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Back in the decade of the 1990's the USSR was transformed by "privatization" into a capitalist

Oligarchy. One or more of the new billionaire oligarchs may have wanted to diversify into foreign
investment. At this same time Donald Trump was reportedly going through serious bankruptcy
problems with his Casino and Real Estate holdings. If a Russian billionaire made some business
deal with Trump, which was beneficial to them both, his political enemies may be trying to claim
he was involved in "money-laundering"...and possibly somehow now subject to Russian
'blackmail' with him becoming President. Nothing illegal about a wealthy Russian business
oligarch reciprocating with a prominant US businessman. Possibly could save Trump from
bankruptcy (save thousands of jobs) and could provide for Trump building a Russian resort/golf
course-Casino, etc. creating jobs for Russians. The people of both countries should weigh the
difference between this type of friendly commercial interaction...OR another possible Cold War
or worse. Of course some people could see how this would not favor the US
military/industrial/complex and the Deep State apparatus of Wash., D. C. It is possibly a tough
political/economic scenario for the politicians, economists, Pentagon, Wall Street and Media
pundits to wrap their heads around ( it could require reforming much of the entire economic
structure built in mostly the last century.) Personally, I would prefer friendly and mutually
beneficial commercial dealings with Russia (and other countries) rather than the constant strife
and war!