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Chapter 1

Problem and its Background
The economy of the nation depends in the income and supply of their consumers
and businesses. The process of producing enough supply for the people is one of the
basic factor on creating the right demand and price for a product. The buying demands
will always depend on the prices and supply of product and services. That is why people
create some buying preferences where they can have the standard basis on what to
buy and why to buy a product or services, and that is also a factor that affects the
buying process. A buying process is the series of steps that a consumer will take to
make a purchasing decision. A standard model of consumer purchase decision-making
includes recognition of needs and wants, information search, evaluation of choices,
purchase, and post-purchase evaluation. (Grimly, 2013).
In the business industry there are different factors that can affect the way of the
consumers thinking on what they will buy and why they won’t buy something. According
to Iresearch service, there are five common factors that can affect and influence the
consumer’s behavior. Namely the marketing campaigns, economic condition, personal
preferences, group influences and purchasing power. The marketing campaigns of the
business can attract different consumers through using different advertisement and
commercials that can catch different consumer’s eyes. The economic condition can also
be one of the factors because economic situations of a place will vary the confidence
and willingness of the consumer to buy. While personal preferences will lead the
consumer perceptual thinking within what they always want and like to buy.
Furthermore, the group or networks of a consumer including his or her family, peers,
community and other personal group will be a big influencer to the behavior of
consumers because it is in nature of the people to depend on those he or she can trust.
Lastly and more importantly, the purchasing power of a consumer is a big factor
because the capacity of a person to buy will vary to his or her financial capacity and
everyone know that money is important in this society.
The people are usually depending on different factors that is why it has
differences to each other. They often budget their money and also consider as their
decision making. Parents are the most common part of the buying process because
they are more likely elders that have the decision making in their households. That is
why parents hold the managerial works in planning what to buy for their family and their
household will let them hold the budget planning. The variables that the researcher will
focus on this study are the three buying preferences and how it will have significant
relationship to the buying process of parents.

Expect that they will be studying financial and management accounting alongside the legal. they will be able to analyze assets. business. The researchers conduct this study in order to know how these factors can affect a buying decision of a person because the researchers are also consumers that are willing to learn more. The respondents of this study are the parents of ABM 401 students. This section are composed of 33 students that more likely pursuing accountancy and business management courses in college. These ideas conclude the importance of these respondents to the study. Those factors are the main reason on conducting this study. This will show how the study will find the factors affecting the decision making of the parents of ABM 401. and organizational contexts that they will be encountering as enterprise. and prepare audit accounts.Background of the Study Everyone can have different basis on buying something or their buying decision. The subjects in the ABM will give the students the tools they will need on their journey to success in the corporate world. there are times that inappropriate or unnecessary information will give customers problem handling their own buying decisions and behavior. In taking this strand. The decisions of a person to buy something will always have reason or an influencer that needs to be known for its advantages and disadvantages. and also there some factors that can affect their decisions. Perceived Buying Parents Factors Decison . Some influencers of buying decisions can be good to a consumer or not. Conceptual Framework: The chart is essential to this study because it will show how the process is going to work in the study. interpret profitability. understand financial positions. These factors that can give either market or personal benefits for the consumer. The parents of this strand will be the respondents because their children are literate in business and how it works.

They will gain the knowledge on how to handle their buying decisions through knowing the factors that can affect it. the scope of this study will be the STI College Sta. For the Parents/Consumer: The parents will become the greatest beneficiaries of this study because their buying process is the going to be tackle within the study. These are the research question include in this study:  What are the factors affect the buying decision making?  Do these factors have positive benefits and advantages for the consumer?  How do these factors affect the buying decision? Scope and Limitations: This study is limited to the parents of ABM or Accountancy and Business Management students of STI College Sta. And also. These people are the parents or consumers. Also.Statement of the Problem: The problem addressed by this research is to know the factors that affect the buying decision of the parents of ABM 401 students. by being careful on their buying decisions. For the Businessmen or Business Owners: The findings of this study will be useful to business owners because they can be more careful on giving business offers that can be either an advantage or disadvantage to the factors. Definition of Terms These terminologies will be defined to know how their conceptual meaning will be used to this research . Significance of the Study: This study is significant because it will help these following people to know the significant factors that affect the buying decision of the parents of ABM students. businessmen or business owners and future researchers. They are the best respondents for this study because their children are knowledgeable about business processes and that will be easier for them to respond to our study. For the Future Researchers: It will give them a study that might help them in a research that is related to our study that will be useful for them. they will now know the basis of buying process of the customers they have. if they will create research about business process and buying process our study can be relevant. Also. Maria. and also so they can adjust these factors to make consumer benefits. Maria because the location is relevant to the researchers and respondents. They will gain different benefits in terms of knowing those factors.

It indicates something that can be considered as something to cause one thing to another.Buying Decision The buying decision process is the decision-making process used by consumers regarding market transactions before. Factors A factor is an element that influences something. . during. and after the purchase of a good or service.