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Tactical Analyze Category Strategy Qualify & Source SAP SAP SAP SAP SRM SLC Sourcing SPM Negotiate & Evaluate Demand Ordering Operational Receiving SAP Invoice & Payment ERP 2 .SAP S/4HANA – Procurement – What is needed? Strategic .

Purchase Order. Basic Source To Fiori UI’s and GUI and WebDynpro UI’s Contract and Supplier Management Self-Service Requisitioning with Catalog Access and Approvals Fiori UI’s for Overview Page. Analytics and Factsheets Complete Procure To Pay with Purchase Requisition. Goods Receipt and Invoice Source To Contract with Spend and Supplier Analysis and Contracts GUI Transactions for Create/Change Processes and Specialized Transactions Category and Supplier Management with Supplier Classification. Worklists.SAP S/4HANA – Procurement On Premise Edition S/4 HANA On Premise Edition (Procurement) Q4/2015 Complete Procure To Pay. Approval Processes. Evaluation and Development Buyer Overview Page for Operational and Strategic Web Dynpro UI’s for Supplier Management Tasks 3 .

g.SAP S/4HANA – Procurement On Premise Edition Bring SRM functionality to S/4 to achieve operational excellence for transactional and strategic purchasing tasks Q4/2015 shipment: Self-Service procurement will be supported within S/4 Future Roadmap: Bidding and Contract Management features as well as support for centralized procurement organizations Bring SLC functionality to S/4 Core to achieve full fledged strategic Supplier Lifecycle capabilities Q4/2015 shipment: Category Management and Supplier Evaluation Future Roadmap: All Supplier Lifecycle Management features within S/4 integrated with Ariba network for all supplier facing activities (e.g. Analytical Apps for Spend Analysis Future Roadmap: Full Fiori usage also on transactional level. Contract. Overview pages for strategic and operational Buyer 4 . Purchase Order.…). object pages and worklists for commonly used business documents (e. Invoice. supplier registration and qualification) Fiori user interface for all procurement roles and user interactions Q4/2015 shipment: Fiori Launchpad as starting point for all user interactions including search.

Approve Purchase 9. Off-Contract 13. Invoice Price Price Variance Order Change 15. Approve Contract 11. Supplier Invoice List Spend Evaluation – 6. Supplier Requisition Orders Value 10. Purchase Requisition Order Contracts Spend Purchase Order 4. Purchasing Category 5. Contract Leakage On-time delivery Requisition for Purchase Order 7.SAP S/4HANA – Procurement On Premise Edition FIORI Apps for Procurement Factsheet & Transactional Analytical Contextual Navigation Task-based Access Insight to Action Search and Explore Access to tasks like change. Create Supplier 4. Contract Expiry Analysis 7. Material Requisition 13. Purchasing Contract Invoice 12. Purchasing 14. Non-Managed 11. Create Confirmation 15. Overdue 3. or entire Visual overview over a complex topic for View on essential information about processes with guided navigation monitoring or tracking purposes an object and contextual navigation between related objects 1. Purchase Order Evaluation - Average Delivery Quantity Variance Time 5 . Manage Purchase 1. Post Goods Receipt 6. Unused Items 5. Approve Purchase 10. Supplier 9. Manage Purchasing 2. My Purchasing 3. Purchase Order 1. Purchase Order 2. Purchasing Info Record 3. Supplier Invoice 4. Supplier 8. Create Purchase Response 8. Manage Purchase 14. Supplier 7. Approve Supplier Document Items Contracts 12. create. Spend Variance 2. Create Purchase Invoice 5. Purchasing Group 6. Supplier Evaluation Spend Evaluation – 8.

SAP S/4HANA – Procurement On Premise Edition What‘s new? Requesting Sourcing Ordering Contracting Receiving Invoicing Search and Fact Sheets Analytics Supplier and Category Management Workflow 6 .

SAP S/4HANA – Procurement On Premise Edition Requesting Key Message • The S/4HANA requesting process allows employees to search and request goods / services in a cross-catalog search with a consumer- grade user experience Unique Value of S/4HANA • Possibility to load internal and external catalog content into HANA • HANA based cross-catalog search • Shopping Cart + Purchase Requisition simplified in one business object • Highly integrated requesting process into the S/4HANA processes and existing master data • One user experience for the whole process 7 .

filtering and downloading capabilities of open purchase requisitions • Systems propose automatically set of available sources of supply to facilitate and accelerate assignment of source of supply • Navigation to purchase requisition details 8 .SAP S/4HANA – Procurement On Premise Edition Sourcing Key Message • Purchase requisitions. This is a time-consuming task. By displaying automatically all available sources of supply for an open purchase requisition. the purchaser needs to do this manually. where no source of supply has been assigned automatically by the system. S/4HANA increases significantly the efficiency and speed of the source of supply assignment process Unique Value of S/4HANA • Dynamic and flexible search and filtering across entire list of open purchase requisitions • Grouping. that seeks for efficient system support.

In case of a manual created purchase order.SAP S/4HANA – Procurement On Premise Edition Ordering Key Message • In many cases a purchase order is created automatically by the system. Unique Value of S/4HANA • Dynamic prefilling and provisioning of fields based on selected supplier or material type • Efficient creation of Purchase Orders by selecting a previous Purchase Order or Source as template • Minimize errors during change process by restricted set of available field entries • Sequence of data section based on relevance • Draft Purchase Order is created automatically when session is lost and retrieved automatically upon returning 9 . purchasers anticipate a high system support while creating the purchase order. With S/4HANA the purchaser is supported with a variety of capabilities to speed up the processing of manually created purchase orders.

It is essential that buyers have a effective and efficient system support for monitoring contracts. approver and notes • Insight to Action capabilities like renewal of contract • Business card information of supplier 10 . Unique Value of S/4HANA • Dynamic and flexible search and filtering across entire contract worklist • Direct navigation to contract and supplier factsheet • Additional information are available like status. Organizations encounter an ever-increasing amount of pressure to reduce costs and improve company performance.SAP S/4HANA – Procurement On Premise EditionContracting Key Message • Contract management is the process of managing contract creation. execution and monitor to maximize operational and financial performance.

two-click completion of all items) • Search capabilities in item overview • Sorting of items according to various criteria • Improved error handling by highlighting missing mandatory fields • Navigation to related factsheets and to material document after successful posting 11 . Supportive features like type ahead or search and sorting of items increased the efficiency of posting goods receipts.g.SAP S/4HANA – Procurement On Premise Edition Receiving Key Message • With S/4HANA. type ahead feature for Purchase Order. Unique Value of S/4HANA • Clearly structured and cleaned- up visualization accelerates the creation of goods receipt (e. after having selected the purchase order. the recipient needs only two clicks to complete the entire goods receipt.

Unique Value of S/4HANA • Instead of administrator. S/4HANA offers business users the possibility to view and directly correct inaccurate supplier invoices. Integration capabilities between the apps and factsheets accelerate the completion of processing supplier invoices. the business user can view and edit incorrectly created invoices coming from Ariba Network directly via Supplier Invoice List App • Reverse and Release action in Supplier Invoice • Flexible and dynamic search capabilities in Supplier Invoice List • Integration to factsheets 12 .SAP S/4HANA – Procurement On Premise Edition Invoicing Key Message • With Supplier Invoice List and Create Supplier Invoice apps.

S/4HANA offers a generic.SAP S/4HANA – Procurement On Premise Edition Search and Factsheets Key Message • Searching for relevant business information is very time consuming and requires a deep knowledge of different transactions. powerful search to get a list of all relevant information ranked to own needs including navigation to Fact Sheets. Unique Value of S/4HANA • High-speed searching experience across the entire S/4HANA procurement entities • Comprehensive 360° view on business entities • Powerful cross-linking of wide-spreaded business information • Turning transaction centric access of information into data centric access 13 .

purchasers get role based and quick access to the procurement information they need to analyzing purchasing spend. companies are seeking greater efficiencies and savings from their procurement operations. With S/4HANA. Unique Value of S/4HANA • Real-time calculation of key performance indicators to analyze managed and non- managed spend.SAP S/4HANA – Procurement On Premise Edition Analytics Key Message • Pressured to reduce supply costs. suppliers and contracts in real-time. and suppliers • Fast and highly configurable KPIs • Instant insight to action capabilities by navigating to other Fiori apps and Factsheets • Dynamic supplier evaluation scoring based on procurement documents in real-time 14 . contracts.

Suppliers are managed and monitored by regular evaluations. responsibilities and organizations. Unique Value of S/4HANA • Segment and classify suppliers and provide evaluation results related to purchasing categories • Organize work in procurement departments accordingly and assign dynamically operational product groups • Supplier evaluations based on questionnaires deliver weighted scoring • Define internal activities to track supplier performance • With the new entity of purchasing categories S/4 mimics how responsibility and strategy of purchasing companies is set up 15 . Supplier and SAP S/4HANA – Procurement On Premise Edition Category Management Key Message • With Supplier and Category Management S/4HANA offers logical grouping of similar expenditure items. such as expenses for advertising agency services or IT hardware to organize spend.

also a holistic view across all workflow items is offered with a generic workflow inbox providing also document details. approvers get a holistic view across all workflow items and can filter the list • Mobile access to the workflow items • Notice all document details like attachments. approval details 16 . notes. Unique Value of S/4HANA • Provide single workflow approval apps for purchase requisition. purchase order and invoice • In a Generic Workflow Inbox. contract.SAP S/4HANA – Procurement On Premise EditionWorkflow Key Message • S/4HANA offers single approval workflow apps for various procurement objects. The workflow apps rely on preconfigured release strategy procedures and business worakflow. However.

S/4HANA S/4HANA Ordering Invoicing Order creation/change Order Confirmation Invoice Advanced Shipping Invoice Status Update Notification ARIBA Network 17 . The integration is built integrated in standard output management – no separate add-on for the integration is required. order confirmations and advanced shipping notification as well as invoice and the status update of invoices for the supplier.SAP S/4HANA – Procurement On Premise Edition Integration to Ariba Network Key Message • S/4HANA offers a standard integration to the Ariba Network for sending purchaser orders.

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