise. Please
refrain from converting text/phrases into picture format such as .gif / .jpeg / print screen / etc.

4. Download the language version of the assignment template concerned from the myINSPIRE
for preparation and submission of your assignment. Your assignment should be typed using 12
point Times New Roman font and 1.5 line spacing.

5. Your assignment should be between 2500 to 3000 words excluding references. The number of
words should be shown at the end of your assignment. Do not copy the assignment question and
instructions to your answer. Only assignment answer developed within the approximate word
limit will be assessed. The number of words should be shown at the end of your assignment.

6. Refer to the portal for instructions on the procedures to submit your assignment online. You are
advised to keep a copy of your submitted assignment for personal reference.

7. You can submit your assignment ONCE only in a SINGLE file.

8. Your assignment must be submitted between 5th March 2018 until 19th March 2018.
Submission after 19th March 2018 will NOT be accepted.

9. Your assignment should be prepared individually. You should not copy another person’s
assignment. You should also not plagiarise another person’s work as your own.

10. Please take note that PENALTY will be imposed on late submission of assignment as specified in
the Registrar’s Office circular 6/2012 (Refer to Registrar’s Announcement in myVLE).

11. Please ensure that you keep the RECEIPT issued upon submisson of your assignment as proof of
submission. Your assignment is considered as NOT submitted if you fail to produce the
submission receipt in any dispute arises concerning assignment submission.


This assignment accounts for 60% of the total marks for the course and shall be assessed
based on the Rubrics attached.

You would be given feedback on the assignment before the Final Semester Examination


Warning: The submitted assignment will automatically undergo a similarity check. If

plagiarism is detected, marks would be deducted as follows:

No. % Similarity Group % Marks Deduction

1 0 – 30 0
2 30.01 – 50 5
3 50.01 – 70 10
4 70.01 – 100 100

Assignments found to have similarities under any of the categories above; will not be entitled
to apply for appeal. For learners who fall into the 70.01-100 similarities group, the access for
online appeal for assignment remarking of the subject will be disabled from the appeal


This assignment is intended to give you practice in academic writing. It requires you to refer
to materials / articles and include relevant ideas and quotes in your essay. You are also
required to acknowledge ideas and concepts you have picked up from sources to be included
in your writing.

Lifelong learning is the ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for
either personal or professional reasons. The term recognizes that learning is not confined to
childhood or the classroom but takes place throughout one’s life and in a range of situations.

Discuss the following issues related to lifelong learning:

 The importance of lifelong learning.
 The different ways of engaging in lifelong learning.
 What schools should do to prepare young learners to be lifelong learners.
 What are the challenges you have faced when engaging in lifelong learning?

Support your discussion with evidence drawn from a review of current and related literature
(2012 – 2017). Use the APA format for in - text citations and the reference list.

[Total: 60 marks]

Assignment Rubrics

Excellent Above average Fair Low
Item Max
Criteria Weight
4 3 2 1 0 Marks
Introduction 2 The introduction very The introduction The introduction There is no clear Introduction presents 8
clearly states the clearly states the states the thesis introduction of the no purpose.
thesis statement and thesis statement and statement, but does main topic or
previews the structure previews the structure not adequately structure of the paper.
of the paper. of the paper. preview the structure
of the paper.
Content 6.5 - Fully addresses all - Adequately - Generally writes - Some attempt to - A weak attempt at 26
aspects of the addresses the about the topic but address the writing addressing the
writing assignment. writing with a few assignment. writing assignment.
- Full and rich assignment. digressions in - Development of - Off - topic for the
development of the - Clear and parts of the content is limited, most part.
content. complete writing. may be incomplete
- Main points are development of - Development of or unclear.
relevant and content. content adequate. - Most main points
extended - Main points are - Some main points are not fully
satisfactorily with relevant and may not be fully extended, serious
the support of extended extended; lack of supporting
relevant details. adequately with supporting details details.
- Ideas are organized the support of may not be - Organization of
logically and relevant details. relevant or ideas lacks clarity
coherently. - Some ideas may adequate. and may lead to
not be arranged - Ideas may not be confusion.
logically and arranged logically
coherently. and coherently.
Conclusion 2 Conclusion skillfully The conclusion is The conclusion is Conclusion is weak. Conclusion does not 8
reinforces thesis and recognizable and ties recognizable, but tie paper together.
gives closure to essay. up almost all the does not tie up
loose ends. several loose ends.

Excellent Above average Fair Low
Item Max
Criteria Weight
4 3 2 1 0 Marks
Language/ 3 - Sentence style fits - Sentences are - Sentence structures - Contains several - Contains many 12
Sentence Skills paper’s purpose. generally clear, well are generally awkward or awkward sentences.
Sentences are structured, focused, correct, but ungrammatical Displays general
varied, yet clearly though some may sentences may be sentences. Sentence inability in writing
structured and be awkward or wordy or repetitive. structure is simple grammatical/meani
carefully focused. ineffective. - Frequent errors in or monotonous. ngful sentences.
- Language is - -Language is grammar, lexical - Very frequent - Errors in grammar,
excellent with satisfactory with choice and errors in grammar, lexical choice and
hardly any error in some errors in punctuation which lexical choice and punctuation are too
grammar, lexical grammar, lexical may impede punctuation that frequent and severe,
choice and choice and understanding and seriously impair making it highly
punctuation. punctuation which clarity. understanding and difficult to
do not seriously clarity. understand the
impede message.
understanding and

References 1.5 All the references are Most of the References are References are References are not 6
effectively used, references are sometimes not inappropriately/uncle incorporated or
correctly cited and effectively used, effectively used, arly incorporated. incorporated
correctly listed in the correctly cited and and/or correctly cited inappropriately.
reference list correctly listed in the and/or correctly listed
according to APA reference list in the reference list
style. according to APA according to APA
style. style.