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TI - Retrospective case series on the long-term visual and intraocular pressure

outcomes of phacomorphic glaucoma.

SB - Eye (Lond) 2010 Nov;24(11):1675-80
TA - Eye (Lond)
IP - 11
PG - 1675-80
DP - 2010
FAU - Lee J W Y JW
FAU - Lai J S M JS
FAU - Yick D W F DW
FAU - Tse R K K RK
AU - Lee J
AU - Lai J
AU - Yick D
AU - Tse R
AB - To analyse the long-term visual acuity (VA) and intraocular pressure (IOP)
outcomes in phacomorphic glaucoma.A retrospective analysis of 100 consecutive,
acute phacomorphic glaucoma cases from January 2000 to April 2009 was conducted at
The Caritas Medical Centre in Hong Kong. All cases underwent cataract extraction
after IOP control with medication and/or laser.During a 3.1±2.6-year follow-
up, the mean visual improvement was 1.1±0.9 LogMAR units with improvements
in 81.7% of cases. A shorter duration from symptoms to cataract extraction resulted
in greater visual improvement (r(2)=0.1, P=0.001). In all, 80.5% of the cases had
IOP≤21 mm Hg without any glaucoma treatment; 19.5% required
1.6±0.7 glaucoma eye drops; and 3.7% required additional laser iridotomy or
trabeculectomy for IOP control at 1.8±2.3 years. The vertical cup-disc ratio
(VCDR) of the index eye was 0.6±0.3. Gonioscopy revealed an averaged Shaffer
grading of 3.0±1.0 and 99±90 degrees of peripheral anterior synechiae
(PAS). The Humphrey automated perimetry mean deviation was 5.2±2.7 and the
pattern standard deviation was -15.9±10.Over 80% of phacomorphic patients
had long-term visual improvements and normalization of IOP after cataract
extraction. A shorter attack seemed to offer better VA. Post-operatively, most have
open angles with some degree of PAS formation, and glaucomatous optic neuropathy is
evident from enlarged VCDRs and visual field defects. At least 2 years of follow-up
is useful to detect a 20% glaucoma progression possibly requiring additional
glaucoma treatments.
IS - 1476-5454
LA - eng
PT - Type:Journal Article
PMID - 20689570
MH - Cataract Extraction
DA - 2010 11 11
DCOM - 2011 07 27
PL - England
UOF - Eye (Lond) 2010 Nov;24(11):1675-80 20689570