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Banjarnegara is a city located in central java. When we look at the map, Banjarnegara is in
the center of Java Island. The border is North with Pekalongan and Batang, south with Kebumen,
West with Banyumas and Purbalingga, and East with Wonosobo. H. Sutedjo Slamet utomo, M.Hum is
a Regent of Banjarnegara. The capital city named is Banjarnegara too.

I think Banjarnegara is a Rural City, because 2 years ago, Banjarnegara just reclaimed not as a
Poor City anymore. Almost area in Banjarnegara is a Hill with a forest and a river or subriver across
the city. So, some people in a North side work as a farmer. The land is fertile and possible to plant
many plant. Such as pottato, vhili, spinach, and many more. In Banjarnegara, we can see mountain
or hill in near of the road. We can pass between it or pass under the hill. Well, the point is,
banjarnegara is still a green city. Hope it will stay forever.

The center of Banjarnegara is the Capital city with Alun-Alun there. People used it for
general activity or sometimes for huge festival or concert. Sometimes used it for playing with the
family, buy some food or just hang out with your friend. The traffic not as crowded as Yogyakarta,
yaaa we can say its quiet. Crowded when in the morning, when the student and people go to work.
Inthe west side of banjarnegara, the road is soooo broken. There are a hole and sometimes an
accident happen there.

Okay, we will talk about tourist destination in Banjarnegara. I think is all about nature
destination like dieng plateau, curug pitu, serayu adventure for rafting. But, there is a zoo.
Serulingmas zoo and water park, Surya Yudha Sport Center. In dieng plateau, there are Temple,
Crater, Museum, Lake etc. The temperature there is lower than in capital city. Because, its in the
mountai of Dieng. Curug pitu is 7 stage of waterfall. If you want to go to curug 1 you must climb up
to the hill. Serayu adventure for rafting. The track is in serayu river. International championship
happened there 3 years ago. The river is wide and its perfect for rafting.

Culinary attractive from Banjarnegara is made from agricultural process, from

Banjarnegara’s people garden then they innovated it. Like, carica, keripik kentang, jenang salak,
buntil and the most favorite one is Dawet Ayu Banjarnegara. Its consist of droplets, coconut milk,
and melt of gula jawa and ice. Its really delicious once when you thirsty. Dont forget for Apem, is a
cake made from gula jawa and covered by banana’s leaf

Banjarnegara have so many culture, like a dance or ceremony. Ujungan is ceremony for
asking rain to the God when in dry season. There are ceremony for vutting hair from a child who has
a gimbal hair. Banjarnegara have batik named batik gumelem, and ceramics center and so on.

Thats all for the beauty of Banjarnegara, but the bad ones is Banjarnegara is a rural city,
there is no mall, or cinemas. Banjarnegara is a left city. No one knows Banjarnegara for exactly. The
infrastructure is not perfect, broken road. Low income. But, i still love Banjarnegara, no matter what
the bad side is. Because there were a was born and i live for etire my life.

Nama : Asri Auliana A

NIM : 20130310050
Level 7 KU 2013

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