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New Small Head M/C

K - Series
Optimum solution for the productivity in small & medium-sized material

Factories with Logo & Emblem Embroidery work on
embroidery work Small & Medium-sized

Targets of
K Series

Design-leading Companies Factories with high sensitivity
- Application of various attachments to the noise
(ZD10, SQ40i)

New Small Head M/C K .5 mm 47 mm Arm & Head Low noise 有 (SA type) 有 (SB type) 有 (DM type) Jump structure Step Motor New Step Motor Step Motor the application of New Color change Sensor Potentialmeter Potentialmeter mechanism Main movement Motor Fortuna 600W Sanyo 750 KW Cutting Cutting Mothed Cutting by cam Cutting by motor Movement Sprial Bevel Nasa gear Bed eccentricity with Hook eccentricity with inside felt Centricity (MTQ) lubrication Oil Arm Semi auto Semi auto XY XY moter Step Motor Servo Motor .Series  Comparison of Specification Small Tubular Small Tubular Small Tubular E – Series K – Series DM – Series SEED 1000 1000 1500 Beam & Body Beam Size 200×200×t6 200×200×t6 200×200×t6 Needle bar Stroke 44.

1500rpm No. New Small Head M/C K . Of STITCH Max. Y : 50A .500.Y AMP Step driver X : 30A.1000rpm Max. 250.Series Small Tubular Samll Tubular Small Tubular E – Series K – Series DM – Series SPEED Max.000 Max.000 Software X-Y I/O Board OP Control metond Indirect way Direct way OP-BOX Small E OP-Box SB type OP-Box dedicated SB type CON-BOX Small E CON-Box CON-Box CON-Box Hardware MAIN AMP Fortuna driver Sanyo-Amp (30A) Sanyo-Amp X.