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Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Clinical Experience Evaluation Form

In-Progress Evaluation

_X___ Lesson Observation ____ General Assessment ____ In-Progress Evaluation

Teacher Candidate Kelly Wall Cooperating Teacher & School ____Mrs. Fiddler/Bertsch JSC____________

Subject Grammar Time 12:30 Date 1/29/18 KU Supervisor__KVarano

Evaluator’s Signature Check one: Supervisor X Cooperating Teacher r

Ratings–3 Exemplary (Consistently & Thoroughly) 2 Superior (Usually & Extensively) 1 Satisfactory (Sometimes & Adequately)
0 Unsatisfactory (Rarely or never/Inappropriately or superficially)

Category I:-Planning and Preparation Rating Evidence

• Used for evidence collected before and after the lesson
A. Knowledge of content Content section of lesson plan
B. Knowledge of pedagogy Think Pair Share, video, PPT,
good evidence of strategies,
C. Knowledge of Pennsylvania’s K -12 Academic Standards CC evident in plan
D. Knowledge of students and how to use this knowledge to impact instruction Roll-over, great rapport
E. Use of resources, materials or the technology available through the school or SMBD, computer activity, word
district sort, sentence page
F. Instructional goals that show a recognizable sequence with adaptations for IEPs followed in co-taught
individual student needs classroom
G. Assessments of student learning aligned to the instructional goals and adapted Worksheet, Word sort
for individual student needs (checklist, notes?), collection of
sentence sheet
H. Use of educational psychological principles/theories in the construction of Understands: Need to
lesson plans and setting instructional goals collaborate, participate, feel
safe, contribute

Category II:–Classroom Environment Rating Evidence

• Used for evidence collected during the lesson
A. Expectations for student achievement with value placed on the quality of Evident - especially with check
student work before gluing on word sort
B. Attention to equitable learning opportunities for students Opportunities for students to
collaborate with teacher and
with peers
C. Appropriate interactions between teacher and students and among students Positive, calming, frequent
D. Effective classroom routines and procedures resulting in little or no loss of No loss of instructional time,
instructional time students responded to
transition prompts
E. Clear standards of conduct and effective management of student behavior Teacher cue used to bring
students back after turn and
F. Appropriate attention given to safety in the classroom to the extent it is under YES
the control of the teacher candidate
G. Ability to establish and maintain rapport with students Rapport evident especially
while visiting with groups
Category III:–Instructional Delivery Rating Evidence
• Used for evidence collected during the lesson
A. Use of knowledge of content and pedagogical theory through his/her instructional Several strategies evident,
delivery content delivered, some
visuals provided
B. Instructional goals reflecting Pennsylvania K-12 standards YES
C. Communication of procedures and clear explanations of content Clear content delivery
evident, multiple practice on
same subject
D. Use of instructional goals that show a recognizable sequence, clear student IEPS followed in class, co-
expectation and adaptations for individual student needs taught room with two full-
time teachers
E. Use of questioning and discussion strategies that encourage many students to Increase
F. Engagement of students in learning and adequate pacing of instruction Students engaged
G. Feedback to students on their learning Positive, frequent
H. Use of informal and formal assessments to meet learning goals and to monitor Oral with verbs and board
student learning work, Word sort check (make
note of any issues),
I. Flexibility and responsiveness in meeting the learning needs of students Yes
J. Integration of disciplines within the educational curriculum Music, technology

J. Consider making the sentences used in the fill in part of another subject’s curriculum. Students’ names in sentences.

Category IV:–Professionalism Rating Evidence

• Used for evidence collected before and after the lesson
A.Knowledge of school and district procedures and regulations related to attendance, First observation but roll-
punctuality and the like over so gaining
B. Knowledge of school or district requirements for maintaining accurate records and Gaining more here as take
communicating with families over of subjects
C. Knowledge of school and/or distict events Some evidence in notebook
D. Knowledge of district or college’s professional growth and developmental Will learn in practicums
E. Integrity and ethical behavior, professional conduct as stated in Pennsylvania Code Professional
of Professional and Conduct for Educators, and local, state, and federal laws and
F. Effective communication, both oral and written with students, colleagues, Rapport evident
paraprofessionals related service personnel and administrators
G. Ability to cultivate professional relationships with school colleagues Dr. Gerace text message
H. Knowledge of Commonwealth requirements for continuing professional Practicums
development and licensure
Planning and Preparation

Notebook looks excellent. Keep writing those long form plans..we will transition soon.
Parent letter in notebook – good

Like your math lesson remediation plan….reminds me of “My favorite NO strategy” did I ever share that with you?

Classroom Environment
Students return from lunch like angels….they are ready to learn. They easily move to SMBD for anticipatory set ..Grammar
Jammer..good find, they enjoyed it.

Instructional Delivery
Anticipatory set: Video and song…it is now stuck in my head 😊

After video, ASK what they got from it…as far as definitions ….instead of telling right away.

As you transition to the “what does it mean piece” consider a visual for action verb (chart or cards?)…a visual here to post those
definitions and examples for long after you are done with this lesson might be useful? I do like the variety though you had them DO
it could use both.

Nice turn and talk here to come up with an action verb. Gave a chance for a few to share, take mental note to make sure you call
on many different students if not using any stick picks, etc.

I like the “thinking” idea can’t always see action verb..good point.

Nice idea to have visual for linking verbs! I like how you showed how the verb was linking the rest of the sentence.
Like the fill-in slide and how many students were able to participate.

Good work identifying the subject first and then the linking verb. I like the higher level skill here…Would you then leave them with
a list of linking verbs?.... Remembering level of Bloom?

Transition back to seats, smooth no loss of instructional time, very prepared with materials.

Word Sort great idea like the use of check before glue high expectations and assessment piece.
Using of words in sentences..see notes above about sentences..but really like how you asked Action or Linking when they shared.

Assessment: SMBD, Sort – visual/ Notes make it quantitative)

Collection of sentence papers. (this is quantitative)