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Chapter 1

Problem and its Background
The economy of the nation depends in the income and supply of their consumers
and businesses. The process of producing enough supply for the people is one of the
basic factor on creating the right demand and price for a product. The buying demands
will always depend on the prices and supply of product and services. That is why people
create some buying preferences where they can have the standard basis on what to
buy and why to buy a product or services, and that is also a factor that affects the
buying process. A buying process is the series of steps that a consumer will take to
make a purchasing decision. A standard model of consumer purchase decision-making
includes recognition of needs and wants, information search, evaluation of choices,
purchase, and post-purchase evaluation. (Grimly, 2013).
In the business industry there are different buying preferences that are consider
important to the world of this industry because we see it as a way of choosing a product
to buy. It is important to the businessmen in the society so they can perceive what to do
within their business. These preferences are the factors that affects the customer’s
buying decision, these include the availability of the stores and products, distance that
pertain to the location of store and lastly the affordability of products and services the
pertains to the prices they gave.
The availability of product is a buying preference because people usually will be
deciding to buy a product that is available in the store they are in. It is usual that we buy
products that are currently available than to find those that are not, but in some
circumstances people will not recommend alternatives. The distance or the location of
the store will be a factor of buying preference because the distance of a store or product
to the customer will more likely affect their buying decisions. While the affordability is
the amount pertaining to the capacity for customer to buy products that has different
prices from low to high.
The people are usually depending on different factors that is why it has
differences to each other. They often budget their money and also consider as their
decision making. Parents are the most common part of the buying process because
they are more likely elders that have the decision making in their households. That is
why parents hold the managerial works in planning what to buy for their family and their
household will let them hold the budget planning. The variables that the researcher will
focus on this study are the three buying preferences and how it will have significant
relationship to the buying process of parents.
Background of the Study
The buying preferences will be the first variable for this study; it concludes the
availability, distance and affordability. Specifically, these three will serve as the basis of
what the people will be the standard of what to buy. The people and society usually
have different problems because of these preferences. In the availability, in explains if a
certain product or service is available in a store or market. While it includes the problem

These ideas conclude the importance of these respondents to the study. The parents of this strand will be the respondents because their children are literate in business and how it works. understand financial positions. the distance of a store from the consumer will directly affect their perception on whether to take alternative stores or not. interpret profitability. Parents are the most usual buyers in the market and they have more buying power than the other people of the society. and prepare audit accounts. Expect that they will be studying financial and management accounting alongside the legal. the second variable is the parent’s decision making that will be considered because it will have the responsibility in their buying process. This section are composed of 33 students that more likely pursuing accountancy and business management courses in college. And lastly the affordability of products will be a very huge basis knowing that the prices affect the people's capacity and want to buy. In taking this the customer's wants and demand. they will be able to analyze assets. and organizational contexts that they will be encountering as enterprise. The subjects in the ABM will give the students the tools they will need on their journey to success in the corporate world. This will show how the study will find the relationship between buying preferences and the parent’s buying decision Availability Parent's Decision- Buying Preferences Distance making Affordability . Conceptual Framework: The chart is essential to this study because it will show how the process is going to work in the study. The location of a store has a huge impact to the people especially to those who live in rural areas. having low supply of products might increase the price and will sure affect the buying wants. business. However. The respondents of this study are the parents of ABM 401 students. In the other hand.

They will now know if their buying process is really affected by the availability. so they can adjust these factors to make consumer benefits. distance and affordability) and to the parents of ABM grade 11 and 12 students in STI College Sta. distance and affordability of products. Significance of the Study: This study is significant because it will help these following people to know the significant relationship of buying preferences and to the parents of ABM students. Also. For the Businessmen or Business Owners: The findings of this study will be useful to business owners because they will know the effects of their business’s availability. they will now know the basis of buying process of the customers they have.Statement of the Problem: This problem addressed by this research is to know the relationship of perceived buying preferences (including the availability. These are the research question include in this study: • Do the buying preferences have significant relationship to the parent’s decision making? • How the availability of products can affect the buying process in parent’s decision making? • Can the distance of the stores affect a person’s buying process? • Is the price of a product or a service is capable of changing the mind of a parent to buy? • Do these three buying preferences can all at once affect the parents buying process or at least more than one? Scope and Limitations: This study is limited to the parents of ABM or Accountancy and Business Management students of STI College Sta. Maria. and affordability. distance. They are the best respondents for this study because their children are knowledgeable about business processes and that will be easier for them to respond to our study. They will gain the knowledge on how to handle their buying preferences and their buying decisions. For the Parents/Consumer: The parents will become the greatest beneficiaries of this study because their buying process is the going to be tackle within the study. Maria because the location is relevant to the researchers and respondents. businessmen or business owners and future researchers. . These people are the parents or consumers. And also. Maria. the scope of this study will be the STI College Sta.

For the Future Researchers: It will give them a study that might help them in a research that is related to our study that will be useful for them. Operationally. it is a factor that will be consider on how the location of a store can affect the parent’s decision making. it is amount of supply and variation of products that are available on a store or business. Definition of Terms These terminologies will be defined to know how their conceptual meaning will be used to this research. it is the numerical description on how far an object from another. it is the quality to obtain something you need or want. these are the basis of the parents of ABM 401 to their buying process. the buying preferences are the preferred factors of a customer to buy a product or a service. if they will create research about business process and buying process our study can be relevant. Distance Conceptually. it is the capacity of the parents of ABM 401 to buy a certain product or service. It usually depends on the customer demand because they will be giving the preferences on what to buy. these terms will focus on how its definition will be used operationally. Also. Operationally. Also. Operationally. . Availability Conceptually. these will focus on how the availability of products and services will affect the parents of ABM 401 student’s buying process. Affordability Conceptually. it is the ability to buy something within the range of its price from high to low. Buying Preferences Conceptually. Usually affordability is also can use to know if something is affordable or not. It usually a factor that affect the buying decision of customers. In business. Operationally.