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BS Program in Electrical Technology is envisioned as a practical-oriented degree program

concerned with improving the knowledge in the field of Electrical Engineering and training for
use in Pakistan and abroad.
Vision Statement
The BS program in Electrical Technology is envisioned to grow into Centre of Excellence in
Electrical Engineering field in Pakistan, an internationally recognized and reputed institute of
excellence in studies and research, providing a platform for Pakistani professionals to develop into
world class Electrical Engineer and for its faculty a launching pad of their careers as Electrical
GLOBAL INSTITUTE LAHORE emerged in 2011 and since then has proved itself to be a
flourishing and leading institute by providing vast research based theoretical and innovative
professional education. One element that gave GIL an edge over other institutions of same class is
the variety and depth of courses offered.
One important development of the last two decades due to power Crisis has been significant
increase in the number of all over the world. This has created a huge shortage of Electrical
Technologist. This program will go a long way in filling this gap.
BS program will be offered to F.Sc and D.A.E (Diploma of Associate Engineer) students. This
four-year degree program has been designed to prepare Electrical Technologist. This 140- credit
hour’s program will emphasize on building professional and technical skills. Acquired knowledge
will then be applied to practical situations through a required summer internship program and a
research project (Final year Project) and Industrial training. This program is designed for
professionals who are looking to build careers in Electrical Engineering related fields and who
aspire for leadership roles in the public and private sectors. Graduates of the program will be able
to obtain positions in local, national, and international agencies; consulting companies; public
policy research organizations. Others will have the opportunity to go for Master, doctoral and
fellowship programs.
FS.c (Pre-Engineering)/ICS/ D.A.E in relevant technology.
The normal duration of the BS program in Technology will be four years, spanning 8 semesters
followed by a research work (Project) and Industrial training, a total of 140 credit hours and
maximum duration will be four years. A regular semester will be covered over fourteen to sixteen
Bachelors of Science in Electrical Technology


Sr. Credit
Sr. # Course Credit Hours # Course Hours
1 Mathematics - I 3 1 Basic Electronics 4(3+1)
2 Applied Physics/Chemistry 3 2 Islamiyat and Pak Studies 3
3 Communication Skills - I 3 3 Electrical Machines - I 3
4 Computer Applications 4(3+1) 4 Network Analysis - I 4(3+1)
5 Engineering Drawing 4(3+1) 5 Mathematics - II 3

Semester Credit Hours 17 Semester Credit Hours 17

3rd SEMESTER 2nd Year 4th SEMESTER

Sr. Credit
Sr. # Course Credit Hours # Course Hours
1 Measuring Instruments and Measurement 4(3+1) 1 Network Analysis - II 4(3+1)

2 Digital Electronics 4(3+1) 2 Power Transmission & Distribution 3

3 Power Generation & Utilization 3 3 Basic Mechanical Technology 4(3+1)

4 Electrical Machines - II 3 4 Linear Algebra 3

5 Computer Programming 4(3+1) 5 Electromagnetic Field Theory 4(3+1)

Semester Credit Hours 18 Semester Credit Hours 18

5th SEMESTER 3rd Year 6th SEMESTER

Sr. Credit
Sr. # Course Credit Hours # Course Hours
1 Microprocessor Theory and Interfacing 3 1 Power System Analysis 3

2 Power and Industrial Electronics 4(3+1) 2 Data and Computer Communication 4(3+1)
3 Switchgear and Protective Devices 3 3 Control Technology 4(3+1)

4 Communication Technology 4(3+1) 4 High Voltage Technology 3

5 Total Quality Management 3 5 Power Transmission 4(3+1)

Semester Credit Hours 17 Semester Credit Hours 18

7th SEMESTER 4th Year 8th SEMESTER

Sr. # Course Credit Hours # Course

1 Communication Skills - II 3 1 Project 6

2 Occupational Health Safety and Environment 3 2 Supervised Industrial Training 12

3 Engineering Ethics 3
4 Substation Technology 3
5 Engineering Economics 3
Semester Credit Hours 15 Semester Credit Hours 18