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wot STUFF ITH FORSEY LTERMEYER/ KI ' ETE BELLOTTE/ HAROLO FAI Art: H. Koning uMUSIK: P' TEXT mit Akk=- Bez- Klavierausgabe Auf BELLAPHON NB 7048 LP mit DONNA SUMMER Intro ALLEINIGE AUSLIEFERUNG WittelsbacherstraRe 18, 1000 Berlin 31 HOT STUFF TEXT UMUSIK: PETE BELLOTTE/ HAROLD FALTERMEYER / KEITH FORSEY Klavierausgabe mit Akk.~- Bez. Are: H. Kohring 4 Takte=%9 sec. Sitting here eating my heart out waite looking fora ‘Love whd needs an- sth= "Lr, clon'é Cop@1979 by Edition INTRO Gebr. Meisel oHG, / Revelation Music E1635 waiting for some lover to call Dialed about a theu- sand num- bers late- ly wanna ane ‘ether night on my own Wanna share my lovewitha warm- bleoded Lov- er SSS Almost 4 12 off the . 4) Looking for i ness, targa phone off the yal DCH Restiee Wehot stuff bax by this ever- c fen on ot — ing J need some hot stuff baby tonight. J want some hot stuff, baby this even- Chor: Hot shff { —— bad sap SSS J a — ing. Got- ta have some hot stuff, got~ ta have some love to- night.