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“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because
it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your
religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not
believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation
and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit
of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”

Kalama Sutta
Siddhartha Gautama - Buddha
(681 B.C. – 601 B.C.)

Author: Stjepan Spanicek – Independent Researcher
Version 3.1, March 20, 2018.
Zagreb, Croatia

This essay does not have any commercial use. Author of the essay does not have any claim on
copyrights, so the essay itself can be used freely, partially or entirely, for further researches and for
education purpose. The author retains right on changes, modifications, improvements and making
some appendices, because of material affluence and complexity, the entire research is just like …
never-ending story. Therefore, always check if you have the latest version of that text.

The famous quote of the Buddha mentioned at the very beginning of this essay is very controversial, they
say. There is a big discussion about. Some even have a big doubt if Buddha ever said that. Nevertheless, I
personally like this quote very much, and by knowing more about the Buddha based on his personal natal chart,
I am sure he was capable to say something like that. Actually, it is just proved there is nothing we can lean on
when old books, knowledge, and tradition of any kind, are in the question. All that show signs of big erosion.
After all, through this amazing recent research and revelations on ancient history by applying Vedic Astrology-
Jyotish, it was proved that all history lines are twisted heavily, and because some true historical events are at
the basis of every religion, it is becoming clear why all religions are gone so far away from their source. All
religions, more or less, are totally distorted and deviated. It is absolutely essential to establish such a system by
which we can rectify all these deviations, and correct all history lines. It is exactly this Vedic Astrology-Jyotish
proved as the system where the Universe itself is narrating the true story of the world history. The Universe
itself is whispering silently its own story about every event; we just need to ask. Planets, stars, and constellations
are whispering silently without manipulations, fakes, and twisting of any line. In a final stage, this will have
unimaginable consequences. The key point is that this will become the absolute mean for returning all religions
back to their own Source. In addition, what is the Source of all these known and unknown religions? Well,
eventually we shall find out that … the God himself … is the Source of all these religions. After all, all these
religions claim they are talking … in the name of the God.

Therefore, for me, it is very appropriate to start this extensive essay on the early life of Jesus and Judah with
this quote. Because, after all, Buddha and Jesus are connected very much. They are of the same lineage, they
are both Vishnu Avatars. By counting birth moment, there were exactly 676 years between them. As cycles of
world ages are permanently ascending and descending, and due to that the life on Earth should be permanently
tuned appropriately, because of all that there is always something to channelize, modify and correct in the
evolution process. New stages for the eternal play of evolution are constantly being built up. Therefore, there
is always something to do around. Actually, the Evolution Process is just like the never-ending story.

By the way, this essay will cover events all until almost to the crucifixion time. The year 2015, when most of
these unbelievable revelations did happen, was under the influence of the exalted Jupiter-Guru on a grand scale.
Actually, this exaltation was going on from June 19, 2014, until July 14, 2015. That was an absolutely astonishing
time. That was the time of unexpected and so fascinating revelations. Along with a great wind of support of
exalted Jupiter, and amazing position of Sani-Saturn in the Scorpio sign, some hidden truths deeply buried for
few thousand years came out to the surface, for the purpose that the darkness and the ignorance to be dispelled
entirely. These two unavoidable elements of the Dark Age, ignorance and violence, are inevitably fading out.
We live in the ascending cycle of the time now, and every day there is more and more light incoming to our
planet, and there is no way for shadows and negativity of any kind to survive anymore.

I must admit, it was very exciting! That was so thrilling experience indeed! Now, there are some new winds
again, Jupiter is in the friendly sign of the Leo-Simha, and I hope we will enjoy the continuation of good fortune
in order that remaining enigmas can be exposed to the light as well. Therefore, we thank endlessly to the Jupiter-
Guru, as well as we thank all other planets-grahas for their incredible support. Furthermore, we also want to
thank … the Jyotir Vidya … to the Light of Jyotish, the Vedic Astrology Jyotish, which made all that possible. Also,
personally I would like to thank very much to all those who contributed directly or indirectly in any possible way
for these revelations to happen and to go further on.

Thus, now after some extraordinary revelations about the true story of Judah and Jesus are exposed, especially
about birth circumstances of theirs, I would suggest we stay focused on this topic of early days for a while.1 I am
not going to make a summary, it would take too much of time, after all. Instead, we just fill up some missing

1) Please take a look on the links on other previous essays at the end of this essay, just to be tuned properly with this serial …
First, it is of crucial importance that we understand properly the role of King Herod the Great. Though he was
not an angel, as we use to say, it is very important to emphasize that he was far from being a monster and a
tyrant as he is portrayed officially. I do not want to say that Herod the Great was an absolutely only positive
person. To be a king at that time or at any time … that means a person needs to possess some negative energy
as well. We should get rid of the stereotype of positive and negative. If we do not have at least some amount of
negative energy embedded, we cannot even walk on this planet Earth, we cannot proliferate, and we cannot
do so many things …. It is very likely that Herod did some naughty things as well. However, for me, there is no
discussion that he and his family did play a very important role in laying down the possibility for Judah and Jesus
even to come at that very difficult time frame. Therefore, his role is very important, though, on some occasions
we see that it was certainly not his intention to help this way. Because, if we look at his incarnation line on a
long run, then we could notice this character’s appearances many times. In almost all negative stories, he is
involved very deeply. He could really play roles of very negative guys. Nevertheless, more about this some other
time. We shall put more light on him when that will be needed and if that will be needed.

First, he made an extraordinary job when he framed and put fully in control the existing Jewish priesthood who
followed the dark agenda of even darker shadowy energy. By doing so, he made possible great teacher John the
Baptizer to come, and to establish his school and a spiritual academy that was of extraordinary importance for
our story. This part of the story will be covered additionally later on.

King Herod the Great was an extraordinary builder. We see that on the Jerusalem Temple, on which he made
final shaping. We see that on the Herodium as well. Only recently along with the very new technology, like laser
scanners and so many other technical innovations, we can see the full scale of the Herodium. That was very
nicely synthesized along with the research of … Steve Burrows …, the renowned architect and structural
engineer of the modern era. By using such sophisticated technology, he made his expertise on both, on the
Herodium and on the Jerusalem Temple2. Results are stunning, and we can see that King Herod had collected
all the best architects and masons around him and that they made an astonishing job.

When we consider birth circumstances of Judah and Jesus, then, though King Herod initially did not know
anything about pregnancy and delivery of Queen Mother, because she did everything in secret, there was a
moment when she was supposed to tell him everything. This is the moment when Magi came and made an
inquiry about the newborn king of Jews. Of course that at some stage she told him everything. He was probably
shocked, maybe even angry, but he stayed firmly on Queen Mother’s side, and that means he protected all of
them, Queen Mother and newborn twins, Judah and Jesus, whom he had never seen, by the way. He protected
them by not doing what Magi insisted to be done, and that is, all newborn male babies up to two years to be
killed in Bethlehem and surrounding area probably. There was no any report by any historian of that time or
later on, for such kind of action to be done. This is the place where Bible’s facts are turned upside down in order
to transform the initial true story for some dark agenda. Now we already know that the Bible is the political
pamphlet that is full of twists and frauds of such kind. Easily and gradually, we shall find all such twists and we
will peel them off, innocently we will correct them all. The role of King Herod the Great and his family is such
one story that needs a lot of attention in order to make proper correction.

Hence, to conclude this point, King Herod and his wife Queen Malthace were removed because of not being
cooperative with the Magi. As we know now, he died most probably on April 3, 4 B.C.E. She was removed within
a few months later on. There was a revolt after the death of King Herod. Official history denied that fact, and
the complete story can be found only along with some alternative sources. Of course, that presence of Magi
made a lot of suspicion among people. They saw them there, and they knew something strange is going on.
Their presence was definitely not unnoticed! Nobody knew what they were doing, but they did not look friendly
after all, and people noticed some strange things were happening around them. Definitely! Actually, King

2) Extremely interesting six-part documentary serial was produced by National Geographic … … revealing
stunning discoveries on ancient architectural structures. “The Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies (CAST), located at the University
of Arkansas, focuses on research, education, and outreach related to geoinformatics and geomatics. Specific areas of research in these
fields include GIS, geospatial analysis and modeling, high density survey, enterprise spatial databases, remote sensing, digital
photogrammetry, and geospatial data and model interoperability.”

Herod’s death came just as the culmination of that situation. Soon after the death of King Herod, Magi
disappeared. It was revolt what forced them to withdraw. Though they hadn’t found Jesus yet, they did find
some satisfaction in removing King Herod and the Queen Malthace.

As we know now that Leonardo da Vinci is narrating the true Biblical story, most probably, let us consult him
and see what he is telling about. Some paintings of Leonardo have been analyzed and scrutinized so far, but one
additional we can do for the purpose of this essay. Right now, there is a proper moment to say something about.

The photo was taken from

I did extensive research on Leonardo’s painting … Adoration of the Magi … and here on the Wikipedia, we have
the complete amazing story. To summarize, Leonardo was asked to make a painting with this topic, and when
he did the preliminary job along with a painting by oil on wood, his clients, monks of one Christian Order, were
shocked by what he exposed. It was far from the traditional story the church is telling. Of course, it was! Because
Leonardo was telling the true story. What do we see in this painting? We see Mother Mary with Jesus child,

sitting in the middle of the scene, being surrounded entirely by the Magi. Nevertheless, what is so shocking
there? It is an organization and the composition of the scene in front that is so extraordinary shocking. Mother
Mary and Jesus are in the middle, and Magi like hungry mad wolfs are circling around and trying to jump on
Mary and Jesus … we have a feeling they will jump on them right next second. At the same time, Magi resemble
ghost-like dark shadowy creatures coming from the underground world; it is not pleasant even to watch on
them. An intention was shown very clearly. They … Magi … want to kill Mother Mary and Jesus. There is no other
way to watch on this painting.

Additionally, in the background, we see an old building, probably of pagan time … being destroyed … what
symbolizes an old world … the pre-Christian world. We also see the terrible fight of equestrians; there is a fight
between the old and new world … fight of Good and Evil. The front scene is part of this fight; Magi want to
destroy innocent symbolic of truth, light, and hope … Jesus the Christ.

Of course, as the story continues, Leonardo’s initial work was rejected, the project was abounded by Leonardo
himself, and only many years later on some other unknown artist finished and colored the painting fully.

This narration of Leonardo is really impressive!

Anyway, let us now see some other important points in the early life of Judah and Jesus.

Another very important point is the question of where exactly Judah and Jesus were born. As I already have
mentioned, they were born in the cave just near to the Bethlehem. It seems this is very true. I will repeat once
again, Queen Mother Malthace could not have come to the stable in Bethlehem to make a delivery there. This
is very less likely to have happened. It was too dangerous. Somebody could see her and recognize her. She is
the Queen. She was supposed to avoid any settlement and people around. Instead, she made a marvelous plan.
She had plenty of time to think about. In the mountain and hilly area surrounding the Bethlehem, they did find
empty, lonely cave, they prepared everything in advance, and just when it was a time somebody secretly took
her there, maybe one day or even two before, just not to risk anything. She gave the birth there, and twins were
quickly and secretly carried on toward the stable in Bethlehem where Mary was already mimicking her delivery.

Indeed, this is the only logical way to explain everything. Jesus and his twin brother Judah were born in the Cave.
Along with this, big danger for Queen Mother was minimized. After all, this is the much more dignified situation.
She is the Queen. She is surrounded only by people of her trust, and nobody else. Mountain, beautiful nature,
silence, wild animals around, it sounds very spiritually after all. Perfect conditions for great souls to be
incarnated. It can be there were more forests around at that time. Even supreme yogis would envy them on
such a birth.

Now, after scrutinizing this topic for a long, and watching maps, something has attracted my attention. There is
a story about the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem. It is placed on top of the hill, and legend has it that the church
itself was built up above the cave Judah and Jesus were born. This is very plausible. There is even a story that
Mother herself, in some of her very soon incarnations afterward, came there, she recognized this place, she
found the cave, and that was actually the main reason the first church was built up right there on that very spot
where Judah and Jesus were born. Thus, according to my opinion, we need to consider the longitude and
latitude of the Church of Nativity as real coordinates of Jesus’ and Judah’ birth.

Now we have two natal charts; one of Jesus, and one of his twin brother Judah. We can easily see how complex
was the role of their Father and their Mother. From these natal charts, we exactly see the situation at the Royal
Court of King Herod. We see that he was having many wives and many children. For some purpose that was an
advantage, but for some not. The especially difficult problem was created about succession matters. Each wife
was backing own son or sons, and there was a terrible division within the family. Actually, “division” is a soft
word to depict that situation. The word “fight” would be much more appropriate. Intrigues, conspiracies,
manipulations, betrayals … and even killings … this is what the royal family was involved in. It was actually this
situation that led them toward fatal final days.

From natal charts of twins, we can see influences of two lunar eclipses on them and on their family. This is now
a very important and very indicative moment. These two natal charts confirmed fatal influences on all of them.
Jesus, Judah, their primary family, as well as their foster family; all of them were influenced and afflicted to
some level. From the natal chart of Judah, we see that his general fortune was afflicted and vitality as well. We
should have in mind that second and very powerful lunar eclipse on March 21, 4 B.C.E., did happen about one
year after their birth. They were still in Egypt at that time, and it seems to me Judah got some heavy disease,
something like malaria. He did survive, but with some consequences for a lifetime.

And this is the point when we need to see what and how it did happen with their lives after they had returned
back from Egypt. The official story is telling us, they did return from Egypt after about two years. In the
meanwhile, many things had changed. As King Herod had gone, and Queen Malthace as well, their three sons
took places as governors and ethnarchs. Here is the short extract from Wikipedia just to have a clear situation.

After Herod's death, his kingdom was divided among three of his sons by Augustus, as was called for by Herod's will. The
Romans made Herod's son, Herod Archelaus, ethnarch of Judea, Samaria, and Idumea (biblical Edom) from 4 B.C.E. to
6 C.E., referred to as the tetrarchy of Judea. Archelaus was judged incompetent by the Roman emperor Augustus who
then combined Samaria, Judea proper and Idumea into Iudaea province under the rule of a prefect until the year 41.
Herod's other son Herod Antipas was tetrarch of Galilee from 4 B.C.E.–39 C.E. and Philip became tetrarch of territories
east of the Jordan.

Hence, Mary, Josephus, Judah, and Jesus returned to Nazareth in Galilee around 3 B.C.E., when things settled
down a little bit, and they thought the danger for them was minimized. They lived a quiet life. As we now know
that very probably Josephus was a soldier in the Roman army, it can be that he was not present permanently
around family. Or, it can easily be that he took a break from army service for some time. Internally, within their
family, they gave royal status to the young princes Judah and Jesus. Soon real children of Mary and Josephus
came, and family was getting bigger and bigger. It was discovered that boys, Judah and Jesus were very
intelligent, knowledgeable and talented for many things. Especially it was shown they have deep spiritual
inclination and very quickly they were involved in studying religious texts, most probably at the nearest place
of knowledge, and that was the Sepphoris, about 6 km away from the Nazareth only.3 Sepphoris was an
important center of rabbinic study at that time, and it is very likely that Judah and Jesus started their basic
education right there, close to the home in the Nazareth.4

On 24th of September 6 C.E. Ketu dasha started for Jesus, just about one and a half month after it had started
for Judah as well. Twins were about 11 and a half years of age at that time. Jyotish Pundits would say that 7
years of ruling of Ketu-South Lunar Node, is very difficult and hard for everyone. Nevertheless, in the natal chart
of Jesus, we see that Ketu is a yoga karaka planet, and they say in that case Ketu dasha is not so malicious. For
Judah, we cannot say so. Anyway, this period brought some changes to both of them. I think they moved to
Jerusalem about that time. Until that moment, Judah and Jesus finished their basic rabbinic study in Sepphoris,
and they were supposed to make progress further on. And which direction this progress possibly could have
been channelized? Well, according to Jewish tradition and customs, twins entered the school for becoming
rabbis. There were two schools in Jerusalem at that time offering such kind of education. These were Hillel’s
and Shammai’s schools, which opposed each other very much.5 I think Jesus and Judah joined the sage Hillel’s
school. That was costly, asking separation from the family as well, but Mother Mary arranged all that to go on
smoothly. Her savings, along with what Queen Mother gave her as heritage and for support of the twins, was
probably gone until that moment. However, they did find the way. The boys finished that school successfully.

3) Nice article talking about archaeological discoveries in the Sepphoris with the title … The Sepphoris Synagogue Mosaic … can be found
in the BAR at the link …
4) Interesting commentary on archaeological research about possible discovery of the house in the Nazareth wherein Jesus lived, under
the title … Has the Childhood Home of Jesus Been Found? ... was published in the BAR as well, and can be found at the link …
found/ … and it is referring to the extensive article … Has Jesus’ Nazareth House Been Found? … by Ken Dark in the March/April 2015
issue of Biblical Archaeology Review.
5) There was a huge competition between two schools … … But, on some places I did
find that Shammai’s school along with elite of Pharisees and Sadducees played important role in the crucifixion story. They were very
eager to crucify the Jesus.
Nevertheless, that is not all. It seems, in a certain moment Jesus came in contact with the teaching of John the
Baptizer. It is very likely that boys followed this school in parallel as well, or at least Jesus did that. And this is
where desire came to join the Academy of John the Baptizer in Alexandria after completion of the education for

It is for sure that the complete family moved to Jerusalem. We know that even last obstacle, the governor of
Judea, Archelaus was removed in the same year. Emperor of Rome, Augustus, declared him incompetent for
this position. That was the true brother of Judah and Jesus. Then, the family felt completely safe to move to the
Jerusalem. Judah and Jesus continued their education in the Jerusalem, most probably in the fall of 6 C.E. Now
we need to recall this only story about young Jesus, the story when he is discussing deep spiritual knowledge
with rabbis within the synagogue when Jesus was just about 12 years of age. Here I see the twist again. This is
supposed to say that Jesus could have been seen in the Jerusalem sometimes. This short episode is to make
camouflage that they have moved to the Jerusalem for permanent. Nevertheless, though they moved to
Jerusalem for permanent, their connection with Nazareth was not broken completely. It seems they did not sell
the house and property in Nazareth, and occasionally they made some visits there. It could be they spent there
all their long holidays.

Now, right at this moment, we need to consider how deep Judah himself went with his education. Good Jyotishi
would definitely see that on the easy way, especially when seeing both charts. I cannot go so deep with Jyotish,
therefore I have to lean on much more on feelings and intuition. It seems to me I was rushing too much before,
and I did neglect Judah in this regard completely. I think Judah made the same education as Jesus. This is for
sure. In the chart of Judah, I see some obstacles for education, but I also see deep inclination toward the spiritual
field. I see a big righteous heart full of feelings and emotions, and that helped him to understand some things
better than many intellectuals. Mutual discussions and challenges helped both of them to progress faster. Twins
always create their own worlds, their own systems for everything, and their own understanding of the world
that surrounds them. Sometimes they develop even their own language for communication. I do not have any
doubt Judah and Jesus did the same way. This is what I call “twins effect”. The fact is that twins are always
connected in a special way, a very special way. In this particular case, though Jesus was somewhat superior, I
think he always helped his twin brother Judah to make a step forward when that was needed. As a return, he,
Jesus, had always someone to lean on. In fact, it was actually the presence of Judah to make Jesus even stronger
and more knowledgeable.

Another point of our great interest could be the foster father of Judah and Jesus. So far, we called him Josephus,
but I am not sure this is the right name or the only name, and I am not sure this was only one person. Therefore,
let we reconsider this point once again. We know for sure that somebody was around Mary when it all started
in Bethlehem. Who was that? Was that a Roman soldier we mentioned before? This is very possible, but I think
his name was not Josephus. His name, as well his presence in the complete story, was deeply hidden for a long.
Now we know that could possibly be … the Tiberius Julius Abdes Pantera … Of course, in that case, that was his
Romanized and Latinized name. His original Illyrian name was probably a little bit different.

Very probably, they met in the Jerusalem. It is very likely that they had a kind of relationship even before Mary
was involved in the project with Queen Malthace. There was a long-lasting shadow on the character of Mary for
this secret relationship with a Roman soldier. In the Jewish community of that time, that was the especially
sensitive point. Some sources would expose the fact she performed adultery. Nevertheless, whatever was the
nature of their initial contact and relationship, after the crisis with Jesus and Judah had erupted just out of
nowhere, it is very likely that young Mary turned intentionally toward the Roman soldier because she was
searching for … protection. She needed heavy protection, and that is what she did find with the Roman soldier,
who was very probably Illyrian Dalmatian, from what is today Croatia, as I already concluded before, based on
some writers and scholars who did expose that fact. Most probably, he was originating from the Split area, or
Salona, as it was called at that time.

Then, after the return from Egypt, they lived a silent life, they had six children together, but then, it seems he
also left the scene. Yes indeed, it seems to me that he did disappear from the scene; he died or was killed in
battle somewhere on the front line, at the end of Budha-Mercury dasha, or beginning of Ketu dasha. This can
be in spring of 6 B.C.E. This is about the time the family moved to Jerusalem, or, this can be one additional
reason for moving. It seems to me soon afterward Mary remarried. That happened in Jerusalem. Most probably,
she and her children conjoined to some man who already had a house in the Jerusalem, and who was staying
well financially. By the way, his name could be … Josephus. It can also be that he was a carpenter. However, he
was also not on the scene for a long. It can be he also died soon, and Mary was alone again. Luckily, Judah and
Jesus were already bigger at that time in order to help younger children.

Maybe it would be good that we expose their natal charts as well; in fact, natal chart of Mother Mary will be
exposed right now, while the natal chart of a Roman soldier, most probably Pantera, will be exposed some other
time. Very advanced procedures were used for casting their natal charts, therefore, because of complexity that
will not be the matter of this essay.

Mother Mary was born on September 2, 27 B.C.E., at 11.32 AM LMT, most probably in the Nazareth or
somewhere very close around.

Then, when we set up this natal chart, and when we look at it more carefully, we can immediately observe,
absolutely shocking again, that a FISH occurred in the main natal chart … Janma Kundali. When we highlight all
the houses without any planet within it, we get a FISH. This is again the instruction manual … saying … just set
up the Navamsa lagna to the Meena-Pisces rasi-sign. And this is exactly what will define this natal chart to the
highest precision. Isn’t that amazing!? In fact, this is absolutely amazing! Please take a look at the following
photo where a FISH is highlighted.

Interestingly, we can also notice that Mother Mary was born at the same time … 11.32 AM LMT … just as Jesus
was, what will offer additional very high precision to that natal chart as well. Actually, we see that all natal charts
are somehow connected. They appoint to each other, or, they confirm each other. This celestial symbolism is
really amazing! This is what I call … Celestial Artefacts … This is where Heaven itself is proving that all is TRUE!
This is where even the non-expert in Vedic Astrology-Jyotish can see that this is the very right natal chart. There
is no need for any other proof.

For twins, the Ketu dasha expired in August-September 13 C.E., and the Shukra dasha started right at that
moment. That was again a big change in their lives. They were about 18 years of age. This is the time when Jesus
alone joined the Academy of John the Baptizer in Alexandria. I think that Judah stayed with family to help
Mother Mary with other children. Moreover, this is the time now to elaborate in detail the purpose, way of
functioning and final outcome of the John the Baptizer’s Academy.

In fact, this is a long pending question, who was John the Baptizer? In the Bible he was depicted as being of the
same age as Jesus, just six months were between them, they say. They also say they were blood-related,
something like cousins. Nevertheless, is this true?

Biblical scriptures and texts, surprisingly, reveal very little about John the Baptizer. Again, I have a very strange
feeling that all these official sources try to hide something, instead of revealing apparently the full life story of
John the Baptizer. We know that he was a prophet, man of wisdom, and they say he himself baptized the Jesus.
There was a meeting in 28 C.E. on the river Jordan in Galilee, and that was their only meeting, they say, and
then after the baptizing, Jesus began his mission and his ministering. This is what they say. As I already have
mentioned, they say, there was about six months between them. Moreover, almost nothing more about John
the Baptizer is known except, of course, that very famous episode of last moments of his life when he was
beheaded in 29 C.E. This is what they want us to believe. Therefore, not so much information anyway.

Well, as usual, when there is an absence of official information, we turn toward alternative sources.
Interestingly, when we do that, all of sudden … plenty of information. It seems, according to alternative sources,
at the time Judah and Jesus were born, John the Baptizer was already running his School-Academy-Ashram in
the Jerusalem. It seems that he was under the patronage of King Herod the Great himself to some extension
and his family of course. In ancient times, as well as today in some parts of the world, self-realized wise men
open their own schools to become teachers or gurus, in order to transmit their valuable knowledge to their
disciples, and all others who are willing to take the spiritual path and go spiritual way. They said he originated
among Essene, very controversial spiritual ascetic community, who lived in isolation, separated from the rest
of the world. They practiced some high knowledge system, they say, and their tradition could be traced at least
for several hundred years back before the time of Christ. Alternative sources also expose the fact that this
Academy of John the Baptizer was moved from the Jerusalem to the Alexandria, in Egypt, in 4 B.C., just after
the death of King Herod the Great.

Some sources would say that Jesus himself joined the Academy of John the Baptizer in Alexandria when he was
grown, and he spent there quite some time. This option I already have mentioned before. To be honest, this is
becoming very intriguing, because in all official sources we have a big gap in the life of Jesus, it was not
mentioned where he was and what he was doing. There are about 18 years of total silence about his life story.
That is the reason for us to be focused very much exactly on that point. The suspicion is immediately raised up.
Is it possible that the Bible is hiding the fact that Jesus spent most of his young days in the Academy of John the

The theory that Jesus spent the most crucial period of his life with Prophet John the Baptizer, is not a new one.
I think I found it somewhere on the Internet among some alternative theories some few years ago. With all
theories, including all alternative theories, one can never know, there are so many things and variations, and it
is really difficult to figure out which one is right. Sometimes our friends “historians” are launching all kind of
false theories intentionally, just to produce even more confusion. To be honest, I did not pay so much attention
at that time. Then, somehow, that fact was easily setting in my mind. Now I am completely sure it was going
this way.

The answer to this question we can possibly find indirectly. For that purpose, it would be necessary to
determine when John the Baptizer was exactly born. Considering all that, and along with performing some basic
calculation, around the birth of Judah and Jesus, John the Baptizer must have been already grown, adult person.
By taking into account the fact that he was already running this Academy in Jerusalem for some time before
the birth of Judah and Jesus were born, it must have been some 30 years between them. Moreover, this is
where we can possibly see a big discrepancy between alternative sources and official claim that there are only
6 months between them.

This is how we are now coming toward the culmination of our discussion. Just not to go too much into theories,
guesses, and who know what kind of hypotheses, I was very eager to find the true Jyotish natal chart of John
the Baptizer. If we find his natal chart, well, then we immediately know when he was born, and automatically
we know which option or theory is right and which is wrong. For finding his natal chart, it was very useful when
I did find on the Net that he might possibly be the same incarnation as the Prophet Isaiah. As I knew that prophet
Isaiah is supposed to be considered as Saptarishi Vasishta, everything was clear. We need to follow all
appropriate rules for his natal chart casting. And this is where this unique natal chart surfaced.

John the Baptizer was born on October 25, 36 B.C.E., at 11.58 AM LMT. As the place of birth, I took the point
that is officially exposed and considered as the birthplace of John the Baptizer.

This the appropriate natal chart ….

In addition, this is where this shocking truth is popping up! John the Baptizer was 31 years older than Jesus was!
Unbelievable twist! We just discovered another one big swindle of the official Bible.

As well as in some previous cases, we see a FISH in his natal chart, what is confirming again that this is the right
natal chart. So shocking indeed.

Now, in the light of this very important discovery, we can continue our story of Jesus and Judah.

As we know now, John the Baptizer was much older than Jesus was. Now we know there were exactly 31 years
of difference. All until Herod’s death, he kept his School-Academy, his headquarter, in the Jerusalem. Soon after
the death of King Herod, John the Baptizer moved his Academy to Alexandria, Egypt. While he was in the
Jerusalem, it is a plausible option that Magi did attempt assassination of John the Baptizer as well. John was the
target because of his very advanced knowledge and very progressive teaching. It was progressive in a sense of
how people can use their full potential, already given and granted by God himself, and to speed up their own
evolution, get enlightenment and enjoy higher states of consciousness without bondages of Karma Law. Of
course that his teaching was not welcome by the old priesthood and this dark agenda energy behind the scene.
Therefore, along with all these events John the Baptizer was not safe in the Jerusalem any more. Once again,
we need to emphasize that King Herod the Great was a big supporter and protector of John the Baptizer. Some
members of his own family went deep with John’s teaching as well. Thus, after King Herod was gone, John
moved his headquarter to Alexandria, but his school was still there when Jesus’s family moved to Jerusalem. It
seems Jesus encountered the teaching of John and he wanted to be educated that way as well. That means
Jesus was highly educated in both, traditional rabbinic knowledge, as well as in the even more advanced
knowledge of John the Baptizer. He himself started his own career as a rabbi and as a teacher.

For sure, the official story by history books and Biblical texts as well, they are all very obscure when portraying
the figure of John the Baptizer. Now we know why. What the story did not tell us, is that at the time of Jesus’
and Judah’ birth, little bit before, John the Baptizer was just about to start his worldly life, after spending a long
time in Essene Community, where he had joined at some very early stage of his life, probably in early teenage.
It was exactly there in Essene Community that he was educated and introduced to the deepest and most
secretive spiritual knowledge in the world. It must be that some great teacher within the community exposed
all this important knowledge to the John, just as always it has been going on with knowledge transfer. There is
always a kind of lineage of great teachers who are transferring the knowledge throughout the time. Knowledge
is very important. Knowledge is so precious. Nevertheless, it is so sensitive and fragile. For knowledge, it is so
easy to be scattered on rocks of ignorance. Real knowledge about the wisdom of life cannot be found on the
street. Nobody is being born with the highest knowledge. Knowledge should be earned and learned. Of course,
those with high evolutionary development will grasp it quickly; quickly and on a grand scale.

At that ancient time it was quite common that great teachers, gurus, prophets, or whatsoever, were gaining
knowledge from their own teachers, and afterward, they will make their own schools, academies or ashrams
for knowledge to be given out further on. At the moment of Jesus’ arrival, all that became a little bit problematic,
because systems established at that time already have been built upon control and manipulation, and existing
organizations and religious leaders were not tolerant at all. They wanted to suppress anything that possibly can
uplift human consciousness. I am sure that even the Essene Community had faced a lot of problems. I am sure
that the Jewish priesthood of that time did not watch on Essene Community with joy and pleasure. And this is
probably where Herod the Great played the great role as well. It seems he was suppressing old priesthood, just
to put them in the frame, in order that other things can develop as well. Essene Community has established
long ago even John the Baptizer came there and join them. Actually, at that time they were on top, but their
community was going on for several hundred years already.

The Bible story about John the Baptizer is very striking anyway. It is striking because a lot of things are missing.
It is said that he was a great teacher or even the prophet, he was baptizing, what was supposed to be like
washing sins, and this is mostly all. Even the meeting of John and Jesus is more accidental, according to the Bible
story, and then Jesus was baptized, and that is mostly all. This story is very obscure, of course. I would
immediately ask myself … well … John the Baptizer … great prophet … but where is the knowledge? It should be
some deeper system of knowledge exposed. OK, baptizing and washing sins. This can be maybe more as a
symbol because even every beginner in the spiritual field would know this is not working this way.

Because, what is a sin? Sin is every violation of natural law. Because of not knowing how natural laws are
functioning, quite often we violate them, and then these violations, let us call that … a stress … temporary.
Hence, a stress is being created and accumulated in the physiology, in the environment, or within the collective
consciousness in general. Every religion knows about that fact. They say …

As you sow, so shall you reap.

In the Science and within the Physics we call that: The law of action and reaction …

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Every student beginner knows about it. However, this is pretty universal law valid all over the Universe. In Vedic
terms, we call it Karma or Karma Law. In the West, the term Karma is connected only with bad meaning … but
this is not the case. Karma is actually any action, which inevitably invokes some reaction. This is a very important
moment … to understand that whatever we do … this is not disappearing just like this … just like smoke … going
into the wind. It is being registered somewhere, collected in collective consciousness … and it has a cumulative
effect. Once when it reaches certain level … it will explode … It can explode as some serious disease on the level
of our individual physiology, or as a conflict, or even as a war if this is the case with some social structure level.
Therefore, the Karma Law is very universal. It was established once upon a time in order to help us with learning,
because, what is Evolution? … Evolution is a process of learning, purifying, becoming better, stronger … go higher
in energy and vibratory level … and the Karma Law is an extraordinary tool to accomplish that. Do action, and
reap the resulting reaction. Just process of learning.

Nevertheless, there are many natural laws, many … millions … if not even billions … and billions and billions.
How can we know all of them? This is a problem. When we are low with consciousness, we cannot know all
these natural laws. We live in ignorance. Certainly, it is not possible to learn them all one by one; it is not possible
to learn them all mentally … it is not possible to learn them all by heart. When there is a veil on our consciousness
we do not use our full potential, and that means we do not know and understand all laws of Nature. The full
potential of our brain and nervous system is not being used properly. Science and modern medicine … they
claim we use only 5-10 % of our mental potential. Some say this percentage is even smaller, maybe about 1%.
We have forgotten how to use our brains, and we developed, so-called, Swiss Cheese Brain, a brain with
functional holes within it.6 Some portions of the brain atrophied because we had not used them. This is the
same as with muscles, if we are not using them, they will be atrophied. There is a saying, use it or lose it.

Just to say, here is a state of consciousness we can elevate ourselves and then we know all these billions of
billions of natural laws automatically. Knowledge is already structured within our consciousness; this is the basic
Vedic presumption. This is the basic doctrine of the Vedic Science. Knowledge is structured within the
Consciousness. Our brain can function better and faster than any existing computer in the world. It can function
even better than all these computers together. Behind these basic states of consciousness, which are widely
and commonly very well known, like awaken state of consciousness, and sleeping and dreaming states of
consciousness, there are so-called higher states of consciousness, as Cosmic Consciousness, or we call it
Enlightenment. Gautama Buddha called it Nirvana. This is the fifth state of consciousness. Then we have God
Consciousness as a sixth, and Unity Consciousness as the seventh state of consciousness. They all imply certain
changes in our physiology functioning; changes in physiology and mentality. In God and Unity consciousness,
man has such a power to do the same as God can do. He can create other worlds or other universes if he or she
wants to that. Such a power the God has given to the Man. The God gave to the Man all power he has, and he
also gave him a free will to do whatever he or she wants to do with it. And this is the real meaning of this
otherwise very famous saying … saying which every religion is repeating …

Man is made in the image of God.

But what religions also do, they offer so many interpretations for this saying. They really do offer so many
interpretations … many, many … all except this real one. If you ask any preacher or any leader of any religion
about this saying … about the fact that real meaning means exactly this … giving all power and all free will to
the Man … well … you will get only one answer …

How do you dare to compare yourself with the God?

And this is the beginning point of every religion. This is the beginning point of religions and the ending point of
using the full potential of Natural Law. And this is the end of direct and immediate contact with the God himself.
Instead of connecting Man with his own source directly, and this is the Pure Consciousness, or God … or
whatsoever expression you can use … they … these religion’s leaders … they say … Well! … Look! … The God is
very busy! … It seems he is so busy with his Creation … somewhere else … and he doesn’t have time to solve
your problems … but we know … we have a contact with him … and we shall give you the Word of God. It sounds

6) The expression … Swiss Cheese Brain …, though originally connected with the Neurocysticercosis disease … ... in this case is used to depict the brain which is not fully functional. Hence, some
scientists made research of functionality of the human brain by measuring activities within the brain itself. They came to the stunning
discovery that some portions of the brain are not active at all. It is more like that there are some holes within the brain. The syntagm …
Swiss Cheese Brain … was immediately applied because of the frappant similarity. Actually, it was found that some portions of our brain
are not active at all. They are rather atrophied. This is the reason we use very small percentage of our full mental potential.
so familiar. Actually, this is the basic underlying function and message of all religions. They come … and they
serve as … interpreters!

Here we are easily coming to describe another problem which every avatar, prophet or teacher is facing when
giving and exposing knowledge. The fact is that all of them are giving knowledge from some higher level of
consciousness, but students or disciples are receiving from their own level of consciousness, which is usually
much lower. There is always some gap. Within such gaps, many things can be lost or interpreted in a different
way. Moreover, this is exactly what it has been happening in this dark era full of ignorance. Many things are
misinterpreted, sometimes by accident, but sometimes intentionally. This is how all religions of today came into
existence. If the Man is established in the higher state of consciousness, and use his full potential, he does not
need any religion, because he has very direct and immediate communication with the God. There is no need for
interpreters and mediators.

Therefore, by contemplating deeply the Bible story and the role of John the Baptizer, I was thinking … it must
be some knowledge system left behind by John the Baptizer. Great teachers are exposing great knowledge.
However, except the baptizing process, which was more as a symbolic as I said, we hardly find anything else
connected with John the Baptizer. Or, somebody just wanted we think this way. Well, I was thinking about that
for a long time.

And then, just maybe a few years ago, along with searching something entirely different, I stumbled on some
name … actually I know about this name for very long … but then it simply struck me … This name is …

Hermes Trismegistus

I saw that there is no proper explanation about this figure, there is no precise time frame he was living in … and
in general … absolutely nothing is firmly defined about him and around him. He is just floating in time and space.
They put him in 1st … or 2nd century … but it can also be 1st century B.C.E. … or something like this. But somehow,
there was an extraordinary system of knowledge connected with him … and this is … Hermeticism … This system
of knowledge, which by the way today it would be called … the Esoteric Knowledge …, was used very much in
the Renaissance and Reformation period … it seems it was used very much all over.

Some unbelievable thrill permeated me to the bones, and I was thinking, is it possible that this is that missing
knowledge of John the Baptizer? Well, the time frame can perfectly fit into the story. The fact that it was
completely disconnected from John the Baptizer provoked my suspicion even more.

Another thing which was very striking for me was the very name … Hermes Trismegistus … So now we need to
explain first who is … or was … Hermes?

Hermes is an incarnation of God Vishnu, or Thoth, as they called him in ancient Egypt. Egyptians, it seems to
know him very well, because, simply, he incarnated in ancient Egypt many times. This particular incarnation
took place many, many thousands of years ago. It was about 500 years before the Big Flood, I think. I consider
the Big Flood according to information what Plato gave to us … around 10.000 years B.C.E.7 Therefore, Hermes
was in action around 10.500 B.C.E. It seems he was mentioned in some scriptures of Egypt, but without any
certain details when he lived and what he has done. This we can find out somehow throughout some other
sources, mostly esoteric. For example, just on the initial link about Hermes Trismegistus, we can find that Edgar
Cayce had some visions about him …

7) For finding out when the Big Flood did happen, please take a look in my essay entitled … SAGE MANU, SAGE BHRIGU, DASAVATHARAM
PARASHURAMA AND CYCLES OF YUGAS OR WORLD AGES – Version 4.1 at the following link …
“In some trance "readings" of Edgar Cayce, Hermes or Thoth was an engineer from the submerged Atlantis, who also
built, designed or directed the construction of the Pyramids of Egypt.”

Interestingly similar, or almost the same information I found in the book … Notes from the Cosmos … by Gordon-
Michael Scallion …

The author, apart from all other information what he gave there, he exposed exactly the same idea as Edgar
Cayce … in his flashbacks he went exactly to that moment to see how Pyramids of Egypt have been built up. He
saw Hermes as an engineer and architect … and his prophet-teacher companion as director of the Project. I
forgot his name, but he saw them right in action of building these pyramids. All that was going on not so long
before Atlantis sunk into the ocean. Therefore, for me, there is no doubt … these were incarnations of Jesus and
John the Baptizer themselves who pushed these pyramids into existence.

Then, let we consider another part of the name … Trismegistus … or Hermes Trismegistus … “thrice-greatest
Hermes”. According to my research, this is referring to three great consequent incarnations of God Thoth, where
the Hermes is his name in the last incarnation. This is all I could find about real historical Hermes. It is certainly
not much, but much more than nothing anyway. Nevertheless, when this name is applied to the person living
in Christ time, then there in this naming action there is a very special code. And this code can be deciphered
only by those who know how John the Baptizer did function. He had a tendency to exaggerate and to blow the
egos of his disciples. Oo yes, he was a real expert in doing this! It was not only about the ego of a disciple, but it
was also to show to the world. He would usually take one of his disciples, one who is the best, or highest in
consciousness, highest in evolution in any case, but also, who is very dear to him, and he would appoint him as
his successor. They would usually take one of Vishnu’s names … in that case Thoth’s name … like exactly the
Hermes … because their teaching was very closely connected with the tradition of Egypt. And then he would
associate some glorifying attributes to that name as well … like Great … or something similar … but in this case,
even that was not enough … he named him … Hermes - Three times the Greatest! Of course, different sources
would offer some additional explanations for this name, but this signature I recognize very well. To understand
this we need to say more about a disciple of John named Hermes Trismegistus, and to expose even more about
John the Baptizer, and about his Academy itself.

Hermes Trismegistus was his name given by John the Baptizer. We do not know his real name. However, one
thing is for sure, he was connected with healing, like being a medical doctor, so to say. It seems to me he already
had finished high education before he joined John the Baptizer. According to my opinion, Hermes T. was 10-15
years older than Jesus was. It seems, he was beloved by women, he was ladies’ man, and he had several wives.
His children were very spiritual and continued his lineage for a long time. Historians after him are almost not
mentioning him, and this is very indicative as well. Actually, this is in tune with my theory that he was a disciple
of John the Baptizer, and a lot of knowledge exposed was John’s knowledge, and actually, John stimulated
Hermes T. … and gave a guidance to him. John was transmitting his knowledge to the Hermes T. … and gave all
credit to Hermes T. … this is how he worked and functioned.

Not to be lazy, I involved some efforts to generate the true natal chart of Hermes Trismegistus of Jesus time. It
took some time, of course, but finally, I succeeded.

He was born on April 6, 19 B.C.E. at 11.45 AM LMT. Place of birth is an approximation … at the Near East
somewhere. Interestingly the natal chart is very clear, so the birthplace should have been somewhere very

Here is the natal chart itself …

Interestingly, the fish occurred as well … telling that he is deeply involved in Jesus’ story … and as an instruction
manual … to tell we need to adjust Meena-Pisces Navamsa lagna-ascendant again …

Thus, the name Hermes Trismegistus sounds very familiar to me, and I think we can trace his incarnations all
until being one brother of King Rama. We can always learn a lot from this story. One very important fact is that
Rama himself was just about 20 % of Vishnu incarnation. He actually shared this percentage with his three
brothers and one sister. Each was about 20 % of Vishnu incarnation, so they were divine as well. This is all one
team, and most probably coming over and over again in all such critical situations.

Because in every generation, it is very important to tune the level of knowledge and the complete paradigm
with the existing situation. Every day the incoming energy and intelligence of the Earth are different. They are
either ascending or descending permanently, according to the cycle. Not only that. All other very important
parameters are changing permanently as well. Level of available Ether-Akasha is different; the electromagnetic
field of the Earth is different as well. Atmospheric pressure is changing, air density as well. Thus, all these factors
make that in every generation circumstances are quite different. Therefore, every generation is supposed to
tune their own paradigm accordingly. However, after about one or two thousand years the system should be
changed completely. Big reparation should be done. Then, appropriate situations are created, and the team of
many spiritually very evolved players emerging in order to accomplish this task.

Let we explore now where this Academy was placed. According to my opinion, there is only one place where it
could possibly be located, and this place is Alexandria in Egypt. Alexandria at that time was the very
cosmopolitan place. It was established almost like a second center of the Roman Empire, right after the Rome
itself. There was a very strong community of Jewish people there. There were Romans living there as well, like
soldiers or merchants, or even something else. Egypt was the granary of the Rome, this is a well-known fact.
There were Egyptians there, of course. And there were many, many other nations. It was a center of trade and
many rich people were gathering there. This is exactly what John the Baptizer needed. He was a good speaker,
very versed in rhetoric, and he was exposing knowledge in a very sweet way. Thus, very quickly as he had
appeared on the scene, he attracted some sponsors to finance his projects. He did not have his money, the
Essene community did not work on the level of money either, not in this initial stage, later on, some changes
did happen within the community itself, and they changed, they changed drastically. Therefore, John was
supposed to organize all things his way. Very quickly, he collected rich people around him, who were ready to
sponsor him and give some donations. As we know now, all this was initially going on in Jerusalem and within
the Jewish world entirely. The City of Jerusalem at that time was a very powerful cultural and financial center
as well. Later on, due to very specific and very objective reasons, he moved to the Alexandria in Egypt, as it was
already described.

Academy was probably located in some very nice place where water and forest meet together … to have a lot
of Prana, Pranic Energy, Ether, Akasha … and very necessary peace and silence. It was definitely not in the
crowded city … it must have been located somewhere near to the city, not very far definitely, along with having
very good communication with the city itself.

Alexandria was the seat of the highest knowledge of that time. It was a meeting point for cultures and
civilizations. Meeting of cultures always produces big need and thirst for knowledge. Knowledge is needed to
balance all these enormous differences. But also, such meeting points offer sparkling innovative ideas, fast
progress, and an enormous exchange of knowledge and information. Famous Alexandrian Library was still there,
where all knowledge was kept in the form of papyrus rolls.

Here now we are easily coming to say something about another very important character in this game of big
incarnations. This is Alexander the Great. After all, he had founded this city just maybe about 300 years before
the time of John and Jesus. From a historical point of view, we remember very well that, before he did great
move toward Persia and all until Indus River, he came to conquer Egypt first. Why was that so important to him?
Well, it seems that some very, very negative energy gathered there in a form of Egypt’s priests, and he wanted
to have them under his control. He forced them to kneel in front of him. Then he went and did all these wars
and conquered half of the world. Nevertheless, now we are coming to another critical moment. I have just
explained everything in the previous essay, where the topic of King Alexander was discussed. Here again, I will
expose that very basic fact that Alexander the Great did not die actually, or that he was being killed when he
returned back after all these wars. It is proved that something completely opposite happened. Alexander
abdicated, he shared all that was conquered by his generals, and he himself took Egypt under the name …
Ptolemy Soter. He established a strong dynasty there that lasted all until Cleopatra and Julius Caesar. Because
there was a strong reason for doing so. I truly believe, these authors are very right on this point. The biggest
danger for Greece and all other countries around was coming from there, from Egypt and the priesthood of
Egypt. They had a knowledge about higher states of consciousness, all knowledge of past golden age of Egypt
was in their hands, but instead of working with the God and for the God, they declined from him and worked
against him. They made all this high knowledge about spirituality hidden from masses, only for them … to serve
only to them. However, this is not all. Their goal was to conquer all other countries and put them under their
control. This is where the Illuminati Agenda was born. Nevertheless, more about this some other time. Just to
conclude, in order to have this energy under control, which places except Egypt Alexander could possibly have
chosen? There were no other places he could possibly be.

It happened that Alexander was there for a long time. They say Ptolemy Soter ruled there about 40 years. He
established a strong dynasty there, and he left big influence in science and culture of Egypt and Alexandria. At
that time, there were many other prominent scientist and inventors there as well, so Alexandria was really a
place of big knowledge.

So now, which place could possibly have been better for John the Baptizer to raise his Academy then Alexandria
itself? There was none better. Of course, we know now that he initially established his headquarter in the
Jerusalem, in Judea. It is possible that he started his mission right there even 10 years before the arrival of Jesus,
but after King Herod the Great disappeared from the scene, it seems, Jerusalem could not be a place for him
anymore. He needed an open flow of ideas, the flow of money, the flow of people; his job, his mission, was not
supposed to be limited in any possible way.

Of course, Hermeticism was just a portion of the knowledge John had exposed. He comprehended all the
knowledge available at that time. He functioned on so many different levels. However, he did not give all the
knowledge to everyone. Such great teachers always have circles of disciples. The outer circle, less outer circle …
and many inner circles … all depending on the stage of the evolution of disciple. Nobody could enter his academy
by chance. He knew everything about everyone. He knew what people think, but he never exposed that openly.
Only when that was evolutionary for the disciple. For example, one could attend the lecture of this Guru-Teacher
with many other people present, but in the certain moment, the Guru would start to talk such things that
nobody else except him or her could possibly know. Then, one would know that the Guru is actually talking to
him or to her. Thus, in the midst of the big crowd, the Guru would find the way to talk to any individual
personally. John the Baptizer could make real miracles, but he was hiding that carefully. It was exposed only
when it was really needed.

Actually, it is not easy to describe life in such Academy, or Ashram, so to say.

There are three basic principles of how great teachers of such kind evolve their disciples. The first point, to every
disciple he always gives the mission impossible to do. Some kind of very difficult task, so to say. Then the second,
he never gives means to accomplish it. The third point, he even gives contradictory information in order to
confuse even more. In such a way, the disciple is supposed to give out more than 100 % of his personal creativity,
intelligence, and show physical and mental endurance to function under all kind of stressful situations and
circumstances. I am sure he was giving his disciples some technique for self-development as well. It is very likely
he offered meditation also. When I say meditation, I am neither thinking of focusing based meditation, nor on
contemplation based meditation. Both could possibly be given out through some religions, and no doubt, they
have some value. Actually, I am thinking on … mantra-based meditation …, which offers some entirely different
experiences than previously mentioned two. He probably did not offer that on a big scale, he had it for some
special disciples only. John was radiating a special kind of energy, and there was a big fight to be close to him. I
mean, big fight among disciples. To be close to him, that meant taking his energy and propelling own evolution
in a very fast way.

As Jesus joined the Academy of John the Baptizer in Alexandria, there on Academy itself, he met all these people
who played very important roles in the Bible story. In the beginning, most probably, he did not play an important
role by himself. To be even more precise, he was sort of outsider. John the Baptizer was dancing with rich people
mainly. To come close to him, and to enter the inner circle and get some higher position, one should have been
extremely rich, in order to attract attention as a potential sponsor or donor. Or, another option to come to the
inner circle of John the Baptizer was to show extraordinary skills individually, like, strong intellectual nature and
quick grasping of exposed knowledge. The first option was definitely not applicable to Jesus, because he was
not coming from a rich family. It was just discussed a little bit earlier that his family gave him an appropriate
education, and all that was needed, but his family was definitely not rich. Family enlarged; there were other
children in need as well. In the beginning, as he joined the Academy in Alexandria, most probably he was a
coacher, a coach driver. As I mentioned before, the Academy itself was placed about 15-20 kilometers away
from the local city of Alexandria. To travel there the coach was the only option. For Jesus, this was most probably
very interesting job at the beginning; he could see and meet many people, and to be well informed about
everything. Even today, the legend circling around that the best-informed people are actually … taxi drivers.
Such like Academies or Ashrams are not like other schools we know, where only lessons are taken. This is a very
special school where the teacher-guru creates very special and completely evolutionary situations for each
disciple. The Guru knows exactly what any disciple would need in order to advance in evolution quickly, and he
would create such like evolutionary situations. Every project is actually … the evolutionary lesson.

Academies of such kind are organized on work and study principle. Everybody should contribute to some level,
give some work in parallel to receiving knowledge, in order that the Academy itself can function as an
independent unit and that expenses are minimized. Certain responsibilities are given to everyone, depending
on the status and background, of course. In addition, the Academy was organized as a boarding school, like
residence place. Individuals would join the Academy and stay for a longer time, according to desires and
circumstances. Some would get just a room, some two or three rooms, but some who belonged to a higher
class, like rich people for example … well, they would even build up their own houses or villas at the same spot,
and they would enjoy the full comfort along with being involved in Academy life. In general, the main teacher,
or Guru how we also say for such a teacher, he would create the micro world … very special micro world … and
he would use all members to create evolutionary situations for each other. The Academy of such kind … is a
play. All players agree to play this game. Every disciple forgets the life outside and put his or her destiny in the
Guru’s hand. The Guru himself is the highest authority. In addition, as a return, no matter how long any person
would stay in such a place, everybody would face big inner changes on an individual level. This is all about
spiritual growth and about inner purification.

Nevertheless, from another point of view, the Academy itself becomes the place of power battle also. Today we
would call that … Game of Thrones … That was going on at the Academy of John the Baptizer as well but on
many levels. First on an individual level, but such places are mostly functioning on lobby principle. The Academy
of John the Baptizer was the international place and everything was organized and shared among certain
national lobbies. A real clash of nationalistic ideas was exposed very often. The political situation of the world
was mirrored to the Academy heavily. Clashes and fights between lobbies were inevitable. John the Baptizer
was balancing that carefully. As long as the strong and charismatic leader is there, everything is all right because
he would know how to balance any possible situation. Nevertheless, in most of the cases, big problems occur
when the Guru is getting old, and when he is transmitting the leadership to his successor. This is where another
battle starts. The main thing is, of course, who will be the successor. Very often, it happened that the Guru
himself is being damaged or even murdered. It is not difficult to find such cases in the history of the humankind.

Well, later on, most probably, Jesus was easily getting better status. Thus, he was getting better status gradually,
because he has shown incredible skills and capabilities in all fields. His knowledgeable mind, inventive nature,
good rhetoric skills, and very probably attractive appearance and charismatic image … due to all that, most
probably very quickly he differentiated from others. However, that would provoke incredible jealousy! Envy and
jealousy, this is something very common in such places. The Guru himself would even provoke both, and
promote them. He would use these two very common features of human mentality as a driving force for all
disciples in order to become stronger and better in any sense of the meaning of this word. Such Gurus use the
Carrot Principle very much, in order to stimulate disciples to start their journey over the River of Life. River of
Life, except driving people from life to life, has another feature as well. One bank of the River of Life represents
Total Ignorance, while another bank is the Total Knowledge. The Guru would use all kind of tricks and sometimes
even intentional “manipulations” … just to attract the disciple to enter the water from the Bank of Total
Ignorance and start to swim over the River of Life toward the Total Knowledge Bank. Once when the disciple is
in the middle of the river, and he realizes that he was tricked actually; it is too late to return. So he will inevitably
finish on the Bank of the Total Knowledge. He was deceived, but with good reason, and enlightened Guru
absolutely has a right to trick disciples in such a way. This is all for the benefit of the disciple, just to push him
strongly on the evolutionary path. It is only the spiritual progress in the question. In addition, all that is supposed
to be achieved in shortest possible time. Guru would even glorify some groups or disciples; he would raise them
high by blowing their egos, so they would literally look like inflated balloons. Then, very often, the Guru would
puncture such inflated balloon in a certain moment, making that actor would crash down to the earth heavily.
However, this happens only if the Guru observes there is a need for such a move, and if this is evolutionary for
the disciple. The Guru, who is usually self-realized person established in the higher state of consciousness, and
who knows all possible tricks and traps of spiritual evolution, he would know how to balance everything in order
not to exceed the frame of normal behavior.

One game John the Baptizer especially liked to play very much was to apply completely opposite instructions
onto two groups or two individuals; that means, completely opposite instructions are given to them, in order to
provoke their clash and fight. Then, he, John the Baptizer, would watch that “fight” from some safe distance
and would be smiling deep within himself. Such kind of game was his specialty indeed. Nevertheless, this is not
because he is having something bad in his mind. Not at all! All that was just to speed up the evolution of disciples,
to burn up their personal karma, and to elevate them toward higher states of consciousness.

In general, today such kind of Academies or Ashrams are still very common in India and Asia. Ashrams are not
places where real life is going on. Everything is artificially modified to serve for one purpose only; fast spiritual
development. The Guru, who is embedded in higher states of consciousness, knows all traps and tricks spiritual
development is putting in front of disciples, he knows how to guide them, and everything is all right until the
Guru is there. However, once when the Guru is gone, the situation changes drastically. It will start the fight for
succession; some fractions will be originating because of huge differences in opinions and in polarity after all.
Some extremely good guys will spring out, but some extremely evil as well. We need to know that Guru puts
together individuals and groups who would otherwise never come together. He will put together wolfs and
lambs. Of course, when control and supervision are gone, the wolf will show its nature and will try to eat the
lamb. Therefore, when Guru is gone, such organizations or movements, whatsoever, are more like a ship
without the captain; nobody knows where this ship is going, and nobody knows where this ship will end up.
Now, back to the story of Jesus. It is plausible that the secret about his origin leaked out in some stage. It became
clear that he is the Prince of Judea; that he is of royal background and of royal blood. This is the point where his
life became even more complicated. In fact, it became very complicated and very dangerous. We should always
have in mind that his full frame brothers were in power at that time. It is already there at the Academy that
everything became so political …

It is there that he met Mary of Bethany as well. She played a very important role in his life as well. In general, it
seems that women played a very important role in his mission. It is there on the Academy itself that he met with
Joseph of Arimathea, his family, and his sweet and beautiful daughter Mary Magdalene. As we know already,
they fell in love. Nevertheless, in this regard, the situation was not easy as well. Mary Magdalene was a beautiful
young woman; knowledgeable, intelligent, very attractive and very rich after all. Of course, many from the
Academy itself considered her as a perfect matching. Especially rich people had an eye on her, because, it was
logical for them that she will marry one of them, one of these rich people. Regarding this point, Jesus was proved
as an absolute outsider. He was not rich. Nevertheless, it seems, she has chosen exactly him, the Jesus.

One person was especially running for her intensively … Saul-Paul. Indeed, I personally think it is there that he
met Peter and Saul-Paul as well because they were disciples of John the Baptizer too. For Saul-Paul, we can say
that he was not extraordinary rich, but he was rich enough. His family was standing very well financially. They
were producing tents for the Roman Army and they had a long-term well-established business. He was born in
Galilee, but his family migrated to Tarsus around turmoil due to the revolt, rebellion and upraise after the death
of King Herod the Great, and that would definitely be around 4 B.C.E. Thus, though he carries the name Saul-
Paul of Tarsus, he was actually born in Galilee. He also finished education for rabies in the Jerusalem. It can be
that Jesus has met him in the Jerusalem itself. Maybe it would be good to expose his natal chart as well, because,
as it will be proved soon, he was the most negative protagonist in this story, and due to that he is extremely
important for understanding the Biblical story.

Paul-Saul was born on December 27, 8 B.C.E. at 6.03 AM Local Mean Time (LMT).

This is the Jyotish natal chart …

In fact, the Biblical figure called … Saul-Paul the Apostle Paul of Tarsus …, becomes today source of many
controversies. Many scholars and historians come to the conclusion that Paul actually hijacked the initial
Movement of Jesus, that he reshaped it, and tuned with his agenda. What this agenda could possibly have been,
and after all, what was the original teaching of Jesus, and how all that did happen, this is all a long story indeed.
Partially we came close to the original Jesus’ teaching along with this essay. Some more detailed insights will be
given out in further essays as well.8

There at the Academy Jesus definitely met with Hermes Trismegistus. Actually, we see that there at the
Academy of John the Baptizer itself, Jesus met all these most important characters mentioned in the Bible. Of
course that they knew each other very well because simply, they belonged to the same Academy of John the
Baptizer. They spent quite some time there. Yes, they knew each other very well! But that doesn’t mean they
will be on the same side for a long, either. By his extraordinary knowledge and wisdom, by his bright and
charismatic appearance, John the Baptizer attracted the highest positives, but highest negatives as well. He was
not supposed to make any difference. Both of them will become stronger under his umbrella. But, once he is

8) For now, just that we enter deeper into the subject, I would suggest taking a look onto two books which are exposing an idea that Paul
grabbed the organization from Jesus. One was published in 2012, and written by … Eric Zuesse …, with the title … Christ's Ventriloquists:
The Event that Created Christianity … .
Another one was published in 2013, by … James D. Tabor …, under the name … Paul and Jesus: How the Apostle Transformed Christianity
… . Just to mention, both authors, though they
expose certain differences in opinion, they expose the basic idea that something went wrong with Christianity when the person called
Paul of Tarsus took over original Jesus’ teaching and when he did reinterpret it on his own way.

gone, well then … The Kurukshetra - The Battlefield of Life … can start again. It will start the battle for the
highest truth. In fact, we remember very well, John the Baptizer was just a forerunner. He was just to prepare
the terrain. To prepare the terrain for what? To prepare the terrain for the battlefield of the dualistic world to
go on. Moreover, this is how it has been going on for ages. There is nothing new in this story. There is nothing
new in the history.

Therefore, this is the period for final setting of circumstances for all these turbulent events around 27 C.E., when
Jesus shut down the Academy of John the Baptizer in Alexandria due to enormous accumulation of extremely,
extremely negative energy. He closed the movement of John the Baptizer, and he put all exposed knowledge
into … the free fall. Moreover, the knowledge was falling free for about three hundred years, all until little after
the Emperor Diocletian era. Therefore, not only that it was he, Jesus, who put this extraordinary knowledge and
wisdom of John the Baptizer into free fall. It was him who in some future incarnations, like Emperor Diocletian
for example, ensured that it was falling freely, and for many years not to be disturbed and taken over by an evil
force; especially not by that one very aggressive and malicious branch originating from the movement of John
the Baptizer itself. In consequent few incarnations, he, Jesus, was protecting that precious knowledge not to be
destroyed and corrupted in any possible way.

Otherwise, Hermeticism or Hermetica, would not have been there when it was needed. Neither Dead Sea Scrolls
would have been found in some far future, nor would Nag Hammadi library of Gnostic texts have surfaced to
the surface ever again, as well as many other fragments of that precious knowledge would not have found their
own ways toward our present days. There is nothing in this world what this evil force would not corrupt, or
would not try to destroy, twist and swindle, only if the smallest chance is given to them to do so. After all, we
see now what did happen with the official Biblical story, and even with the official history. It turns to be upside
down completely. We hardly can recognize the story flow anymore. When we compare the original story with
their compilation … well … this is as it was happening on some other planet … in who knows what time or age.
The original story was distorted to the level not to be recognized ever again. Luckily, we are out of such time
now. Dark Age expired, and it is gone long ago. THE GAME IS OVER! There is nothing but an ascending light we
can see all around. And this is how it will be for next 12.000 years at least. We are on the bright side already.

But, closing the Academy was not an initial intention of Jesus. That was not the plan of John the Baptizer either.
It seems to me that happened more like alternative option … plan B … so to say. The point is that in final stage
John the Baptizer was supposed to transfer the leadership to him … to the Jesus. Because, he was the one who
came with a mission to make all this knowledge given out by John the Baptizer lively, to convey it out from the
Academy itself in order to become a living reality. He is the Messiah, well-known God incarnate character of
Jewish tradition. In Vedic terms, another expression is being used … God Vishnu incarnations. Of course that
John the Baptizer knew all that. He knew who Jesus was. He was just waiting for the proper moment.

So then, what went wrong?

It seems to me, the proper moment never came. The play that John started with his disciples was not innocent
at all. In some later stage of this Academy, things polarized heavily; it became clear who is who. It became clear
who Jesus was, and a certain group of people did unify with him. And it became clear who the bad guys were as
well. Then the incredible fight started. It seems to me, Hermes Trismegistus was not easy with giving out the
power, and to transfer the leadership of the Academy and of John’s movement to the Jesus. The natal chart of
the Hermes T. shows some indication that partially he could have been involved in the negative way in
“crucifixion of the Jesus”, so it can be that he took the wrong side in this story. It seems to me, Hermes T. allied
with Saul-Paul, and that was the worst possible option he could have done. It seems he was too long playing
this role of being legendary king Hermes Trismegistus, and he lost the compass how things are supposed to go.
Or, was it a girl in the question!? He could also possibly had an eye on Mary Magdalene. He was about 13 years
older, and that is not some significant difference. In addition, we could count him among rich people. Maybe
not incredibly rich, but definitely rich! Is it possible that the girl was in a question? Or, this case was just like the
one on top of everything? Anyway, whatever his personal reasons could possibly have been, it seems he allayed
with the Saul-Paul in this story. Hermes T. was backed up strongly by Saul-Paul as well, but this guy was always
playing his own agenda behind Hermes’ back. The only intention of Saul-Paul was to use this critical situation
for his personal benefit, and to take over everything in order to promote himself as a leader; a leader who would
corrupt the knowledge and do who knows what with this precious wisdom.

Thus, in this attempt of John the Baptizer to transfer the leadership to the Jesus finally, the high-tension
situation developed, and the only way to cut this other gangster group from power was to shut down the
Academy itself. That was probably not so difficult anyway, because the Academy was most probably involved in
big corruption affairs. After so long time of existence of about 40 years, by counting Jerusalem’s and Alexandria’s
phase, both, it can easily be that something went wrong with the organization itself. John the Baptizer was
getting older, and most probably he was losing some strings. Donations and sponsorships were not channelized
properly and that was the Eldorado for financial malversations and corruption.

Now we need to reconsider whom he actually had around himself. As I mentioned before, John the Baptizer
was dancing with rich people mainly. Nevertheless, who are they, who are these rich people? What is their
background, what is their mentality? Well, if we watch this from the point of view of Vedic Science, rich people
are basically Vaishya Cast in action. Most of them were businessmen, and this is how they accomplished their
richness, their fortune, through business actually. They are company owners, big farmers, all those who possess
some means of production, or just simply members of their families. This is how they became rich, and they
would do everything to stay rich. Today we also call them the Capitalists. Basically, they are very welcome and
very important part of the four-pillar structure of any society. The first out of four pillars are Brahmins, what
would say the group of society advanced with spiritual knowledge, enlightened people, so to say; people
established in higher states of consciousness. This is something that we do not have today. We do not count
today’s religion’s leaders as being Brahmins, because simply they are not enlightened. The second pillar of the
society is the Kshatriya caste, what is basically referring to military-oriented service and police. The third pillar
is mentioned Vaishyas, company owners, big farmers, all those who possess some means of production. The
fourth pillar of the society are Shudras, those who are working for others or doing some service for others; we
would call them workers, though this is not absolutely the same today. Initially, such cast or class system of
Vedic society was not so firm and it was very flexible; an individual could change the cast easily if he or she has
shown appropriate evolutionary achievements. For society to be balanced all four pillars should be balanced
because they are all equally important. Problems in society occur only then when there is not enough of balance
between these social classes or … we also say casts. Then, negative tendencies take place within the society.
Revolutions and civil wars take place; social unrest and turmoil are inevitable.

Therefore, the balance of the four pillars of the society … this is one of the basic principles of administration of
the Vedic Society. Things should be balanced. However, at the peak of Sat Yuga or Golden Age of Vedic
Civilization, Brahmins and Kshatriyas were considered as higher cast or class, while Vaishyas and Shudras were
considered as lower classes or casts. At that highest period of Vedic times, there was no way for Vaishyas or
Shudras to take higher spiritual knowledge. They could not be Vaidyas-Ayurvedic doctors, they could not be
Jyotishis-Vedic Astrologers, and they could not be Vedic Pundits. They could not even think to come close! Why?
What is so wrong with Vaishyas?

Well, what matters is their mentality. So then, what is their mentality? In fact, we all know what is their basic
drive and preoccupation. This is the … interest. Eventually, they will show some professional deformation and
start looking at the world only in terms of their interest. We all do remember the early phase of the Capitalism,
don’t we? The late 19th century and the early stage of the 20th century are very good examples. Let we just
return to Manchester City at that time, the symbol of early industrialization, and let we take a look at these
workers of that time. Horrible situation! I am sure everybody would agree with this statement. But why? The
answer is very simple. Because of the interest of the capitalists. And because of the nonexistence of proper
protective mechanisms and instruments for workers at that early stage. Only later on, when these protective
elements were established situation changed drastically. Thus, it is the mentality of capitalists, the Vaishyas,
who need to be monitored carefully in order what they are doing and how they are doing. Especially when we
know that people regularly do inherit some negative inner polarization, and these two features combined with
the mentality of an individual … well, this is just the formula for disaster. Now, if we apply this to the spiritual
field, what are Vaishyas and capitalists searching in the spiritual field? Fine, they will search for spiritual
progress, but the definition of spiritual progress is very wide … Just to make this story shorter, though it is very
long indeed … it is just the matter of time when Vaishyas and capitalists will try to make business there in the
spiritual field … and they will search for their interest. However, when they try to find their interest in the field
of spirituality … spirituality is not there anymore … it is corrupted completely. We see confirmation of this
principle in the Vedic Astrology-Jyotish itself.

In Jyotish, the synonym for commerce, trading and business is Budha-Mercury planet. And, do you know where
the Budha-Mercury is debilitated? Where is the Mercury-Budha at the lowest possible dignity? It is debilitated
in the Meena-Pisces sign, which naturally rules the 12th house, a house that is the only house which doesn’t
belong to this world. This is another world, transcendental place, the end of worldly life; this is the place where
the God and other devatas do reside. At the same time, it is the Jupiter-Guru, the graha-planet of wisdom and
highest spirituality, who by the definition rules and presides over that house. Why is Mercury-Budha debilitated
there? It is debilitated by its position, because his mentality is to make commerce and business, and he will try
to make all that there in this house of transcendence, highest spirituality, and the highest truth. This 12th house
and Meena-Pisces rasi, by the way, are completely unresponsive to business and commerce, and the Budha
graha-planet will feel bad, unsuccessful and debilitated there. The highest stage of spirituality is actually the
quest for the highest truth, and this is completely opposite then searching for personal interests. The highest
degree of spirituality … is actually … to leave personal interests away.9

I made this long story because it is very important for the understanding of what happened at that crucial time
with Jesus and around Jesus. To understand this story about corruption even better, we need to find the origin
of the Prophet John the Baptizer.

We should search for the origin of Prophet John the Baptizer within Essene community; a group of ascetic and
highly spiritual people prone to live a natural life in poverty in the quest for highest spiritual values and highest
spiritual aims. Many of them have been vegetarians after all. It is very plausible that even John the Baptizer was
born among them, and his family continued to live there at least for some time after he established his Academy
in Jerusalem initially. With his sweet words and deep knowledge, he attracted rich people around him very
quickly. He needed them to be sponsors and donors for his movement, no doubt about that. Nevertheless, along
the time, as big money started to flow, his family occurred on the scene, and some good portion of donations
were channelized toward the family itself. They became rich as well, and very soon, they corrupted many lines
within the Essene community. Furthermore, Essene were people of deep knowledge of a different kind, they
have been extremely well educated, like Mathematics, Astronomy, Astrology.... Very soon, they started to give
some courses, lectures, and instructions in certain subjects to the rich people. Nevertheless, as a return, they
were infected with basic philosophy and syndrome of rich people … money … interest … and business. This is
the moment where many of the Essene group changed their preoccupation … more and more they were
involved in business and money matters, and the Essene community was deeply eroded. Once again I need to
highlight the point that this is all happening in the long run of about 40 years, as the Academy of John the
Baptizer was active. This is close to be like two generations, let say so. This is a long time indeed, and quite
enough for the big erosion of the highest spiritual principles. In fact, the final result was: the community changed
completely, it was transformed … and they became … businessmen. However, there was one group or fraction
of the Essene community that refused to go this way, and they became first and true followers of Jesus. That
group which survived challenges of money, interest, and business … was called … the Ebionites.

During the research, I stumbled on one very interesting website that depicts who Ebionites were in stunningly
true way …

9) This is somehow giving the answer to the question that Capitalism is good. The answer is … NONE. However, I also do not want to leave
readers in making wrong conclusion that I am against the Capitalism. From the Vedic point of view, there is only one thing worse than
the Capitalism, and that is the leadership of workers. With due respect to all workers, the fact is that they need a leadership, they are not
about to give it. This is saying something about systems established on domination of workers, like Communism for example. I will repeat
once again, Vedic Administration is based on balance of all four castes/classes. All four pillars are equally important, and if any is missing
or not developed enough, the society will inevitably suffer. Nevertheless, this story is closely connected with yuga cycles and with the
presence of the Ether-Akasha, therefore in some world ages with lower level of consciousness, some imbalances will inevitably come.
… and I would like to extract one passage which actually summarizes the most import point …
“The Ebionites were some of the original Christians: Jews who believed that Jesus was the Messiah. They populated the legendary
Jerusalem Church. 'Ebionite' was sometimes used as a term to describe all Christians. Those who we now know of as Pauline Christians
opposed the Ebionites, after discovering them and realizing that their beliefs differed. Authors such as Tertullian, Origen of Alexandria,
and many other intolerant "heresy-hunters" wrote at great length against the Ebionites. Many of the claims made against them were
based on misunderstandings of their beliefs, and many anti-Ebionite claims were plainly ridiculous. Pauline Christians eradicated the
Ebionites, burning all of their books (none survived) and harassing and arresting the people until none were left.”

This is where Jesus and his group, after closing the Academy of John the Baptizer in Egypt, moved back to the
Jewish world, they established their own headquarter in the Cana of the Galilee. Final days of the Academy in
Alexandria could possibly be traced to February or March 27 C.E. About Passover of that year, which was on
April 11, Jesus was already preaching, making miracles, healing and developing his organization politically in
order to take the power in the country, and to apply fully this beautiful knowledge Prophet John the Baptizer
had exposed. His focus was in Galilee and Judea predominantly, but his intention was to unify all Jews again,
and to make strong and powerful kingdom full of glory, just as it was during the time of legendary kings, King
David, and King Solomon. That was the true agenda of Jesus.

The first followers of Jesus, except this group that initially came with him from Alexandria, were Jewish
Ebionites. As he was acting from the region of Nazareth initially, and as he established there his headquarter,
his group or sect was called … Nazarenes … as well, and he himself got the name … Nazarene.10 Some members
of his family joined them as well, including his twin brother Judah. His foster brother Jacob, Yakov, James the
Just, was grown also till that moment (he was about 30 at that time), and he became a spiritual leader as well,
along with propagating these first teachings of Jesus in Jerusalem. In fact, it seems that the entire family of Jesus
joined him, and everybody was playing a very important role.

It was noted that in the year 28 C.E., the meeting of Jesus and John the Baptizer had happened about the river
Jordan area. Most probably, that was their first and only meeting after they separated in Alexandria. That was
a political meeting, of course. We can read that from the reaction of John the Baptizer on the marriage of Herod
Antipas who took the wife of his brother to be his second wife after divorcing the first one. John made very
negative public comments, and most probably, that sealed his destiny. Did Jesus instruct him to do so? Did Jesus
make a mistake there? Could he have saved the John? Actually, there was a letter written by John and sent to
Jesus, they say. What was in that letter? Or, was that letter from the Herod Antipas himself, telling that he will
murder John the Baptizer if he, Jesus, will not expose himself on his court? It seems to me, John was arrested
to be a hostage. Herod Antipas blackmailed Jesus. Jesus didn’t appear on the court, and John the Baptizer was
executed. The story of Salome was more like a cover-up story, which would show that Herod Antipas was not
involved at all. That was the performance of Herod Antipas. John the Baptizer was very popular among ordinary
people, and Herod Antipas was afraid very much if his act would possibly provoke rebellion and social unrest.
Well, I think, the true story was going on exactly this way. Nevertheless, many questions remain open. I hope
Vedic Astrology –Jyotish will offer some additional answers very soon.

We need to say a few words again about the very relationship between Jesus and John the Baptizer. There is
still something to be explained. As the term … a forerunner … was used before, it would be good to explain that
as well. Well, we can return to their natal charts, and observe them again.

This is the natal chart of John the Baptizer …

10) It is plausible that Jesus established his headquarter in the Khirbet Cana of Galilee, the small place in the hilly mountain region just
some 15-16 kilometers away from the Nazareth itself. BAR article … Where Did Jesus Turn Water into Wine? … covers that topic, and
article is at the link …

… and this is the natal chart of the Jesus …

What we do observe immediately is that they are of a complementary nature. The Navamsa Fish in John’s natal
chart is complementary compared to the Navamsa Fish in Jesus’ natal chart. They are just like positive and
negative films used in analog photography for so long time.

This is also supposed to say something. It is telling that the role of Jesus and John the Baptizer are not the same,
instead, they are of a complementary nature. In order to understand missions of both, of John the Baptizer and
of Jesus, this is very important point indeed. It is telling us that John the Baptizer and Jesus, though working on
the same project, so to say, their aims, ways of working and methods are completely different. For instance,
the role of John the Baptizer was to renew the knowledge system. He is supposed to establish such knowledge
system that will make possible for people to get enlightenment and higher states of consciousness and to be
released from the influence and bondage of the Karma Law. This is what we call … The self-realization or
Moksha. Then, such liberated individuals can continue their evolution in some higher worlds; worlds in higher
vibratory level. Thus, the role of such great teacher is just to give the appropriate highest-level knowledge in
order such agenda is possible to happen. Such teacher or guru is of the tremendously high level of consciousness
by himself. Furthermore, such a Guru-Teacher will not make a difference between positive and negative energy
embedded in the mentality on Humans, and he will elevate in consciousness both because they are both equally
important for evolution on Earth to go on smoothly. Therefore, the teacher will expose the highest possible
knowledge for getting higher states of consciousness. Nevertheless, in reality, in real life, this can be much
higher than the existing paradigm can offer. It is the fact actually that in such cases usually the existing
knowledge system and appropriate paradigm; they are both much lower than the exposed knowledge of the
Guru-Teacher. In reality that also means, always some changes and some tunings in the society are necessary
to be performed. And this is where the catch is coming in. The fact is that in reality, nobody wants changes.
Human brain and mentality, human mind … they are all prone to be inertial. They are full of inertia. We need
to recall Newton’s first law of Motion … or … The Law of Inertia … how it is being called as well.

"Every object remains in a state of rest or of uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force."

From the link …

… I extracted one passage to elaborate that point very precisely …

Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to any change in its state of motion; this includes changes to its speed,
direction, or state of rest. It is the tendency of objects to keep moving in a straight line at constant velocity. The principle
of inertia is one of the fundamental principles of classical physics that are used to describe the motion of objects and
how they are affected by applied forces. Inertia comes from the Latin word, iners, meaning idle, sluggish. Inertia is one
of the primary manifestations of mass, which is a quantitative property of physical systems. Isaac Newton defined inertia
as his first law in his Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica, which states:

The vis insita, or innate force of matter, is a power of resisting by which every body, as much as in it lies, endeavors to
preserve its present state, whether it be of rest or of moving uniformly forward in a straight line.

Somehow, it happened, fortunately, or unfortunately, the human brain and appropriate mentality, they are
subjected to the same fundamental principle of mechanics, and they do not want to do changes, especially if
some individuals or group of individuals earn some high position in the society and enjoy corresponding benefits
and privileges. Therefore, people with such kind of brain and mentality, by being full of inertia, they are inert …
they become conservative, they do not want to make any change, and they will do everything for change not
to happen, all until some other force from outside come and change everything. As I mentioned the word …
force … it is not difficult to imagine where this is leading. It is leading toward social reforms, social unrests, social
revolutions, civil wars … and into the real war quite often. Actually, this is our reality. For the Evolution to go
on, changes are inevitable, and as these changes are dictated by astronomical conditions and cycles of ages,
what we call cycles of yugas as well, where incoming energy and intelligence are always changing, ascending or
descending, then we always have situations to tune with the new appropriate system of knowledge and
appropriate paradigm. That means, we always have frictions, revolutions, and wars. This is our reality at the

Such kind of changes are very delicate, and they are always performed in two strokes. The Guru-Teacher will
come with an extraordinary level of consciousness and knowledge, and he will do the first step by establishing
the new knowledge system and paradigm. In fact, the exposed knowledge is for many generations to be
digested. Nevertheless, fighting for how much of this will be applied in the society is not his job. Therefore, this
another step, to fight for the new paradigm to be established as a living reality, is even more delicate than THE
previous step of just establishing the knowledge system. In addition, for that purpose, Vishnu himself will
incarnate and perform all necessary changes, all whatever is possible in the certain situation. This is where Jesus
comes in now. John the Baptizer was … the forerunner … who was supposed to perform the first step only, to
establish the new knowledge system, and along with doing that his job was about to be finished. However, it
was on Jesus to fight for how much of it would be applied and integrated into social life. It was on Jesus to fight
for the Truth. After all, he is the Truth of the World.

It can happen, actually, it always happens, that the level of consciousness of the Guru-Teacher is higher than of
Avatar Vishnu, but the point is that … the authority … of the Vishnu Avatar is higher than of the Guru-Teacher.
Vedic God Vishnu, along with Lord Shiva, is the highest authority among Humans and Gods. In this particular
case, John the Baptizer was of the higher level of consciousness compared to Jesus, but Jesus’ authority was
higher. Therefore, not only that it was his, Jesus’, right to take strings into his hands in a certain moment, but it
was his duty to do so, no matter what happens and how it happens. Furthermore, Jesus will differentiate
between the Good and the Evil, and he will fight Evil for the sake of the Good to prevail. That is the reason we
say that their roles are of … complementary nature …, Jesus did start where John had stopped, and that was so
nicely exposed and depicted by complementary fish in their natal charts. Anyway, this is all long story indeed,
and it is more appropriate to be the topic for some other analysis.

As I was planning, this essay covered mostly all that is important in the life of Jesus until the Crucifixion event
or, let's say a little bit before. We did find answers to many questions. Some of them are thrilling indeed. Of
course, the act of Crucifixion itself is very complex, therefore it will be covered in some other essay including all
the circumstances, and what happened after the Crucifixion, and how Christianity emerged and surfaced among
so many different sects of that time. Indeed, a big enigma for all of us is the question of what did happen with
Jesus after the Crucifixion. Now we definitely that he who not crucified. We also know there was a great Prophet
John then Baptizer, who exposed great knowledge that will be called Hermeticism later on, and which will be
echoing for a few thousand years. We know that Jesus spent 18 years in his Academy-Ashram in Alexandria, and
now we know why there was so big silence about that period of his life. Furthermore, there at the Academy
itself, he met the person, the young and beautiful woman, they fell in love, and she will become his wife, partner,
and companion very soon. There is another good news as well. They will have children together. It is nice to
finish with good news indeed …

The End

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