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RE200 Flexible Real Estate Management -
FS310 Collections/Disbursements

Flexible Real Estate Management – Advanced


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0.3 Course Prerequisites Mandatory:  AC010 Financial Accounting and Reporting  RE010 Business Processes in SAP ERP for Real Estate Management Recommended:  AC040 Cost Management and Controlling  AC200 Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable  AC201 Periodic Processing in Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable  CR590 Business Data Toolset  SAP AG 2009 .

4 Target Audience Participants  Project team members responsible for implementation Duration  5 days  SAP AG 2009 .0.

0.  You will learn about integration between RE-FX and other components of SAP ERP 6.0.  SAP AG 2009 .  You will also receive information about how to migrate data from Classic RE to RE-FX.  You will learn about the system options for adjusting the system to user-specific requirements.5 Goals and Objectives  This course provides you with an insight into flexible real estate management with SAP Real Estate Management in SAP ERP 6.0.

you will be familiar with the following topics:  Object and business partner master data  Contracts  Accounting with RE-FX  Adjustment of conditions  Service charge settlement  Sales-based contracts and settlement  Integration with other components  Tools  Important Customizing settings in RE-FX  Country specifics  SAP AG 2009 .6 Course Topics After completing this course.0.

0.7 Course Content Preface Unit 0 Course Overview Unit 1 Summary of the Basics of Course RE010 Unit 2 Contract management Unit 3 Accounting Unit 4 Adjustment of conditions Unit 5 Service Charge Settlement Unit 6 Sales-Based Contracts and Settlement Unit 7 Business Integration Unit 8 Corporate use Unit 9 Tools Unit 10 Country Specifics – optional  SAP AG 2009 .