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Piezotron® Quartz Pressure Sensor Type 6613CP

for Engine Diagnostics

Piezoelectric sensor with integrated amplifier (Piezotron®) for L=1m

periodically cylinder pressure measuring in medium and high
speed engines, suitable for all types of fuel, e.g. HFO, Diesel m

0 Fischer SE103
and various types of gas.

• Robust design
• M10x1 mounting thread
• Suitable for knock detection 12


Description SW 14

The sensor and the Piezotron® amplifier are connected by a 17

strong, fluorelastomer coated cable. The quartz-measuring
element is extremely stable and provides a very accurate signal
over the whole life time. The sensor has an M10x1 moun-
ting thread for mounting into the Kistler Thompson-Adapter
6513A for measuring at the indicator valve of medium speed
engines. The small size allows also the installation direct in the Technical Data
cylinder head.
Range bar 0 ... 250
The sensor has been designed so that a life of several thousand Overload bar 300
operating hours can be achieved in a diesel and gas engines, Sensitivity mV/bar –20
but individual sensor life time is strongly depending on appli- Natural frequency kHz ≈90
cation. Linearity, all ranges %FSO ≤±1
Acceleration sensitivity
Application axial bar/g <0,002
Type 6613C is mainly used for periodically cylinder pressu- transverse bar/g <0,001
re measurements at the indicator valve of medium and high Operating temperature range
speed engines with high accuracy. Front part of sensor °C –50 ... 350
Hex-nut to connector °C –50 ... 150
This robust sensor can be used for knock detection. For low Electronics in plug °C –50 ... 90
speed engines this sensor should be used only for cylinder peak Sensitivity shift
pressure measurement since the accuracy of pmi calculation is 200 ... ±150 °C % 3,5
limited due to a low time constant. 200±50 °C % ≈1
Thermal shock
For pmi calculation of low speed engines Type 7613C is re- at 1 500 1/min, IMEP = 9 bar
commended. p bar ≤±0,5

IMEP % ≤±2
Supply current mA 4
Output bias VDC 9 ... 14
Time constant at 20 °C s ≈900
Time constant at 350 °C s ≈5
Output impedance Ω <100
Shock resistance g 2 000
Tightening torque N·m 15
Weight g 160
Plug Type Fischer SE 103 pos.

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This information corresponds to the current state of knowledge. Kistler reserves ©2010 ... 2016, Kistler Group, Eulachstrasse 22, 8408 Winterthur, Switzerland
the right to make technical changes. Liability for consequential damage resulting Tel. +41 52 224 11 11, Fax +41 52 224 14 14,,
from the use of Kistler products is excluded. Kistler is a registered trademark of Kistler Holding AG.

Type 6613CP Mounting In order to minimize thermal stress on the sensor.4 • Connecting cable Fischer KE103 neg.. Eulachstrasse 22. – BNC pos.16 Fig. 1673A2/A5 • Engine Peak Meter 2516B1 Mounting Accessories Type +0...5 0. . 18 mm 1300A13 for torque wrench Fig. www. 2: Mounting bore (4-stroke application) for recessed mounting with additional gas channel. resulting in Fig.5 10. Piezotron® Quartz Pressure Sensor. An angled gas channel can also reduce the effect of flame on the diaphragm. In order to prevent singing oscillations. Optimum sensor life is achieved at an average temperature of 200 .com from the use of Kistler products is excluded.02 A • Nickel seal 1100A3 0.4 • Piezotron® Quartz Pressure Sensor for Type 6613CP engine diagnostics +0. Liability for consequential damage resulting Tel. info@kistler. This can normally be achieved by a set-back location. 300 °C in the sensor body.01 • Thompson adapter 6513A Ra 0. Admissible bore length depends on the application. 8408 Winterthur.5 Ra 0. 18. and thereby minimize the short term drift of the sensor. Too long bore may interfere the quality of the measuring results Page 2/2 This information corresponds to the current state of knowledge.. Kistler is a registered trademark of Kistler Holding AG. the lengths of the gas channel should not exceed 30 mm. min.. 3: Fitted in Thompson adapter Type 6513A on indicator valve reduced life of the sensor. 18. 1: Mounting bore (4-stroke application) for flush mounting • Tubular socket wrench hex.. Strong gas oscillations occur when the gas column between sensor and combustion chamber resonates. Kistler reserves ©2010 . Switzerland the right to make technical changes. it should be located so that good heat dissipation to colder components is possible.. Kistler Group. Superimposed on the cylinder pressure. 2016. Fax +41 52 224 14 14. +41 52 224 11 11.5 6613CP_000-895e-07. 14 mm 1300B6 for ø18 mm fitting hole • Special key 1300A1 for Thompson adapter 6513A min..5 0 3.01 A Ordering Code 8.5 Accessories Type 0.kistler. these pressure oscil- lations impose an additional load on the 40 N·m 1300A11 10 A • Fork wrench hex.1 0 M10x1 • Torque wrench 8 .02 A M10x1 0.