Charlie McDonnell is trying to beat a record by answering more than 100 questions in 4 minutes. Let’s play a challenging listening game. This is a speed listening game, quite challenging because everything happens at great speed! So if you want to know a little pointless facts about Charlie, hopefully you'll enjoy this game. Follow these steps with your team.

Date:  Listen to the whole video once to get a bit familiar with it and concentrate on the pictures.  Have a good look at the worksheet.  Now, with your team get ready to answer the questions while you are watching the video again. Just try to write down as many answers as possible as fast as you can! Even if you understand everything, you will have no time to write everything, so simply do your best!  When the video is finished, you will have a limited time to quiz the other teams and get as many missing answers as possible before the

competition comes to an end. You will have to ask your questions using “Charlie or he”.  Check your answers with the key and count how many answers you wrote down correctly. The team with the most competition!  HOMEWORK:  At home compete with yourself, repeating the activity some other time to see if you improve your results. correct answers wins the

Here’s the link to Charlie’s video on

:  Write out the following questions in full .
N° 6 /N°7/ N°13/N°23/N°29/N°31/N°32/N°44/N°48/N°56/N°60/N°68/N°71/N°91/N°97

1- Ready? 2- What's your name? 3- Single? 4- Age? 5- Favourite movie? 6- Mac or PC? 7- Twitter or Facebook 8- Favourite animal? 9- Superpower? 10- Boxers or briefs? 11- Favourite food? 12- Oranges or apples? 13- University? 14- Why not? 15- Youtube or TV? 16- Xxxx time again? 17- Shoe size? 18- Pick your nose?

19- Biscuits? 20- Pirates or ninjas? 21- Favourite game? 22- Favourite pizza? 23- Any friends? 24- What's your mum's name? 25- Fry or Laurie 26- Forget or protest? 27- Season? 28- Digimon or Pokémon 29- Middle name? 30- Alex Day or Nerimon? 31- Height? 32- Favourite musical? 33- Yes or no? 34- Yes? 35- Favourite shirt? [T-shirt] 36- Pineapple on pizza? 37- In or out? 38- Having fun? 39- How do you like your xxxx 40- Bath or shower? 41- Red or natural? 42- Regrets? 43- Sonic or Mario? 44- Lick your elbow? 45- Nose? 46- Cheeks? 47- Favourite shop? 48- Stupidest thing you've ever done? 49- Tea or coffee? 50- Do you love tea? 51- Favourite insect? 52- Hate anything? 53- Biggest fear? 54- How do you get up early? 55- Stuffed animal? 56- Ever been to Europe? 57- Body part? 58- What you gonna do in 5 minutes? 59- Sugar? 60- Worst movie? 61- Movie quote? 62, 63, 64- Favourite mug, star sign, shampoo? 65- Can you scream? 66- Why did you do that? 67- First pet? 68- Siblings? 69- Can you wink? 70- Disney Princess? 71- Dream date? 72- Questions or answers? 73- Marry me?

74- Secret obsession? 75- What! 76- How many teeth? 77- Toes or fingers? 78- Favourite present? 79- Favourite sound? 80- Ever kissed an animal? 81- Innie or outie? 82- What's the time? 83- What day? 84- How many train tickets? 85- Train or cars? 86- Favourite accent? 87- What's your xxxx tonight? 88- Got milk? 89- Milk or orange juice? 90- Breakfast? 91- Ticklish? 92- How many hats? 93- Ice-cream flavour? 94- Favourite Teletubby? 95- Favourite band? 96- Favourite place? 97- Ambition? 98- Multiverse theory? 99- Crocks? 100- Past of future? 101- Can you say "page"? 102- Will you go to prom with me? 103- Smoke? 104- Drink? 105- Ken or Barbie? 106- Favourite book? 107- Skinny or bootcut? 108- Favourite comedian? 109- How are you? 110- You drunk? 111- Gender? 112- Vans or converse? 113- Favourite word? 114- Religious? 115- Hungry? 116- Cereal? 117- Favourite number? 118- New York or London? 119- Boys or girls? 120- Clink? 121- Favourite king? 122- Left or right? 123- Up or down? 124- Good at Tetris? 125- Video editing? 126- Toothbrush? 127- Vegetable?


Floss? Vacation? Flying? Xxxx? TV show? Darwin? Scientist? Cats or dogs? Socks or barefoot? Favourite instrument? First instrument? Favourite mean? Who are you? First crush? Do you fancy Billie? We're there yet? Is this a question? What's that smell? Are you happy? Should this end? How did you do?

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