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Preparatory Question Paper 2018

SUB : Second Language English

Total No of Questions : 45, Max. Marks: 80 , Code No 31E, Time :

2hours 30 minutes.

1. Attempt all the questions. 2. 15 minutes is allotted as cool off time 3.

You are not allowed to write during the cool off time. 4. Read the
instructions and Questions carefully


I Four alternatives are given for each of the following questions/incomplete

statements. Onlyone of them is correct or most appropriate. Choose the
correct alternative and write the complete answer along with its letter of
alphabet . 3x1 = 3

1. After becoming the Law minister Dr. Ambedkar was hailed as ________

A. Modern Manu. B. Law minister C. Law maker D Doctor

2. “ Take him home. Give him the things he likes “ the doctor said this
because :

A Anant had been completely cured. B they knew he had not many days
to live. C There were too many patients in the hospital. D Ananat gave
them too much trouble.

3. According to Borok the three super powers in the world are _________

A France . the U.S.A. the U.K B The U.K , the U.S.A., Germany.

C. The U.K. the U.S.S.R. the U.S, A. D China. The U.S.S.R. the U.S.A.

II , Answer the following questions in 2-3 sentences each. 4x2=8

4 Swami’s father drew his attention to a report in the news paper.

What was the report about ?

5 What habit of sleeping was disgraceful according to Swami’s father?

6 Why did people choose to become scientist ?

7 Ambedkar was a voracious reader. justify this statement.

III Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow 3x3=9

8. “ Chacha can I borrow your mobile?”

A Who is the speaker ? B Who does ‘chacha’ refers to?

C Why did he borrow the mobile?

9, “ I argued with him but it was useless. Finally he signed the deed and took
the money but refused to take more than the amount agreed upon”

A Who argued with Don Anselmo? B Did Don Anselmo take the double
amount offered? Why or why not? C Explain ‘ but it was useless”.

10, “ Enjoy yourself, lucky you?

A Who is considered as lucky? B who does ‘ yourself’ refer to?

C why is she lucky?

IV Answer the following question in 8-10 sentences 4x1=4

11 “ Discipline knows no buts.” Why is discipline needed in one’s life?


“ Physical disability is no barrier to success” justify this statement with

reference to the life of Satish Gujral , who was physically disabled


V Choose the most appropriate one and write the complete answer with the
letter of the alphabet in the answer book . 1X1=1

12 when does the land feel checked as narrated in the poem “I am a land?”

A The farmer plough it . B the children dance and play on it. C Man
makes boundaries D people walk and drive vehicles on it .

VI Answer the following questions in 2-3 sentences each 2x2=4

13 Why is the poet querulous ? What does he want to do?

14 The poet is “off to outer space tomorrow morning” What does he ask
the readers to do?

VII Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow


15 “ We were crowded in the cabin not a soul would dare to sleep”

A Who does the word ‘ we ‘ refers to? B Not a soul would

dare to sleep –why was it so? C What is the meaning of word ‘dare’?

VIII 16 Quote from memory 4X1=4

The quality of mercy ----- -

_ _ _ _ _,__ ___ _____ _

____ _____ awe and majesty.


You talk --------------------------

----------------- day.

IX Answer the following question in 8-10 sentence 4x1=4

17 Describe the the physical appearance of Jazz player as narrated in

the poem.


Summerize in your own words the substance of the poem “ Grandma

Climbs a Tree”

Supplementary Reading

X Answer the following questions in 2-3 sentences each 2x2=4

18 why were the students marching in the street? Why was it termed

How had Dicky Dolma described her preparedness for the task of scaling the
Mount Everest ?

19 How was life of Hanif always ‘ekdam bindas’ ?


Why did Wangjia think of going back to Tibet at first? What made him
change his mind later?


XI 20 Combine the word in column A with its collocative word column B 1

Column ‘A’ column ‘B’

Modern ( traffic, logic, science , colour)
21 Fill in the blank with the correct form of the word given in brackets 1
Short stories are very -------- (interest) for children to read
22 Which one of the following word has disyllable 1
Wide, map, school, clever.
23 Fill in the blank using suitable prefix to the italicised word 1
Vishal’s way was legal in all aspects but his friend’s was an ---- 1

SECTION ------ B (Reading)

XII Read the following passage and answer the following question that
follow 4x1=4
1 .Charlie Chaplin was born on 16th April at Kennington in London. At an
early age, Charlie performed on stage with his father and brother, Sydney. By
the age of eight, Charlie Chaplin was already a seasoned stage performer. His
skill as a comedian developed under the guidance of fred karno
24 Who is the paragraph about?
25 Which sentence in the paragraph suggests that he was born in a
family of actors?
26 Charlie Chaplin was a great comedian.
Tick the right one (false/true)
27 Who was his guide/tutor in the art of acting?
XIII 28 Rearrange the jumble words into meaningful sentence : 1

Special interests / what/or/ your hobbies /are/?/

Dialogue is given below. Read it and answer the question that follow
Anil:- what time will the train from Mysore be arriving?
Station master:- It should be arriving at 6am.
Anil:- Is it on time?
Station master:- yes, it is
29 Where was the train arriving from? 1
30 Which important quality is reflected 1
31 Look at the pot A pot B write a sentence using ‘ Lighter than’

5 8
grams grams

Pot A Pot B

32 Given below is a profile of Mr Venkatesh write a paragraph based

on the information . 4
Age 30 years
Qualification MBBS
Profession Doctor
Name and address Govt hospital Mangalore
Native place Hubli
Reason for popularity Works after 5pm always cheerfull does
not demand money from patients


Write a paragraph, using the clues given below. You may add some
more points if necessary :
An old woman ---greedy----had goose---laid a golden eggeveryday, sold—
earned her living ---thought—hundreds of golden egg in its stomach—thought
of becoming very rich—cut it –only one egg—lost what she had---moral.

33 Imagine that you are Gouri / Santosh 10th std govt high school Mundgod
Write an application to your head master requesting him to issue a transfer
certificate. 4
Imagine that you are Anoop / Anita 10th std govt high school Mundgod
write a letter your friend about your study
34 The following paragrapg has two errors. Edit the paragraph and
rewrite it in the answer –book . Clues are given 2
Electricity was supplied to a house through cables. In cities a cables
are usually underground.
A verbal mistakes to be corrected. B Article to be corrected
GRAMMAR ( Language Use)
35 Read the conversation and choose the language function of the
underlined sentence 1
Rashmi : Take the note quickly
Mahima : I did’t bring my pen If you don’t mind could I use yourpen?
a. questioning b. seeking information
c. seeking help d. seeking permission
36 Read the conversation and rewrite in to a reported speech
for the underlined sentences : 2
Anurag : Punit, did you bring your cricket bat?
Punit : Oh! Sorry! Anywy, I will bring it tomorrow.
Anurag met Punit and asked -----------------
Punit sought apology and replied --------

37 Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions and articles: 2x1/2=1

. Geetha comes from ............. affluent family. She gets up ............... 5 am

every morning.( a, an, in, at)
38 Fill in the blanks choosing the right form of verbs given in
brackets: 2x1=2
My friend ............. (be + drive) when the car accident took place. He ............
(buy) that car last month. He ............... (be) severely wounded.

39 Read the conversation : 1

Teacher : students, who can give a seminar on pollution?

Students : Sir, it is Laxmi, she can give a seminar.

The passive form of the italicized sentence is

( A) A seminar was given by her. (B) A seminar is given by her.

(C) A seminar can be given by her. (D) A seminar has given by her.

40 Read the conversation and fill in the blank choosing the correct “If Clause
given below 1

Sushila : Why can’t you come with me Asha?

Asha : No I have some urgent work now.

Sushila : May I know the correct reason Asha?
Asha : I don’t have vehicle to take my dad to the hospital, thats it.
Sushila : Is it? If you had told me earlier , I-----------a vehicle.
(A) Will arrange (B) would have arranged
(C) Would arrange (D) shall arrange
41 Grandma climbs a tree. The question tag to be used ---- 1
(a) Didn’t she? (b) Don’tshe ? (c) Does’t she? (d) Isn’tshe?
42 Fill in the blanks with the appropriate linking words choosing
from the brackets: 2X1/2=1
Suresh ..................... Mahesh went to the bus station ............... they missed
the bus. (but, as soon as, and, so)
Reference skill
43 Which source of information would you refer to know the
synonym of the word in------- ( Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Thesaurus, Atlas) 1

44 Write it in the normal way: pls come b4 its 2 la8 1

45 Arrange the following words in the order in which they are in

dictionary. Agress, against, agency, agreement. 2