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2/15/2018 ORACLE MASTERMINDS: RMA - Return Material Authorizations in R12.

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RMA - Return Material Authorizations in R12.2

Return Material Authoriza ons in OM
OTHER BLOGS Order Management provides sophis cated tracking of your return material authoriza ons (RMA). Returns from a customer o
including damage, shipment error, or sampling. Return material processing func onality enables you to manage customer e
inventory receipts and customer credit processing.
- Powered by DOYENSYS
Here let us perform this RMA in 2 possible ways:

DOYEN DOMAINS 1. RMA from the same Sales Order

-Supplier Creation (1) Step 1: Create a Item. (RMA Item here)
Account (1) Responsibility: Inventory
ADC (1)
NAV: Items> Master Items
ADF (3)
Give the List price in Purchasing tab
Advanced Pricing (1)
AIM (1)
AME (2)
AP (4)
AP Invoice Interface (1)
APEX (88)
API (9)
Approval Chain (1)
Approved Supplier List (1)
AR (3)
AR Transaction (3)
ASL (1)
Back 2 Back Order (2)
Balances (1)
Bank (1)
BI Publisher (6)
Bills Of Material (1)
Make sure that Returnable op on is checked under Order Management tab as below.
Blanket Purchase Agreement (3)
Blanket Sales Agreement - BSA (3)
BOM (1)
Brazil Localization (2)
Catalgoue (1)
Colombian Localization (1)
Conversion (1)
Conversions (1)
CPA (1)
CSS Plan - Inventory Organization
CSV File (1)
Custom Form (1)
Customer PO (1)
Customization (1)
Data Loader (1)
Step 2: Create Transac on type in OM
Databank configuration (2)
Responsibility: Order Management Super User
Database Table (1)
DBA Hiring (1)
NAV: Setup > Transac on types > Define

DIR file list VALUE SET (1) Create Return Line type transac on and change the below fields as given
DIR Files list LOV (1) Order Category : Return
Directory (1)
Transac on type Code: LINE 1/10
2/15/2018 ORACLE MASTERMINDS: RMA - Return Material Authorizations in R12.2
Discrete Jobs Cycle with Cost Rolll- Save and Validate Workflow
up (1)
Document Manager Failed with
Error Number 3 while processing
Purchase Requisition XXXX (1)
Dropship Order (1)
EBS (2)
EBS Functional (57)
EBS Functional- AR Trx & Receipt
Creation (1)
EBS Technical (44)
Employee-Supervisor Hierarchy (1)
employer cost (1)
Excel (1)
Excise (1)
External bank (2)
File move Unix Script (1) Assign the Line transac on type to the Mixed transac on type as below.
File rename Unix Script (1) Query your Mixed Transac on type and click on Assign Line flows.
Finally Closed PO (1)
Finance (3)
Form Personalization (1)
FORMS ERROR ORA- 00980 (1)
Fusion (1)
GL (2)
GL transactions (5)
GST (1)
GUID (1)
HRMS (4)
Interface (1)
Internal Sales Order (1)
Inventory (11)
iProcurement (1)
IR & ISO (1)
Iterations run (1)
Java (1)
Javascript (3)
Json (1)
Load Objects (1) Add your Line type by giving Process name and start date.
Lockbox interface (1) Process name: Line Flow - Return for Credit with Receipt
Login URL (1)
Give OK, save and Validate workflow
MAIL from Database (1)
Manual Shipping (1)
Min-Max Planning Method (2)
Move Orders (1)
OATS (5)
OATS Installation
Strcuk/Hang. (1)
OLT Non Admin User Creation (1)
OLT user creation (1)
Open Script (2)
OPM Process flow (1)
OPM Setups (1)
OPM Transactions (1)
OPM. Process Manufacturing (1)
ORA -00980 (1)
ORA -00980 Synonym (1)
Oracle (10)
Step 3: On hand Quan ty
Oracle Alerts (2)
Make sure that the Item has enough quan ty (100 here) in the Sub inventory. (ware house).
Oracle Apps (1)
oracle apps form error ORA-00980
Oracle Apps R12 (1)
Oracle EBS (1)
Oracle Forms (4)
Oracle Fusion GUID (1)
Oracle Fusion HCM (1)
Oracle Fusion surrogate ID (1) 2/10
2/15/2018 ORACLE MASTERMINDS: RMA - Return Material Authorizations in R12.2
Oracle iProcurement (1)
oracle load Testing User Creation in
Windows (1)
oracle payables (3)
Oracle Process Manufacturing
Oracle Product Development. (1)
oracle receivables (4)
Oracle Reports (1)
oracle utl_smtp (1)
Order Management (17)
OTM (1)
Payment (1)
Payroll (1)
Performance tuning (1)
Step 4: Create Sales Order
Physical Counting (1)
Responsibility: Order management super user
PL/SQL (7)
PO (2) NAV: Orders, Returns > Sales order
PO Approval (1) Create a Sales Order taking Order type as Mixed for 5 quan es as below. (Tesco_Mixed here)
PO Category (1)
Book, Pick and Ship the order and make sure that the order line is closed.
Preparer (1)
Price Tolerances (1)
Project Accounting (1)
Purchase Order (2)
Purchase Requisition Approval (1)
Purchasing (17)
Purchasing News. Excel Link in
iProc (1)
Purchasing. (1)
R12 Upgrade (1)
Receipt Register (1)
Receipt Register Report (1)
Receipt with Bank statement details
Receiving (5)
Receiving Issues (1)
Repetitive Schedule (1)
Requisition (1)
Returns/Cancellation (1)
RMA (1)
Sales Quotes (1)
Security Hierarchy (1)
Setups (1)
Shipping Exceptions (1)
smtp mail (1)
Source key (1)
Sourcing Rules (1)
SQL Queries (30)
SQL query (4)
Supplier (3)
Surrogate ID (1)
Tax (2)
TCS (1)
Tool Tip (1)
Transaction Type UTL Mail (1)
Under Tolerance Shipment (1)
UOM (1)
Update (1)
User key (1)
validation (3)
Vendor Ledger (1)
WHT (1)
WIP (3)
Now Check the On hand quan ty of the item
Workflow (3)
XLA (3) You will find 95 here as you have shipped 5 quan es to the customer
XML (3)
XML Publisher (1) 3/10
2/15/2018 ORACLE MASTERMINDS: RMA - Return Material Authorizations in R12.2

IR & ISO - Internal Sales Order
Cycle with Setup Steps in R12.2

iProcurement Setup Document and

it's basic flows in R12.2

Oracle Order Management Setup

Document in R12.2

How to change a LOV query Using

Forms Personalization

Query to Link AP Invoices, GL and

SLA Tables: R12 AP GL XLA

Inventory Module Setup in Oracle

EBS R12.2

Steps to Controller Extension in

OAF Page

Sending E-mail with Excel

Attachment Using UTL_SMTP

Step 5: Crea ng Returns (RMA)

Creating Lookup and Lookup
Values through API Now assume that you have returns from your customer for some reason

RMA - Return Material Query the Actual sales order (1000) and click the Line items as below
Authorizations in R12.2
Create new line items for the same item, price and change the line type to Return line type.

► 2018 (35)
► 2017 (75)
► 2016 (117)
► 2015 (96)
▼ 2014 (66) Let’s assume that we have returns for 3 quan es from 5.
▼ December (8) Note the Quan ty become nega ve once you create the line type as return type.
MTL Material Transactions
Daily Exchange Currency
Rates Interface
Oracle Order Management
Setup Document in R12.2
IR & ISO - Internal Sales
Order Cycle with Setup S...
RMA - Return Material Save and now the status becomes “Awai ng Return” as below. (Means that we have 3 items returned from the customer)
Authorizations in R12.2
PO Return/Cancellation Issue
- Primary quantity XX...
BSA - Blanket Sales
Agreement and Releases
in Orac...
Back 2 Back and Dropship
Order Process in Oracle

► November (14) Step 6: Receiving the Returned quan ty

► October (33) Responsibility: Purchasing

► September (11) NAV: Receiving > Receipts

Anand Rajendran


Beena Thomas
Doyen Techteam


K Nikethan Reddy

Nagaraju M
Prakash Anand Kongi Go to Customer Tab and give your RMA number (Sales order number)

Rajesh Varma Click Find 4/10
2/15/2018 ORACLE MASTERMINDS: RMA - Return Material Authorizations in R12.2
Suresh Kumar Mani


anand jp

balachenna reddy


5 0 6 2 7 6

Now you will be able to receive the 3 quan ty to the required sub inventory

Check the Check box and save. (received to Stores Sub inventory here)

Note that you have received the quan ty

Now check the On hand quan ty of the Item.

You will find 95 in FGI and the returned 3 in your Stores as below.

3 in Stores sub inventory as you have received the returns to that par cular sub inventory.

Check the Line order status for Order (1000) and note that it will be “Returned”

Now run the Work flow Back ground process report as below.

Now Query the Sales order and check the order line status and now it will be as “Closed” 5/10
2/15/2018 ORACLE MASTERMINDS: RMA - Return Material Authorizations in R12.2

2.RMA from different Sales Order

Step 1: Create Transac on type in OM

Create the Header transac on type as below and make sure that you create the Document sequence number for the transac on

Click on Assign Line flows and assign the return line type as below.

Save and validate the workflow.

Step 2: Create Sales order for the same Item used in the above method.(RMA Item)

Select the Order type as Standard as you book the normal sales order for 5 quan ty. 6/10
2/15/2018 ORACLE MASTERMINDS: RMA - Return Material Authorizations in R12.2
Make sure that the Line item is closed (Means the item is shipped to the customer).

Step 3: Copy the sales order with Return transac on type

Go to the above Sales order (606) and Click on “Ac ons” and “Copy”.

Go to Quick Copy tab and Change the transac on type to “Return type”, No. of copies to 1.

Go to copy Lines tab select the Line type to “Return Line type” and enter the "Return Reason", then say “OK”.

Note that a new sales order has been created with Return Transac on type. (Here 5501) 7/10
2/15/2018 ORACLE MASTERMINDS: RMA - Return Material Authorizations in R12.2
Now Query the newly created return type Sales order Number. (5501)

Now check the Line item in the order and the quan ty will be in Nega ve sign(-5), which means that the customer has been retu
Line status will be “Entered”.

Note the Returns Tab where we can see the reference sales order number (606) created earlier.

Save the line and the status changes to “Awai ng returns”

Step 4: Receiving the Items

Responsibility: Purchasing

NAV: Receiving > Receipts

Give the RMA number (Sales order no.), check the line item type and find 8/10
2/15/2018 ORACLE MASTERMINDS: RMA - Return Material Authorizations in R12.2

Receive the returned quan es to the Inventory

Come back to OM responsibility and run the Workflow Background process report as below

Now the status of the Returned sales order (5501) will be closed.

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shobharam katiya 10 July 2015 at 00:06 9/10
2/15/2018 ORACLE MASTERMINDS: RMA - Return Material Authorizations in R12.2
Awesome description for R12 user.

Can someone provide the same kind of description for R11 please?

Vishwa Bharath Reddy 15 December 2015 at 16:51

Thank yoy so much

Anonymous 25 April 2016 at 08:11

Could you pls provide the screenshots of Return to cusomer senario

Md. Emran Khan 11 May 2016 at 23:39


Sridevi K 15 October 2016 at 22:46

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Sanjay 21 December 2016 at 02:38


Can u please explain how to generate credit memo after doing return by new sales order.


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