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Information on multi-boiler installations

Optimising multi-boiler plant
Weishaupt multi-boiler control system

2 . Variable-speed pumps at every boiler provide a balanced water flow rate and correct any deviations before they have an effect on temperature. Products and efficiency technologies. The result Measurable benefits compared to typical installations even with condensing boilers and combined heat and power plant. if the boiler output can be optimised to suit the heat demand. hydraulically optimised control of multi-boiler installations by measuring and regulating boiler flow rates. The ground-breaking properties of this patented system enable an outstanding degree of control. The principle Weishaupt facilitates the modern. The technology Flow rate is measured in the consumer pipeline and at every heat generator. Variable-speed boiler pumps and modulating burners combine with the innovative control concept to form the ideal solution for multi-boiler plant. such as the Weishaupt multi-boiler control system.Many multi-boiler installations are able to operate more efficiently. This is where the Weishaupt multi-boiler control system can provide an advanced and practical solution. and the efficient and reliable operation of any size of plant. particularly at partial load. are developed and tested at the Weishaupt Research and Development Centre. both in terms of control precision and energy consumption.


This considerably increases flow-rate control prevents a rise in the Disruptions during boiler switching the ecological and economical value return temperature to the boiler circuit procedures are compensated for added. the optimal utilisation of an ecologically The well-thought-out volume flow rate advantageous lead boiler. bio- pumps whose power consumption is can really transport its nominal capacity mass or CHP plant). This supports flow rate. in both individual and sequenced Across the whole of the control range.Responsive control of multi-boiler plant: environmentally friendly and efficient Bolier flow rates controlled by variable speed pumps Control / visualisation Variable speed pumps control boiler Furthermore. the water integrated circuit and the control strategy are As well as boiler/burner sequencing Therefore the Weishaupt system offers tailored to one another. the next greatest possible utilisation of eco- header operate without any loss of boiler in sequence is only started when logically advantageous heat generators efficiency the lead boiler has reached full capacity. 4 . all that often occur with temperature-led reduction of the circulation flow in the boilers on or all boilers off). e. The Weishaupt immediately system thus capitalises on all of the Outstanding control characteristics are Condensing boilers or DHW charging control benefits of the low loss header. With the Weishaupt system.g. their efficiency. considerably reduced by varying volume to the consumer circuit. biomass management system can ensure the Condensing boilers with a low loss or combined heat and power. This reduces the available to the consumer Alternative heat generators can be number of burner starts to a minimum. their speed to adapt the rate of flow to All of the installed boiler capacity is the heat exchanger. at the low loss header.g.g. applications. achieved because changes in flow rate systems can be incorporated parallel to without impairing the efficiency of the caused by boiler switch-on or switch-off the low loss header without impairing condensing technology or comparable procedures are detected and compen. the Weishaupt system is have for so long been available to heat The intelligent volume-flow-rate control also ideally suited to sequencing with distribution: speed-controlled circulation sets the water flow rate so that a boiler alternative heat generators (e. before they have an effect on temperature. operation. the boiler pumps vary often even avoided. balanced volume flow Gas demand peaks are levelled flow rate rates prevent overheating of the boiler The demand peaks in the gas supply When a reduction in load leads to a or flow-rate-linked instabilities (e. with low and high-temperature hot- the same benefits to heat generation as water plant. controls are effectively reduced or consumer circuit. sated for immediately.

The Weishaupt multi-boiler control system has been proving itself in numerous installations 5 .

6 . The efficiency calculator MKR developed by Weishaupt provides On-site analysis of the current state reliable data on the potential energy Before design comes the analysis of savings for a plant after conversion. Com- solutions. The Good hydraulic design underlies optimal text and graphics of the user interface To ensure your equipment remains operation characteristics. Weishaupt offers numerous options for meeting controls and software are tailored to customers tailored. problem-free in the future. Weishaupt competent assistance. the and boiler controls. It is possible to determine right at this initial stage That enables you to consider the whether a conversion to the Weishaupt amortisation of the intended investment system will be possible. The open bus communications system prehensive operator orientation/training simplifies integration with existing takes place after commissioning. consultation service. Alongside are individually tailored.The Weishaupt service package: a one-stop solution Bespoke control panels have been designed and built at the main works in Schwendi for more than 50 years With more than 50 years’ experience As individual as a finger print Round-the-clock service in the design and manufacture of The modular structure of the Weishaupt As well as supplying and assembling all control panels. Weishaupt is provides round-the-clock service 365 also able to provide a comprehensive Forecasted energy savings days per year. and plan with a high degree of certainty. your individual requirements. primarily for burner multi-boiler control system offers of the necessary components. the situation on site. Consultation building management systems. one-stop control customer-specific requirements.

The efficiency calculator: Reliable projections of anticipated savings Burner selection Plant schematic Pay-back calculations The Weishaupt efficiency calculator can calculate the likely savings of the multi-boiler control system in advance 7 .

000 kWh/year energy utilisation by trade and system could realise potential energy industry. These very impressive consumption and cost savings.Some convincing examples: making visible savings Production plant in Wahlstedt (picture courtesy of Grundfos) Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH Example installation: Grundfoss Results * (DENA)’s Energy Efficiency Initiative An extensive energy analysis at the has presented two Weishaupt production plant in Wahlstedt concluded • Reduction in fuel consumption: projects as examples of efficient that a modernisation of the heating 1. As part • Reduction in electrical consumption: examples demonstrate the potential of the modernisation. which ensures that only those boilers needed to meet • Reduction in CO2 emissions: demand are run. A new Weishaupt multi-boiler control system • Annual energy saving of 22 % was also implemented. older burners 60. • Reduction in costs: €66. Now precisely the 479 t/year required volume flow rate is transported.000 kWh/year savings that can be made.000 at an optimal load point and with the maximum possible efficiency. 8 . so that the boilers are always operating • Investment: €265. were replaced by new models.806.500 per year • Return of investment: 25 % * Full details can be found in DENA’s “Initiative Energieeffizienz Industrie und Gewerbe” series of publications.

and two catalytic flue purification with heat recovery • Reduction in energy consumption gas scrubbers. The main consumer of 1. The following • Investment: €620.000 kWh/year equipped with O2 trim and VSD.670 per year • Return of investment: 44 % * Full details can be found in DENA’s “Initiative Energieeffizienz Industrie und Gewerbe” series of publications.056. com- combined output of the two boilers missioning of the biodiesel-fired CHP • Reduction in bio-oil consumption for amounts to 4. each of which are fitted system and an efficient burner • Reduction in gas consumption: with efficient burners. Heat is also plant. heating: 6.337. Both burners are 8.000 kWh/year provided by a biodiesel-fired CHP plant gas purification to catalytic flue-gas rated at 420 kW. 9 . In winter.Production plant in Rittershausen (picture courtesy of Rittal) Example installation: Rittal Results * The main source of heat in the factory • Installation of a multi-boiler control are two boilers. heating • CO2 reduction 1.000 kWh/year the heat produced is the paint shop. The • Installation of another burner. Conversion from thermal flue.095 t/year of the buildings consumes the largest amount of energy. • Installation of flue gas heat whose pretreatment tanks have to be exchangers in the existing boilers • Saving of 9 % kept at a constant temperature in summer and in winter.76 MW.720.000 measures were taken in order to optimise the plant: • Cost reduction: €270.

which is located in the south. solar energy. has been structured Sennwald. as a holding for three companies operating in the fields of energy Neuberger building automation. . and geothermal engineering company. which has been part manufactured. Heating systems are manufactured by Weishaupt’s sister company Pyropac. energy extraction and Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Germany. has been a group subsidiary since 1995. Since 2009 the business. It is also the group’s of the Weishaupt Group since 2009.000 administrative headquarters. Bad Wurzach is home to the west German town of Schwendi. and home employees and is a market leader for to the group’s own Research and burners. The core division is Max Weishaupt GmbH. and building automation. which was which is located in the Swiss town of founded in 1932. sited in technology. condensing boilers. energy management. Switzerland Neuberger building automation in Rothenburg Borehole drilling by BauGrund Süd The Weishaupt Group has over 3. pumps.That’s reliability Boiler production in Sennwald. heat Development Institute. which is where all burners are BauGrund Süd.


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