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Establishing the Court's Jurisdiction

Scope of Jurisdiction:

(4) Furinsh an
(1) To protect and (2) To resolve (3) To provide an impartial tribunal
enforce federal disputes relating to interstate umpire where state court
authority foreign affaris bias was feared

Jurisdiction of suits affecting foreign envoys, Suits between states or involving
Jurisdiction of admiralty cases, cases arising under treaties, and suits other conflicting land grants Party-based cases involving citizens of
federal question involving foreign nations different states, a state and a
cases and cases to non-citizen, or an alien
which the U nited
States is a party

ART. III defines the Federal Judicial Federal Courts to
Vindicates and "CASES" = Subject M atter (3 Power in term of "CON T ROVER SI ES" = Party
enforces the serve an Interstate
Types) 9 Catefories of Status (6 Types) umpiring
power of the "Cases" and "Controversies"
Federal function, resolve
Government disputes between
States and thier
Art. III, § 2, cl. 1 Art. III, § 2, cl. 1

(1) Cases Arising under the SU PR EM E COU RT (1)U sed States a Party
Constitution, Laws, and Treaties of the JU R ISDICT ION
US (2)Two or M ore States

(2) Cases Affecting Ambassadors, (3)A State and Citizen of Another State
O ther Public M inisters, or Consuls
(4)Citizens of Different States (Diveristy JX )
(3)Admiralty and M aritime Cases
(5)Citizens of the Same State, Claiming
Lands under Grant of Different State
JU R ISIDCT ION JU R ISDICT ION (6)State, or Citizens T hereof, and Foreign
State, Citizen or Subject

(1) All cases
affecting (1) All other cases (both as to
ambassadors, other law and fact) mentioned in
public ministers, (Art. III, § 2, cl. 2)
and consuls
(2) Cases in which a (2) Exceptions: W ith such
state shall be a party exceptions, and under such Federal Questions
regulations, as the Congress U niversally assumed that the
shall make Supreme Court would have
jurisdiction to review the
decisions of state courts on
matters of federal concern
Court hears in
Congress first instance;
cannot develops facts; Allows
rare When a claim Congress CAN Congress to
abrogate Abrogate Supreme
Supreme works its way up limit the cases
through a District Court's Appellate that the
Court's JX because of
O rginal JX Court or through Supreme
State Courts all the Exception Clause Court could
way to the Supreme hear