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SVR Infra Projects (India) Pvt. Ltd is a progressive IT Infrastructure company focused on
delivering its customers the best usable solution, by automating their business process
and maintaining a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure. We offer a great user experience
and increased operational excellence. We are a team of dynamic, qualified and
experienced techno-marketing professionals constantly working towards providing
innovative one-stop turnkey solutions in IT Networking, VOIP, Network Security, Fire
Alarm Systems, CCTV, Public Addressing Systems and Fire Fighting System domains.

What we do:

We deal with various cutting-edge technologies and provide turn-key customized
solutions for IT Networks and Infrastructure Solutions.

Our commitment towards providing diverse and critical end-to-end solutions to its
clients across various sectors like SME, Corporates & Large Enterprises and Govt. and
verticals like Hospitality, IT, Infrastructure, Retail, Pharma and Public Utilities & Govt.
Institutions has made us a key player in the domain and ensured our upward climb in
the value chain.

Our experience of over 100k man hours across varied technologies and domains has
helped us in designing and executing complex IT infrastructure, BMS & IBMS Projects.
As a result, we help organizations to acquire, deploy, manage and secure a wide array of
IT infrastructure Solutions

Vision -To be the largest System Integration company globally

Mission - To offer high standard customer satisfaction and support service. We
will achieve this mission by providing the best solutions in the chosen
markets, products and services, through excellence in architecting
(technology) solutions.
Cash is the important current asset for the operations of the business. Cash is the
basic input needed to keep the business running on a continuous basis; it is also the ultimate
output expected to be realized by selling the service or product manufactured by the firm.
The firm should keep sufficient cash, neither more nor less. Cash shortage will disrupt the
firm’s manufacturing operations while excessive cash will simply remain idle, without
contributing anything towards the firm’s profitability. Thus, a major function of the financial
manager is to maintain a sound cash position.

Cash is the money which a firm can disburse immediately without any restriction.
The term cash includes coins, currency and cheques held by the firm, and balances in its bank
accounts. Sometimes near-cash items, such as marketable securities or bank times deposits,
are also included in cash. The basic characteristic of near-cash assets is that they can readily
be converted into cash. Generally, when a firm has excess cash, it invests it in marketable
securities. This kind of investment contributes some profit to the firm.


The importance of Cash management in any industrial concern cannot be
overstressed. Under the present inflationary condition, management of Cash is perhaps more
important than even management of profit and this requires greatest attention and efforts of
the finance manager. It needs vigilant attention as each of its components require different
types of treatment and it throws constant attention on exercise of skill and judgment,
awareness of economic trend etc, due to urgency and complicacy the vital importance of

The anti-inflationary measure taken up by the Government, creating a tight money
condition has placed working capital in the most challenging zone of management and it
requires a unique skill for its management. Today, the problem of managing Cash has got the
recognition of separate entity, so its study and management is of major importance to both
internal and external analyst to judge the current position of the business concerns. Hence, the
present study entitled “An Analysis on Cash Management” has been taken up.
 Primary Objective:
• To analyze the cash management of SVR Infra Projects.
 Secondary Objective:
• To find out the liquidity position of the concern through ratio analysis.
• To study the growth of SVR Infra Projects in terms of cash flow statement.
• To make suggestion and recommendation to improve the cash position of SVR Infra



Research is a process in which the researchers wish to find out the end result for a
given problem and thus the solution helps in future course of action. The research has been
defined as “A careful investigation or enquiry especially through search for new facts in
branch of knowledge”


The research design used in this project is Analytical in nature the procedure using,
which researcher has to use facts or information already available, and analyze these to make
a critical evaluation of the performance.

Primary Sources
1. Data are collected through personal interviews and discussion with Finance-
2. Data are collected through personal interviews and discussion with Material
Planning- Deputy Manager.
Secondary Sources
1. From the annual reports maintained by the company.
2. Data are collected from the company’s website.
3. Books and journals pertaining to the topic.

 It helps to take short term financial decision.
 It indicates the cash requirement needed for plant or equipment expansion
 To find strategies for efficient management of cash.
 It helps to arrange needed funds on the most favourable terms.
 It helps to meet routine cash requirement to finance the transaction.


 The study is restricted only to SVR Infra Projects Being a case study, the
findings cannot be generalized.
 The study does not take into account the inflation.
 The study takes into account only the quantitative data and the qualitative
aspects were not taken into account