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IB Geography Case Studies

►Pro-natalist policy
- Singapore
- Luxembourg, Sweden, France, et al.

► Anti-natalist policy
- China

► Migration case study- origin and destination impacts

- Luxembourg
- China: rural to urban
- refugee examples

► gender inequality

► economic disparity example: education, land ownership, employment type

► Millennium Development Goal Success

- Student case study country

► soil degradation
- Western Australia (Jimmy video)
- Murray Darling Basin

► rainforest deforestation
- Brazil: Amazonia
- Papua New Guinea

► management strategy achieving environmental sustainability

- Great Green Wall
- Pantanal Region, Brazil (Jimmy)
- Luxembourg public transport

► oil exploration- production and consumption in given region

- Brazil
- OPEC nation
- US: Fracking

► alternative energy effort local or regional

- Brazil: Hydro-electric, biofuels

► local or regional conservation effort

- plastic bag use in EU
- Great Green Wall
- recycling in Luxembourg
Option A: Freshwater- issues and conflicts
► specific regional flood
- MEDC: 2011 Missouri River Flood
- LEDC/NIC: student case study

► specific human modifications to a flood plain

- Luxembourg Alzette River
- Murray Darling Rivers

► wetland management strategy in a local area

- Patanal, Brazil
- Droosbech Stream, Luxembourg

► local or regional demands for water in a specific river basin

- Murray Darling Basin

► international freshwater conflict

- Tigris & Euphrates Rivers: Turkey, Syria, Iraq
- Omo River, Lake Turkana
- Aral Sea
- Lake Chad
- Mekong River

Option E: Leisure, Sport and tourism

► Contemporary international sports
- Golf
- Football (2014 World Cup, Brazil)
- Specific event - London 2012 Olympics (textbook)

► Case study of a national tourist industry

- Luxembourg
- Malaysia

►Case study of ecotourism

- Costa Rica
- Malaysia

►Case study of tourism as a development strategy for low-income countries

- Guatemala
- Papua New Guinea

►Case study of a national sports league

- Barclays Premier League

►Tourism management in urban areas

- Luxembourg

►Tourism management in rural areas

- Mt. Everest, Nepa
►Sustainable Tourism
- Mt. Everest is Unsustainable
- Costa Rica, Monteverde Cloud Forest

Option F- The geography of food and health

► prevention vs. treatment of a disease in one country
- Student case study

► food deficiency, food insecurity on one region

- West Africa, Sahel region

► famine in one region

- Niger 2011 famine

► food aid response to famine/food insecurity

- Niger 2011

► sustainable agriculture efforts in local/regional area

- Great Green Wall
- Caiman in Pantanal
- Mato Grosso- soybeans NOT sustainable

► free trade and fair trade effort to reduce food shortage

- CAP, NOT free trade
- Fair Trade- Guatemala: coffee & cocoa beans

Two of the following: Student case studies

► vector borne disease and management in a region : Malaria, Uganda
► water borne disease and management in a region
► sexually transmitted disease and management in a region, HIV, Zambia