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I like this picture because this first moment

when wearing a nurse’s uniform. With this
uniform has been felt to be a nurse who
actually, although stiil under the process

Pati. In the picture only partly due to another family on a busy preparing the food while the man were chatting. This location of the picture in my grand mother home at winong. iWhen eid my family have tradition of gathering at home grandmother to silahturahmi and after that eat together.This is a family photo when Eid. In this picture i’am hugging my niece .

Whilw my sister axis with her style.because she had came from jakarta. Family tree . She lived in jakarta and came when Eid. So i miss her so much.

.The most memorible event in my life My responsibilitys at home include cleaning home and teaching my sister I’m best at Food collage meat ball and ice cream In the next five years a will be a successful entreprenur.