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Go Blue Lesson Plan- A Visit to the Library:

Teacher____Aja Harvey_____________ Grade Level_______1st__________

I. Content and Standards:

CC.1.1.1.E Read with accuracy and fluency to support comprehension.

CC.1.3.1.A Retell stories, including key details, and demonstrate

understanding of their central message or lesson.

CC.1.3.1.B Ask and answer questions about key details in a text.

CC.1.3.1.C Describe characters, settings, and major events in a story, using

key details.

CC.1.3.1.G Use illustrations and details in a story to describe characters,

setting, or events.

CC.1.3.1.K Read and comprehend literature on grade level, reading

independently and proficiently.

CC.1.4.1.C Develop the topic with two or more facts.

CC.1.4.1.F Demonstrate a gradeappropriate command of the conventions of

standard English grammar, usage, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.

II. Prerequisites:

CC.1.1.1.B Demonstrate understanding of the organization and basic features

of print.

CC.1.1.1.C Demonstrate understanding of spoken words, syllables, and

sounds (phonemes).
CC.1.1.1.D Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in
decoding words.

CC.1.4.1.B Identify and write about one specific topic.

III. Essential Questions (provide a framework)

a. What do people do at the library?

b. What would you do at the library?

c. What are the books you like to read about?

IV. Instructional Objective:

a. Students will be able to read the book A Visit to the Library demonstrating
progress in fluency.

b. Students will demonstrate comprehension through writing responses that

illicit text-to-self connections.

V. Instructional Procedures:

a. Students will be given a copy of the book A Visit to the Library

b. First, as we look at the title, students will be asked about libraries.

i. What do you do at the library?

ii. What can you find at the library?

c. Together the group will preview the book, looking at each page and
discussing what that page may be about using the corresponding photos

d. Together the group will choral read the book

i. We will stop to discuss unfamiliar or difficult words such as

e. Students will be asked questions to demonstrate comprehension and illicit

text-to-self connections.

i. What did everyone do at the library?

ii. What other things can people do at the library?

iii. What would you do at the library?

iv. What books would you borrow from the library?

f. Students will be paired up to partner read, alternating between pages and

monitored for reading behaviors.

g. Students will be given the writing prompt “I like to read book about_____”

i. Students must write 3 sentences in response

ii. Students will use their current understanding of spelling, or their

peers, to write unfamiliar words.

iii. Students will read their responses to a teacher and be shown the
“adult” spelling for misspelled words.

iv. Students will draw a picture to accompany their writing responses.

VI. Materials and Equipment: the book A Visit to the Library, writing prompt

VII. Assessment/Evaluation:

a. Student fluency performance during choral and partner reading

b. Student writing pieces

VIII. VII. Differentiation: Individualized Activities: N/A

IX. Technology: N/A

X. Self-Assessment: Student engagement, student responses to questions,

student reading performance, and student writing pieces will be assessed and
compared to the lesson objectives to determine effectiveness of the overall