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Background: Asthma is a chronic airway inflammatory disease caused by

hypersresponsive reactions of immune cells due to an important reversible airway
obstruction and occurs either episodically or repeatedly. According to WHO in
2010 the number of people with asthma in the world is estimated at 300 million
people, while in Indonesia especially Sanglah Hospital found 177 cases. With
asthma needs to be given the right nursing care and continuous in order to achieve
the degree of healing
Method: The method used in the preparation of this paper is descriptive with case
study approach. This study does not recognize the population and sample, but rather
leads to
Results: Based on the primary assessment, the results obtained on 1 and 2 are
ineffective airway clearance and ineffective breathing patterns. Emergency nursing
action performed is the provision of oxygen and nebulizer combivent therapy 1
amp. After being given nursing care for 4 hours again the problem in patients in
patient 1 can be further treatment and in patient 2 can be resolved and given some
indication of continued stable and maintained awake condition.
Conclusion: from the above description it can be concluded that after being given
nursing care for 4 hours condition in patient 1 still in process and purpose of
respiratory disorder in this case problem can be resolved

Keywords: nursing care, asthma, oxygen