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13th of July - 4th of August 2018

1.Welcome letter
2.Organizing Committee
5.Visa & Registration
“Dear SCORAngels,

We are pleased to announce our second edition of SCORA X-Change!

We believe in the power of youth commitment to ensure a proper sexual education and health conditions.
Being concerned and aware of the increasing data within the reproductive health field, we want to
empower you to be the change and take real action. Through SCORA X-Change program, Romania would
like to invite you to stand up for the proper sexual healthcare system that our world so strongly needs.

We are convinced that a great impact is constructed by our hard work on advocacy and raising awareness
thanks to the actions and the people who contribute to achieve it. Therefore, by connecting different
cultures and ideas we would like to challenge the participants of the program to give their best in making a
small step towards better local, national and international health systems.

Our organizing committee has one great goal. To unite our forces and to achieve both the personal
development, as well as building capacity to ensure our society’s welfare. Romania has a lot to offer in this
perspective, especially when the help is needed and there are a few promoters in the selected field. The need
of aid, guidance and support is well-known in our national healthcare scheme and it provides significant
examples and situations that can lead to a better outcome of the project, gaining benefits in the same time.
In addition, we strongly believe that by joining our exchange, besides gaining the SCORA experience, you
can enjoy a great social and cultural program, as well as becoming part of a family of SCORAngels.

This summer, SCORA X-Change Romanian team will try to combine novelty with diversity,
multiculturalism and medical realities, offering the opportunity to every student that wants to improve his
knowledges and skills.

Strong enough to take action? JOIN US!

The Organizing Committee


Anastasia Abăităncei Ștefana Luca Robert Cristian Godeanu

NORA National Coordinator NORA Assistant

Smaranda Lepădatu Diana Simona Niţă Alina Elena Barbu

Local Coordinator - Brașov Local Coordinator - Bucharest Local Coordinator - Craiova

Adina Ioana Bicăjanu Andrei Nicolae Avadanei Raluca Oana Călin Alexandra Maria Duican
Local Coordinator - Cluj Local Coordinator - Iași Local Coordinator - Iași Local Coordinator - Craiova

Known as The Cultural Capital of Romania, Iași is a symbol in Romanian

history. The historian Nicolae Iorga said „There should be no Romanian
who does not know of it”. Still referred to as The Moldavian Capital, Iași is
the most important political, economic and cultural centre of the Moldavian
region of Romania, as well as one of the oldest cities in our country.
Deeply rooted in history, the city prides itself with publishing the first
Romanian newspaper and establishing the first Romanian university, as well
as the first National Theatre. Today, Iași is home to five universities.


DAY 1 Arrival Welcome dinner

DAY 2 Introductory workshop: Comprehensive City tour

Sexuality Education (CSE) situation in
Romania and comparison with all the National Food and Drinks
participating countries. Party (NFDP)

DAY 3 Debate about discrimination of HIV Visit of the Botanical

positive individuals based on the movie Garden
Visit to the Infectious Diseases Hospital. Free time

DAY 4 Workshop with the local psychologist

about the implications of the lack of Visit to Hamak Leisure Park
sexual education.
Clerkship in the Urology Department.
DAY 5 Peer-education training: Teaching and Beer pong and fun
exchanging materials and methods.
Clerkship in the Oncology Department.

Bucharest is Romania’s largest city and capital. Known in the past as “The
Little Paris”, Bucharest has changed a lot lately, and today it has become a
very interesting mix of old and new. Finding a 300 year old church, a steel-
and-glass office buildings and Communist-era apartment blocks next to one
another is a common sight. Bucharest offers some excellent attractions, and
has, in recent years, cultivated a sophisticated, trendy, and modern
sensibility that many have come to expect from a European capital.
We invite you to discover the best attractions in Bucharest including The
Palace of Parliament which is the biggest administrative construction in
Europe and the world’s second biggest after the Pentagon building in
Washington, and The lipscani area, the oldest remaining part of Bucharest,
known as the “historical center”, famed for its nightlife.


DAY 1 Arrival Victory Avenue

Romanian Athenaeum
Dinner in the Old City Center
DAY 2 Introduction to Sexual Orientation and Palace of the Parliament
Gender Identity. LGBT rights around the
DAY 3 ‘Equality in diversity’: LGBT health and Village Museum & Herăstrău
how to address sexuality in a medical Park

DAY 4 Roots of gender based violence. SCORA Movie Night

Advocating against gender based “Stonewall Uprising”
violence. Party in the Old City Center

One of the largest cities of Romania and the capital of Dolj County, Craiova
is located in the southern part of the country, at approximately equal
distances from the Southern Carpathians(nor th) and the River
Danube(south). It is a longstanding political centre, the chief commercial city
and the most important city of Oltenia. The university town of Craiova,
prides itself on the strong academic tradition and wealth of important
historical figures who passed through here on their journey to fame: the
world-famous sculptor Constantin Brancusi - who studied at the Craiova Art
School and carved his first sculptures here, and Craiova-born Petrache
Poenaru - inventor of the first cartridge fountain pen. The most important
landmark is Nicolae Romanescu Park – the largest natural park in eastern
Europe. This park has a few interesting features: The Suspended Bridge
(photo), the Charmed Castle, the Craiova Hippodrome and the Zoo.


DAY 1 Arrival City tour

Dinner at “Smart
Pub” (Outside Craiova, near a

DAY 2 HIV/AIDS conference: Botanical Garden Tour

• diagnosis Boardgames night
• treatment
• monitoring the patients with HIV
DAY 3 Workshop on HIV/AIDS and other STI’s: A walk/bike ride in
• programme presentation “Nicolae Romanescu” park
• clinical case presentation
• exchanging ideas and data between Movie night
par ticipants about their countr y
DAY 4 Breaking bad-news workshop: how to SCORA themed party
deliver HIV positive diagnosis

Brașov (pronounced Bra-shov), known as Kronstadt in German or Brassó in
Hungarian has a population of 283,901 and is the 7th largest city in Romania. It is
located almost in the centre of the country and surrounded by the Carpathian
Mountains. The city provides a mix of wonderful mountain scenery in the nearby
Poiana Braşov and medieval history with German influences in the old town. The city
is 176 km from Bucharest. Braşov is up there with Sinaia and the surrounding
mountain resorts as the most visited city in Transylvania, Romania, and this is
something that’s not in vain. Braşov boasts everything from dynamic modern city life
to old world charm and fascinating scenery. Also, it’s pleasant to have some of the
extras as well, including some of the best cleanliness records in the country, great
transport and great food. Even though it’s a bit overpriced for Romanian standards,
especially in the high season, Braşov is definitely worth it. As some people say,
„Why bother coming to Romania if you’re not going to see Braşov?” The Braşov
county is one of the most visited by tourists. The average temperature is 7.6°C only,
even though in summer temperatures may reach up to 35°C.


DAY 1 Arrival City Tour

DAY 2 Workshop: Roots of GBV Trip to Râșnov Citadel

DAY 3 Workshop: Trip to Bran Castle

Violence against women in Romania.

DAY 4 Puericulture in the General Practitioner Hiking and Barbeque

office: Child development follow up,
nutrition, vaccination.

With one of the most vibrant economies in the country and a population of
around 330,000, Cluj, is today a vibrant cultural and educational city. The six
state and several private universities located here also make Cluj Napoca the
city with the largest percentage of student population in Romania.
Cluj Napoca has a vibrant arts scene that embraces both the traditional and
the progressive. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy classical concerts,
theatrical performances, puppet shows and music of every genre, from jazz to
modern pop to electronica.


DAY 1 Arrival City tour

DAY 2 Workshop: breast self-palpation Trip to Tarniţa lake

DAY 3 Clerkship in the Maternity Hospital First day of UNTOLD*

Festival / free time

DAY 4 Conference: Teenage pregnancy and Second day of UNTOLD*

abortion. Festival / free time

*UNTOLD MUSIC FESTIVAL: the largest annual electronic music festival held in Romania, 2-5 August 2018

UNTOLD FESTIVAL (2-5 August 2018)

The tickets for UNTOLD are considered extra expenses, and the price may
vary from 118 to 140 Euro (4 day ticket), depending on the buying period.
There will be also available 1 day tickets, but we recommend the full festival

! For those interested, we can provide extra free accommodation for the
whole period of the festival.

More info:

Accommodation in Iasi will be provided in our newly renovated Student Dorm situated very
close to the city center and around 12 minutes walking distance from our University, in one
of the greenest areas of the city.
All rooms are twin rooms with private shower and toilette. The kitchen is available on each
floor and is equipped with fridge, cooking stove, etc. There is also laundry available for

The accommodation will be provided in the student dorms which are located 20 minutes
away by public transportation from the city center. The rooms are studio-type with 3 beds,
fully furnished, with a bathroom, a kitchen, balcony and equipped with a TV.

The accommodation will be in the student dorms, with 2-3 beds/room, bathroom, fridge.
The dorms are near the Hospital and the University.

Memorandului Student Campus. Accommodation in rooms for 2/4 with WIFI and new
furniture. Bathrooms are located on each floor with washing machines, showers and toilets.
Nearby there are sports areas and football fields, shops, canteen and a bus station.

The accommodation will be in students dorm rooms, every room equipped with 3 beds,
bathroom, fridge and free wi-fi. Also, at every floor it is a kitchen. The dorms are near the
Botanical Garden and a football field.
Depending on each participant’s nationality, students will be able to find
out if they need a VISA to enter our country on the following platform:

Further details available at 

* participants would have to send us the confirmation of their

VISA 1 month prior to the exchange.

th th
Dates 13 of July - 4 of August 2018

Hosting cities
o 13.07-17.07 – Iași

o 18.07-22.07 – Bucharest
o 23.07-26.07 – Craiova

o 27.07-30.07 – Brașov

o 31.07-04.08 - Cluj

Offered spots 6 – 3 boys & 3 girls

- local dorms provided by the hosting cities’ Universities


- local buses/subway/cars

- train/coach for the routes between hosting cities
Program fee 300 €, including: 

- accommodation for 23 nights (+2 extra nights for UNTOLD participants)
- 1 meal/day (or pre-established pocket money value)
- transportation (both between and within the cities)
- SCORA X-Change kit and materials 

Extra expenses (estimative numbers)

-  15-30€/day for meals and night-outs

-  100 €/visiting tours
-  VISA and Health Insurance
-  Social programme: UNTOLD tickets (for those who would like to stay during the festival
we will provide additional information) 


Official Website

Facebook Page @SCORAXChangeRo