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Research plan

Harry Durkan

 What is a public awareness campaign? Give 2 examples. Why was it important?
 What is my campaign? What do I want it to mean?
 Why am I making the campaign? Supply evidence
1. Rise in attacks on LGBT
2. Young people being marginalised
3. Drug use in young queer people
4. Bullying or abuse
 Organisation or foundations that support LGBT people ( how successful are they? Have they
ran PSA campaigns?)
 Stone wall
 Gay and Lesbian Liberation front
 LGBT Foundation
 The genre of my advert (PSA)
 Analyse two other adverts in my genre
 Are they effective?
 How do they relate to my campaign?
 Test shots
 Take four shots with my model to use as test
 Manipulate the images on Photoshop to look like professional posters
 Use filters, add text using different shots
 Artists
 Barbra Kruger and one other artist
 Info on both artists
 Why do you appreciate their work - give examples of work you admire and what aspects do
you plan on using?
 Media platforms
 Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
 Why will I use these platforms? What is useful about the platform that make it unique?
 What will posting the adverts to online platforms benefit?