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2400024 - How-To: SAP HANA Administration and Monitoring
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You are interested in best practices about administering and monitoring a SAP HANA database.




This SAP Note lists recommended tasks in the area of administration, monitoring and housekeeping in order to
keep the SAP HANA database in a healthy state.

For general information about SAP HANA administration see the SAP HANA Administration Guide and the SAP
HANA Multitenant Database Containers Operations Guide.


The following table lists recommended tasks when administering a SAP HANA database. The columns
"Frequency" and "Threshold" contain suggestions that aren't set in stone but can be adjusted based on the
individual needs. In case of separate check and implementation activities (e.g. for data file fragmentation) the
"Frequency" incidates the check frequency. The actual implementation (e.g. data file defragmentation) is only
required when the defined threshold is exceeded.

Area Sub Area Frequency Threshold Details

Schedule at least one data backup per day.

Make sure that you also consider other SAP HANA ba
Administration daily 1642148
backups Keep data and log backups at last for a backup
one month.
Keep one consistent backup per month on a pe
basis (i.e. for years).

Regularly test specific administration actions in order
sure that the defined procedure works as expected an
quarterly 1642148 are used to it
Administration Tests or on 1999880
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The backup catalog can be cleaned automatically with HANACleaner (SAP Note 2399996) or manually using HANA Studio or the following SQL command: BACKUP CATALOG DELETE ALL BEFORE BACKUP_ © 2017 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. Administration Notes and weekly Hot News See SAP Security Notes and Hot News for details how Security Notes and Hot News and how to configure a notifications. Snapshot based backup provide this consistency checks so it is recommended perform at least one normal data backup during each cycle for consistency check reasons. system availability Security at least correctness of data. All rights reserved .py or CHECK_CATALOG if and make sure that reported corruptions are corrected Consistency at least Administration 2116157 check monthly Physical consistency on persistence level is checked normal data backup is taken. Table on Consider table redistribution in order to optimize the la Administration 2081591 distribution demand distribution of tables.2017-03-07 Page 2/6 demand 2057595 Restore / recovery System replication takeover Host auto-failover Regularly check the consistency of the SAP HANA da using procedure CHECK_TABLE_CONSISTENCY (a tools like uniqueChecker. Patches Make sure that you stay on a SAP HANA database R at least Administration and 2115815 where patches can be provided and plan upgrades to yearly upgrades release levels in time. particularly in scale-out environm Frequently check for Security Notes and SAP HANA H in order to make sure that you are aware about critica HANA issues in terms of security. Run SQL: "HANA_Configuration_Parameters" (SAP N Configuration Parameters monthly 2186744 1969700) and adjust parameter settings unless there specific reason for deviating from the SAP best practi Statistics Run SQL: "HANA_StatisticsServer_HealthCheck" (SA Configuration monthly 2147247 server 1969700) and correct reported problems.

..log 2399996). Make sure that deletion and / or archiving tasks are implemented for large and growing technical tables.2017-03-07 Page 3/6 See the SAP HANA SQL and System Views Referenc more information.log files can be automatic renamed and compressed with SAP HANACleaner (S backup.log Alternatively you can manually rename / delete / com these files once they exceed a certain size limit. Housekeeping and weekly 50 MB 2399996 backint.. Old SAP HANA trace files can be automatically clean SAP HANACleaner (SAP Note 2399996). ALTER SYST REMOVE TRACES . Backup You can use the following approaches to monitor the Housekeeping weekly 42 days 2399996 catalog: catalog SQL: "HANA_Backups_CatalogDeletion_CommandG (SAP Note 1969700) can be used to generate a appropriate deletion command based on the de retetion time and the minimum amount of retain backups. Consider a data file reorganization in case of significa fragmentation: ALTER SYSTEM RECLAIM DATAVOLUME .. © 2017 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company..log and backint. All rights reserved .. manually o operating system level or using the following comman Housekeeping Trace files weekly 42 days 2399996 ALTER SYSTEM CLEAR TRACES . See the SAP HANA SQL and System Views Referenc more information. Technical Housekeeping weekly 2388483 You can use SQL: "HANA_Tables_LargestTables" tables (ONLY_TECHNICAL_TABLES = 'X') available via SA 1969700 in order to display the largest technical table system. Check IDs 940 ("Size of backup catalog (MB)") ("Catalog size share (last day. %)") and 942 ("A oldest backup in catalog (days)") of the SAP HA Checks (SAP Note 1999993) The backup.

e. Implement fixes or optimizations if weekly appropriate in order to resolve existing issues. You can determine row store fragmentation in the foll ways: Housekeeping Row store weekly 30 % 1813245 SQL: "HANA_RowStore_Overview" (SAP Note ) Check ID 535 ("Row store fragmentation (%)") SAP HANA Mini Checks (SAP Note 1999993) Alert 71: Row store fragmentation Consider to reclaim logs in case of a high number of f files: ALTER SYSTEM RECLAIM LOG Housekeeping Log monthly 250 2083715 You can determine free log files in the following ways SQL: "HANA_Logs_LogSegments" (SAP Note Check ID 952 ("Log segments free for reuse") o SAP HANA Mini Checks (SAP Note 1999993) at least Check for critical SAP HANA statisticsserver alerts an Monitoring Alerts 2147247 daily implement corrections in order to eliminate existing is Execute SQL: "HANA_Configuration_MiniChecks" (SA 1969700) and check the results rated as "potentially c at least Monitoring Mini Checks 1999993 i.2017-03-07 Page 4/6 Housekeeping Data files monthly 30 % 1870858 See the SAP HANA SQL and System Views Referenc more information. All rights reserved . You can determine data file fragmentation in the follow ways: SQL: "HANA_Disks_Overview" (SAP Note 1969 Check ID 370 ("Unused space in data files (%)" SAP HANA Mini Checks (SAP Note 1999993) Consider a row store reorganization in case of signific fragmentation. See SAP HANA Manager daily Operations with SAP Solution Manager for more deta © 2017 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. having C = 'X'. See SA 1999993 for more details. SAP Solution Manager provides many features for mo Solution at least Monitoring and managing SAP HANA systems.

These services consist of analysis and empowering parts.2017-03-07 Page 5/6 Depending on the type of critical issue you can proce follows: 1999020 Issue SAP Note 1999997 Database inaccessible 1999020 Critical on 2000000 Monitoring High memory utilization 1999997 issues demand 2100040 2169283 Bad performance 2000000 2222121 High CPU consumption 2100040 Corruptions 2116157 Blocked garbage collection 2169283 Wrong results 2222121 All aspects described in the table above are covered by the SAP HANA Technical Performance Optimization Service (TPO. All rights reserved . So you can consider to order a regular (e. yearly) TPO service and / or a System Administration service complementary to your standard administration and monitoring. platform edition all versions This document refers to SAP Note/KBA Title 2399996 How-To: Configuring automatic SAP HANA Cleanup with SAP HANACleaner 2399979 How-To: Configuring automatic SAP HANA Data Collection with SAP HANASitter 2388483 How-To: Data Management for Technical Tables 2222121 SAP HANA Wrong Result Sets 2186744 FAQ: SAP HANA Parameters 2177604 FAQ: SAP HANA Technical Performance Optimization Service 2169283 FAQ: SAP HANA Garbage Collection 2147247 FAQ: SAP HANA Statistics Server © 2017 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company.g. Keywords SAP HANA monitoring administration operations handbook housekeeping performance Products SAP HANA. SAP Note 2177604) and the SAP System Administration Service.

All rights reserved .2017-03-07 Page 6/6 2116157 FAQ: SAP HANA Consistency Checks and Corruptions 2115815 FAQ: SAP HANA Database Patches and Upgrades 2100040 FAQ: SAP HANA CPU 2081591 FAQ: SAP HANA Table Distribution 2057595 FAQ: SAP HANA High Availability 2000000 FAQ: SAP HANA Performance Optimization 1999997 FAQ: SAP HANA Memory 1999993 How-To: Interpreting SAP HANA Mini Check Results 1999880 FAQ: SAP HANA System Replication 1999020 How-To: SAP HANA Troubleshooting when Database is no longer accessible 1870858 HANA Alerts related to file system utilization SAP HANA SQL and System Views Reference SAP Security Notes and Hot News SAP HANA Administration Guide SAP HANA Multitenant Database Containers Operations Guide SAP HANA Operations with SAP Solution Manager Terms of use | Copyright | Trademark | Legal Disclosure | Privacy © 2017 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company.