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PROPOSED HOUSE FOR MR.DAMITHA AOK KUMARASINGHE RFI | REQUEST FOR INFORMATION Pio[ect Name | PROPOSED HOUSE FOR NR DANITHA KUMARASINGHE AT RAIAGIRIVA Reference No: [RFINo.: ADK-HDR-RFI- O\ Date: [9014102797 Contract Title: Consultant: | ACCESS CIVIMECH (PVT) LTD Contractor: | ADK DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION (PVT) LTD. TO: THEENGINEER FROM: _ THE CONTRACTOR - ADK DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION DISCIPLINE: 0 civi/ structural C] Architectural (CJ Mechanical CI Electrical Dewi 1 Others: ‘CONTRACTOR: We request clarification ofthe fllowing Subject: Gabion wall Level: velevent de the attached drawing , there is no Rrecerdiag So please Rayereettents-—duacie ores of ane H iron. of Pee Hiren as Soon ag Send ua the spectre details sble, Cosy A.D. K. CONSTRUCTION Contractors Authorized Signatory: ENGINEER'S COMMENTS : Engineer Name Title Signature Date ics LS Se mm EMET DETALS fo ge Sunmy ap Peete sau Foot C21 Se Poe ae a9 i 4) VOVVOD peaaannne vo be 0X I >) 6 tern oars VOLUN ODD Rae oes he Cw bun) ee etree eens Udevvvvevces