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Political Economic Social

End all and requirements to vote •1st industrial revolution •Young women coming from farm to factory.
Spoils System (Jackson fires 10% or the federal workers and rep •creating textile mills •In response to the second great awakening - Reforms. oppositio
laces them With supporters) Greater inefficient government •Financial Panics (1816, 1819,etc.) n to industrialization,
Marshall Court (Federalist Federal / state) •Due to the financial panics Jackson grew to distrusts the BUS a •Influx or Irish Immigrants who replace Women in factories. Iri
Henry clay - American System nd gives deposits to stale banks (pet banks) -Bankrupts the BUS sh are catholic.
•In response to dismantling the BUS,Clay created a second Polit . • Trail of tears
ical party the whigs. The end of the era of good feelings • North Georgia Farmers Wanted Cherokee lands - Goldware di • S.C. is going to write against the US
•Creation or the American Party - know Nothings scovered on Cherokee lands. • Nationalism - Manifest Destiny
•southern democrats -insist that Jackson remom thematic west O •Tariff of Abomination
f Mississippi •Nationalism
•South Carolina nullifies tariffs of Abomination • Explore and settle the west