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ED 345 Calvin College Teacher Intern Lesson Plan

Teacher Intern: Kaitlyn DeWindt
Date: 3/16/2018
Grade Level: 5th Subject/ Topic: Science: Sensory Systems
Approx. time spent planning this lesson: 3 hours.
Main Focus: Students will learn the word stimulus and learn about the
ways our five senses receive these stimuli.

Brief Context: This is the first lesson of the unit and it lays the basic
foundation for understanding the rest of the nervous

Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills: N/A

Objectives: [Indicate Students will be able to list the five human senses.
connections to applicable
national or state standards.] Students will be able to define the word “stimulus”.

Assessment: [Formative and Formative: Student participation during station work.

Summative: Station worksheet.

Worldview Integration: The five senses that God gave us are to allow us to
experience fully in the amazing world that God has
created for us. We give glory to God when we learn more
about his creation.

Technology Integration:  Video

 Computer for pitch activity.

Instructional Resources: FOSS for unit topic.

Universal Design for Learning Networks/Domains (see UDL Guidelines)

Multiple Means of Multiple Means of Multiple Means of Engagement
Representation Expression

Options for Perception Options for Options for recruiting interest

 Lecture action/interaction  Students move around the
 Station work  Each station is room.
interactive.  Videos
 Hands-on activities.

Options for Options for Expression Options for Sustaining Effort &
Language/Symbols  Group discussion Persistence
 Written responses  Personal note  Large variety in activities.
on worksheet. sheets.
 A lot of group

Options for Options for Executive Options for Self-Regulation

Comprehension Function  Personal note taking.
 Hands-on  Help lead the  More freedom, space to
understanding group through make their own good
 Lecture each activity. choices without being told
 Each student gets what to do.
an input.


COVENANT This lesson allows for a lot group work and
MANAGEMENT: [Relationship communication. There are a lot of fun activities that will
& community building. Note any give students the opportunity to enjoy their time with the
specific ways in which you plan content and with their classmates.
to build or strengthen
relationships and community –
student-student & teacher -

CONDUCT MANAGEMENT: I am expecting this lesson to be a bit more chaotic than

[Behavioral expectations, others because there will be a lot going on at one time, but
strategies to encourage self- I will be utilizing my mentor teacher to help keep the
regulation, etc.]Identify at least 2 groups in order as best as possible.
ways you will gain whole group  “Hey hey hey listen up listen up!”
attention:  “Okay 5th graders! Listen up!”

Strategies you intend to use to  Call out students name while teaching.
redirect individual students:  Stand next to a student who is not focusing.

PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT:  The classroom will be setup with two tables

[Note any specific ways you will together and each station at different sets of tables.
use the environment to
contribute to the learning.]

Materials:  Mystery bags (five)

 Science notebooks
(intro video).
 Skittles
 Beakers
 Cotton balls
 Extracts
 Computers
 Ear model
 Eye charts


Motivation/Opening/Intro:  Ask students to watch the screen very carefully and to

[Think creatively about how follow the instructions. Tell them it is VERY hard and
to engage your students into that I could not get passed level three! See if they can
the content.] do better!

Development: [It may help  “That was really fun, but there was a reason behind
to number your steps with this activity. In this “game”, the red circle is considered
corresponding times. Think to be what is called a stimulus.”
about what your students are  Ask the students to take out their science notebooks
doing!] and to write “FQ 2.1 How can we sense a stimulus?”.
(Use the teacher copy and the document camera to
show the students how to write it).
 Draw a star and write the word “stimulus” next to it.
Define stimulus as, “An event that triggers a reaction
from the brain.”
 Give examples of other stimulus.
o When the sun is bright we react by squinting.
o When we feel an itch, we scratch as a
 Explain that human bodies take in stimuli through our
five senses.
 Ask the students to list the five senses (touch, taste,
smell, hear, and sight).
 Tell students that we will explore the use of our five
senses through activities. Tell students that they will be
put into groups of three or four and will work through
five different stations to practice using all five senses.
(5 minutes per station)
 Go through an explain each station.
o Sight: Students will test their eyesight and do
an astigmatism test
o Hear: At this table you and your group will use
a website
generator/ to test how high pitch of sounds you
can hear. There are some pitches that are so
high we cannot hear and some so low that we
cannot hear. This station will let you experience
these low and high pitches. See how high and
low of pitches you can hear and then write
those pitches down.
o Touch: At this station, there will be five bags
with mystery items inside. Starting with bag
one, take turns putting your hand in without
looking and make a guess of what it is. Record
this guess and your reasoning, then move to
bag two. DO NOT PEAK. If everyone follows
the rules and do not look, I will tell you what the
objects were later.
o Taste: At this station, each group member will
take turns closing their eyes, eating a skittle,
and guessing its color. After each attempt, take
note on your station worksheet so you can
keep track of how many times you tried and
how many times you were correct.
o Smell: At this station there are a bunch of
beakers, and in each beaker is a cotton ball
with an extract of some sort. Your job will be to
as a group, name each scent. On your station
worksheet, write the scent you guess next to
the corresponding numbered beaker.
 Ask the students to turn in their worksheets in the turn
in tray and to go back to their seats.

Closure: [What will you SAY  Bring the students back together as a whole group
to emphasize the most and say to the students, “doing activities like these
important aspect of your make me feel extra amazed and thankful for the ways
lesson?] God made us. God designed our bodies to let us fully
experience His world and His creation.
 It is amazing that we can take in stimuli from our five
senses and have the appropriate responses.
 Thank the student’s for their hard work.


[Please note recent evidence of your efforts as a professional. This record will make filling out
your mid & final evaluations much easier!]