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BETTER IN TIME Words & Music by Andrea Martin & Jonathan Rotem Original key FF major J=30 G Bm 2° Viol, Em c 1. 1's been the long - est win-ter without wt tum on the, © Copyright 2007 SenATY Musi Putishing (UK) Lito 20%6)10 Must Limi (50%). ‘Av Righs Res dora! Copy Sacred Authorized for use by Stephen Bushnell Em on c 1 did a°t know where to tum te with - out some-thing there to re mind me. ae 1 can't for= get you, it all that easy. a eeaeeeaeareaea —__" after all that we've been throughs ——— to just pul 2 - side your feel- ings? es Ss Bm Go - ing, com ing, thought I_heard a knock. Who's there? No = on. ‘Thinking that If I'm. dream-ing, don't wan-na laugh. Hurt my feel ings, but__that’s the path Authorized for use by Stephen Bushnell Em op 3 Now {reals ise that T realely did-n't know and I know. time will heal it G Bm you mean ev="ry-thing, Quickly 1m learn = ing Bm op Tm gon’ be. Oo ‘Thought I could-t live with-out you. Wes gon-na hurt when it heals Authorized for use by Stephen Bushell bet = ter in time, o Bm ‘And even though I real-ly love you, T'mgon-na smile ‘cause T de = serve Em op c bet = ter in time, Since there's no more Authorized for use by Stephen Bushnell Ami And live my life c Dosust D i vwith = out you Authorized foruse by Stephen Bushnell ‘Thought 1 could-n’ live with-out you, 1's gon-na burt when it heals bet ter in time And ¢-ven though | real-ly fove you, T'mgon-nasmile‘cause I de + ap c Repeat and fade Authorized for use by Stephen Bushnell