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Determina-se a pilha de dados. A dificuldade é o dodge + destreza, mas nunca maior que 8
O dano é feito, e em seguida quem recebeu o golpe tenta absorver o dano, com STAMINA + o
SOAK da armadura que usar, contra dificuldade 7. Cada Sucesso evita que o personagem tome
dano, mas o dano vai ser descontado da vitalidade da armadura, que com o tempo pode se
quebrar. Armaduras normalmente tem em vitalidade o dobro a soma dos soaks B+L x2. Após
se quebrarem, elas não contemplam mais absorção/soak. Dano agravado nunca vai ser
absorvido por armaduras.

Todo personagem tem uma vitalidade igual ao dobro de sua stamina. Esse é o dano que o
personagem aguenta antes de começar a descontar a saúde.

] .

Regras extras Ambidextrous (1pt. Biscine (1pt.Inquisitor Only The disciplines of faith. self-denial and mortification have granted you an unusual resistance to pain.Inquisitor Only God has granted you a strong constitution. but you do not suffer a difficulty penalty if. Huge Size (4pt. avoid being knocked down and so on. not two). reduce all difficulties by 2. Merit) Your fingers are hideously long and spidery. Merit) . at least six-foot-ten and 300 pounds in weight. and you can perform tasks with the "wrong" hand at no penalty. so you may better serve his cause. You gain one extra die on all rolls involving fine coordination or grappling. For three points. Corpo de Guerreiro (3 ponts de merit) Vc adiciona sua força à sua vitalidade. this extra mass bestows an additional Bruised health level. open barred doors. Let Satan's spawn do their worst: The flesh matters not. Supple Joints (1 or 3pt. You can escape most restraints and slither through small spaces automatically. Characters with this Merit may also gain bonuses to push objects. whether natural or supernatural in nature. but Storytellers should feel free to veto any Ability selections that seem too powerful or unbalanced. depois de descansar por 10 minutos Hale (2pt. You must use the rules for taking multiple actions. Perhaps you are a poet of great renown or a master fleshcrafter. . Merit) You are abnormally large in size. Characters may purchase this Merit more than once. Long Fingers (1pt. Pain Resistant (2pt. Você pode usar um willpower para recuperar um de vitalidade. You are rarely in less than robust health and take ill infrequently. you use two weapons or are forced to use your off hand. dislocate others at will and perform feats of contortion impossible for a human body (such as turning your head to look straight back). you reduce the difficulty of all Dexterity rolls involving body flexibility by two (such as escaping restraints or contorting through tight spaces). Merit) You are unusually comfortable underwater and vastly prefer swimming to walking. say. All wound penalties are reduced by one (so at the Wounded health level your character loses one die. you can bend most joints backward. Aside from making you extremely noticeable in public. Merit) You are unusually lithe. You receive a -1 difficulty to all Physical dice pools related to underwater movement. or rubbery like the tentacles of a squid. Merit) . For one point. This Merit is a particularly common among canal or harbor-dwelling broods of Nosferatu and the occasional aquatic Gangrel. especially for combat Abilities. Merit) You have a high degree of off-hand dexterity. Merit) You are particularly gifted with one Ability. perhaps with extra joints. although the Storyteller may require a roll for extreme feats. Subtract two from all difficulties to resist disease. Within your specific Aptitude. Ability Aptitude (1pt.

Merit) You are inhumanly through in your preparations.Artful Visionary (2pt. Meticulous Planner (2pt. Lion-Hearted (1pt. weighing contingencies and every course of action with cold. Whenever the charatcer is about to act in a way contrary to a common sense. Under stressful conditions involving numerous distractions. Merit) You have a significant amount of practical. the Storyteller can make suggestions or warnings about the implications of said action. Concentration (1pt. calculating precision. events and conversations. you must make a Perception + Alertness roll (difficulty 6) to summon enough concentration to absorb what your senses detected. Merit) You are a consummate artist at heart. particularly those on the Road of Sin (although followers of the Via Adversarius may possess this Merit. or even the development of a new tactic or torture method… Conversely. Characters with this Merit are unaffected by any penalties stemming from distracting circumstances (e. Characters who ascribe to roads that do not venerate heroism and valor may not purchase or retain this Merit. you may spend a point of Willpower to substitute your Road rating for both your Self Control/Conviction and Courage for the scene. You reduce the difficulty of any roll to create something new by 1. everyday wisdom. Those with some training in astrology and this Merit can even foretell certain astrological conjunctions without access to charts. Documents. Merit) You can awaken instantly at any sign of trouble or danger. you may call upon your honor and nobility to fortify your resolve. You can accomplish any of these feats with only a minimum of concentration. see the Road of Sin for more information). This can be actual Expression or Crafts rolls. Iron Will (5pt. Merit) You have an innate link to the passage of time and the movement of celestial bodies. You are ill suited to such labor . You can estimate the time until sunrise or sunset within a minute or two. You may substitute Intelligence for . loud noises. Merit) Your mind is as a castle. Celestial Attunement (1pt. Eidetic Memory (2pt. Merit) In a moment of great crisis. Once per story. Any attempt to affect you with Dominate or otherwise magically tamper with your mind adds 2 to the usual difficulty. Merit) You have the ability to focus your mind and shut out any distractions or annoyances. Light Sleeper (2pt. and you can follow the phases of the moon in your head. This is a very useful Merit to give to beginning players who are unfamiliar with theg ame. and you can do so without any sleepiness or hesitation. Characters must have a Willpower of 8+ to purchase or retain the benefits of this Merit. You may ignore rules regarding how Road rating restricts the number of dice available during the day. can be committed to memory with only minor concentration. you add +1 to the difficulty of any repetitive or menial task. hanging upside down). Common Sense (1pt. daring intruders with towers of ego and walls of raw will. Merit) You remember what you see and hear with perfect detail.surely everyone should see that you are more important than mere drudgery.g.

Merit) You have a particular fixation that drives your existence. your player may still roll at +1 difficulty as if the required Ability was a Skill. This accomplishment gives you special standing and repute among those knights. though sometimes a Skill) that forms the core of your obsession. You. Crusader (1pt. Jongleurs may request that you share stories that they may turn into fanciful tales. You must have one Specialty for an Ability (usually a Knowledge. you reduce the difficulty by three in addition to receiving the usual bonus die (minimum difficulty of 3). For one point. Storyellers should feel free to veto any Obsessions that seem too powerful for their games. be it as esoteric as death or vampirism or as mundane as the tactics of chess. natural sciences and theology… Whenever you attempt a task involving a Knowledge you do not possess. All difficulties on rolls involving deduction decrease by two. Merit) You have established a false persona that stands up to scrutiny and investigation. and others may ask your opinion about events in the Latin Kingdoms or Iberia. At four points. and those around you know it. This is a heavy burden. There is nothing supernatural in this: God has merely granted you an ordered an uncluttered mind that can work through trains of thought more fully than others can manage.Wits in any situation where your dedication may prevent you from being caught flat-footed or unprepared. Merit) You once donned the crusader's cross and successfully returned from the Holy Land. Well-Educated (3pt. Characters with more than one false face must purchase this Merit multiple times. and the Storyteller should occasionally give you advice as per the Common Sense merit. but he is showing a fine aptitude for the business of inquisition and a firm resolution in the face of the enemy. your identity is widely known and respected. If Initiate is taken as a . you can even deceive the most paranoid elders. Your intensity discomforts those who do not share your obsession. adding +1 to the difficulty of most Social rolls with people who observe you indulging your hobby. At two points. your identity is new or intended for casual use only. lords and ladies who never made the journey to Outremer. You may well have joined the forces of Richard the Lion-Hearted and Philip Augustus in the Third Crusade. have an uncanny reasoning ability that allows you to take apparently innocuous facts and ruthlessly reduce their true meaning. however. having done your duty to God. Uncanny Logic (2pt. The quality and detail of this face depends on the number of points invested in the Merit. those of Andrew of Hungary in the Fifth. Merit) Either through monastic training or determined royal tutors. For rolls involving this specialty. Alternate Identity (1 to 5pt. or those of Emperor Frederick in the Sixth. though. For five points.Inquisitor Only All inquisitors have to be able to separate truth from falsehood and right from wrong. Merit or Flaw) . you are one of the lucky few to receive superlative tutelage in classics. He does not have any Blessings yet. it is up to you to actively maintain your persona. Initiate (3pt. it takes determined effort to reveal your ruse. for you are responsible for this child's soul as well as his life. Obsessive Savant (2pt.Inquisitor Only You have agreed to take on a young inquisitor as your student. For three points. Merit) . Although the difficulty of any Investigation to determien your true identity equals your Alternate Identity rating +5. Characters must have at least three dots of Academics to purchase this Merit. your false name is known in several cities.

Your Network reaches one extra city per point invested in this Merit. These scars do not interfere with your movement or sensation. Religious Heritage (1pt. lazy. He will fight for you only in the most extreme circumstances. Merit or Flaw) . they serve you skillfully and subtly beneath the notice of the High Clans. The Storyteller should take care to ensure that the character is not reaping the benefits of the Initiate without giving the appropriate teaching. You may also communicate with agents in other cities via correspondence. That reputation works to your benefit as well. or a +2 difficulty on such rolls (if a Flaw). so you have to do your best to whip him into some useful shape. and diligent in his studies and prayer. you may learn as many Etiquette specialties as your Intelligence + Etiquette. even customs outside your own culture and time.Merit. your body is heavily adorned with scars. Scarred (1pt. Merit) Your sire or another mentor has laboriously tutored you in most forms of etiquette. However. Contacts.Inquisitor Only When taken as a merit. but willingly does research or runs errands for you when called upon to do so. If taken as a Flaw. Merit) Whether a result of battle wounds or religious practices. He is incompetent. nor are they ugly enough to reduce your Appearance.based on how much time you spend training him and the experience he has). the student is intelligent. with many of your relatives gaining prominant positions through the years. You receive a -2 to Social difficulties when interacting with members of the Church or anyone else who would be impressed by your lineage (if Religious Heritage is a Merit).if it does . House Murnau characters may not take this Trait. Herd and Retainers at the rate of one dot per night (although obviously any Retainers thus gained are not initially ghouls. As such. You reduce the difficulties of all Intimidation rolls by two. Your superiors are reluctant to let him leave your service. tattooing or other rarer markings at Storyteller discretion. anyone who beholds you recognizes you as someone intimately familiar with pain and violence. making you far more formidable than you appear. Upon arriving anywhere in the bounds of your Network. faithful. As a rule. however. This Merit can also reflect branding. In either case. If taken as a Flaw. Master of Protocol (1pt. Better still. demon thralls or pagans. the Initiate is a problem who hinders your work. Secrets (1 to 5pt. Network (1 to 5pt. although they can only serve the role of Contacts. Religious Heritage indicates your family has a history of dedicated service in the Church. for he already knows too much about the shadow Inquisition. the Initiate requires training and spiritual guidance. This Merit is most common among Followers of Set and Nosferatu. you gain access to your full rating in Allies. Merit) You know something important — probably something you shouldn’t know. You likely know the proper greeting for a Roman senator or the appropriate bow for a caliph as easily as the titles of address within your own kingdom. town drunks are less inclined to quarrel with you and most individuals will assume you know how to fight (whether or not you actually do). a problem that taints your name. He may well yet be blessed by the Lord (the Storyteller decides when this happens . your family has a dark reputation as heretics. Merit) You have an impressive web of contacts and agents that extends beyond a single city. However. You . whether or not the Retainers in your home city are). he can be a danger and a liability to the safety of your chapter. petuland and he lacks dedication to his faith. and you receive a –1 difficulty to any Etiquette roll involving those specialties.

a fleshcrafted doppelganger created by the Tzimisce to destabilize the court in preparation for their invasion. or simply trust the Storyteller to select a secret appropriate to the story. The rating of this Merit determines the importance and detail of this secret. Note that this Merit can also reflect clan Secrets. The player should work with the Storyteller to determine the secret. As always. or rather. such as the resting place of a torpid elder or a particular koldunic ritual known to a select bloodline.may use this secret for blackmail or simply file it away for use in some future night.wikidot. Five points means you know the spy is none other than the prince himself. http://darkagesvampire. A one- point Secret may be the confirmed existence of a spy from a rival vampire court (without knowing the spy’s identity). the Storyteller should feel free to disallow secrets that are not appropriate to his .