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Cluster Map 1.

 Congress voted on the 
2. The Tripartite Pact was  extension of the draft,
aimed at keeping the United 
States out of the war.
3. Roosevelt re­elected for 2. German submarine 
a 3rd term as president fired on the
1. In September of 1939, U.S. destroyer Greer
Roosevelt persuaded  FDR Plans for 
Congress to pass a “cash­ War
Atlantic Charter: joint declaration of war
The United States  aims
Musters Its Forces Allies: nations that had fought the
Axis powers. The declaration was signed by
26 nations,
race” observed
Axis Powers: Germany, Italy,  3. German U­boats sank the 
and Main Idea U.S. destroyer
Japan had signed a mutual  America Moves Reuben James, killing more 
defense treaty, the Tripartite Pact. than 100 sailors.
Towards War
Japan Attacks the 
United States
“The Great 
1. President Roosevelt told his 
radio audience during a Arsenal of  Hideki Tojo: chief of staff of
fireside chat that it would be  Democracy” Japan’s Kwantung Army
impossible to negotiate a peace Lend Lease Act: Britian ran out of
money, Under this plan, the president
with Hitler. Pearl Harbor: attack by the Japanese
would lend or lease arms and other
supplies to “any country whose defense on Dec, 7th 1941 in Hawaii
was vital to the
1. U.S cuts trade off with 
2. Britain had no more cash to  United States.”
spend in the arsenal of  Japan
democracy. Roosevelt tried to  3. Japanese had killed 2,403
help by suggesting a new 3. From the spring through the fall of  2. The U.S. military had broken Japan’s 
Americans and wounded 1,178 
plan that he called a lend­lease  1941, individual surface attacks by  secret communication codes and learned 
policy. individual U­boats gave way to what  that Japan was preparing for a strike.
became known as the wolf pack attack.