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Group president for KEEPERS Kohler Co. ANDERS CHECK OUT – BUCHMANN Chief intrapreneur of YOTEL SINGAPORE A high-tech boutique  premium tech specialist hotel with fun and Bang & Olufsen. CONTENTS 1 2: The Latest in Design and Decor News   OBJECT OF DESIRE – MILLIONAIRE SAFE BY BOCA DO LOBO Coated in gold. Founders of JIAN YE LI Luxury boutique hotel Mud Rock Ceramics.  NOW PEOPLE –  &+(&. BISHANGARH of European Bedding.     NOW PEOPLE – NOW PEOPLE – CHECK OUT – CHECK OUT – THIJS VEYFEYKEN MICHELLE LIM CAPELL A ALIL A FORT General manager & NG SEOK HAR SHANGHAI. An ultra-luxurious hotel housed in a warrior fort. contemporary art  gallery. modern interiors. 6 . LING HOOI YIN NOW PEOPLE – 287 Polymer clay artist ALEXANDRA CHECK OUT – specialising in miniature CHAMPALIMAUD YA N G G A L L E R Y food and figurines. Designer of Raffles Expansion of the local Hotel’s restoration. Kitchen & Bath. the Millionaire safe is as luxurious as the treasures that would be kept inside it..  NOW PEOPLE –  WU YANRONG NOW PEOPLE – Local illustrator’s LARRY YUEN CHECK OUT – first solo exhibition.  on a historical site. PLAYSHOP  A permanent home  for the local design NOW PEOPLE – collective.


WORK WONDERS Creating an inspiring  workspace is no longer just about having a fully FRESH EYES  stocked pantry or out-of-office activities. 8 . CONTENTS  FE ATURES    THE BEST OF HOUSE PROUD CUTTING EDGE LO C A L TA L E N T S Maison & Objet. Designed by architect Ole of living. the It’s a new year. influencers from around The Life-Changing Magic of the world. Tidying Up by Marie Kondo was indeed life-changing for  many. interior decoration Scheeren. a premier integrated attractiveness among NOT KON-VINCED development by M+S. which means it’s AT D U O international rendezvous time to usher in the next wave RESIDENCES for professionals of the art of interior decorating trends. but there are some who remain doubtful. FOR DESIGN Awards to young talents in interior and furniture design. returned  the taller of two towers that to Paris and asserted its form Duo. Duo Residences is and home design.


and use furniture in vibrant hues to make a statement. palette. practical space. a key statement cityscape turn this a modern. extra special for a couple piece can be inspiration for Budapest apartment into because it symbolises the the interior design of a home. a design showstopper. beginning of a new chapter. Nordic-style of the 80/20 rule: Design your home with a soothing home with a timeless colour colour palette. &29(5 +20( photography ANGLA GUO art direction NONIE CHEN 10 .   BEAUTY & POP OF YELLOW UTILITY This home is a great example A minimalist. CONTENTS + 20 ( 6     VIEWS OF A N E W S TA R T H A P P I LY E V E R COME TO A THRILL A complete overhaul turned AFTER T H E TA B L E Vivid hues and a stunning this once-cluttered flat into A matrimonial home is always Sometimes.

sg | 1 Kallang Way 2A #06-01 S(347495) | +65 6846 7737 . it’s part of a home decoration 1 2 3 4 5 6 .com.0 0 www.No longer just a fan.samaire.

sg/ photo galleries and more! Download your copy or subscribe at www. CONTENTS PROPERTY Dreaming of buying a second residential property to be a landlord? REGUL ARS   EDITOR’S NOTE  H& Follow us on Pinterest Pin your favourite looks and learn useful home hacks – all from our Pinterest page! 12 . Follow us on Instagram Check us out at Homeanddecor_sg to see what caught our eye and what inspires and www.facebook.COM.Singapore.homeanddecor.SG  DIGITAL EDITION EXCLUSIVES  NOW  KITCHEN  EXPERTS SAY  IN STORE  PROJECT SHOWCASE  BUYING GUIDE Download our digital edition  WHERE TO BUY Get Home & Decor on your mobile devices and enjoy enhanced and exclusive content such as videos. Find us on Facebook See what the team is up to and get daily updates on what’s new on www.homeanddecor.

com/ pull-out shoe holder.hafele.facebook. which gives an overview of everything a wardrobe needs. These make every corner of the wardrobe easily accessible and uniquely relatable to you and your family. It contains your memories and victories that relate to people or things that matter to you. tie & belt fittings. IDEAS FOR THE WARDROBE What does wardrobe mean to you? It is more than just a place used to store clothing. Our collection has effectively utilised the wardrobe spaces. and wardrobe lift. hafelesg Hafele Singapore . Introducing ‘The Wardrobe’.sg www. lighting and colours to create efficient and personalized internal cabinet systems. MORE LIFE PER M² Häfele’s range of wardrobe accessories includes pants pull-out. 6848 9075/6494 7400 www. pull-out laundry hamper set.

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co | W: www. SPECIALISING IN BESPOKE WALL FEATURES 15 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #02-11 @ Win 5 (S)768091 | T: +65 6367 3148 | E: .beltiston.

is that it is a refreshing change from its the potential it offers to my living room. beautifully against a bright orange or neon By the time you read this. I imagine pick. declared Ultra Violet (18-3838) to be its colour of try matching a mustard yellow sofa with Ultra 2018. Throw in a grey rug to violet and lilac hues. the colour of 2017. Have fun predecessor – Greenery. calling for also because it’s when colour specialist Pantone colours that are sombre and less ostentatious. The experimenting. is what makes the use of smidge darker than blue. EDITOR’S NOTE PANTONE Ultra Violet (18-3838) QRW XOWUD LV WKLV YLROHW January is a month that I always look forward to. and see you in February. announces the official colour of the year. So even though Ultra Violet may What makes Ultra Violet deserving of the title not be my go-to colour of the moment. For a more complementary look. but general sentiment from homeowners. murky darkness of the violet tint reflects the not just because it’s the start of a new year. but not exactly a rich colours in a home environment so entertaining purple? Isn’t ultraviolet light supposed to and fun. using it to style their domain. and not this sorts of colours into your home. Violet-hued cushions. it’s a good idea to with far-reaching consequences as designers start experimenting with it on small home and homeowners alike flock to embrace the accessories to see how it can complement your selected hue. but what is one to make finish the look. as long as you tired-looking drab shade reminiscent of my remain open to the prospect of them working photography DARREN CHANG art direction DON TAN grandmother’s heavy drapes? out in the end. of this “neither here nor there” shade that’s a That. while I’m usually a fan of Pantone’s applying the shade onto an entire wall. I can see though. Don’t get me wrong – I adore most purple. I guess. There are myriad ways you can work all emit a fluorescent blue glow. the revelation comes used to Ultra Violet. Bold homeowners can even try Now. I’m not entirely sure I’m on board with Ultra Violet’s sedate tone will contrast rather it this year. YOUNG LIM EDITOR 18 . home interiors. As While I may need some time to get influential as Pantone is. Pantone would have green base.


com/spstaircase A DESIGNER Find out more about this French architect.tinyurl.R O O M B T O F L AT IN YISHUN Never miss a blog post! See how the designer Fo l lo w u s o n Fa ce b o o k a t maximised this w w w. fa ce b o o k . www.COM. s i n g a p o r e www.HOMEANDDECOR. d a i l a n d re a d n ew co n te n t o n amyishun home decor and m o r e .216sqf flat. 20 . WWW. h o m e a n d d e c o r.SG CHECK OUT THREE POPULAR BLOG POSTS OF THE MONTH 6 H O M E S W I T H S P I R A L S TA I R C A S E S JEAN-MARIE MASSAUD – Get design ideas for your house or two-storey apartment! MORE THAN JUST jeanmarieHD HOUSE TOUR: A CHIC AMERICANA-STYLE 4 . co m / 1.


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pierrefrey. The intricate designs are eye- catching and open up a doorway into the mysterious culture of the indigenous Miao people. In The 12: Tr i b e Inspired by the colours and motifs of the Miao tribe in Southern China. Visit www.. Best paired with an armchair or bench in a bold hue and simple lines. the Guizhou wallcovering collection features sweeping landscapes and intricate patterns perfect for a statement wall. this collection makes for a perfect addition to usher in the Lunar New Year. 9 Muthuraman Chetty Road. silk and raffia grounds and embossed vinyl textures. The collection mixes contemporary prints. text YOUNG LIM photo PIERRE FREY 25 .com for more information. #04-01 APS Building. The Guizhou collection is available at Pierre Frey.

It is the Portuguese were dubbed the brand’s most iconic safe. Its interior is lined Filipa Mendonca for Boca do in hand-sewn fabric. 26 text ELIZA HAMIZAH photo BOCA DO LOBO . with gold- inside it.BOCADOLOBO. Lobo. BIO TRIVIA Coated in gold. NOW OBJECT OF DESIRE Millionaire Safe by Boca do Lobo The dents and marks on the safe call to mind failed robbery attempts – reminders of the safe’s hardy and protective nature. while many unsuccessful attempts prospectors who came to rob vaults during this after word spread period. It was designed by coated handles. which is lined with polished brass that has been dipped in gold. The turned brass handles and silver-plated handle design was inspired by a ship’s wheel – a reference to Portuguese maritime history. has a five-figure price tag. It has a wooden structure. who was inspired by and comes with The first miners who a set of lockable the 1848 California Gold Rush mahogany drawers.COM. the Millionaire The Millionaire safe safe is as luxurious as the is also available in treasures that would be kept silver. took part in the Gold – when gold was found in a Rush were called sawmill in California – and the forty-eighters. and forty-niners. THE MILLIONAIRE SAFE BY BOCA DO LOBO IS AVAILABLE AT WWW.


its name. which types of mattresses would suit a side. such as foam or coils. hypoallergenic qualities. As a veteran in the business. NOW When it comes to sleeping positions.SG. store situated in the hip Tiong Bahru enclave. while still being soft enough to contour the body. as well as its in-house label. A back sleeper needs a medium-firm mattress. The fact is that high mattresses can sometimes be filled with cheap materials. That’s why our mattresses can be customised to have two cores combined with one cover. so the zones are flipped. GENERAL MANAGER Does it make sense to flip a latex mattress OF EUROPEAN BEDDING the way you would a spring mattress? VISIT EUROPEAN Flipping a latex mattress isn’t entirely BEDDING’S European Bedding is a leading premium bedding necessary as a way to increase its lifespan. We took this range of organic design and produced it with full natural organic latex mattresses and pillows that latex. A stomach sleeper would need a firmer mattress to keep them afloat. In this way. the husband and wife can both have their preferred mattress densities (based on their preference) in one bed. Thijs is familiar with the common issues homeowners face when selecting the right type of mattress and offers some helpful tips on what to look for when you are on the hunt for the perfect sleep. the gallery offers a diverse array of sleep every year. and it’s our have natural THIJS VEYFEYKEN bestselling mattress to date. EUROPEANBEDDING. solutions from established European brands. OR WWW. What about couples who share the same bed? Partners who sleep together should not have to compromise on their quality of sleep. SHOWROOM AT 32 ENG HOON STREET. since the shoulders and hip bones should be contoured in order to provide adequate support to ensure proper spinal alignment. such as Heveya and Belatex. just to create a plush look. LEFT Thijs helps How have European Bedding’s mattresses customers find the right mattress by evolved over the years? asking about their European Bedding first started with an EB Back current mattress. every part of the body and is dense in the back BELOW 3(23/( region for added support. focusing on offering ample back position and their support. The seven-zoning technique contours to sleep problems. 28 text ISABELLE TOW photos EUROPEAN BEDDING . which offers support for the lower back. their sleeping Care range. while remaining softer European Bedding stocks the Heveya at the hips and shoulders for comfort. True to but we do recommend rotating the mattress LEVEL 2. What are some misconceptions local homeowners have about what to look for in a mattress? It’s surprising that most people still think that firmer beds will always be better. back or stomach sleeper? A side sleeper should definitely go for a softer mattress. Our Heveya range was born. and the higher the mattress the more luxurious it is.

bracelets and even cufflinks. like Japan and Taiwan. Over time. That got me exploring the idea of making iconic food items. and begin making them. What inspired you to specialise in miniature figurines? When I started. AT WWW. kway teow has intricate details too. Unlike larger retailers. or just telling creations include ordering the dish from a hawker stall! your friends. too? when we see people wear our designs Of course. request you’ve received? I had a customer from Penang who was keen on designing a farewell gift for her boss. The first of such I made was an ang ku kueh. As a local crafter. text DOMENICA TAN photography VERNON WONG art direction YEW XIN YI 29 . Many of her works are inspired by Malaysian street food.TINYPINC. It was most important thing. and the first few items I made were croissants and bread. the craft was rather new in this region and there were not many artists doing this. It was a self-taught hobby. pendants. Most recently in September. be it liking or Some of Ling’s most recent specific order requests. and traditional pastries IN MINIATURE FOOD like ondeh ondeh. What has been the most interesting See page 22. I hope I will be able to expand my of ingredients brand further in Asia. who was leaving the country. I wanted to create items that were more relevant to locals. as if she was sharing on social media. It’s also extremely rewarding letters and sliced roasted pork. nasi lemak ARTIST SPECIALISING and ice kacang. Have a look at more creations by Tinypinc. I plan to travel and better and appreciate the work that goes into RIGHT The design of the understand various cultures.COM. miniature versions of artists like me often rely on word of Nonya love Are you exploring iconic items mouth. It is more crucial TOP RIGHT especially interesting because she had to spread the word. she wanted to replicate that dish in the design scene? for a keepsake. and that led to my first Simply buying our products is not the attempt at crafting this food item. including places SHOP FOR THESE ICONIC like beansprouts ANDUNIQUE MINIATURE FIGURINES and prawns. AND FIGURINES She adapts these designs into magnets and wearable accessories such as earrings. What began as a hobby seven years 3(23/( ago grew into a full-time career for Malaysian artist Ling Hooi Yin – with a steady following on Instagram (@tinypinc) – who specialises in creating miniature LING HOOI YIN clay figurines. she showcased her works for sale at the Public Garden Consumer Trade Show. miniature char crafting food from different countries. from other cultures. POLYMER CLAY including char kway teow. what do you As his favourite local food was char kway hope to see regarding the growth teow.

but only became One of them would be American artist Charley interested in sea animals after I began Harper – not so much his aesthetic. because it’s easier for me to transfer Wu Yanrong talks about what captivates the image of their distinctive silhouettes onto her and how she fits into the local art scene. See page 22. but more learning to dive during my polytechnic of the way he perceives everyday things. Scotts Square titled “Marine Fantastic: An Illustrated Introduction to Crustaceans”. and Peacock Mantis Shrimp. I started illustrating sea creatures has said in interviews that when he looks at a while I was working on a travel magazine in bird. art directors and interesting subject to illustrate than fish. He days. draw. too. paper .which helps. For me. based derives from on depictions of shellfish. 3(23/( WU YANRONG Her illustrations of marine life were the TOP (FAR LEFT) Illustrator TOP & BOTTOM talk of town when they were featured Wu Yanrong’s The artist gives her LOCAL ILLUSTRATOR’S in the window displays of luxury French first solo subjects endearing exhibition was nicknames. storyboard artists. since I don’t sketch before I paint. the home-grown graphic Gallery last year. come to adopt. and crustaceans specifically? Who have inspired you as an illustrator? I’ve always loved the sea. at K+ Gallery at their behaviour or appearance. that she designer held her first solo exhibition. the peculiar shapes of the I also like to study the works of French various crustaceans make them a more and Japanese animators. such FIRST SOLO EXHIBITION label Hermes’ Takashimaya outlet last held at K+ as Pompom Crab year. he doesn’t look at the details. Why the fascination with sea creatures. such as Masaaki Yuasa Their shapes also make them easier to and Yuichi Yokoyama. and I wanted a particular story on outline and shape – a way of seeing that I have fishes to be illustrated. but at its university. NOW Watch Yanrong paint a mural in K+ Gallery in our time-lapse video. Their works are very 30 . Recently.

TO SEE MORE OF YANRONG’S WORKS. VISIT WWW. including the original artworks. in which we are a mix of Asian in terms of ethnic identity. This very much reflects the Singaporean condition.CO. It is a dream of mine to art-direct an animation film in the future. where every stroke means something. and Western. But then I thought my brush strokes might give away some indication of who I am because I learnt it from Chinese painting. At the same time. my answer was no. BOTTOM Limited-edition prints of her illustrations are available for sale. text ISABELLE TOW photos HERMES & K+ CURATORIAL SPACE 31 . experimental and adventurous. LEFT & FAR LEFT One of the five window displays Yanrong designed for Hermes.WUYANRONG. because we haven’t developed a very strong identity in art that is instantly recognisable as undeniably or inimitably Singaporean. in terms of our influences. especially in their use of colour and methods of composition. my medium (or paint) is Western. BELOW Yanrong uses a variety of tools to create her illustrations. Do you think your art is uniquely Singaporean? Initially.

“sound are responding to studies that show that as interior design”. they would want to live with. and are pieced together as you can replicate. it belongs among the ranks of BeoSound Shape set in interior spaces. because it space’s bad acoustics. #01-05 10 SCOTTS ROAD. But after launching Anders Buchmann. What does the BeoSound Shape discovered a problem when he used represent to the B&O brand? our BeoPlay A9 speaker. Shape addresses that problem with its built. which he also The BeoSound Shape is set apart from ANDERS BUCHMANN designed. as it evens out There is nothing quite like the interruptive noises from phones. The designer. The BeoSound interior design”. Each of The subtly designed music system level of customisation that has never been these DNA products were progressive in is composed of 3-D. which is “sound as TECH SPECIALIST BANG & OLUFSEN speakers’ sound quality.BANG-OLUFSEN. a dampener was belongs to a category that didn’t even exist CHIEF INTRAPRENEUR OF PREMIUM needed to absorb noise to improve the before it was created. “DNA products”. in his studio. upholstered experienced before with our products. audio invention. Who was the BeoSound Shape chief intrapreneur at Bang & Olufsen conceived for? FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE BEOSOUND (B&O). Why the hexagonal shape? distinguished B&O products that we call it’s not uncommon to squint and ask: The hexagon is a naturally occurring shape. having background music in office spaces improves productivity. fall between our younger market for OR VISIT WWW. Because of the other products by the brand. the product. More companies in B&O’s audio systems . We speak to Anders Buchmann. part of a space’s interior design. and the older. marries design and engineering in such a When looking at pictures of the unique way. 3(23/( its origin. which include our 1980s’ “Wait. featuring technology component. so where are the speakers?” The designer’s vision was to achieve a record player. to find out more about this novel Our initial target group was those who SHAPE AT B&O’S GRAND HYATT SHOWROOM. that they are novel products which people hexagonal tiles that each house a specific The tiles’ shape allows infinite variations would move towards. NOW ABOVE Bang & Olufsen’s BeoPlay. Oivind Alexander Slaatto.COM. the Beogram 4000. 32 text ISABELLE TOW photos BANG & OLUFSEN . we’ve learned that the LEFT BeoSound Shape has a lot of potential in The BeoSound Shape occupies the business-to-business market. well-heeled chief intrapreneur market for B&O. chatter BeoSound Shape – tell us about and movement. like an original category in offices and hotels. Considering how it seamlessly in dampeners.

so that she can reminisce the times she had here. functional wares for the masses – was lacking. When Michelle and Seok Har entered the See page 22. as they have the LIM & to the environment they are in. the MICHELLE and give a sense of warmth and familiarity boss said she understands.We visited the studio! See how Michelle and Seok Har work. too. AND VISIT THE STUDIO (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY) AT 85 MAUDE ROAD. text ELIZA HAMIZAH photos MUD ROCK CERAMICS 33 . we believe pottery enhances your life in the same way you enjoy hearing birds sing or watching the sun set. Have your workshops changed the public’s perception of pottery? We can safely say that all our students leave photography DARREN CHANG makeup URBAN DIVINE their first pottery class with a heightened sense of appreciation for the ceramics they use. people in Jalan Besar. The details and nuance found in members. bao for our opening day. we designed a tea set that’s to be carried like a tingkat. While it may seem insignificant. local ceramics scene. in the 1800s. coffeeshop folk. were very curious about us – a pottery studio in the midst of hardware shops What’s the appeal of handmade ceramics? and karaoke bars. CHECK OUT MUD ROCK CERAMICS AT WWW. They’ll send us photos of unique pieces they spot here and overseas. a studio that not only produces its own glazes and accepts commissions. but gives community talks about the local dragon kiln and conduct pottery classes as well.MUDROCKCERAMICS. a place for the in-between – beautiful.COM. When we explained the process them allow you to relate to the products. Since Asians and the English are avid tea drinkers. we … as well as for Queen Elizabeth II! FOUNDERS OF were a community of makers producing and What was the concept behind it? MUD ROCK CERAMICS exporting millions of ceramic pots! We wanted the piece to represent the story of Queen Elizabeth and Singapore. NG SEOK HAR an interest in Singapore’s oft-forgotten relationship with pottery. such as the appreciate the elegance of ceramics. they’ve set up Mud Rock Ceramics. There’s also exact same process with their handmade bao. We ordered their handmade 3(23/( Handmade ceramics have a certain sensibility. To fill the gap. and they came by to differentiating them from mass-produced order customised cups for their staff and family crockery. What is the Mud Rock style? We heard you’ve even made pieces for Contemporary. they realised that while highbrow ceramic sculptures were in museums and there was no shortage of low-tech pottery craft for kids. and how the pieces would not be identical. TEL: 6291-1186. Our customers are your Jalan Besar neighbours… well-travelled yet modest folk who Yes.

a through the doors of Raffles Hotel. and what Raffles Hotel stands for in its culture. while respecting the existing architecture. from other restoration partners on the project celebrities to political figures. NOW Many renowned personalities. the hotel understated luxury. sound-proofed windows and lighting. but it also serves as a passageway to the guest rooms. from countries such an antique gramophone as Italy. while accommodating the need for “When Raffles Hotel is an element of people to move through the area. interior designer Alexandra For example. colonial and tiered. and elements such as the antique first questions? light switches.” been there forever. including Singapore-based architectural conservation the late Michael Jackson and Queen specialist. including the signature When introduced to the Raffles Hotel tripartite parlour. This ABOVE & BOTTOM RIGHT design is aimed at addressing the sense of TOP RIGHT Woven through the Alexandra shares: renewed space place. opened in 1887. as though they and the grandfather the US. For me. Studio Lapis. what were your layout. bar and the restaurant. bathroom 3(23/( restoration project. sleeping area. France and modern but appropriate. it has Peranakan influences that reflect the heritage of Singapore. We added improved fresh perspective in the refurbished space. Not only is it both a lobby and a sitting area. We worked closely with 34 text DOMENICA TAN photos RAFFLES HOTEL SINGAPORE . but preserved the heritage and colonial vibe of the space. reception. the suites are Champalimaud – founder of award-winning designed to reminisce the past. innately belong in the building and have clock located in the grand lobby. reopens. have walked like heritage consultant. Tiffin Room. including the leathers sourced The changes that I brought were both Steinway grand piano. What is one of the most important spaces in the building? I believe the most important and fundamental part of the hotel is the experience of the arrival. The facade is glorious. C H A M PA L I M A U D Singapore. the most important element when approaching this project was RAFFLES HOTEL IS SET TO REOPEN IN THE ALEXANDRA to honour and respect the culture of SECOND HALF OF THIS YEAR. will have more than brought to life by 100 pieces of antique classic palettes and What are some strategies you put in place furniture that would an array of antique- photo DOMENICA TAN have been carefully style fabrics and to ensure the old and new will marry well? restored. What is its culture? Where did its influences come from? We carried out DESIGNER OF RAFFLES extensive research to understand the true HOTEL’S RESTORATION personality of Singapore. while interior design firm Champalimaud Design still being contemporary in the way they – gamely rose to the challenge of creating a are built and function. The lobby consists of a large atrium complete with a skylight and columns. With such a rich history and retains the charm and ambience that is heritage to be preserved since the hotel first unique to Raffles Hotel. to ensure that the final look Elizabeth II.

And the Red Dot Design Awards and iF KITCHEN & BATH bathrooms here are getting smaller. including FOR KOHLER CO. It has been 3(23/( Compared to our US market. appealing about this part of the world? influences our designs. and this. Singapore. Indonesia and Thailand our host of global awards. The bowl will also be deodorised. Designed like I like the way art is integrated so an intimate art gallery. Without it. AT 52/56 PECK SEAH STREET. which item would happening in this region next year? you recommend? Asian consumers are very tech-savvy and Our showering systems are so diverse often find ways to make everyday processes that I’m sure we can satisfy most more streamlined. modern design styles that leave room helped stimulate fresh and inspiring for personal additions and character. we wouldn’t have GROUP PRESIDENT see pockets in China. Kohler Experience Center? Taipei and. our Asia-Pacific central to the Kohler brand since the customers are more oriented towards 1970s. ABOVE RIGHT Kohler’s Avid The Sensis faucet series won Intelligent Toilet a Red Dot Design features a water Award in 2015. the KEC in Tanjong seamlessly in almost every themed Pagar showcases the brand’s bath and kitchen suite on the first floor. There’s a growing our factories – the exchange of industry interest. that prefer classical designs. What’s the world around us. If a homeowner can purchase only What trends and ideas do you see one Kohler item. is our contribution to VISIT THE KOHLER EXPERIENCE CENTER this development. who shares with us why art is so a heritage building further adds to its important to Kohler and the bathroom trends uniqueness and symbolism. Kohler’s Asia tour in August saw the opening of What’s your favourite part of the Kohler Experience Centers (KEC) in Bangkok. especially in the younger generation. text ELIZA HAMIZAH photos KOHLER 35 . inspiring capture our passion for the arts in a homeowners to merge art and functionality in very natural way. in turn. knowledge and creative ideas has LARRY YUEN in clean. water for washing. It’ll guarantee them a and Kohler Konnect. so there’s definitely a trend consumer needs – from water-saving to of incorporating technology into the bathroom. The fact that it’s housed in is Larry Yuen. One of the people responsible is by far one of the best and most for bringing Kohler to the Asia-Pacific region inspiring. Hundreds of artists have visited contemporary designs. for filtration system its elegant and that ensures pure ergonomic form. finally. so we are Design Award. working on innovative space-saving solutions. The KEC in Singapore the bathroom. to look out for in 2018. recommend that. We do solutions. though. fully fledged spa-like functions – so I’d Our newly launched Sensis Intelligent Toilet. What role does art play in Kohler? You’ve built the Kohler brand in the Art opens up new ways of looking at Asia-Pacific successfully. which allows consumers showering experience like no other.. We managed to fittings in stylish yet familiar settings. as well as sanitised with antibacterial solution after each use. to manage their Kohler bathroom products through their phones.

with interesting views of the city. fixtures and hanging a textural effect to the goes beyond aesthetics. glass bottles. Its appeal a sense of place and cultural relevance. a At restaurant Grains & Hops and the extends to the areas. like modern and fun up to panoramic vibe. With The lobby has a Each room opens wallcoverings. privacy and cosiness. were subtlely incorporated into a selection of exclusively designed lighting fixtures. ABOVE. features incorporated into the design. Aside from dark wood of materials from wood-look flooring. as well backlit cutout screens. which with modern furniture pieces that keep the FAR RIGHT aim to add to travellers’ convenience. Yotel In each of the 610 rooms. and couches with fluid silhouettes. customised ABOVE (OPPOSITE) Functional design TOP Singapore marks the brand’s debut into Asia wallpaper featuring Peranakan. with high-tech These quirky and unique details are paired shelves filled with space. 36 . the overall look.and installations at Grains The Peranakan- with its signature interiors inspired by first. powder-coated cooler colour scheme was chosen by the club lounge on Level 10. Singapore-related motifs are used to create & Hops include the inspired floor tiles at eye-catching lighting the lift lobby introduce class airline travel experiences. chairs designs such as these finishes. locally inspired elements a careful curation of furnishings. 287 YOTEL SINGAPORE A HIGH-TECH BOUTIQUE HOTEL WITH FUN AND MODERN INTERIORS As the newest hotel on Orchard Road. and white and grey textured powder-coated wire mesh panels. hotel looking contemporary and fun. NOW &+(&. to TOP LEFT BOTTOM RIGHT laminates. including upholstery and floor tiles. LEFT Despite the open- Design curation concept seating With purple as the corporate colour. there is a hint selection of steel screens help tableware used at demarcate spaces for design team at DP Design to complement of an industrial-chic aesthetic with a mix the restaurant.

mix of delicious In the small yet highly functional cabins. Situated in a prime locale along one of the world’s most famous shopping streets. There are even robots. aim to offer travellers comfort and convenience. or enjoy a fuss-free and intuitive experience via self-service kiosks. With the hotel’s tech-forward services. text DOMENICA TAN photography TAN WEI TE art direction LIM YI LING 37 .YOTEL. in this 30-storey property. ironing board and multi-power points all in one. outdoor terrace and gym. Aside from dining and recreational facilities like the pool. These spaces open up to panoramic views of the city through full-height glass windows. the space exudes an inviting ambience. you’ll be in for a luxurious experience VISIT YOTEL SINGAPORE AT 366 ORCHARD ROAD. Yotel guests can choose between the conventional check-in process at the lobby. water bottles or hangers.COM. which can independently navigate the hotel spaces so guests can order amenities such Yotel’s Grains & as towels. too. which combines a smart TV. while natural daylight penetrates the interiors. and have Hops serves up a them delivered directly to the rooms. incorporate technology. WWW. Yotel’s signature See page 22. skewered meats there are innovative and fun designs that and seafood. rice bowls. as a touch of greenery. adjustable bed and “technowall”. there are also co-working spaces and private booths that can double as informal meeting areas.

Since its establishment in 2005. NOW After spending over a decade in Tanglin shopping centre. This gallery relocation and expansion is a testimony of Yang Gallery’s commitment to widen its representation of artists from more diverse backgrounds. With Singapore as an investment hub and the increased promotion of the local art scene by the government. paintings and 100cm by 100cm. canvas. #01-11.000sqf space on the first floor of The Shopping Gallery at Hilton hotel. cross-over collaborations. 38 text ISABELLE TOW photos YANG GALLERY . and positioning itself in urban areas to make such artworks more accessible. 30cm by 40cm. YA N G G A L L E R Y EXPANSION ABOVE The gallery is OF THE LOCAL dedicated to CONTEMPORARY showcasing internationally ART GALLERY recognised artists’ exhibitions. &+(&. regional and European artists. Tamen. and commercial events. One such artist is French contemporary abstract painter Andre Nadal. Oil on and Zhao Limin. VISIT YANG GALLERY AT THE SHOPPING 287 GALLERY HILTON. RIGHT Andre Nadal. a capacious 2. On display are Oil on canvas. TOP BW231216. sculptures by artists such as FAR RIGHT Lin Xin. the gallery’s mission remains sourcing for high-quality contemporary fine art. as well as representing local. Jeff Koons. His monochromatic art pieces are composed of floating geometric shapes and perspective drawings that resemble computer-aided design – the result of the strong influence his training in industrial design has on his art. Managing director Susannah Yang shares that with its expansion. 581 ORCHARD ROAD. Yang Gallery is well placed to serve the predicted growth of Asian artists in the years to come. Yang Gallery has become known as a reputable art gallery with a special focus on contemporary Chinese artists such as Yue Minjun and artist collective Tamen. Yang Gallery recently moved to its new home. Water.

construction + project management designed spaces connect lives The Orange Cube Pte Ltd 14 Arumugam Road #01-03 . www.theorangecube. Singapore 409959 . (MacPherson MRT Exit 'B') Tel: (65) 6337 7277 . www.facebook. .com/theorangecube . LTC Building C .interiors + design consultancy .com .

40 text ISABELLE TOW photos KEEPERS PLAYSHOP . such as An armchair hand. carrying handpicked Singapore fashion. Klarra. Keepers started out in 2011 as a quarterly themed showcase within her atelier. See page 22. Carolyn says that “workshops The Keepers Fashion Gallery. also known as Mightyellow. keep an eye out for that designed by Onlewo. which will present LEFT a contemporary interpretation of Chinese The backdrop of weddings.KEEPERS. A PERMANENT HOME Shoppers who appreciate uncommon and FOR THE LOCAL artisanal goods will be spoilt for choice. such as in qipao designs and the kids’ corner is a wallpaper feature wall heirloom jewellery. which designs printed scarves. and shop.STUDIO. and Binary Style. So. and features local fashion labels such as Klarra better understand designers’ inspiration and The Missing Piece. NOW Take a peek at Keepers Playshop as explore the space in a video. and the Keepers Playshop’s slew of workshops and showcases throughout the year! VISIT KEEPERS PLAYSHOP AT #01-01 NATIONAL DESIGN CENTRE. hence its name’s referencing of the dual aspects of play &+(&. Conceived by jewellery designer Carolyn Kan of Carrie K. furnishings and food. The Playshop is a concept store comprising hands-on experiences and retail. with PL AY S H O P goods that were ideal stocking fillers. and painted with the Queen of the Night leathersmithing by Kultskins. Items and activities are curated to a 287 theme that changes every two months so that customers will always find new discoveries. and workshops such as decorative wreath-making. brush pen calligraphy by Nehohmee. is available “Modern Heirlooms” in time for Chinese for sale at Keepers. You can sign up online for ABOVE workshops held all year round. which occasionally sprang up as pop-up stores. The first theme upon its opening in November K E E PE R S last year was fittingly “Festive Playshop”. flower by Adeline The Playshop will change its theme to Tan. an appreciation for craftsmanship. such as Ling Wu. as over DESIGN COLLECTIVE 40 designers and craftsmen are represented. located in the National Design Centre. a pop-up space were created so that our guests can grow facing Victoria Street.. On the new experiential aspects of the TOP Playshop. Paper In My Attic and Tresse. OR WWW. There are also Keepers exclusive labels like chocolate maker Fossa Chocolate. New Year this month. 111 MIDDLE ROAD. Keepers has now evolved into its own permanent multi-label store known as Keepers Playshop. and processes”.

but The Capella’s latest addition to its hospitality projects in Shanghai – the Jian Ye Li estate – meets both requirements. gym. from one. JIAN YE LI 41 . The Capella the walls are complemented with silk between the exterior furnishings in the Shanghai. a cosy ambience fills heritage building and natural landscape the space. AT WWW. the building looks serve as places of respite. text DOMENICA TAN photos THE CAPELLA SHANGHAI. 287 SHANGHAI CAPELL A SHANGHAI.000sqf. which specialises in designing In the suites. where they can unassuming. a from various parts of China. as lends it a welcoming facilities that include 55 villas ranging well as handwoven carpets. Yet. wainscoted panels on ABOVE TOP LEFT The stark contrast The furniture and luxury hotels worldwide. of land that stretches over 46. metal legs and button-upholstered old-world charm.COM/SHANGHAI. from the various parts of the resort also From the outside. Jian Ye Li is the and exposed architectural roof beams answer to every modern traveller’s search overhead. NOW &+(&. and does so in an extremely stylish way. details and materials such as wrought hotel a touch of for their Chinese- accented townhouses on a sprawling plot iron. Throughout the resort. Its earthy colour palette is of creeper plants that now dress the brick complete with intricately designed. brick and stone. spa.CAPELLAHOTELS. JIAN YE LI with French-inspired features. rattan and fabric. design team adapted traditional Chinese elements and married them VISIT THE CAPELLA SHANGHAI. are sourced ambience and understated appeal. and chairs The neutral colour palette in the lobby and preserved. Designed by interior design company Blink. the for a luxurious yet old-world experience. locally sourced wood-carved screens The Capella three-bedroom suites. pool and a restaurant and bar Intermediate spaces that lead guests by Michelin-star chef Pierre Gagnaire. Hardwood side tables. walls on the facade. JIAN YE LI AN ULTRA-LUXURIOUS HOTEL ON A HISTORICAL SITE Combining modern luxury with traditional architectural heritage is no easy feat. and French-inspired elements. while the furnishings include and interior designs rooms are carefully gives this modern curated and chosen to be three-storey. Jian Ye Li sits in what used wallpaper. headboards often seen in elegant French BELOW With the facade carefully restored homes. as you step into the appreciate the architectural design of the salon-style lobby. the building now houses made using wood.

and wall frescoes within cusped arches are some of the beautiful interior touches of the Amarsar restaurant. 42 . and the kingdom of Jaipur against Tudor and cusped arches. now resides – a 59 rooms and suites from this combined space of two former old-world structure. architects behind the project. NOW Overlooking the Aravalli mountain renovation took seven years. carving out Amarsar. boutique hotel. took warrior fort that seems to have pains to preserve its original organically risen out of the hill Jaipur Gharana architectural that it sits on. Materials for its adaptive February. 287 INDIA ALIL A FORT BISHANGARH LUXURY BOUTIQUE HOTEL HOUSED IN A WARRIOR FORT TOP ABOVE The Tudor The relaxation area entrance arch of Spa Alila enjoys leading up to the a panoramic view hotel sets the of the surrounding historical tone landscape. invaders from the north. for guests. Fort Bishangarh is an imposing STHAPATYA Architects. RIGHT Marble pillars. royal quarters of Rajasthani Recently completed in kings. the restoration and reconstruction were also &+(&. the These features are fort was recently conserved and encapsulated in the space adaptively reused by Alila as a where the main restaurant. Over two centuries elements. The range in Jaipur. characterised by old and having long outlived intricate lattice stone screens its original purpose to guard (known as jaali screens). Rajasthan.

luxurious banquet lawns. lounges and creative spaces for dining and meetings. fitness centre. so that the hotel belongs wholly to its setting. interwoven with native Rajasthani elements such as jaali screens. old- style doors and hand block printed fabric. bar.COM/FORTBISHANGARH.ALILAHOTELS. RIGHT. About an hour’s drive south-west of Jaipur. RIGHT. such as the pool. built-in bathtubs and large daybeds. and kids’ club Play Alila. There are also spaces dedicated to relaxation in the Haveli. a stay at this luxury hotel is bound to give you an exquisite taste of how kings of old once lived in the FOR MORE INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS. VISIT WWW. BELOW Elegant arches and soft furnishings make an inviting corridor sitting area. While the heritage of the building has been painstakingly preserved. text ISABELLE TOW photos ALILA FORT BISHANGARH 43 . BOTTOM The Grand Royal Heritage Suite is a neat picture of uncluttered interiors. cellars and secret passages have been turned into bars. Turrets. sourced locally – from the stone floors and textiles to lightings and furniture.RIGHT The infinity pool on the terrace faces the pristine and lush greenery of Jaipur. monumental fort. its facilities have been updated with modern comforts and conveniences – all rooms come with expansive bathrooms.

Contaminated air your phone and have it pick is drawn into the ceramic up any suspicious noise core and destroyed at AIRF RE E ’S RANGE with its three microphones. but a clean and free of bacteria. humidity.S G. NOW Woven Aesthetics Hoping to give your home a new look in 2018? Drop by Ethnicraft for some inspiration. no Equipped with Bluetooth S TARTS F ROM radiation. black and natural rattan. a levitating to clean your air purifiers 360-degree camera and again! Airfree’s range of air all-in-one smart-home hub purifiers can destroy up to by tech start-up 1-Ring. chemical or toxins Smart and Z-Wave. The woven chairs collection — Blend. to any modern home. oak and walnut furniture and furnishings. combination of these two? and don’t worry about having The Moon. AND are released during this G O TO WWW. Known for its teak. 44 .C OM. Reach For The Moon We’ve seen gravity-defying speakers. is 99 per cent airborne mould. temperature. With pieces available in #02-01 TAN BOON LIAT BU ILD ING. Sidd and Spin — respects the S E E TH E S E CANE -LINE P IE C E S traditional craft and natural materials. What’s more. Breathe In definitely jumped on the Keep your home sparkling smart-home trend. OF AIR P U RIF IE RS high temperatures. too. mites and dust the camera direction from allergens.NET IS AVAILABLE AT FOR M O R E INFO R MAT IO N. P RIC E S S TART AT $ 325. AU D IO and Apple Homekit. and $ 398 TO $ 858. a new one. they add an organic touch E TH NIC RAF T-ONLINE . white. Belgian brand Ethnicraft launched a range of rattan pieces from Danish design retailer Cane-line to add to its collection. H WE E S E NG requires no maintenance. Google Assistant NORMAN. H AC H I purification cycle is silent and TE C H ONLINE . with designs that AT E TH NIC RAF T S H OWROOMS AT combine comfort and aesthetics. OR WWW. CO2 and light sensors.1-R ING . as the system is filter-less. H ARVE Y process. Lean. 315 OU TRAM ROAD . the H OU S E . You can control viruses. Moon also integrates ONLINE AND QOO10. and have Now. the air Alexa. compatible with Amazon P OP U LAR.

from Departures & P ROC E SS AT WWW. FI N D O UT M O RE Water flow from the mixer can then be turned AT HAN SGRO HE  SHOW RO O M . reach corners of the basin. in Singapore. $182. Arrivals. like kettles and toasters. to offer homeowners a more intuitive way of working in the kitchen space. AND C OU RTS ME GAS TORE . ROBINS ONS . AND OTH E R E LE CTRICAL into the bottom pot. and is separated from the tap. the brand has designed a water control unit that is placed at the front right-hand side of the sink rim. from Vitra by Grafunkt. $670. The highlight of this anticipated launch is the Epebo vacuum coffee maker. 4 Lemnos WATC H TH E C OF F E E -MAKING Trio White clock. W W W. Kitchen Conveniences Hansgrohe’s latest range of kitchen accessories is aimed at combining design and function.BOD U M. 45 . from Vitra by Grafunkt. and switch the maker on. ME TRO. TANGS . ARE AVAILABLE AT $530. allows you to watch this happen. AP P LIANC E S . attach the upper pot. TH IS . CO M .C OM. coffee runs down the filter and back 1 Alessi Time Maze wall clock designed by Daniel Libeskind. incorporated into the mixer so you can easily HAN SGRO HE.  Boiling water will rise and mix with the ground coffee. There’s even a pull-out spray SULTAN ROAD . fill it with ground coffee. 28 5 3.&. too! Simply pour water into the bottom pot. which promises to brew users the perfect cuppa – and thanks to the clear and hardy borosilicate glass.6 Clocks  The Perfect Brew Fans of Danish kitchenware brand  Bodum can finally get their hands on its electrical appliances. while delicious TH E BOD U M E P E BO VAC U U M C OF F E E MAKE R RE TAILS FOR $ 369. 3 Fan clock designed by George Nelson. To achieve this. 2 Ceramic clock designed by George Nelson. This new Hansgrohe Metris Select two-hole kitchen mixer has an ergonomically shaped lever handle that can be switched to your desired temperature and water volume. from Bibliotek. and kept that way throughout. $299. SG. on or off by simply pressing the Select button 6 9 M O HAM ED on the spout.

Among the pages are an abundance of detailed interior photographs. a Brazilian-style villa and even a peaceful retreat disguised as an old shed. The Dartagan series comprises an armchair.C OM. NOW %22. these artisans illustrate their passion for exploring fresh ways to inject new life into old interiors through industrial designs with a modern twist. Editions’ Dartagnan chair. Measuring only 69cm by 42cm.110 FOR TH E F U LL-S IZE D be hassle-free. will charm you with its simple and fluid form. No-frills Grill The Q Series gas grills by Weber aim to make grilling accessible to even space- challenged apartments. as well as Q&A sessions with up-and.5(9. and no Q3200. AND U P TO Barbecue nights will now $ 1. chair and stool. AVAILABILITY Find it on Amazon or from Lannoo Publishing. including a repurposed barn.(: TITLE In The Rough PUBLISHER Lannoo Publishing PRICE $33.96 REVIEW Get acquainted with new faces in the design world as artisans from around the globe share their inspiration behind modern interiors made of raw materials. by making them compact enough to fit on balconies. guided by design blogger Irene Schampaert. AT ALL AU TH ORIZE D WE BE R D E ALE RS . the grill’s lid and sides can be folded into its body.” comes in oak and walnut options. F IND TH E C H AIR AT AF F LU E NCY GALLE RY (BY AP P OINTME NT ONLY) AT #11-03 TWE NTYONE ANGU ILLA PARK. homes with barbecue pits! 46 . The 208-page volume. bar stool. longer the preserve of only VIS IT WWW. summed up in Coco Chanel’s quote: Upholstered in buttery smooth saddle leather. such as Not one for complicated flourishes and garish Montreal-based artist-architect embellishments? The understated design of Haymann David Umemoto.WE BE R. Subtle Beauty coming names in the industry. by French designer Toni The essence of this book is aptly Grilo. yet large enough TH E WE BE R Q S E RIE S GRILLS to roast a whole chicken. In the book. will highlight outstanding projects. RE TAIL F ROM $ 470 FOR TH E C OMPACT Q1000. this “An interior is the natural projection of seat is bolstered with a solid frame structure that the soul.

ISABELLE TOW & MARIE QUEK 47 . CO M . C H E C K OU T F RE C C IA I I AN D SCUD O AT OM. text YOUNG LIM. Hong Kong-founded sofa brand brass. and beige. FIND O UT M OR E AT H T T P : / /SG . A N D AT A UT HO R ISED DEAL ER S. green. has launched 16 designs from tables and chairs to shelving and desks in its 2018 collection.CO M. the Pivot T3456 “shield” in Italian). modern minimalism such as onyx and aged style. Collective Studio. L A G E R M A N IA’ S PR IMA FR EE-STANDING C O OK E R S R E TA IL FO R $3. The table was and features an arrowhead-shaped designed in collaboration stitching pattern. With a tabletop in Kelvin Giormani has released the onyx and an aged brass Freccia II and Scudo (“arrow” and frame. Modern Living and even explores the With an aim to imbue homes with tactility of new materials the European. WWW. LE VE L 8.G H YC ZY. founded by established designer Peter Ghyczy. Designed to offer greater energy efficiency with ovens and worktops. white. and has an CO M. 16 TAI SEN G STREET. The Freccia II is clad dining table sees the in leather and has a curved body that two materials elegantly allows for creative configurations.HO M E. DOMENICA TAN. these stylish cookers also come with powerful gas burners and a large 142-litre electric oven.188 AT #02-32/33 CA P ITA L M A R K E TING SHOWR O O M.L AG ER MANIA. Italian brand La Germania recently launched a range of brightly coloured free-standing cookers that come in brilliant shades of red. ergonomic high back and low legs. TE L: 6235-0777.Pop Art Pizzazz Discerning homeowners are moving away from cold-looking kitchens filled with industrial steel surfaces. 9 TAG O R E L A N E . the Prima Series cookers have an avant garde appeal with a minimalist aesthetic. blue. Scudo sports a VIEW T H E F U LL with Amsterdam-based graceful silhouette modelled after CO L L ECTION AT WWW. Inspired by the world of pop art. ELIZA HAMIZAH. This range gives special attention to materials. Furniture Matter The Netherlands-based furniture brand Ghyczy. paired. swords and shields. If you are thinking of adding a bold dose of colour to your cooking space.O M .

THE BE S T OF LOCA L TA LEN T S AT DUO RE SIDENCE S Designed by architect Ole Scheeren of The Interlace-fame and a stone’s throw from Kampong Glam. Take a video tour of the showflats with our editor. See page 22. Duo Residences is the taller of two towers that form Duo. 48 . Young. a premier integrated development by M+S. Two established local designers were invited to furnish a show unit each – furniture designer Gabriel Tan for a three-bedroom unit. and multidisciplinary design firm Farm for a four-bedder. Bespoke furniture by the interior designer includes this marble dining table and bench.

LEFT A cork wallcovering facing the study desk in the second bedroom offers an interesting textured aesthetic. Most of the furniture were custom- made by the designer. with a few hand-picked pieces from Edsbyn Sweden. LEFT BELOW A caramel sofa The wood tones from Edsbyn sits of wall-mounted right at home in shelves arranged at the living room. table. The feature wall of Bianco BOTTOM Carrara marble The long kitchen adds a touch of is fitted with ample luxury to the space. the bright and contemporary unit is a picture of sophistication. shelving and built-in cabinetry. Contemporary Luxe Gabriel rendered his 1. BELOW. staggered heights coupled with a warm the look of Staffan Holm coffee the room. Staffan Holm and Lignet Roset. to dark browns and desaturated greens in the bedrooms. 49 .528sqf unit in comforting earthy tones that range from light hues such as whitened oak in the living space. Designed for a grown-up family of three.

of The Duo. grey wallpaper with a gentle gradient. 50 . TOP LEFT BOTTOM LEFT The undulating Framed mirror ceiling of whitened art. of the bedroom. can panels mimic the be found around wave-like facade the apartment. like this one oak-timber above the bed. BOTTOM RIGHT Daring floor-to- LEFT ceiling windows The herringbone in the bathroom wood panel afford priceless feature wall views overlooking deepens the mood Marina Bay. connecting the spaces and ABOVE underscoring the The study is fluid lines of the covered in warm architecture.

Dark Beauty Compared to the first apartment. this 1. Accentuating the sensual vibes of the home is Italian-made furniture from brands such as Maxalto and Poliform. and their adult child.A Gallotti & Radice Bolle chandelier lamp illuminates the intimate dining space. including the Maxalto sofa.927sqf unit was conceptualised for a middle- aged couple who enjoy hosting dinners. 51 . creating an alluringly moody and handsome interior space. the colour palette of this four-bedroom unit has deeper tones of brown and black. beside which a walk-in cellar has been built for easy access to spirits. and floor lamp by Serge Mouille. lounger and coffee table. director of Farm. Dining chairs from Poliform. BELOW The living room features a refined range of furniture. Designed by Selwyn Low.

living space. ABOVE TOP RIGHT The floor-to-ceiling An artwork by local Timber strips windows open up artist Tan Wyn-Lyn flanking the bed the study. the bedroom. and offer is the centre imbue a feeling two stunning views of focus in the of privacy in of the city. 52 .

RIGHT A Lindsey Furniture in the Adelman lamp study includes a graces the foldable leather peninsula sink tabletop desk by counter in the Classicon. LEFT BELOW. chairs by Cassina. and dry kitchen. caramel panelled wall and wood tones behind the bed create a sanctuary brings about a for rest. LEFT BOTTOM The padded Cream. BELOW. sense of calm. text ISABELLE TOW photos M+S 53 .

We report on plane-filling-curve panel system. FEATURE HOUSE PROUD ABOVE & LEFT A close-up look Maison & Objet. made in satellite events across the city. pavilion featured the world’s first consultants and influencers from facade to use a around the world. Ulu Centric Dining Table. 54 . decoration and home design. interior collection. BELOW returned to Paris and asserted The WOHAbeing its attractiveness among buyers. the international of the Turtle rendezvous for professionals easy chair. from the WOHAbeing of the art of living. floats over the near you soon. the most exciting trends and creations at the show and its BOTTOM RIGHT Oli44. collaboration with which will be appearing in stores WonderGlass.

the studio commemorated its first Starting from the manufacturing brass. Available in cobalt. with a preview of contemporary furniture through art de vivre. Each piece finish in either red copper leaf is unique and forms part of or antique bronze-patinated a playful landscape. Sebastian Herkner’s pure decorating inspiration for the year ahead. process of cast iron. the UK and Switzerland. 1 2 1 Brut sofa by Magis. the latest edition of Maison & Objet Paris announced positive results with encouraging perspectives for the months ahead. Konstantin old metalworking know-how new design brand WOHAbeing. coloured aluminium with an interior and/or silvered glass. 55 . in smoked varnished are made of hand-blown. Proclaimed Designer of the Year Asia.811 exhibitors from 64 countries.419 visitors (slightly less than half of them were foreigners). 2 Voyelle console table for Pouenat Ferronnier. home- 0LQLPDOLVW 0RGH grown architectural agency WOHA’s booth Forget extravagance and ornamentation – opt for simple forms stood out prominently with its intricately and uncluttered modernity that provide peace of mind. Belgium. notable products by established and up-and. 674 were new. demonstrating the show’s perpetual evolution and ability to offer a constantly renewed experience. the Netherlands. his refined. solid Brut sofa for fuchsia or lagoon in high or low coming brands. Awesome Tablescape collection of photo MAREK SWOBODA. composed of a clean sizes. There were 78. and the Europeans were out in full force with double- digit growth seen from Spain. Of the highlights at the show. merges centuries- participation at the fair by debuting its brand. Out of 2. and jars for Pulpo’s Fabulously The slim Voyelle console table. Germany.Following several seasons of conservative designs and pared-back looks. designed facade. WOHA by Tristan Auer for Pouenat eclectic decorative items (above) Ferronnier. Grcic translates the material’s with avant-garde design that Here’s a breakdown of the most important typical industrial uses to showcases the best of French trends coming your way. to provide you with some home Magis. photo PULPO Italy. cast iron frame adorned with an and vibrant Container vases unfussy fabric seat and back.

and each hand-blown in the Czech Republic. 5 B612 lamp by Henri Bursztyn. Designed by Karen Gilbert and Paul Pavlak. Celebrating the beauty and modernity of brass. Referencing curvier and rounder. 5RXQGHG)RUPV Exupery’s The Little Prince).or lavender-coloured glass layered with dripping pieces of molten clear glass that are given a sandblasted finish. The tops are then sliced off and polished to showcase the distinctive details of the layers. French LED lighting designer Henri Bursztyn melds poetry and cutting-edge technology in B612 (named after the asteroid in Antoine de Saint. contours are getting increasingly softer. or the three legs can be connected to become a single object. they can be pushed together and partially overlapped. Sklo Dew vessels (available in three shapes) are composed of opaque yellow. 3 3 Dew vessels by Sklo. Ghidini 1961’s Flowers coffee tables in a new shiny satin finish by Stefano Giovannoni come with tops shaped like brilliant blooms and circular feet. 4 Flower coffee tables by Ghidini 1961. 4 Believing that lights can bring out the true beauty of a place. a free-standing As organic shapes like spheres. an armillary sphere. 56 . four concentric rings pivot at 360-degree angles independently of 5 each other. Available in three heights. circles and arcs come or pendant lamp in wood or metal that into play. evokes planets and the cosmos.

steele and ultra-durable glosilk thread. enveloping objects invite users to sink into them to relax and unwind. emerald or green duck egg 6 Scenematic rug collection from showcases three rows of tassels running Andre Fu’s brand along the front and back of the velvet seat Tai Ping. while drawing inspiration from history’s most significant artistic periods. Porto-based Munna’s creations pay homage to craftsmanship and superior fabrics. its Fringes sofa in antique pink. subliminal cinematographic fashion to express fleeting images and impressions. these cocooning. with curved armrests. 7 &UHDWXUH &RPIRUWV Utterly soothing and reassuring. mohair. wool. linen. the idea having originated thanks to designers Alexis Verstraeten and Pauline Montironi’s long- distance relationship – during which they sent each other countless teddy bears. 7 Fringes sofa Handmade in Belgium. 30-piece limited-edition Miss Flamingo is 8 Miss Flamingo the result of vintage design chairs given chair by AP Collection. Tai Ping’s Scenematic rug collection was crafted in Xiamen and Nepal using silk. 57 . Designed by Hong Kong architect Andre Fu. cashmere. new life through premium-quality fur and a bunch of cuddly soft toys. thereby promoting well-being at home. Fun and 6 flirtatious. 8 steel blue. presenting flaneur-inspired scenic silhouettes of the geometry. lights and reflections of city life in sensual. AP Collection’s by Munna. fine lurex.

Twig New York’s Cutlery Collection in fine bone china and hand-painted 24-carat gold contains traces of the past with its embossed flatware shapes on the plates. blue. Coated in light grey or petrol blue matte paint – allowing the wood veins to appear – or natural oak veneer. 58 . 11 Harto’s Marius console table in solid oak and MDF. mugs and jugs resemble bent gold teaspoons. 11 6PDOO :RUOG In space-scarce and high-density Singapore. burgundy. The Week-End outdoor collection of seats and tables in black. these petite pieces are ideal for decorating areas that are limited in size. yellow or white by Studio Brichetziegler for Petite Friture showcases horizontal and vertical slats highlighting full and empty spaces. 10 Petite Friture’s Week-End outdoor 9 collection. 10 9 Twig New York’s Cutlery Collection in fine bone china is hand-painted with 24-carat gold. Inspired by old cutlery that Seoul-based ceramic artist Hayoon Kim found in a London flea market. Harto’s Marius console table in solid oak and MDF was designed by co-artistic director Pierre-Francois Dubois. which make a graphic and expressive statement. while the handles of tea cups.

where they felt the need to get closer to nature. sensuality and high fashion. 13 Corkwirl 3-D wallcovering by Gencork. Protecting plants with glass and putting them on a pedestal. Influenced by feminine curves and Greco-Roman style. Create a miniature garden with the Greenhouse lacquered solid ash terrarium (top left) by Atelier2+ for Design House Stockholm. merges boldness. shower and vanity in white Calacatta marble streaked with grey veins and gilt brassware. innovation and a wide range of artisanal skills. it was the result of the Thai design duo’s stay in Sweden. elegance. the Corkwirl 3-D pattern features wave-like. 14 LA Collection by Alexis Mabille for Jacob Delafon. generative design algorithms and advanced digital fabrication processes. fluid shapes. which invites nature indoors and borrows from the Scandinavian design tradition. La Collection (left). Inspired by nature and biomimetic systems. 12 13 1DWXUH V%RXQW\ Raw materials harvested from nature’s abundant garden are combined with technology. 14 Gencork presents a wallcovering solution (above) made from a 100-per-cent natural and sustainable expanded cork agglomerate. Uniting a low-tech material with excellent thermal and acoustic properties. French bath decor specialist Jacob Delafon gave Parisian couturier Alexis Mabille carte blanche to design his ideal bathroom. pink walls and grey alcoves are matched with soft shapes and clean lines. which includes a bathtub. text Y-JEAN MUN-DELSALLE 59 .12 Greenhouse lacquered solid ash terrarium by Atelier2+.

Modern workspaces feature unique spatial concepts that inspire and engage. you might not want to leave. 60 . These co-working spaces show us the future of work – some are so enticing. WORK WONDERS Creating an inspiring workspace is no longer just about having a fully stocked pantry or out-of-office activities.

spa and hairdresser Mei. 1 WOR K S PAC E BARDO WHY WE LOVE IT The idea for 1880. Wednesday Salons. flight bookings and mobile-phone repairs. to the 9m-long hot desk fashioned out of a salvaged wood beam. from the Cabinet of Curiosities where you’ll find antique collectibles. and a brass inlaid map of Singapore in the future on a marble table). cafe-bar The Double. Its iconic vintage. and more. a private members’ club. a photography ANGELA GUO art direction KAFFY TAN kaleidoscope-like tunnel.5-tonne crystal from Madagascar at the reception. politics. and are invited to join events like figure drawing. Bardo tenants must be members of 1880. While the space is filled with sensorial experiences and catalysts for collaborations (such as a 1. Aiming to facilitate similar conversations within an ecosystem of professionals – as well as blur the lines between work and play – Marc conceptualised a suite of facilities under 1880. tech support. and a multipurpose room for movie nights or pilates. 1880 and Bardo is the flagship project for Timothy Oulton Studio. See more of Bardo in our video tour.000sqf space. See page 22. the interior design arm of the British brand. of course. 61 .and gentleman- inspired style is evident throughout the 22. this includes the 54-seat co-working space Bardo. where people from different walks of life were invited to dinner to discuss art. economics. was born out of founder Marc Nicholson’s family tradition of Wednesday salon nights. only in our digital edition. it is also well-equipped with services like private storage. music nights and.

1 2 3 4 &+(&. Current tenants include Wavemaker Partners and Bolt. dining area. 62 . 1 Named The Gallery. named when the The Double Orchard Road. or the into a cosy private Members’ Lounge. as well as intellectually stimulating activities for both business and downtime.7 287 . Kerrie Brown. 2 These brass 4 The Bardo office banquettes are features a gorgeous rotated 180 degrees wallpaper. by changes its shift Australian designer from cafe to bar. .)• 3 you are looking for a daily dose of visual inspiration. this and social spaces like boardroom can Leonie’s restaurant easily transform and Mei Spa. 3 With an opulent this pathway connects floral wallpaper the two main spaces: and 10-seater Bardo (foreground) marble table.

The no-talking rule and Timothy Oulton’s Catnap sofa make it a safe place to recuperate from a hangover 5 A Timothy Oulton project is not complete without or a bad business call. which are clad in spitfire aluminium and upholstered in Chinese silk. It helps with the creativity. some antiquities. My own daily work habit? Too much red wine (laughs).5m-tall phone booths. The bar is studded with 360 vintage teapots! 6 This 9m-long reclaimed wood table was obtained from an old building! 5 7 Be sure to experience The Kaleidoscope. and the Recovery Room.027+<28/721 63 . but not so much in the Ÿ execution! œ 7 6 Check out Bardo at www. ž 1880 and Bardo is the combination of all our technical capabilities in one space. designed to give people a multi-sensorial experience. OUR FAVOURITE SPOT The unique 2. from work to food to play. an encased and mirror-clad escalator connecting Levels 2 and

cooking utensils. condiments and herbs including soya sauce. and another with two stations that have a strict “no pork. Fitted mostly with Smeg appliances. chilli sauce. no lard” policy — come complete with basic crockery. cinnamon and bay leaves. but have you heard of a co-cooking concept? Yes. there are two private kitchens available for rental. except you’re 3 renting a venue to have cookout sessions with your friends and family. There are also equipments such as sous vide machines. these areas take on a refined. the designers decked out the spaces around the eight main cooking stations with a light-wood palette with bronze accented fittings and lighting fixtures. waffle machines. 1 2 OUE SOCIAL KITCHEN WHY WE LOVE IT WOR K S PAC E A co-working space may be a somewhat common idea. Long tables are used throughout to ensure sufficient seats and gathering spots. The design circles around a homely ambience and an open-plan concept to create more opportunities for interaction and socialisation. OUE Social Kitchen sits right in the heart of the CBD. luxurious look with a dark colour palette. it’s everything like the former. Designed by Index Design. 64 . For private events and larger groups. Two main cooking areas — one with six individual stations. oak-look and copper finishes. too. as well as hand-painted Calacatta marble-inspired quartz countertops. 1 One of the private kitchens even has live feed systems that are perfect for cooking demonstrations. ice-cream makers and smokeless grills available for rental.

It is also designed with the aim of encouraging interaction in large social settings. 3 OUE Social Kitchen is designed to be an open-concept space to encourage social interaction throughout. cooking lined in a row above the bar counter help frame demonstrations. the kitchen stations serve both aesthetics and function. 4 OUR FAVOURITE SPOT Anchoring the heart of OUE Social Kitchen is a long dining table accompanied by wooden bar &+(&.tinyurl.)• 4 Clever use of circular- shaped lighting fixtures you’re planning corporate events. .7 287. Check out OUE Social Kitchen at www. team-bonding activities. 65 . or just the space. which offer sufficient space for all – including diners who stop by for a meal at the in-house bistro. 2 2 Dressed in oak-look finishes. a casual cooking session among friends.

and is equipped with amenities like a photography studio. Gustave and Ramsay. which works out of the woodworking studio. and venue rentals. Mox aims to ease the high capital costs faced by creatives by offering tools such as industrial- grade sewing machines. at Mox. 3-D 2 Mox is made up of printers and sewing hot-desking spaces rooms are located. software like Sketchup and Adobe Creative Suite. to makers. 3 Have enquiries about Mox? Head over to the reception at Level 3. a facility that provides creatives and craftsmen a space to get their hands dirty is long-overdue. and there are several Airmocks (the company has an office there) available for those who need a breather. 3-D printers.  WHY WE LOVE IT WOR K SPAC E 0 2. as well as speciality rooms like woodworking workshops.themox. With many co-working spaces geared towards white-collar whizzes. it is where speciality tools. Areas such as the auditorium and pantry are named after great minds like Winfrey. Check out Mox at www. 1 Located in the four-storey Katong Point. 66 . lighting equipment for photo shoots. retail stores and even a kindergarten – a plus point for working parents. This game-changing facility makes Mox not only a resource centre. but a community that encourages budding creatives to pursue their ideas without limitations as well. Invade and real-estate investment firm 5 Level 2 is dedicated Buxani Group. mismatched 2 chairs and –as a homage to its Katong location – vibrant Peranakan tile-inspired motifs. workshops. Mox is dressed in hip neon lights. Mox is the first co-making space in Singapore. also conduct classes for other tenants and external participants. 1 The auditorium 4 Now that Mox has 3 is one of the many pioneered the concept multipurpose rooms of a design workspace. Tenants like furniture maker Triple Eyelid. which is a expect to see the term joint venture between “co-making space” creative retail activator more often. like

4 See more of Mox in our video tour. as well as equipment most home tailors don’t have access to. &+(&. Current tenants include Mighty Jaxx and Cakerholic. photography VERNON WONG art direction KAFFY TAN 67 .7287.)• you are a creative start-up or designer in need of tools to kick-start your business and prototypes. See page 22. only in our digital edition. such as industrial-grade Janome machines and mannequins. OUR FAVOURITE SPOT The sewing rooms – they come with a versatile pegboard that displays every tool 5 you’ll ever need..

wood-look finishes. and comfy tufted leather encourage social interaction between businesses and seats and rad posters individual professionals. Current tenants include General Assembly. nooks are decked with To maintain an open and airy atmosphere. are designed to facilitate meaningful conversations and potential partnership discussions between members. software discounts. multipurpose reception counter. individual desks and open inspire ideas. which created a Scandi-industrial workspace with cheerful hues. while projector screens double as privacy blinds. WOR K S PAC E SPACEMOB 3 WHY WE LOVE IT Lighting and colour have an important effect on productivity.spacemob. members at Spacemob also enjoy complimentary breakfast. and patterned tiles. Apart from the usual office facilities. 3 The designers wanted Spacemob 1 members to have 4 vibrant and nature-inspired views. Spacemob was designed by interior design firm ID21. CHECK IT OUT IF… you thrive on nature and want a casual. 2 The open-plan space. tomato red and pastel green SPOT were chosen to refresh energy levels without The stylish hang-out overstimulating the areas. Big Sync Music and Machineast. whose powder-blue metal frames – inspired by Spacemob’s logo – anchor the 14. Spacemob alternated the that are sure to locations of private offices. instead of a monotonous office. Check out Spacemob at www. a co-working space near the lush greenery of Kent Ridge Park. clear and frosted glass partitions maximise natural sunlight. Colours FAVOURITE like mustard yellow. unpretentious yet professional place to work at.475sqf space. 68 text ELIZA HAMIZAH & DOMENICA TAN . It also functions OUR as a discussion area and coffee counter. as well as community events. tapped on its surroundings to offer tenants this winning combination. and hangout events such as Tapau Tuesdays and Thirsty Thursdays. preferred rates for hotels. As they walk in. 1 Cubby holes and 2 lighting at Spacemob are designed with cheerful hues. members are greeted by the sculptural. and Spacemob Ascent.

so you can save space at home yet independently. regular What about drying? The laundry loads simultaneously yet and delicate items. A WASH As a solution to this problem. helps you save time as you’ll only track energy usage and even need 49 minutes to complete the diagnose technical problems.9 per cent of household allergens. The washing control and monitor the appliance machine’s two-load function also remotely via your connected device. and even adult and baby efficient Eco-hybrid dryer function. LG Electronics has introduced the TwinWash washing machine that ABOVE allows homeowners to run two separate wash cycles at the same time. while the latter minimises washing time by utilising a powerful jet spray and filtration feature to 69 . in one machine! items. The main washer even has an After loading up the machine. large and small TwinWash comes with LG’s independently. With a main washer disperse concentrated detergent on clothing. you can now come out clean and fresh. LG SPECIAL If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of having your white tees stained by your jeans in the same wash cycle. washing of two laundry loads. wash and spin two and mini washer. with this all-in-one machine. cleanliness is complete with black tempered never compromised thanks to glass and a touch-screen LED the machine’s latest technology. display that’s both edgy and which includes the TrueSteam user-friendly. and TurboWash functions. The )LQGRXWPRUHDERXWWKH former penetrates fabrics with /*7ZLQ:DVKZDVKLQJPDFKLQH steam to eliminate 99. we feel you. Convenience is key with this new appliance. clothing at the same time. so as to cater to different loadss THE REST of laundry. Add Item feature to allow late you won’t have to hang around additions to the load mid-wash. wash colours and whites. ensuring your clothes Save time. waiting for the cycle to end as so you won’t have to worry about the LG TwinWash is fully equipped forgotten clothing items even after with Wi-Fi connectivity. Easily starting the cycle. its ergonomically designed exterior Of course. wrinkles and DWZZZOJFRPVJ odours. This handy appliance does not instead of having to wait for separate compromise on style either. with wash cycles to finish.



but as busy folk stuck in a constant rat race to be the richest. entertain and rest. it’s important for me to make my floral arrangements as real and lively as possible.inhabitant.340. www. but the slow movement has grown into a full lifestyle that advocates a reflection of how you use your time. polished or showroom-perfect.” Aude Giraud.90). and all the objects tell a story – like a 1950s’ milk pot from the French countryside in which I arranged dried flowers from France. owner of Ask A French Flowers 1 Linie Design Combination rug from Inhabitant. 4 from $42.” Helene Denaiffe. One way to improve your home is to use what you already have in a better or creative way. perfect place for us to 1 S L O W L I V I N G live. Take the effort 2 to grind coffee beans instead of using instant coffee sachets. from $1. bohemian aesthetic. from 59. It’s not a new 3 Linen pillow set from Anno Collection.99 euros (S$94. Opt for materials that will last long and age gracefully. it’s more than just creating a cosy ambience or a 4 Stelton Collar coffee range from Bibliotek. but it is the ideal. price upon request. 1 loudest and fastest. www.annocollection. www. My home is 3 perfectly imperfect because almost everything is vintage. laugh. 2 Floral arrangement by Ask A French Flowers. 72 . “It’s not always easy to find photo ANNO COLLECTION time and inspiration to style a home that supports the everyday family lifestyle. askafrenchflowers. At home. as well as embrace the fact that you can’t squeeze all your chores into one day! “Embracing slow life means not being afraid of losing control.90. My home is certainly “imperfect”. Make time and space for leisure.bibliotek. taking the time to step back and slow down may just be what we need in 2018. founder of Stylodeco It started as the antithesis of fast food. I also like to break classic rules. www. like applying atypical colours for festive seasons. Don’t fret over creased bed linen. a chipped bowl or the patina of your brass lamp – not everything has to be fast. As nature is not perfect.

skincare products. from $995. www. from 269. stylish couple. like lamps and chairs. 7 8 2 S & H E R E S S E R S e 8 Belouk (customisable) His and Hers chairs. www. or let your personality take centre stage by decorating your space with items you love. personal ing is of utmost 73 . and everyone needs more space. 5 New Works Hang On Honey suspension lamp from Inhabitant. www.95 euros (S$428) each. Just like double sinks in the 7 Ipse Ipsa Ipsum Nabha make-up desk. and jewellery is growing. $540 (copper) and $470 (oxidised aluminium). www.belouk.3 Include the vanities as part of your customised 6 walk-in wardrobe or. Their arsenal of colognes.inhabitant. sg 6 Menu Darkly mirrors. Get almost- matching furnishings. for visual symmetry. a his-and-her dresser is our solution to this new lifestyle need. price upon request. buy identical dressers to be placed on each side 5 of the bed.

too. To keep it looking too elaborate. warming its overall look. from Space Furniture 13 Giorgetti Victor table by Antonello Mosca. from Space Furniture 74 . from Dulux 10 Sensa Indian Black granite. countertops. Pieces with textured surfaces as furnishings offer a richness to the aesthetics of a space. marketing manager of Space Furniture 11 13 9 Ambiance in Desert paint. not to mention unique. 10 12 “Textured surfaces have a luxurious. 9 3 T E X T U R E D S U R F A C E S Richly veined stone. but consider a repetition of key textures throughout the house to create a sense of aesthetic unity. and even walls.290. look. from $23. $12.” Eileen Tan.440. avoid combining too many different textured pieces. grainy wood and dense patterns are just some of the textures that will appear more on the surfaces of tables. from Cosentino 12 B&B Italia Oskar dining table by Vincent Van Duysen. from Cosentino 11 Sensa Black Beauty granite.

Produced Instead of worrying that your in Finland. based on S U R F A C E S different textures. it will enhance the space and help effect. too. Consider surfaces such as make the room look bigger. Reflective surfaces on furnishings also help brighten interiors when light reflects off them. reflective surfaces is to ensure they when you have a large and open are not positioned opposite each living space.” R U G 17 Fritz Hansen Calabash lamp in red chrome. all your furniture other to avoid an infinity mirror 4 should sit on it.15 & 16 Textured pieces from the Supertextures collection. Regardless “The key to positioning mirrors and of how many rugs you place. 16 75 . illusion of a larger area. the bump can be a tripping hazard. antique mirrors for a vintage of The Rug Maker look. Established brand The Rug Maker recently released 5 R E F L E C T I V E such a collection. Supertextures small-space apartment will features warm shades look claustrophobic. 14. 18 As a result. rugs on the floor to create available elier a multitextured and cosy effect in the living space. This way. Homeowners are now available at W. or satin-finished glass for a textured reflective facade. Atelier experimenting with layering 18 Zanotta Raperonzolo mirror. from $465. of April Atelier. says: are too thick. we’re seeing more rugmakers launching carpets and floor coverings with interesting textures. f 84. If rugs Interior designer Vanessa Ong. They are a great way to cleverly camouflage doors of storage cabinets. by The Rug Maker 17 14 “Owners looking to layer rugs must consider the thickness of 15 the rugs before layering.” Melvyn Khong. L A Y E R I N G silver chrome and gold chrome. sales manager tinted. with mirrors to create an simple designs. devise combined with intricate strategies such as decorating weaves and clean.

literally. 76 . from Lifestorey 21 6 22 B L A C K & B L I N G A turnaround from an unspoken rule in interior design – that being the brighter.398.034. 20 19 7. from Marquis HnC 22 Gubi beetle bar stool. $2. To accentuate the overall look.3 Dress black up in a range of metallics like brass. from $1. choose lamps with a similar 19 Gubi G-10 floor lamp. the better – it is now black’s time to shine in homes. from Lifestorey 20 Genius Loci kitchen by Valcucine 21 Marcel table by Billiani. copper. match the loose decorative pieces of the same colour combinations with your built-in furniture. if your cabinetry has brass inlays. So. gold. not to mention giving it an instant modern update. black-on-brass combo. Metallic inlays and trimmings will diminish the sombre and potentially funereal vibe of the inky look. silver or even rose-gold.

from Marquis Interiors. price upon 23 7 C U R V I L I N E A R S I L H O U E T T E S While geometric designs will always have a place in our hearts. $240.marquis. that curve and meander. 23 Ito Kish B-Luxe Accent Chair. tables and rugs interior designer softens the structures. Plus. It’s time to bring it back. Design fairs around the world have been exhibiting homeware in rounded and fluid forms – we loved the Lasvit Eve lamp by Zaha “Nature Hadid – and there are hints of Streamline Moderne architecture in homes. owner of Departures & Arrivals design WAFF 77 . our basic “Organic-shaped furniture 24 furniture pieces break up the linearity of a room. Remember the archways of old HDB flats? Resale prefers lines homeowners. and welcoming the curves. oval-shaped doorway also so having allows for a natural flowing walkway between rooms.” round side Ginny Macdonald. too.” Denise Kaur. www. and add softness pieces tend to and depth. The curve of my be rectangular. don’t hack it away just yet. we are saying goodbye to angular from Departures & Arrivals 24 design GINNY MACDONALD DESIGN Minotti Seymour sofas.

have stronger or brighter colours incorporated in smaller parts — such as with mosaic tiles — to create a focal point and visual hierarchy.” shares interior designer Si Jianxin of Wynk Collaborative. too. 10 The increase in homeowners paying attention to the treatment of their ceilings is a good indication that house-proud locals are growing more discerning in terms of home-decorating. laminate. where the areas are typically smaller. 78 .” Eugene Yip. 8 G R I L L E S A S P A R T I T I O N S Grilles are ubiquitously used as the main design AKIHAUS gates of Singapore flats. tiles patterns. Complementary colour process behind each combinations can make grille work. This trend spaces look vibrant and help uplift moods. homeowners will naturally want to appreciate these pretty grilles within their homes. craft-based simple way to create visual and time-consuming appeal is to colour-block. Previously an afterthought for many. but with vintage and geometric grille designs making a comeback. will slowly restore the bygone charm of our gates and cityscape. “For other parts of the home. but also the or other wallcoverings. designer and founder of Teetfa design LINEAR SPACE CONCEPTS “In spaces such as the kitchens and bathrooms. 9 design WYNK COLLABORATIVE C O L O U R - “More customers are B L O C K I N G Inject fun into your space connecting not just with a splash of colour on with the charm of metal the walls. with their porous patterns an optimal S T A N D O U T C E I L I N G S choice for air circulation. and accent outstanding ceiling designs with eye-catching wallpapers and designer lighting. offset contrast by applying analogous colours.3 Let wall cladding extend upwards.” 7. It’s safe to say that 2018 will definitely be a year in which things are “looking up” for design lovers. the ceiling is now integrated as part of a home’s interior design. They can be used as decorative screens and space dividers. Whether you’re using paint. a handmade.

Trend themes.COM/HDHABITARE. being happy does not necessarily mean a reaction to the age of digitalisation and having fewer things. don’t necessarily match. SUSANNA BJORKLUND TREND ANALYST AND CURATOR OF SIGNALS EXHIBITION Changes in society affect how you feel Happiness was one of Signals’ and even what you buy and wear. or hand-me-downs – not all of LOOK AT THE SIGNALS EXHIBITION AT doors can track easily and smoothly. Kondo and decluttering but. AND TAKE A that the surface is flat. There was a lot of talk about Marie based design fair Habitare. For example. so that the market. and Coincidence. it is a space-saving strategy as floor space can be maximised without having to cater for additional room that regular swing doors would require. withstand their load. and is the heart Tips from Lane Zhang. solid wood doors require of sportswear with luxury wear. Consumers want on hinges. People into a dining table. a visually enchanting yet paying attention to your surroundings informative trends exhibition at Helsinki. helps. Like the mixing brands are using social media to all – of the weight of the door. WWW. design COUNTRY CONCEPT and this year’s trends. from the furniture I explored control and serendipity. but that’s why it looks good.COM. and turned it reliance on short-lived trends. which rely naturally interested in interior design. People interested in fashion are long-lasting brand or being green] Unlike conventional doors. That’s how real • Check that you have enough homes are. while a pastel-hued door can match a Scandinavian or contemporary style. What is your best “coincidental” What have you learned about trends? purchase? Trends used to last for years.  them match. • Choosing the design and material of the door is essential in achieving a holistic look. or from the flea MORE ABOUT SUSANNA’S WORK ON WWW. A wooden barn-inspired door can create a rustic look. It is to see beauty overstimulation. have long saved up for.TINYURL. through transparency. sliding doors have a track you’ll see the same trends from fashion experiences now. How do you imbue a home analyst Susanna Bjorklund and designer with happiness? Sisse Collander presented such changes It is subjective. sales and own tastes. which has led to the diminishing modern irons – in a barn. there is interact and inform consumers about a more durable mechanism to a rise in combining design genres that their processes. consider its size and weight. 79 . the We found an old mangle – a device cycles are too fast and people can’t keep used to smooth out laundry before up. influenced by elements like of our kitchen! marketing manager of interior culture and gender. Today. The themes this year included Offline. design firm Country Concept: What’s a trend that’s here to stay? • When selecting a suitable sliding Do trends cross industries? Sustainability [be it creating a door. by designing sliding doors that are taller and wider than the actual space.ENNETOOL. You have things clearance in front of the wall and that are designer items. which is why more mechanism that hold most – if not going to interiors or art. after all. in my opinion. but slowing down and at Signals.11 S L I D I N G D O O R S Trick the eye into thinking that the narrow doorway at home is larger than it seems. Yes. to something that We speak to Susanna about her work reminds me of my grandmother. It is made of solid oak are – and should be – falling back on their from the 18th century. Aside from the illusion it creates. which and meaning in items.

Scandinavian interior design modular elements to be seamlessly speakers from has been all the rage ratio also works perfectly to allow 27 BeoShape luxurious textures. ELIZA HAMIZAH & ISABELLE TOW . to the way natural forms are made. composed of a number being the exposed pipes and trunking give a gritty. and their crevices make them difficult to clean. However. cosiness and well-being of Danish provenance. DOMENICA TAN. of slow living that might engender contentment in a more proactive way. and expect to see them East. Ventilation blocks Traditionally used to ventilate stuffy flats. journeyeast. such as Bang & of the appeal of “hygge” – the coveted quality of price upon request. For an equally functional but more space-efficient option. But we think it’s a tad overused. 80 text YOUNG LIM. com 26 Axo Uno faucet from arrangement of seeds on a sunflower Hansgrohe. People still prefer the measurements derived by complex warm glow of these bulbs to the harsh mathematical formulations. see our point on using metal grilles instead. instead. Millennial Pink. new products for the home. We propose. imitation. www. but incandescent With humankind on the pursuit light bulbs have been largely of unravelling the mysteries of irreplaceable. no-frills sum of two preceding numbers. feature designs based on the captivating Fibonacci Exposed pipes sequence. feel. While we will always look back on this style 26 the continuous chain also relates that we may be mistaken in help you achieve the flawless look of thinking we can achieve this quality simply by the golden ratio at home. $270. www. set to change with the latest LED lamps that imitate the warmth of the original Edison bulb. such as in a snail shell or the come in more seamless shapes. even by its more life. GET OUT 25 12 T H E G O L D E N R A T I O 5 styles that need to be put to bed Incandescent lights It can get sizzling hot and also require a ton of energy to light up. pieced together. to soft hansgrohe. From neutral tones of cream and wood. While white beams of typical LED lights. is a very fetching colour. too. bang-olufsen. but this is all it may be hard to tell at a glance. 27 Millennial Pink Now. such as This combination of the best of both worlds brings Hansgrohe’s Axor Uno faucet and the great promise to a more sustainable lifestyle. the basing their new creations on LED light. these concrete blocks have been seen in homes for use as space dividers and for their vintage Expect to see more of such enigmatic But perhaps there is something inextricably creations being launched in 2018 to Danish about it. these blocks occupy much space. are energy-efficient counterpart. and we’re looking forward to seeing designs in other colours soon. to adopt the lifestyle. we have outgrown the look of obvious nuts 25 Tala Voronoi II bulb from Journey and bolts in clunky pipes. An arithmetic sequence A staple feature of the industrial decor style. industrial designers. The on request. rather than just the aesthetic. Olufsen’s hexagonal speakers. price Hygge and the fruitlets of a pineapple. not least because Bang & Olufsen. don’t get us wrong. that non-descriptor name for the shade of blush/ rose-quartz that every item under the sun has been found in of late. www. Tala Voronoi II bulb.


82 . you fold clothes so they stand upright in a drawer instead of laying flat. 41. method. his wife. Chia Sin Nee. RIGHT Marie Kondo’s books are global bestsellers. and that it works for everyone. Pacific. even resulting in a loyal fan base have remained doubtful about the the couple called the “Konverts”. KO N -VINCED Marie Kondo claims that those who follow her method will never have clutter again. is a maintains a healthy not all homeowners are won over relationship manager in a bank who relationship. is one of the few who the KonMari method. to save space. ABOVE Larry’s collectibles are in a “neat but systematic” mess. by her decluttering technique. Marie Kondo is the author of four bestselling books about organising. and the creator of a decluttering technique known as the KonMari method. BELOW The Life-Changing Magic of Larry Ho. an assistant Despite their differing Tidying Up by Marie Kondo was sales manager of Tokuyama Asia opinions on indeed life-changing for many. recently embarked on the KonMari TOP Sin Nee has seen steady results by using Marie Kondo’s decluttering technique. However. Its main idea is to pick an item up and ask yourself if it “sparks joy” – as in. does it bring you happiness? It also includes a wildly unusual folding technique – NO T essentially.

a psychiatrist at Adult age of 65. cultural background. KonMari method may not work for everyone. fashion items.” This Swedish cleaning ritual is However.” he joked. and has seen slow but steady results. fit you. give them “messy” differs among people.” he advises. you’ll finally get decluttering in a small room first. her methods may not work for tossing them. love letters. fast- long as it is usable.” he says. his collectibles are kept in a mess – but a “neat and systematic” one. some of your items instead of Also. with a note to discard it after your passing. right? see if the methods will be useful. birthday cards. as they Step 4 Try to sell as much as you would not want to discard anything as can on Carousell – for example. For such couples. “I’m all for her TRY SWEDISH DEATH decluttering. start cleaning! suggests that both parties openly Step 1 Talk about death cleaning discuss and view the situation in each all the time. “She passed me the book. it has barely affected FAILED YOU? their relationship. if you talk about death a middle ground. You’ll be surprised at their shoes by understanding why he how much money you can make off or she is so thrifty – it could be due these pieces! to past experiences.” As an avid collector of action figures. contrary to Marie Kondo’s Step 3 When catching up with claim. “I do my own CLEANING INSTEAD thing and coordinate with her when she needs things moved around. after which others encountered obstacles in either party’s will have to do it for you. other’s perspective. to to it. Step 2 Ditch anything that is especially if it involves a shared site not sentimental or essential – such as a home. Although it attempt to declutter. is recommended to start around the Dr Alvin Liew. shoes that have never If your partner is overly thrifty. and bags you have not carried Dr Liew advises placing yourself in in a decade. and may have before you die. In order to find After all. to everyone and anyone. so I coined my own method of tidying up – the Mata Kondo way. not all couples may be about clearing out your belongings as fortunate as them. Larry has yet to – and will probably not – read it. this includes unworn clothes. and He notes that the reason why the unwanted presents. it is never too soon to & Child Psychological Wellness Clinic. those who are overly thrifty. “which literally means always putting things off till next time. is because the definition of your friends and family. “Try to engage in activities like cleaning. plates you will never use. as well as daily necessities. text MARIE QUEK photos IVAN TAN 83 . Although Larry and Sin Nee do not completely agree on the HAS MARIE KONDO KonMari method. or even their Step 5 Keep items like photographs. Although she gave him the book a while ago. Step 6 Gather a “throwaway box” of items that are meaningful only to you. he recommends cleaning enough.decluttering journey.

His Ann Polytechnic. the Young Tan of Ngee Ann Polytechnic as by Anthony Designer Award was established the first-prize winner. and $2. mature design impressed us and the judges announced Simon set it apart from the others. 2017. with many of them targeted at nurturing new talents in the fields of interior and furniture design. prototyping and hard work amid stiff competition. The Decor Young Lim said: “Simon’s 10 finalists came from design design featured an exemplary use schools including Raffles College of space. the Young Designer Award and D’Star Design Award 2017. organised by interior design firm Design Intervention and furniture firm Star International. and to think like residential designers Simon walked away with a haul and develop creative skills to that included a $2. by Design Intervention in the winning design was a modern hopes of getting design students Oriental-inspired apartment. Among them. and Ngee member into the proposal. design books for his school library. LEFT. meet the growing local demand an iPad Pro. Nanyang needs and lifestyle of each family Academy of Fine Arts.000 cash prize. YOUNG DESIGNER BOTTOM AWARD Home & Decor editor Young Lim.000 worth of for talented interior designers. On Oct 26. The competition brief was to Design Intervention also offered thoughtfully design an apartment him a job upon the completion of home for a couple in their early his studies. FRESH E Y ES FOR D E S I GN Awards to young talents in interior and furniture design. and deftly adapted the of Higher Education. 30s with two young children. were bestowed to the winners after months of preparation. LEFT Founding partners of Design Intervention Andrea Savage (second from right) and Nikki Hunt were joined by Jamie Durie and Cameron Richards-Savage. MIDDLE Students participating in a design discussion during the event. respectively. Several design competitions were held recently. The award- Desaram (left) and Carl Zuzarte. accompanied Now in its third year. LEFT. Judge and editor of Home & based on the given floor plan.” 84 .

The living room The ample space in
adopts a low- the living room means
contrast palette of that the owners
light wood, cream, can engage in a
and soft grey, that leisurely game of pool
maintains brightness whenever they fancy.
in the space.
BEDROOM Simon designed
The wooden a house-shaped
headboard extends bed frame and a LEFT
to the ceiling, from headboard that spans Yong Xin
which cove lights the width of room, Hui with her
illuminate the room. with bookshelves and winning design,
bedside tables. “Peranakan
Screen”. The
vertical panels,
which mimic
windows, can
be left opened
or closed.

D ’ S TA R D E S I G N A W A R D

The competition for the D’Star
Design Award 2017, a bi-annual
competition also in its third year,
was based on the theme “Local
Space – Uniquely for Singapore”,
so participants’ designs were to
be based on local influences. This ABOVE & RIGHT
Other designs by
year, Star International extended finalists include the
the invitation to anyone with a Canary Side Table by
Kevin Chiam (above),
passion for furniture design, and and the GIL partition
received an overwhelming 142 by Kim Junwon (right).
entries, of which six were selected
as finalists.
At the final showcase at the one of the judges. Star International
National Design Centre on Nov intends to manufacture Xin
10, 2017, six judges were called Hui’s design into a product for
to assess and select the winning commercial sale, and the two
design. The D’Star Design Award parties are in talks to proceed
2017 waws eventually awarded with this. The prototypes of all six
to Yong Xin Hui, an engineer who final designs are currently on sale
designed “Peranakan Screen”, an at Star International’s Labrador
ash wood screen that can be used branch at 1 Pasir Panjang Road.
as a room divider or privacy screen
that was inspired by the NUS Baba Nikki Hunt, founder of Design
House, a shophouse on Neil Road. Intervention, said: “We hope to
As grand winner, she won inspire the next generation of
$3,000 in cash and a trip to the Singapore designers, as they are
Milan Furniture Fair 2018. “We the future of our industry, and to
were very impressed by her also return the good favour we have
design’s multifunctionality, it received working in Singapore.”
not only being a screen, but also Considering the pragmatic
a clothes rack. It was a simple climate of our island, these awards
design, but very well-conceived,” serve as an impetus for young
said Kenny Koh, group managing designers and design enthusiasts
director of Star International and to keep their passion alive.


Vivid hues and a stunning cityscape turn this Budapest
apartment into a design showstopper.


In a vibrant apartment in the historical
centre of Budapest, visitors are spoilt
for choice on where to first cast their
eye for a visual feast.
Breathtaking views are
everywhere, within and without the
walls of this striking urban abode,
home to Margit Szinger and Geza
Hamori of Margeza Design Studio.
A 200-degree moving panorama of
city life is framed by a glass wall, and
Parliament House is “visible even from
the bath,” says Geza. Sailing boats on
the Danube are a daily highlight in this
open “outdoor cinema”.
Inside a vivid colour palette,
curved furniture and playful
accessories pop up against white
walls and minimalist lines. Irregular
shapes – arched windows, curved
furniture, round vases – offset the
lofty angles and sharp edges of the
interior architecture. ABOVE
One of the
“We like a minimalist design, but iconic buildings
a softer version is more pleasing to of Budapest,
us,” Geza says. “Our spirit reflects in House, and the
our apartments. We do not have to Danube provide
a spectacular
conform to any rule.” view at night.
The apartment is one of six in a
building near the Castle of Buda, built Budapest’s
in 1928 for a family. The 1,184sqf space skyline is a
living panorama
houses a living room, two bedrooms through the
with en suites and a study across standout glass
wall. The bench in
two levels. There are two terraces, front “floats” on
both of which engage with the city glass legs.


” Furniture and furnishings throughout reflect the exuberant artistic tastes of the Belgian couple of Hungarian origin. Margit was originally a biologist.” Geza says. it is the case here. There are few walls and. “We love to laugh and be merry. who have five adult children and five grandchildren. fed by an bath and shower automatic irrigation in the en suite add system.” Two yellow armchairs are Italian Girotondo 88 . The living room is defined by two walls: The standout glass wall. “It is rare that a loft apartment has a view to a park but. Geza. The couple have removed any interruptions to the line of sight. curated the contemporary art exhibits in Luxembourg “in his spare time”. and would give others something useful… It is important for us to design spaces with good energies. which invites nature into the apartment and is fed by an automatic irrigation system. small panes with dividers that broke up the view have been discarded for seamless panels supported by anchors. RIGHT (OPPOSITE) Curved furniture TOP lends a playful vibe. “There’s no need for curtains. in the arched windows. about their mutual creation. Light streams through the windows to illuminate the interiors within. are equally outstanding experiences. brings to the tranquil nature into the atmosphere. views. due to the hill. “Having a breakfast with the rising sun. we wanted to do something that provided us with joy. who has worked for the European Union Court of Justice as a librarian. apartment. In our retired years. A wall. and has a diploma from the University of Crafts in Budapest.” Geza says. The floating bed and curved cabinet BELOW in the bedroom on Margit Szinger the ground floor and Geza Hamori were designed by are passionate the couple. or drinking a glass of wine with friends in the evening. and a living wall of green. BELOW The upper-floor BOTTOM bedroom is a place The living green of relaxation.

89 .

90 .

is made of Corian solid surfacing. a white wool carpet has a petals. Upstairs. surrounded by Kartell table. the spatial flow and furniture.” he says. “It is important for us to design spaces with good LIVING ROOM DINING AREA BEDROOM text MIRANDA TAY photos ARON ERDOHATI 91 . fascinating provenance. In the middle. “On this level is also a little guest area.” the sculptural The couple designed many elements of staircase hold kitchen appliances. reminiscent of On the floor. the main bedroom. but people would much rather enjoy the sight of the boats floating on the river. is a place to relax and recharge. The kitchen Pops of colour in surrounds the chimney like a peninsula. lending the space a gleam. surrounded by Kartell chairs chairs shaped like the petals of a flower. Storage space is hidden behind sliding doors and in the wardrobe at the end of the room. “We are passionate about our work. A red radiator brings dynamism and energy to the white en suite. the surfacing. the kitchen counter is with the different districts rendered with made of Corian solid different wool lengths. and appliances are hidden in the cupboards under the staircase. In the bedroom downstairs are a floating bed and curved cabinet. The dining room hosts a Leolux hosts a Leolux table. our mutual creation. “One should work at the desk here. it’s nearly impossible to tear the eye away from the rhythm of city life. like the kitchen countertop. spaces where one wakes with a good mood.” WHERE TO GO www. it shows a map of Budapest Like the stairs.” Geza says. On it is a little red dot marking the location of the flat itself: OPPOSITE Cupboards under “Budapest – you are here. accessories energise the space. which.LEFT The dining room designs from the 1980s. with a bath and shower. Designed by Margit BELOW for the space. also customised.” With stunning interiors in which to enjoy the captivating views.margeza. Danube crosses the city in blue.

Nordic-style home with a soothing colour palette. WHO A young couple and their cat HOME Two-bedder apartment in the Eco Sanctuary SIZE 732sqf 92 . BE AU TY & U TILITY A minimalist.

See page 22. 93 . so they cladded their home surfaces in calming green hues and wood- and concrete-look finishes. The homeowners are not fans of white walls.Get a better look at this tranquil space in our video.

94 photography ANGLA GUO art direction NONIE CHEN .

the Eco Sanctuary condominium is an idyllic spot for Eugene Lim and his girlfriend’s first apartment together. too. depth and an understated painted ceiling for some depth and luxury to the a cosy ambience. The empty space under the stairs is a good place for storage. kitchen design.Surrounded by nature parks and just a 30-minute drive from Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. from the Scandinavian the powder-blue laminates in the lifestyle. and their modern. 95 .” says Eugene. Eugene and his The 732sqf space is clad in girlfriend are influenced by shades of green and blue. “It’s a practical and beautiful. who added that renovations OPPOSITE totalled up to $50. and not commonly used. Our BELOW These brass interior designer. two-bedder oasis is LEFT an extension of that. and chose accessories kitchen to the two-toned feature that are both wall in the living room. Joy Ouyang from accents give Eightytwo. suggested the black. soothing colour combination. The couple had wanted somewhere quiet and green.000.

96 . Joy encouraged Eugene to display his bicycles proudly on the wall. instead of concealing them.

97 .

It’s also storage space for books The mezzanine and cleaning equipment. Wooden finishes.” he says. LEFT The kitchen And if you’re getting a cool. spent nine months in Sweden on an available at exchange programme. This includes merging a spare bedroom with the living room and building a mezzanine that is currently occupied by the couple’s pet ABOVE cat. Nordic countertop – from vibe from the apartment. space. quintessential Nordic design elements like wave-like finish functionality and minimalism. and was charmed by K Stone – features an undulating. Eightytwo. We shopped for Joy designed a platform bed for similar-style furniture and accessories from the extra storage likes of Finnish Design Shop. “My concept of a home was seeded there. Etsy. accents. TEL: 6698-7987 98 . for now. With fewer walls. it is the green surroundings. that mimics linen. OPPOSITE I like it clean and functional. brass their cat Tommy’s territory. it’s because Eugene Stone Italiana’s Juta Range. the can be converted into a guest room apartment is brighter and has a wider view of but. with adjustable leather straps WHERE TO GO and a removable cushion. and pops of mustard – from the kitchen peninsula’s geometric tiles – imbue warmth. and Noden. Tommy. and a headboard a local Scandinavian furniture store.

text ELIZA HAMIZAH photography VERNON WONG art direction KAFFY TAN 99 .

WHO A couple and a sibling HOME HDB five-room apartment in Clementi SIZE 1. A NEW START A complete overhaul turned this once-cluttered flat into a modern. practical space.300sqf 100 .

A formerly dim and cluttered abode gets a new lease on life with a breezy interior. 101 .

102 .

lounge around in when guests drop by. airy interior filled with dashes for extra space to of green.000 – that’s A day bed serves as a relaxing corner designed to let in as much natural light as for the owner possible. to play around with ideas.” says Melvin. lending an earthy touch to the breezy divider between the entrance foyer and interior. Storage space Teak that was also built into the day bed. “It’s a top-floor unit. of Scandinavian blue laminate. and makes to create a bright. The wood panelling is framed in grids the living space.” says creative director Melvin Tan. Solid pieces of teak wood form the wall acts as a subtle panel. The result is an easy. and the three wanted a modern space that suits their lifestyle – they enjoy having guests over and love entertaining. Melvin also added their bikes.It helps when the client happens to be a friend who trusts you to design her home. “My friend left most of the design choices to me. relaxing style – ABOVE renovated and furnished for $85. giving it a vivid and also doubles as an area for the pop of colour and making it a standout wall owners to mount feature in the living room. Wooden accents were incorporated in the living room to enhance the “natural” feel of the OPPOSITE A cement wall space. Hello Embryo based in Jakarta. She co-owns the flat with her brother and sister-in-law. That gave me plenty of room. 103 . a Singaporean who’s been running his own interior design agency. literally. for the past five years. so it makes sense to catch up on comics.

RIGHT The second bedroom is more discreet in style. TOP RIGHT For a pop of colour. with basic raw touches such as wood and cement for a restful environ. kitchen cabinets are in Scandinavian blue and the kitchen backsplash is covered in geometric tiles. The only dramatic element is the row of gold- toned track lights on the ceiling. OPPOSITE A part of the original walk-in wardrobe was carved out to make space for a display corner with an eye-popping egg yolk backdrop. 104 .

but the entrance foyer is newly swathed in homogenous cement-like tiles – a subtle way of demarcating both spaces. hanging lamps with solid-hued shades were chosen for the dining area.more character to the living area with a spacious bay window. which serves as a cosy niche for the guy in the house to read comics. Part of the original walk-in wardrobe in the master bedroom 105 . Next to the main door is a cement wall. Smart entrance The original marble flooring in the living room remained. Colour accents For a little dose of whimsy. and also a corner for relaxing and playing card games with friends. which is the designated space for mounting the owner’s racer bike. The kitchen backsplash is also an eye-catching display of geometric-patterned tiles.

106 .

107 . OPPOSITE The bathroom is also kept simple with a black-and- white theme. relaxed feel.“I opted for simple bed heads for both bedrooms. ” One can never go wrong with grey. The master bedroom keeps to a basic style. and flooring is in concrete screed for a raw yet cool.

relaxed feel. “I opted for simple bed TOP heads for both rooms. Even the bathrooms are kept simple with BELOW glass partitions for the shower areas. egg yolk backdrop. “The bedroom is a in place. place to rest.” explains Melvin. lights. this home exudes an aluminium rim spray-painted in black. accented with Elegantly finished. WHERE TO GO Hello Embryo. http://helloembryo. blue wall lies a walk-in wardrobe with customised Back to basics compartments More restraint was practised in the style and and drawers to keep accessories furnishings of both bedrooms. was also carved out and turned into a display corner ABOVE Behind the bold with a bright. The only with display small. so I wanted as little distractions as (OPPOSITE) possible.” an atmosphere of calm and serenity. and flooring is in concrete A look of the walk-in wardrobe screed for a raw yet 108 . discreet accents are the gold-hued track compartments.


302 sqf 110 . H A P P I LY EVER AFTER A matrimonial home is always extra special for a couple because it symbolises the beginning of a new chapter. WHO A couple in their 30s HOME A three-bedroom condominium in West Coast SIZE 1.

The 3-D embossed effect of the wallpaper gives a sense of depth. OPPOSITE Blue upholstered dining chairs and sofa cushions create an accent within the dining and living areas. 111 . while the pendant light fabricated from laser-cut steel casts a unique shadow on the ceiling. A black powder-coated steel pendant light serves as a focal element that anchors the dining space. Black-blue Colour Block blanket by Hella Jongerius from Vitra.

“We felt that Adrian’s selling point was his ability to customise and create a very put-together and harmonious look to everything in the house. and found out that he was actually an interior designer. with its “hotel-inspired look”. The couple first met Adrian Heng. the couple decided to engage Adrian. When they eventually bought an apartment. “We trusted his taste and judgment. sparing no effort in searching for the ideal property and an interior designer who was capable of delivering the “modern luxury. customised and fabricated by Adrian and the Ottimo Spazi team. so we simply asked him to create something similar for our home. The entrance foyer sets the tone for the rest of the interior. Chwa Poh Chuan and Tan Yijing devoted much time and attention towards the building of their first home together. everything else – including wardrobes and bedroom doors – was taken down and redesigned. yet practical and comfortable” home of their dreams. Without even looking at any 3-D renderings of his proposal. We were very impressed by what he did with the interior. when they were still house-hunting. and soft furnishings. as well as the flooring within the apartment.” elaborates Yijing. Adrian was naturally one of the candidates that the couple considered. “At the time. who works in IT. With this mandate. “The bay window looked into the neighbour’s air-conditioner ledge. principal consultant of Ottimo Spazi. Adrian was selling his place and we went for a viewing. Adrian set out to “design something stylish and chic. and we liked his portfolio. With the exception of the kitchen cabinets and finishes. yet cosy and homely”.” recalls Poh Chuan. from the furniture to the carpentry. 112 . An existing bay window has been converted into storage compartments. who is in the legal profession.” says Poh Chuan. whose doors are seamlessly flushed with the wall. This was something that we felt was unique to him.

OPPOSITE Adrian chose commercial-grade vinyl wallcoverings from Goodrich Global as they are thicker and hardier. The bold colours of the painting add a splash of colour to the neutral wallpaper.RIGHT The existing bedroom doors were replaced to create a concealed effect with the adjacent wall panels. 113 .

right down to the bed base. RIGHT Everything in the master bedroom was custom-made. 114 .

115 .

116 .

so there was not much of a view worth retaining,” master bedroom alone gets views in two directions
Adrian explains. Besides, the space has no lack of – or three, if you include the view from the master
natural light from the balcony’s full-height sliding bathroom. One feature in the master bedroom is
glass doors and the kitchen window, so sealing off the the bay window, which Adrian accentuated by putting
bay window opening would not compromise on the a frame around it. “The master bedroom is our
amount of light around the entrance area. favourite space, especially the cosy settee that Adrian
In the dining room, Adrian opted for a modest, has created on top of the bay window. We can relax
square dining table that can accommodate Poh Chuan and read here while admiring the sea view,”
The continuation and Yijing, plus two guests. As the space is relatively comments Yijing.
of wall panels
small, he installed tinted mirror panels against one Due to budget constraints, the homeowners
from the dining
area to the master wall to make it appear larger. decided not to hack the wall between the master
bedroom ties the
For the living room, the designer had originally bedroom and the adjacent bedroom to create a walk-in
various spaces
together and proposed two giant armchairs and ottomans over wardrobe. Nevertheless, Adrian designed its interior
enhances the
a round rug, but he eventually changed that to like a dressing room-cum-study, where a custom-
visual flow.
an L-shaped sofa according to the homeowners’ made desk serves a dual purpose.
preference. This configuration helps define the living Having recently moved in, Poh Chuan and Yijing
The custom-
designed rug space and is complemented by a rectangular rug are settling nicely into their new nest. “We feel that
pattern creates
designed by Adrian, which makes a statement with its the interior design reflects our lifestyle, taste and
an inward-flowing
effect that draws criss-crossing diagonal lines. preference perfectly, and we really like how each and
you into the room.
Like the rest of the house, everything in the every room looks,” say the couple.
A connection is
made with the master bedroom was designed by Adrian and custom-
master bedroom
made. The apartment enjoys views from every room, WHERE TO GO
by using the same
wallcovering. spread across three facings of the property. The Ottimo Spazi,

text LYNN TAN photography ANGELA GUO art direction YEW XIN YI 117

Sometimes, a key statement piece can be
inspiration for the interior design of a home.

A couple in their 30s

BTO flat in
Clementi Avenue



Complementing the
dining centrepiece
is a row of Can
lights by Studio
David Pompa. These
pendant lights
are barro negro
pottery, a special
pottery style from
the small village
of San Bartolo
Coyotepec, Oaxaca,
that is characterised
by its black hue.
“It makes for a
good conversation
piece without
overpowering the
space or stealing
the limelight from
the dining table,”
says Tommy.

Wood reclaimed
from Brazilian
telephone poles
add character
and a sustainable
art direction NONIE CHEN
photography VERONICA TAY styling NONIE CHEN


“We have friends over quite frequently.” 120 . so it made sense to have a large dining table as the heart of the home where everyone can gather.

which suited this particular beginning of 2017 fell in love with it. and love the various spaces where they have their interior designer friend.” Dave explains. 121 .” says Tommy. “We have friends so I proposed darker and warmer shades to ABOVE. Tommy Lai I found the interior extremely bright because of can live. This meant staying away from a light- Dave and Ai Ling moved in at the upon a dining table from Crate & Barrel and coloured interior. design their living and dining spaces the large windows and unblocked surroundings.. “When I first visited the flat. “Besides. As the couple entertain quite a large dining table as the heart of the home the homeowners are whisky lovers. RIGHT Homeowners Dave Lua and Tan Ai Ling chanced styles. palette also adds to the whisky bar ambience.” acoustic felt-lined wall takes the place Apart from the dining table. They decided to buy it and apartment just fine. The result is an industrial-style of a conventional international trade manager couple pretty much home that combines influences from Lower feature wall to avoid noise gave Tommy carte blanche. the he adds. photography VERONICA TAY ABOVE. work from tld. so a darker frequently. and entertain. around the dining centrepiece. LEFT over quite frequently. neighbours. but they did express Manhattan warehouse lofts with subtle hints of complaints from an aversion to “Japanesque or Scandinavian” a whisky bar. so it made sense to have help mitigate the glare. an where everyone can gather.

The main living spaces are dark and edgy. for a balance with the bright surroundings outside. 122 . modelled after the sleek and elegant interior of a whisky bar.

123 .

124 .

Slight modifications were made to the walls around the kitchen. By removing a short section of the wall LEFT Shades of grey fit in well dividing the kitchen and dining and living rooms. yard and common bathroom to better accommodate both formal and practical requirements. are an awesome view of the surrounding greenery. It would OPPOSITE be such a pity not to take advantage of this million. so Folks Wonderbox coffee tables. The Greenwich sofa artist was a gift from from Commune is arranged parallel to the dining the couple’s friend. and continues all the way to 125 . Dark wood panelling is clad over the exterior of the common bathroom wall facing the dining and living room. The Tommy did away with the original study Treku Bel bed and corner and reoriented the living room layout. and takes pride of place table and provides a notional spatial segregation against a blue wall in between the living and dining areas. the hallway leading to the master bedroom. create a calm and cosy environment. with the dark interior the three areas became one big open-concept and brown furnishings. “There is such as bedside tables. space within which the Phoenix dining table is the BOTTOM centrepiece. Fabricated from reclaimed Brazilian A muted palette was selected for the telephone poles. its rustic quality is the perfect master bedroom to complement to the raw cement flooring. all from Grafunkt. the way to Bukit Timah Hill and beyond. This painting by a Vietnamese street dollar view.” he exclaims. used the sofa now faces the windows.

Tommy created a transition space within the master bedroom that serves as a threshold leading to the walk-in wardrobe. As Tommy puts it: “Interior architecture should not be limited to what is within the box. By repositioning the original bedroom and bathroom doors.” WHERE TO GO tld. as well as the relationship between spaces. This creates a feature wall alongside the breakfast nook. tommy_lai@me. The pared-down aesthetics of the home heighten an awareness of the materials and detailing.. There is also an appreciation of what lies outside the home. One bedroom adjacent to the master bedroom has been converted into a walk-in wardrobe that is now part of the master 126 . It should also embrace the possibilities that the surroundings may bring to the living spaces. as well as conceals the large refrigerator and air-conditioner trunking. the kitchen. master bathroom and sleeping area.

text LYNN TAN photos MARC TAN FROM STUDIO PERIPHERY 127 . but it took some getting used to for their parents. ABOVE The couple had no qualms about the black kitchen wall tiles. OPPOSITE A study desk from Vietnam-based British design team Square Roots also doubles as a dressing table. The Lamb chairs feature black steel frames with slate fabrics and raw oak backs. The experience that he was going for was one of “stepping into a sterile box at the end of a work day to wash away your tiredness and worries”. LEFT Tommy used pure white tiles to create a hyper sterile aesthetic that contrasts with the darker living spaces.

WHO A couple and their two children HOME Five-room HDB flat in Tah Ching Road SIZE 1.205sqf 128 . and use furniture in vibrant hues to make a statement. 3232) <(//2: This home is a great example of the 80/20 rule: Design your home with a timeless colour palette.

The study room’s shelves and wardrobe are positioned such that it will be easy to transform the room into a shared bedroom when the kids grow up. OPPOSITE To match the graphical black-and- white lines in the design. as well as furniture with clean silhouettes. 129 . Darren opted for accessories that are graphical in pattern. like the striped rug.

and customising built-in bookshelves black and white. The monochromatic bathrooms designed these up loose furniture and accessories. design process. they were drawn to happy colours like Apart from the yellow-hued desk accessories monochromatic” and yellow. and wardrobes. the five-room HDB flat will not require behind spray-painted slatted timber doors. and concealed the home’s loud colours and but you should foresee how the home will grow beams and awkward corners with false walls. space with textured surfaces.000 feature hexagonal and faux-terrazzo grey tiles. too. led his trimmings. Darren also jazzed up the features Shanxi black accents and white These ideas translated into an elegant. The oak vinyl flooring adds warmth BOTTOM LEFT but were not fond of the usual greys and beiges to the neutral palette. Darren a revamp – all that’s needed would be switching decorative paint. family photos soft furnishings. 130 . “The couple wanted timelessness. and soft furnishings. changed up. When you plan the interiors of a home.” says Darren. skeleton – “We got rid of any kinks. a shoe ceramic tiles. This was how architect Darren he says – including graphical elements like black were printed in which can easily be Tee.” monochromatic prints through look. To cover the unsightly a massive renovation if the couple decides to do while the living room accent wall is clad in white household shelter door. monochromatic base with yellow and brown cabinet and household shelter are concealed BOTTOM RIGHT accents. with them. spray-painted slatted timber doors. a family friend of the homeowners. The $80. In the foyer. not only do renovation cost went into creating a clean ABOVE (OPPOSITE) TOP To match Darren incorporated you have to capture the spirit of the homeowners. The bathrooms were “strictly – instead.

131 .

TEL: 6795-4730 132 text ELIZA HAMIZAH photos KHOO GUO JIE . and are very The bedrooms specific about their lifestyle. with short walls.” says Darren. WHERE TO GO White. Darren the hexagonal tiles add to designed a platform bed for easy the graphical access. “The homeowners also element present throughout the requested the bedrooms to not have house. As the kids are still pattern from sleeping with the parents. which curtains instead of Venetian blinds. electronics and light pollution. I also provide space for concealed the edges of the curtains knick-knacks. they LEFT are both engineers. I chose feature recessed shelves. The bedrooms exude a zen yet ABOVE The honeycomb playful ambience. frame artworks as the latter would still allow some and photographs nicely. as well as morning light to seep through.

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499 at ideal for heating up more than selected retailers one dish at a its two simple preset stand-alone and It features The oven is priced at $ BAKE & MORE Combi-steam ovens combine the benefits of steam cooking with a regular convection for On top touch display for improved Visit www. Here are the latest Miele DGC 6860 XXL combi-steam ovens that This oven works as a steam-only help you get more out as well as a combi-steam oven. This model offers you Gaggenau EB 333 cooking will be a cinch. braised meat. 167 Penang Road. #B1-01 Winsland House II. The appliance can be used to cook almost anything – from steamed vegetables to grilled fish. enquiries and purchase. and has an impressively large capacity of 68 litres – large enough for a turkey. of that. 134 text MARIE QUEK . The price is available upon request. On top of that. and more! The oven retails for $ it comes with a functionality. Visit www. as well as an built-in heat generator updated lighting concept to for even steam heighten its aesthetic appeal. FV1245X temperature and time for a variety of dishes. What stands out the most is This steam-only oven its one-of-a-kind 90cm width – retails for $1. thanks experience thanks to and in style – with this sleek to a special coating that absorbs you won’t a hassle-free cooking Prepare dinner quickly – have to bend over backwards cleaning it. Visit E-mail bsh. of one appliance. Bosch HSG636ES1 This Bosch combi-steam oven makes cooking and cleaning easier than ever! With the oven’s Brandt built-in automatic settings for types of heat. and defrosting. KITCHEN STEAM. and is functions – full steam a control module with available at major electrical stores.599. and baked desserts.200 and is If you’re looking for available at the Miele Experience a steam-only option: Centre. distribution.

you confirm that you have read.20 AVAILABLE AT IKEA. The SP01 Tim Rundle collection is available at Space Furniture. squa e vot ve n white. The second Floral wreath. K ATO N G S L I N G ON ARMCHAI R Welcome your guests Wende bo cush on. • Subscriptions are non-refundable and non-transferable.90. understood and consent may enjoy this subscription promotion as well (the new subscription to the terms of this subscription and also to the collection. founder of floral $22 90 R tua s mini cloche styling and events studio and candle set $39. Who is the collection created for? kea PS 2017 grey 3(23/( Rolf: There wasn’t one particular person we vase $39 90 or a set of hree f om kea. the pair talk about the Rolf: I was extremely eager to learn about the partnership and why the collection possibilities in the Ikea supply chain. collection Mette Hay first and form. and soda. ONE-YEAR Bold & Beautiful The Shu Ying WHO A Belg an couple and their young son armchair. $110. it is always RIGHT & Partners in The wall-hung BELOW Mette and Rolf Hay met as colleagues during the brief for this collection? business and mirrors combine important to look at the product first.sphmagazines.SUBSCRIBE TO HOME & DECOR AND ENJOY 20% SAVINGS! 5 apartment homes: From casual cool to mod-con chic Exclusive Rice cookers Emerging packed with trends from form and Finland’s Sleep Special function design scene Solutions for the Property Property best rest Why two-room Sure-fire way flats are back to boost your Property in demand home value Cons of 3 Generation Perfect tech flats gifts for the house How to design a kid friendly space WURSLFDO IHVWLYLW\ Celebrate with a twist and the season’s trendiest colours PRGHUQ LQWHULRUV LQ DOOLQRQH Reinvent apartment living with D FRORQLDO VKRSKRX XVH DEC 2017 OCT T 2017 the latest open-plan solutions 7 S$6 00 S$6 00 S$6 0 12: LIVING LEGACY Sensitive renovation to a pre war terrace house preserves its old world charm while injecting modern touches. It is named Sireh” while keeping the which t anslates o betel leaves a vine hat silhouette in line is commonly cul ivated with the label’s and consumed in Sou h east Asia philosophy of balancing geometry. HOME merges hip Art Deco Conservation vibes with hints terrace house of Modernism. in a dark-green tone.homeanddecor. the ( U . CD Chews Bar & Eatery. homeowners looking for contemporary. 14 years on. • For Please allow about four working days from the magazine release subscription enquiries. HAY has become home that my biggest wish was to work with RIGHT last ng so we chose colours that are not vases and bags ABOVE The Ypperlig a global phenomenon popular with some of the classic Ikea products. approach design from a technical angle when $49. along and 2018 Raspberry A6 apple juice. lemon juice. tipple! This cocktail is ON B EN CH a Katong twist to the Joy copper w re lights C R E AT E A (10m) $39 90 iconic Singapore cocktail V E R D A N T W R E AT H Joy m ni Chris mas tree created in 1915. One has to THE YPPERLIG COLLECTION IS NOW Da Vinci crystal deserves a space in every modern home. Rolf We haven t ta ked about that but a l furniture juggernaut Ikea to launch the have agreed that it was really n ce working Ypperlig collection. Rolf and both function products are simpler. More flowers. designed $19 90 hal -A4 storage this tropical-inspired box in wh te $22. • disclosure of any personal data by SPH Magazines for the purposes The subscription rate and offer are applicable to Singapore addresses of your Home & Decor we played much more with the colour – they are the TOP RIGHT Partners in life as well as business. with cherry pink flamingo bonded leather daily apple honey syrup. and white. includes sea ing establishing their own label in 2002. What was the inspiration that led to some together and we look forward to seeing how In an exclusive interview with of the looks? the customers w ll like the collect on Home & Decor. team in Sweden. before Mette: After our first meeting with the Ikea marriage. and not afraid of sharing How was the colour palette chosen for the co lection? Mette A lot of the furniture is grey. given a little spice with the Dreams & Doodle. was very open and transparent. 135 . captivating already well-known products. I felt that the Ikea culture Other • Protection Policy available at to subscribe now! TERMS AND CONDITIONS • This subscription promotion is only valid date for postage. with a local-inspired rom Inhabi ant. addition of Fernet. existing production facilities or new technology. or less all the furniture we did was driven by B oomingv l e porcelain elegant and textured effect. Its n Kim Yam Road you are creating something with the intent of d ary $44 90 a l from mass producing it on a massive scale. some more bright. The be just as functional but designed in the philosophy. I already knew on the drive met as colleagues. but can fit into the collection. overpower ng. had in mind when creating the collection. to see if we could come up with new ideas for form of this sofa exemplifies HAY’s styled furniture with clean lines. 6 0 steel frame is SIZE complemented by 2. stylist’s own. Follow the natural K kki-K LED Champagne curves of the leaves for an P l ar cand es $12. $44. • Subscriber information may be used in future for print edition when signing up at www. FOUNDERS OF DANISH DESIGN HAY and Ikea? $59. Fernet. which would minimalist design Is there a possibility of a colours and uncomplicated forms. for marketing or promotional activities. by Dreams & Doodle. Some The extensi e at Danish furniture brand Guni. I wanted The simple dining chair. drink. $ 7 2 ) them back in time to seating appointment the colonial era with – along with other its open concept the breeze from the ce ling pieces from the fan and a view of he 10-piece collection – neighbourhood is inspired by pairing RIGHT hard architectural This is one of three pre war e race houses elements with along Kim Yam Road soft P. text YOUNG LIM photo SPACE FURNITURE 25 98 99 FURN I T URE Won Tip Toe arge bench. Of course. and green but with the accessories. call 6388-3838 or e-mail circs@sph. 32 text YOUNG LIM pho os KEA 33 76 77 Log on to www. use or period will automatically commence when the current one expires). in accordance with its Data only. and Vassad throw in grey. THE rom Inhabi ant. follow up collection? duo recently collaborated with Swedish philosophy of our brand. The A4 storage card box n whi e $24 90 simplicity of our designs make them suitable rom Kikk -K for every home and every individual. $8 a l from St lodeco. This decora ions (th ee-pack).90. $740 and Sketch Orphan armchair $1 300. reason was our chemistry. tubular AT O N LY $ 5 7 . from Robinsons. form and detailed craftsmanship.842sqf the feel of plush upholstery. with large-petaled leaves ournal w th pen. $7. CULT BRAND HAY Rolf: The main reason we decided to work ON WALL with Ikea was out of curiosity. Conceived The iving room is by New Zealand where Jona han and industrial designer Katrien spend most of their time It takes Tim Rundle. • Your subscription will set out in the subscription form and submitting the same to SPH commence with the March 2018 edition. for a pair. is s orage loth box in pink. from ON FLOOR METTE & ROLF HAY Gur i cushion over Are there any similarities between in pink. • Current print subscribers Magazines. which I felt in our first meeting. from S U B S CR I P TI O N SP01’s latest furniture collection.90. TEL: The Katong Sling is made Love Li e 365 Days with Courvoisier VSOP. $133.90. • By providing the information the sale period of the January 2018 edition. A4 storage clo h box in Christmas wreath by p nk $29 90 nspiration partially lining a metal ring Gra i ude journal. What were some of the ideas discussed TOP TOP RIGHT glue of this collection. but we wanted to create items that are long- appointments tables Now. $18 and Chr stmas pine cone ornament in silver. concocted by Baba Rubina Tiyu.

Or. these happy folks are not just looking for their next home.12 million whopper at the Pinnacle@Duxton. we may be inspired by the fact that many of our local billionaires – like Robert and Philip Ng of Far East Organization. more Singaporeans aspire to own a second property. PART 1 OF A FOUR-PART SERIES ON SECOND PROPERTY INVESTMENT Other than our well-documented love of food. but they are also becoming more common. In iProperty. 69 per cent indicated that they owned a property. Why this obsession? Perhaps it’s because the Government has very successfully drilled into our heads that we should be a nation of homeowners rather than renters. Singapore were sold for over $1 million. the property market is buzzing these days with several successful en bloc sales. Increasingly. a record 19 resale flats in Pinnacle@Duxton. plus an investment proper t y? Read this first. Public housing project Last year. it is because so many of us have made – or enviously watched our friends and family make – profits buying and selling our homes. which reached their five-year minimum occupation period (MOP) in 2016. including a $1. residence. while 14 per cent of them already owned a second or third property. and Kwek Leng Beng and his family from Hong Leong Group – built their fortunes in real’s annual Asia Property photo THE STRAITS TIMES Market Sentiment Report 2016. the next big conversation starter among Singaporeans has to be our property market. PROPERTY SECOND WIND Dreaming of buying a second residential proper t y to be a landlord? Got a windfall from your condo’s en bloc sale and want a new home. In addition. many are also in the position to invest in a second City View@Boon Keng DBSS flats. where they surveyed 4. Do consider these points before you shop. 136 . but were interested in buying another.667 Singaporeans. Million-dollar HDB flats may continue to raise eyebrows. too. Most probably. Others were located in City View@Boon Keng and Natura Loft photo THE STRAITS TIMES in Bishan. Flushed with cash.

“As long as flat. This is calculated will be assessed based on factors such as from the day you take possession of your being a permanent resident of Singapore HDB flat. whichever is earlier. One thing to note: Foreigners are not Current HDB flat owners allowed to buy landed residential property in For current HDB flat owners. made exceptional economic contributions to or the date of the Sale and Purchase Singapore.” explains second-property seven years from the date of selection of owner Tang XL. matter if the private property is still under construction or is ready for possession. but also lose money very easily If you bought a replacement flat when the market turns. I can definitely still Do note that Singapore permanent make a profit on property investment in residents must continue staying in their Singapore in the long run. 2010. per cent interest. If there contrast to defensive assets like fixed interest design BOX. quick bucks. However. PROPERTY • First. the MOP does not include diversifies your risks the period that you had sublet or did not Growth assets such as property and shares physically occupy your flat – for example. so I have never their resale flats without CPF housing grants invested in them. or five years from your risk-averse investors who are looking for actual date of possession of the replacement stability and long-term gains. check your eligibility MOP. they’d submitted their resale applications on or after Aug 30. Those who purchased keep tabs on the market. you need to Singapore. Panellists from the Focus 137 . if are generally considered to be high risk.05 in their new private property. and cash investments. • It’s a good hedge against inflation Singapore citizens can seek permission from Last we checked. your employment Agreement of the private property. I have friends who make before Aug 30. it doesn’t income assessable for tax here. and whether you have Option to Purchase for your private property. Your application invest in a private property. “I don’t know much about shares or and Design Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) stocks and don’t have time to research and flats from developers. This Singapore investors continue to view property five-year rule applies to all HDB homeowners investment favourably and prefer to include who bought new Build-To-Order flats directly one or two properties in their portfolio mix. many this will also affect your recorded MOP. to the date that you exercise the for at least five years.5 per cent in time they want without waiting out any September 2017. in you were posted overseas for work. resale LANDED RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY IN SINGAPORE flats without CPF UNLESS THEY RECEIVE PERMISSION FROM housing grants if THE GOVERNMENT. • Real estate investment However. I prefer to buy a from HDB under the Selective En bloc house that I can rent out or hold it for my Redevelopment Scheme. from HDB.” HDB flats after buying a second property and cannot sublet their HDB flat. echoing the thoughts of many the replacement flat.ID photography JASPER YU are any infringements of the lease of the flat. your MOP will be children’s future. I have holding power.000 savings HDB to sublet their whole HDB unit and stay in a popular local bank only earns you 0. your first $350. unless they receive permission meet your MOP of five years before you can from the Government. the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) recorded Current private property owners Singapore’s core inflation measure (which Singapore citizens and foreigners alike excludes the cost of accommodation and can buy multiple private properties any private road transport) at 1. resale flats with a CPF FOREIGNERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BUY housing grant. 2010 are exempted. for example. However. However.

property loan interest rates continue to stay low. bullish as during the heady days of the 2000s According to CBRE Research.61-million population is made up of annually. Christine Li. of great interest to income helps hedge against a volatile end 2016. but the pace has slowed down to permanent residents and non-residents. helpers) in Singapore. Eventually. to buy a second residence. official statistics who bought a two-bedroom condo apartment the Singapore economy. property? How much CPF money can you less attractive for investors. If at but rental can fluctuate This. land to go around. I WAS MAKING VERY LITTLE INTEREST ON MY BANK SAVINGS AND I HAD QUITE A LOT OF FUNDS IN MY CPF’S ORDINARY ACCOUNT. Government policies and wide rents fell 13 per cent at the end of 2016. keep climbing as more en bloc sale owners slashed their rent. a Cushman & Wakefield empty for three months. make it rents than before.” The Natura Loft DBSS flats in Bishan. As of and continues to be. They all need a roof over their heads. gas sector and government’s tightening of lot of rental income waiting to be collected.15 million foreign Singaporeans.4 per cent. Madam Tang. only 2 to 3 per cent. 2. there were 1. So. of course. but Get ready to do your sums as we appreciation and rental market is slowing had to lower it to $750 after my rooms were check out the financial considerations down. property investment is. economy. in addition to the weak oil and least half of them are renting.” says a bachelor in his late 40s. using other people’s money) to fulfil their dream of becoming a second property owner. SO. who used to rent out her use? How much income tax must you While demand for private residential three-bedder flat at $3. “Gross domestic show that as of June 2017.2 per cent in 2018. research director. “After all. it’s not keeping up with inflation. Collecting passive to scale down on business expansion. where one may face retrenchment workers with jobs (excluding domestic property is considered by many to be a sure or a pay cut anytime. At the same time. “At NEXT MONTH warn that the growth outlook for capital first. I was making very little interest on my bank savings and I had quite a lot of funds in my CPF’s Ordinary Account. she resorted look for new homes – industry experts to renting out each room individually.3 per cent. I decided to invest in a second property. investors are no longer as previous year. But how many as well as Seller’s Stamp Duty when owners to find new tenants and are accepting lower bank loans can you get to buy your second flip their property within four years. I DECIDED TO INVEST IN A SECOND PROPERTY. In our land-scarce country. Economics Consensus Forecast predicted that inflation in Singapore will average 1.” 138 text STELLA THNG . a dip of 2. told The Straits Times rental income than nothing at all. Potential investors may thus think it’s more “worth it” to take a low-interest property loan (for example. I charged $850 per common room. caused companies No doubt.” she notes. • You’ll earn passive income. that this is due to the slower growth in If it is any consolation. which can bring me passive rental income in my retirement. This means that the money you save in the bank is making you photo THE STRAITS TIMES so little interest income. and can afford to hold on and brave the cooling measures like enforcing Additional while vacancy rate went up to 8.17 million of in Punggol and asked not to be named. Those who get in early in the game – and early 2010s. product growth used to average 6 per cent our 5. WHICH CAN BRING ME PASSIVE RENTAL INCOME IN MY RETIREMENT.000. that’s still a Getting rental income is. PROPERTY “AFTER ALL. largely why many property owners want the foreign worker policy. I’d rather make less of owning a second property. island. had to lower her prepare to pay? We will address your money homes has been picking up – and will only expectations when neighbouring landlords concerns in the next issue.500 from the bet to make money as there is only so much However. Landlords lament that they are taking longer money in the long run. down cycles – will almost definitely make Buyer’s Stamp Duty for multiple properties. starting from around 1.

I assume or swimming pool chemical What else can I do? you blotted out excess oil with suppliers (pool-grade).” she explains. “However.” she adds. “You may also consider using tracing paper as stuffing in the bag as it helps to absorb moisture. try to clean it off gently with a dry cloth or a dry toothbrush. scrape or leather bags. Every six months. and decorating questions with the oil out of the concrete. if needed. How do I remove it? pet stores (food-grade version) a dehumidifier in my room. spirits with baby powder. Mould keeps appearing on my Q&A concrete floor and now there is DE powder can be found at leather bags even though I have a stain. If the mould is still new. Take the bags out every design LINEAR SPACE CONCEPTS photography VERONICA TAY three months for an airing for at least two to three hours. and kept in a dry environment. followed by a colour touch-up if there are stains. Make a thick paste with from Honest Crafters. Reapply a new Dirt. debris. who you will need to apply an your choice of absorbent and turned her love for leather We answer your renovation absorbent material on it to draw mineral spirits and lay it over the bags into a business repairing. such as a wardrobe. At the time it happened. it can be resolved only via a professional mould removal process. Once the paste has dried restoring and also customising help from industry experts. kitty layer of paste. humidity and ventilation are other litter (ground finely).sg. 139 . This is because once the mould has penetrated into the leather surface. says Grace Guo ANSWERED scrub oil stains out of bacteria. This stain. The best way to prevent mould is to make sure the bags are clean in the first place. the only way is to send them in for professional help. temperature. kept in a clean environment (put into the dust bag that most bags come packaged in). is known as a poultice and you (after several hours). you can’t remove any small pieces of leather bags. There are many factors that YOUR RENO & kitchen paper towels. EXPERTS SAY I accidentally spilled oil onto my diatomaceous earth (DE powder). which helps protect against mould. sawdust or factors that can cause the growth of mould. if the mould is very serious. E-mail questions to can make one by mixing mineral sweep it away. Unlike Sweep the area well to will cause mould to grow onto DECOR QUESTIONS other hard flooring. send the bag for moisturising and polishing so that the leather maintains its natural oils. maghomedecor@sph.

which is a safety hazard. Floors need to be protected Cover all outlets with Make sure TVs are on sturdy to prevent surface scratches plastic plugs and ensure device bases or better still. Affix them to first child and we are concerned other chemicals should be in the wall should they be unstable. Give all furniture a push and workout equipment such as are unplugged and stored out of pull to see if they can be toppled treadmills. use a special kind of flooring I need mobile. Is there babies. but they cost more. If you are not weightlifting. There is no need for an adhesive as the weight of the mat keeps it in place. stuffed toddler. they do not provide a stable base and. secured to a and scuffs from heavy-duty chargers. more importantly. corners on furniture that can a balcony. might pull on them. about how we should baby. there is a possibility of bounce. as well as offer some form of soundproofing. then foam is good enough. These can be cushioned animals or decorative pillows as with rounded stick-ons from I would like to convert my spare these can potentially smother the hardware shop. Instead of room into a home gym. should you drop weights on foam. hair dryers and irons wall. Rubber and EVA foam mats can provide this. While they provide cushioning. cut need to do to prevent our child from climbing up and down off a small piece of pool noodle. EXPERTS SAY My wife and I are expecting our reach. Once your baby becomes tablecloths and runners. and starts in the crib. Rubber mats absorb impact better and also last longer. EVA foam are colourful interlocking squares typically used in indoor playgrounds and kindergartens. Jeremy Ko of Movement First recommends getting a small number of interlocking 12mm- thick rubber mats to protect the design MUSEUM ID photography JASPER YU area which you will be training on. from getting hurt at home? stairs. 140 text WONG SIOW YUEN . These come in 50cm by 50cm “tiles”. locked cabinets. free weights and weight benches but. What do we should be set up to prevent Baby slamming on tiny fingers. with no loose blankets. which you can configure to fit your space. Household cleaners and by a nimble climber. wedge it on to the upper edge of parents! Babyproofing is an Get down on your hands and a door so that it can’t slam shut. entering the kitchen and make a slit along the length and Congratulations on becoming bathroom alone. Barrier gates To prevent doors from proof the home. “They protect the floor from damage. as curious toddlers for the area? is necessary. just like knees are look out for sharp If you have an apartment with parenting. total home protection placemats. elliptical machines.” he explains. you should consider The crib mattress should be firm cause injury to a crawler or installing invisible grilles. floors need to have a non-slip surface. ongoing process. Being rather spongy. exercise bikes. they may not be suitable for some workouts.

text MARIE QUEK 141 .sg. there are no energy helps to create wind flow while losses. Besides being able by Samaire is both pretty and practical. Call 6438-4321 or visit www. or use it as wall art for a one-of-a-kind decor statement. it luxe look and sleek silhouette. Wooded Dark Grey and Visit www. 11 Keng Cheow Street. too! keeping the room warm – Samaire’s i18 Impressive Rain Shower instant water perfect for chilly days. forward-reverse Acorn’s Petalo DC-325 ceiling fan. making it cost-effective. price available upon request.samaire. its refined and unusual design makes for a great talking piece among guests. Wooden Light Grey. without a water tank. but they also come in a wide range of designs and sizes. promising comfort in multiple seating positions. price available upon request.mossliving. White. which To top it all off. are available at #01-04 The Riverside Piazza. price available upon request. Perfect Finish Moss Living’s decorative wall panels are not only natural and eco-friendly. For a luxurious yet understated look. Moss Livin g’s decorative wall panels. the water heater is comes with six speeds and a space-efficient as it doesn’t require a water tank.acornceilingfan. Call 6774-8031 for more details. IN STORE Lounge In Leather Sit back and relax in this Roxy Lounge chair. The Roxy Lounge Chair can be found at www. Easy Breeze H o t Ta k e Take a break from the heat with Acorn’s new Petalo DC-325 The i18 Impressive Rain Shower instant water heater ceiling suitable for almost any home. Visit www. available at all authorised dealers. the Capiz Shell Half Moon (pictured) is a prime choice! You can even frame a mirror with it. is available at authorised retailers. The fan is heater is priced at $168 and comes in Silvery White available in Matte Black. Apart from its to produce a natural The eclectic armchair boasts a wide seat and gentle curves that embrace the Matte and Space Black.

which frames the bed nicely. box. Though they have a fondness for Chinese and Peranakan motifs. A plush curved sofa. softer hues were applied. In the master bedroom. As the homeowners had requested powder room where a blue-and.” shares the Design wallpaper. the homeowners of this penthouse apartment wanted an understated look that did not feel too maximalist or cluttered. The existing wooden floors help bring the rich hues of the furniture and accessories together. elegant backdrop for the pops a pleasant surprise! “We wanted an elegant surprise of purple and red from the soft effect upon entering. This style extends to the Intervention team. WHERE TO GO to create a soft-toned jewellery to-ceiling Chinese-inspired Design Intervention. contemporary touch to the Oriental-style painting and cabinets in the dining area. PROJECT SHOWCASE U N D E R S TAT E D LU X U R Y This 2. were brown and cream created an personalised home must have been paired for a luxurious ambience. as well as floor. and an art collection of their own. With this in mind. with the idea furnishing. bronze sakura blossom wallpaper. TEL: 6506-0920 142 text ELIZA HAMIZAH photos DESIGN INTERVENTION .585sqf apartment embodies a gorgeous combination of East and West. while spiky brass chandeliers added a bold. Design Intervention created a contemporary Chinoiserie family home that was practical and spacious for the multigenerational family. for a complete turnkey service. is the highlight of the living room. clad in blue velvet. Olive walking into this sophisticated yet and mirrored cabinetry.

three-d- www.8edtimes. 131 Jalan Sultan Home 2 U Gallery Tel: 6702-7738 RENOVATION Tel: 6732-6910 Fax: 6345-3306 Crescent www. Atelier Mudian #01-01 and #03-01 Da Vinci Home Archive Design #01-21/23 201 Henderson Road #01-01 #02-08 Vertex Building Tel: 6270-8828 3 Tai Seng Drive 362 Upper Paya 33 Ubi Avenue 3 Samaire Ceiling Fan Tel: 6415-0000 #06-01 Tel: 6337-7277 Timplex www.archiveinterior Toto Kitchen BEDDING Fritz Hansen design.acorn Tel: 6468-1942 Lightcraft www.blacknwhite Atelier #01-01 and #03-01 201 Henderson Road Black N White House #01-01 and #03-01 8edtimes Gallery 201 Henderson Road Tel: 6270-8828 291 Tanjong Katong Road #B1-09 Park Mall Tel: 6270-8828 #08-06 The Spire House of Grafunkt house. Tel: 6270-8828 65 Ubi Road One Tel: 6297-6658 Acorn #02-719-720 #02-09 Dwell Interior Design 143 .com @ Avenue 1 #01-03 105 Eunos Avenue 3 XZQT #01-05 UE Tech Park Tel: 6774-8031 www. Scanteak www.citygas.renaidesign Tel: 6365-9138 60 Sungei Kadut Drive Taylor B Fine OTHERS Design Group #04-02 Acacia Fabrics 43 Keppel Road #04-03 Tel: 6225-7090 Ubi Techpark Lobby A Tel: 6440-9766 Tel: 6338-7889 www. 29 Mayo Street #02-51/52 Oxley Bizhub Tel: 6441-3345 Caesarstone Space Furniture 14 Arumugam Road Tel: 6250-1368 77 Bencoolen Street LTC Building C Tel: 6846-7737 Three-D Conceptwerke 18 Sin Ming Lane 10 Bukit Batok Crescent Muji Renaissance Planners Tel: 6316-1938 City Gas Gallery #02-198 Vivocity & Designers Suntec City Tower 4 512 Chai Chee Lane 3 Temasek Boulevard 11 Kim Yam Road Tel: 6635-6147 Tel: 6737-7838 Tel: 6883-1005 Tel: 6273-2522 guide YOUR ONE-STOP RESOURCE FOR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES BATHROOMS FURNITURE INTERIOR KITCHENS & FURNISHINGS DESIGNERS Toto @ #02-34/36 Millenia Walk Design Intervention LIGHTING ELECTRICAL Tel: 6336-6046 75E Loewen Road & ELECTRONICS www.caesarstone.brandt. Atelier MATERIALS #01-01/02 Haire Living Brandt Asia 75 Bukit Timah Road Level 1 Kallang Way 2A #01-13 Tel: 6743-0060 Star Furniture 24 Eng Hoon Street Tel: 6898-1120 1 Pasir Panjang Road Tel: 6293-8001 Panasonic Singapore Tel: 6368-2802 202 Bedok South The Orange Cube Hafary Tel: 6468-6333 Lebar Road Tel: 6733-7378 #02-01/03 1 Harbourfront Walk #01-02 PWC Building 469 MacPherson Road Greenlam Tel: 6376-8023 8 Cross Street Tel: 6291-1545 11 Sungei Kadut www.watelier.

sg 16 Tai Seng Street Stylodeco Wynk Collaborative Block 65 Ubi Road 1 Tel: 8511-3584 Marquis HnC Waff Tel: 6884-5060 www. Atelier Lasvit #01-01 and #03-01 Departures & Arrivals 75 Neil Road 201 Henderson Road #02-61 Tel: 6542-9422 Tel: 6270-8828 Oxley Bizhub 1 Space Furniture World of Wood 77 Bencoolen Street #06-05 Tannery Block Tel: 6415-0000 35 Tannery Road Tel: 6270-2823 34/35 Duxton Road #11-02 Vitra by Grafunkt Tan Boon Liat Building #02-32 Millenia Walk Country Concept 315 Outram Road 9 Raffles Boulevard 845 Geylang Road Tel: 6264-4789 Tel: 6266-3369 Tel: 6741-0079 www. WHERE TO BUY Belouk Ikea The Design Store by 16 Adam Park 60 Tampines North Drive 2 Lifestorey Tel: 9668-1420 Tel: 6786-6868 #01-00/A (for appointments) Industrial Building The Rug Maker 6 Genting Road #07-01 Cosentino City Center Tel: 6717-9848 1092 Lower Delta Road Singapore Tel: 6713-9543 Ipse Ipsa Ipsum Bibliotek #04-00 Jubilee 144 photo DULUX .com #06-33 5001 Beach Road #01-00/B #07-08 16 Tai Seng Street 55 Serangoon North Avenue 4 Hansgrohe Tel: 6742-2386 Tel: 6482-6388 69 Mohamed Sultan Road Tel: 6749-2422 Inhabitant www.hansgrohe.

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