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3/14/2018 Ask Analytics: Base SAS Certification Questions Series - Part 1

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Base SAS Certification Questions Series - Part 1
statistics R Advanced SAS Base S
The Global SAS certification exam is administered by SAS and Linear Regression interview Text Mining Logis
Regression cluster analysis Magic of Excel Python Ba
Pearson VUE together. There are 60-65 multiple choice questions
SAS certification Decision Science time-ser
in Base SAS certification exam and candidate must achieve 70% forecasting Macro ARIMA Market Basket Analysis NLP
score to pass multiple choice questions in  110 minutes. Visualization SAS Gems Sentiment Analysis automation C
Dashboards Factor Analysis Principal Component Analy
SAS Projetcs Conjoint Analysis X Commands guesstimate
We are starting a series of articles to help you prepare for this
examination. Covering a few questions in first article of the series
along with their explanation. Ask Analytics

Q1. The following SAS program is submitted:

Data work.staff; Like Page Sign Up

JobCategory = 'FA';
JobLevel = '1'; Be the first of your friends to like this
Jobcategory =    Jobcategory || JobLevel ;

Which one of the following is the value of the variable Jobcategory in the output data set?

B. FA1
C. FA 1
D. ' ' (missing character value)

Answer of the question is highlighted.


In PDV(Program Data Vector) first the variables Jobcategory will be created with the length of (2
bytes / 2 characters) executing first statement (JobCategory = ‘FA’).

So, the length of variable Jobcategory  will remain the same within this data step.  So even when
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the third statement is concatenating the "FA" and "1" values, the variable Jobcategory  can't
accommodate string of length 3,  hence remains FA. Searc

For better explanation try following code. Popular Posts

Data work.staff; Market Basket Analysis in R

JobCategory = 'FA'; Market Basket Analysis in R with
example How can we identify the
JobLevel = '1'; different products which can be
Jobcategory =   JobLevel || Jobcategory; bundled together to increase the
run; sal...

Create your own Google in Excel

Jobcategory  now becomes "1F"   ....  I hope you  have got the crux.
Learn to create G o o g l e  in Exce
Excited ? Confused ? ... Don't be, as
Q2. The following SAS program is submitted: you are one click away from learnin
how to create y...

Data; Descriptive Statistics With Proc

Set work.salary(keep = department wagerate); Univariate
By department; Feel your data ! Before going to a
battle, a warrior better know what
If first.department then payroll = 0;
he is fighting against and so a data
Payroll + wagerate; analyst ! It is advised to ... 1/3
3/14/2018 Ask Analytics: Base SAS Certification Questions Series - Part 1
If last.department;
run; SQL in SAS
SQL and Excel are omnipresent ! I a
stating from my experience in
The SAS data set WORK.SALARY, currently ordered by DEPARTMENT, contains 100 observations for Analytics industry. Every analyst in
each of 5 departments. Which one of the following represents how many observations the his/her life time, sometime would
WORK.TOTAL data set contains?
A. 5
Base SAS - Importing Data into SAS
B. 20 How to read/Import data into SAS
C. 100 This is the first article in the series
D. 500 Base SAS that covers the very first
thing that an analyst nee...

Answer of the question is highlighted. Understanding p-value

A tale about  p-value You keep seei
Explanation:  the term 'p-value' every now and
then, but don't understand what it
really mean...
Sometimes in examinations, questions are intentionally made lengthy and hence
confusing. Classical example of the same is the above question. Difference between Nodupkey and
Nodup in Proc Sort ?
Try to identify the key statement in such cases. Here If Last.department  statement is the key. What is the difference between the
Nodupkey and Nodup options in Pro
Sort ? Since ages SAS interviewers
If Last.department  and By department combo gets  the last occurrence of each of the 5 have not stopped asking this q...
departments. Hence only 5 observations would be left.
Difference between K-Means and
Hierarchical Clustering - Usage
Enjoy reading our other articles and stay tuned with ... When should I go for K-Means
Clustering and when for Hierarchica
Kindly do provide your feedback in the 'Comments' Section and share as much as possible. Clustering ? Often people get confused, which on
of the two i.e. K-Me...

SAS Macros - Part 4 - A finishing tou

to Macro
We have already covered most abou
Macros our previous articles.  This
article has been written in order to
give it a finishing touch. ...

Text Mining in R - Part 7

Posted by Saurabh Singh
Sentiment Analysis in R - Coolest
Method So Far So far we have
discussed all the basics, a
rudimentary method, an evolved
method and a c...

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3/14/2018 Ask Analytics: Base SAS Certification Questions Series - Part 1


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