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CCM8 - Quarter 3 - Week 2

Problem 1 Problem 2 Gridded Response
The two triangles below are A triangle has a side length Problem 1
similar. Find the value of x. that is the same as the
length of a square with an
area of 36 square units.
4 in Another side of the triangle
is 8 units. How long must
the third side be for the
3 in triangle to be a right
5 in


Solve for x. A triangle has angles Problem 1
measures of 35°, 65°, and
8𝑥 − 4 2x°.    Find the measure of the
8𝑥 =  
3 third angle.


Chaz drives 24 miles north Jian finds the volume of a Problem 1
and 7 miles east. If instead hemisphere by taking half of
he had taken a direct route a sphere. Is he correct? If
how far would he have so, find the volume of a
driven? hemisphere with a radius of
Wednesday 2 centimeters. Round to the
nearest hundredth.
CCM8 - Quarter 3 - Week 2
Convert 3. 27  to a fraction. Find the area of a triangle Problem 1
with a hypotenuse of 19 and
a height of 8. Round you
answer to the nearest tenth.


On a coordinate plane point Peter is using a side of a Problem 1
A is at (1, 4) and point B is at cube shaped packing box for
(-3, 1). Find the distance an art assignment. He knows
between the two points. the volume of the box is 15
cubic feet. How much area
does he have to work with if
Friday he is using the side of the
box for his assignment?