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Quiban, Jason Arthur D.


Drug Study

Name of Drug Mechanism of Action Classification Indication Contraindication Side Effects/Adverse Nursing
Reactions Considerations
Generic name: Binds to intracellular Chemical class: To treat endocrines Administration of CNS: Depression, WARNING
Dexamethasone glucocorticoid Synthetic disorders; acute live-virus vaccine to emotional lability, Avoid subcutaneous
sodium phosphate receptors and adrenocortical episodes or patient or family euphoria, fever, injection; it may
suppresses steroid exacerbations of member, headache, increased ICP cause atrophy and
Brand name: inflammatory and rheumatic disorders; hypersensitivity to with papilledema, sterile abscess.
Ondex immune responses Therapeutic class: collagen diseases; dexamethasone or insomnia, light-
by: Anti-inflammatory, severe dermatologic its components, headedness, malaise, Monitor fluid intake
Route: diagnostic aid, diseases; severe idiopathic neuritis, neuropathy, and output and
IM -inhibiting neutrophil immunosuppressant allergic conditions; thrombocytopenic paresthesia, psychosis, daily weight, and
and monocyte respiratory diseases; purpura, systemic seizures, syncope, watch for crackles,
Dosage: accumulation at the Pregnancy category: hematologic fungal infections. tiredness, vertigo, dyspnea, peripheral
6mg inflammation site C disorders; tuberculosis weakness edema, and steady
suppressing meningitis and weight gain.
Frequency: phagocytic and trichinosis with CV: Arrhythmias,
Q12 bactericidal action neurologic or bradycardia, edema, fat Assess patient for
myocardial embolism, heart failure, evidence of
-stabilizing lysosomal involvement. hypercholesterolemia, osteoporosis,
membranes hyperlipidemia, Cushing’s syndrome,
hypertension, myocardial and other systemic
-suppressing antigen rupture, tachycardia, effects during long-
response of thromboembolism, term use.
macrophages and vasculitis
helper T cells Watch for
EENT: Cataracts, hypersensitivity
-inhibiting synthesis glaucoma, vision reactions.
of inflammatory changes, epistaxis, loss of
response mediators, smell and taste, nasal
such as cytokines, burning and dryness, oral
candidiasis, perforated

urinary frequency HEME: Leukocytosis. muscle atrophy. sneezing ENDO: Cushingoid symptoms. osteoporosis.Quiban. Jason Arthur D. pancreatitis. heartburn. spasms. prostaglandins. peptic ulcer. hepatomegaly. intestinal perforation. tendon rupture RESP: Bronchospasm . and nasal septum. vomiting GU: Perineal irritation. indigestion. myalgia. rebound nasal congestion. BSN202 interleukins. bloody stools. leukopenia MS: Aseptic necrosis or femoral and humeral heads. hyperglycemia. pharyngitis. secondary adrenocortical and pituitary unresponsiveness GI: Abdominal distension. weakness. rhinorrhea. melena nausea.

allergic dermatitis. epigastric or 2 hours after BID myoglobin. nausea. vomiting occurs. stool meals. enteric-coated as hemosiderin or Antianemic. ecchymosis. tachycardia capsules. Iron is an Not rated absorption. EENT: Metallic taste. salts 1 hour before Frequency: of hemoglobin. petechiae. constipation. deficiency. HEME: catalase. Dosage: spleen. Iron is hemolysis. syncope full glass of water or Brand name: hemoglobin or being hypersensitivity to juice. hemosiderosis Monitor patient for needed for signs of iron catecholamine RESP: Dyspnea. by iron deficiency. striae. which metabolism and may include normal neutrophil abdominal pain. components. CNS: Dizziness. diarrhea. function. nausea. and capsules with a binding with mineral hemosiderosis. don’t crash Feratab oxidized and stored Therapeutic class: iron salts or their CV: Chest pain. give iron essential component GI: Abdominal cramps. . necrotizing vasculitis. and bone Pregnancy category: tooth discoloration To maximize 1 Tab marrow. diaphoresis. headache. cytochromes. If GI irritation severe enzymes. WARNING peroxidase. paresthesia. urticarial Generic name: Acts to normalize Chemical class: To prevent iron Hemochromatosis. subcutaneous fat atrophy. wheezing overdose. BSN202 SKIN: Acne. and pain. Oral reticuloendothelial supplement unless accompanied cells of the liver. give with or including just after meals. hemolytic anemias. Jason Arthur D. Quiban. hirsutism. erythema. tablets or open Route: aggregated ferritin in nutritional anemic conditions hypotension. fever. Give iron tablets Ferrous sulfate RBC production by Trace element. discoloration. other hypertension. and Hemochromatosis.

and sharp urticaria abdominal cramps. (peripheral vasodilation). rash. severe vomiting. Route: inotropic ic. Jason Arthur D. Also as IV site. of hypercalcemia: BID also effective as a transfusion of citrated Skin: pain and burning at decreased QT cardiac blood. cardiotonic hypocalcemia during cardiac arrest. give deferoxamine. Generic name: Calcium Gluconate Chemical class: Negative calcium Ventricular fibrillatio Body as a Whole: tingling Assess for Calcium gulconate acts like digitalis on Elemental cation balance (As in n. hypotension. necrosis and with inverted T- conditions of magnesium sulfate. increased injection. wave. In case of iron Other: Anaphylaxis. . pred GI: moderate fall in BP. increasing neonatal tetany. . With rapid IV. fainting. coffee. as prescribed. severe Vegas interval associated stabilizer under antidote for thrombosis. renal calculi. dairy products. Dosage: serum calcium levels antihypocalcemic. metastatic bone sensation. Don’t give antacids. cardiac arrhythmias. injection sensations of heat waves sensations Brand name: cardiac muscle tone Therapeutic class: hypoparathyroidism. effectively restores mic. pruritis. malignancies). toxicity ore angioedema accidental iron overdose. disease. for cardiopulmonary m. with contractions(positive antihypermagnesem alkalosis). eggs. or whole-grain cereals or breads within 1 hour before or 2 hours after iron. BSN202 SKIN: Diaphoresis. overcome cardiac isposition to PO preparation: during direct IV Oral effect)Rapidly and antihyperphosphate toxicity hypercalcemia constipation. cutaneous burning the heart. detect evidence Frequency: of various origins. tea. to prevent digitalis toxicity. vasodilation. certain CV: (with rapid infusion) Monitor ECG during 1 Tab in acute calcium resuscitation. of hyperkalemia. flushing. Quiban. Also to hypercalcemia. bradycardia IV administration to hypocalcemia replacement. into myocardium. and peripheral Kalcinate and force of systolic Antacid. vitamin D deficiency. (hyperparathyroidis gastric acid secretion.

lead colic. swallowing. additives or colorants. rickets. frequently coexist lactation. Also an osteoporosis. osteomalacia. Multivitamin processes. should be crashed catalysts in Therapeutic class: prevention of vitamin colorants. Lab tests: determine capillary permeability levels of calcium in sensitivity and phosphorus and reactions. particularly calcium balance magnesium. and with calcium ion childhood growth and depletion to prevent primary osteoporosis. Pregnancy category: saccharin. and Check nutritional Route: aspartame. Quiban. Dosage: . status before and Oral after administration. or MISC: allergic reactions or chewed before Brand name: numerous metabolic Multivitamin deficiencies. Oral calcium Deficiencies and may be used to other maintain normal ions. chronic hypoparathyroidism. Generic name: May act as Chemical class: Dietary supplement Hypersensitivity to GU: Urine discoloration Chewable tablets Theragran coenzymes or for the treatment and preservatives. to decrease extravasation). during pregnancy. additives including to preservatives. tartrazine. and as adjunct in treatment of myasthenia gravis and Eaton-Lambert syndrome. stings. and to magnesium relieve muscle cramps frequently. during from insect bites or sustained therapy. BSN202 hyperkalemiaor for acute symptoms of sloughing (with resuscitation. Jason Arthur D.

Used in the arterial tachycardia. gastrointestinal Vasodilan cerebral vasodilation relaxant and peripheral vascular hypersensitivity. Oral muscle. uterine treatment of hemorrhage. It causes Adrenergic. . Jason Arthur D. BSN202 1 Tab Frequency: OD Generic name: It is an alpha. vomiting. Precaution should Isoxsuprine receptor antagonist delay premature patients with abdominal distress. disease. More Frequency: importantly it causes TID direct relaxation of the smooth muscle of the uterus due to its Beta-2 receptor agoism. Quiban. Brand name: agonist. Raynauds Route: vascular smooth phenomenon. More Pregnancy category: dysmenorrhea. palpitation. flushing with diabetes. importantly it causes Dosage: direct acting on 1 Tab vascular smooth muscle. Chemical class: Used as tocolytic to Contraindicated in Dizziness. be taken by patients and beta-receptor Therapeutic class: labor. diseases. by directly acting on vasodilators.