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Do this exercise while you listen. Complete the gaps with the correct word.
Aurelia: Who’s that boy ________ there, Hannah?
Hannah: That? Er, that’s my brother, Jem.
Aurelia: Your brother?
Hannah: Yes, and that’s his girlfriend Lucy. The pretty girl with the _______, _______ hair.
Aurelia: Oh right. So, you’ve got a brother?
Hannah: No, I’ve got two _____________. Jem and Alex.
Aurelia: Really? ... and ... how old is Alex?
Hannah: Alex and Jem are twins, they’re both _____________.
Aurelia: 15, mmm ... and does Alex look like Jem?
Hannah: They’re __________ the same! They’re both tall and thin. They’ve both got ______
brown hair, green ___________ and big ____________!
Aurelia: They’re not big, I _________ they’re cute. And ... has Alex got a girlfriend?

___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ . Part 5 Wilmaris describes her husband. family that you have already known him/her so well. Part 3 Shanette describes her boyfriend. Part 7 Jeanette dan Mark describe each other Part 8 Tyler describes his friend. Part 2 Bob and Sheila describe each other. Part 10 Maria and Sara describe each other. They describe each other.EXERCISE 2 You are going to hear several conversations that an interviewer asked several people to describe their partner or family. Jeff describes Brenda. Anathea describes David. EXERCISE 3 Please construct a paragraph that describes about your friend. Part 9 Rob and Gail describe each other. Part 6 Brenda describes Jeff. Part 4 David describes Anathea. Abi describes her parents. Please explain how they describe their partner or family! Part 1 Tony and Ninfa describe each other.