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Subic One Bay

After having a lunch inside the mall, specifically to Mang Inasal somewhere in Subic, we were allowed to take
some stroll but only for a limited time. Afterwards we were directly to continue the plant tour visit. But, before
going to the plant, we fetched first the facilitator for the legal matter of having plant visit within power plant.
As we were on our way going to the diesel power plant, the facilitator told us some facts within the roads we
were passed by. The facilitator is a woman which I think have vision in life of promoting Subic as one of the
main tourist spots here in the Philippines. Despite of the American colonization way back before, she told us
all the goods within the city.

So, I will tell you the background of Subic which I learned from the facilitator. These facts have been told to
us and were familiar to me so I did a research also to put It here correctly and to avoid mistakes. Subic
originated from the term “Hubek” and was Hispanized the further Americanized into name it is today. It
caresses the sublime Subic Bay, which is perfect for diving and underwater excursions. A boat ride perhaps?
There are even chartered yachts for rent. The area is an example of the intermingling of modern
conveniences and wild nature. There are paved meandering roads that run through ancient rainforest. And
we mean really old. The trees are taller than buildings. Some even have Tarzan-esque vines! You’ll find ruins
and abandoned American barracks. And of course, you can’t leave out the restaurants and gaming centers.
You won’t miss them as most of them are beach front and along the central business district.

Trans-Asia Power Generation Corp, a subsidiary of Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Development Corp. of the
Phinma Group, has acquired One Subic Power Generation Corp., a power generation company that operates
a diesel power plant in Subic Bay.

In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange, Trans-Asia said it has bought the entire outstanding stock
of One Subic from Udenna Energy Corp.

“The acquisition of One Subic adds to Trans-Asia’s growing generation portfolio, which already includes
Trans-Asia diesel power plants in Norzagaray, Bulacan, Bacnotan, La Union and Guimaras: the Maibarara
Geothermal plant, a portion of the Sem-Calaca power plant, and a 40-megawatt capacity from the Unified
Leyte geothermal facilities”, Trans-Asia said.

In all, Trans-Asia Power will acquire a total of 200 million shares at P2.45 per share for a total cost of P490

Trans-Asia is also constructing a 54-MW wind farm in San Lorenzo, Guimaras and a 135-MW coal power
plant in Calaca, Batangas through South Luzon Thermal Energy Corp., a 50-50 joint venture with AC Energy
Holdings, Inc., the energy subsidiary of Ayala Corp.

One Subic is the lessee and operator of the 116-MW diesel power plant located at the Subic Bay Freeport

Moving forward, Trans-Asia said it intends to double its power capacity to 400 MW in the next years.

Trans-Asia has various investments in the energy sector. The company has power generation businesses
by itself and through South Luzon Thermal Energy Corp., Trans-Asia Power Generation Corp. and CIP II
Power Corp.
Trans-Asia is also involved in renewable energy development via, Trans-Asia Renewable Energy Corp. and
Maibara Geothermal Inc., as well as in electricity supply as a licensed retail electricity supplier and a licensed
wholesale Aggregator.

The company said it is aiming to double its power capacity to 400 MW in the few years upon completion of a
new 135-MW clean coal power plant in Calaca, Batangas in partnership with the Ayala Group, an integrated
20-MW geothermal project I Sto. Tomas, Batangas with the Yuchengco Group and the Philippine National
Oil Co., anf the 54-MW Guimaras wind farm.

So, the one who give us brief story about their plant are so much fun to be with. They only stated the facts
and jokes at the sometime. They have been for so long in the company. But they not envision themselves to
linger in the company anymore because as I have said that Diesel Power Plant has been much cost compare
to the renewable energy power plant.