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THE CRUSADERS - MCA RECORDS STREET LIFE Tekst: WILL JENNINGS Muziek:JOE SAMPLE cu bil Abe A6 Fm street life be- cause there’s noplace |_can gO=—_— Street life it’s the on Street life — you_can run—a-wayfrom time _ Street life for a nick- = = Fm Bom? cm + ly life 1 know Street life and there’s a thou-sand parts to pliy— el and a dime- Street life but you bet - ter not — getold— Fm Bom? @ Worldcopyright 1979 by FOUR KNIGHTS MUSIC and IRVING MUSIC Inc, ,Los Angeles-USA Voor Nederland: M.C.A. HOLLAND B.V., Flevolaan 41-Naarden-Holland. MCA 156 SS SS Street life Mtl you play your life a-way.- You let the peo-plesee- just Street life oryou'regon=na feel the cold... There's al - ways love for sale_ a oS : aS who you want to be_ And ey - ‘ty _ night you shine_ just like a su - per- star_ That's grown up fii-ry tale. Prince Charming al. - wayssmites. be - hind a sil -ver spoon Amd = E a ? == 3 Ss * 7 wer = = Py = == = eo - +o cimaddd) F704) Ass fea, how the life is played, a ten cent masquerade... You dress, and walk,and talk you're = Abm7 DITTDs9——Gimai7 GmH(+5) — Bbm7 Bo, who you think you are if youkeep it young_Your song is al-ways sung Your $e Pe ; ee eo + == =Saaae =: = pe se — == z oe QS = ca Dbm7 Gb9 Cbmaj Bm? ED Amaj7. Ss love will pay your way be - neath thesilver_ moon Street life— nt t Bim? ata a a oe street life— fr os Emi? E Emaj7 To Coda® nn, F Fimaj7 m7 Bb cu Db DS. al Coda CODA ib frst bars of Chorus for fade. 3. I play the eS rs AMG AG AbG AG Fm