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About Singapore

Singapore was a British colony until it gained independence in 1965, and it is an island of about
626 sq km, frequently referred to as a city-state. It is highly industrialized and urbanized and has
a population of over 4 million comprising Chinese (75.6 per cent), Malays (13.6 per cent),
Indians (7 per cent) and others like Eurasians.

Tourism in Singapore

There are some factors that are influenced to the tourists of different countries to
come or visit Singapore. These are the colonial and wartime eras, multiculturalism
and the ethnic quarters, parks and gardens, the arts and food, shopping and other
assorted events, Business conferences, and also healthcare tourism. Most visitors
originate within the region, although Europeans and Americans are sizeable
markets, and their average length of stay is comparatively short – for example, the
duration was 3.2 days in 2004.

Promoting Singapore